How much for a cleaner in London?

I realise this post may cause some forumites to gasp at my decadence, but I want to hire a cleaner for 3-4 hours a week. I used to pay someone but she has moved on to other things and the house is a terrible mess despite my best efforts. I contacted one of those cleaning companies who quoted £44 + VAT for 4 hours. My house isn't huge (Edwardian 3 bed semi)but this did seem a bit steep to me. What do you think? (I paid the previous lady £30 for 3 hours).


  • £10-12 per hour is about right..

  • I'm paying £10 per hour including insurance. That's the whole rate, no added vat.
  • Glad I live in Somerset £5.50 an hour here.

  • Beebs, we have London wages, too!
  • Waapster, which company do you use?
  • It is called something like 'Time for You' or 'Time for Yourself'.

    Just looked for a website but couldn't Google it. I'll look up the details when I get home.
  • I do naked cleaning for £15 ph ;-P
  • I pay £8.50 per hour for the most marvellous cleaner ever. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you want her details drop me an email.


  • 'H', where is your cleaner based?
  • I don't need a cleaner I have been treatened with Aggie and Kim by my friends they even videoed me saying I wouldn't mind if they called them
  • I was very drunk at the time
  • i have always payed my cleaner more than my child minder

    i know it doesn't make sense
    but those are the going rates

  • Waapster!
    Spooky! I've got the man from "Time for you" coming to give me a quote tomorrow. Do you find them reliable?

    KK I know. It is madness.


    P.S. Nicko. thanks, but I can't afford 15pph no matter what the added extras might be!!
  • I don't have any children, but I've always been puzzled by people who moan about how expensive childcare is.

    They seem to expect a professional, reliable, safe service for peanuts.

    I used to pay £18 per clean, for a three bedroom house (in Essex rather than London), but that was three years ago.

    I don't know how long it took, as I was never in when the cleaner came.
  • Church Action on Poverty.
    A p/t worker who turns up to your house for a few hours will have additional expenses like transport.
  • Do it yourself, lazy.
  • I pay my cleaning lady £8/hr but she's going home to Poland soon to start work as a secondary school teacher teaching chemistry and physics (she has a degree in those subjects)which has always been her dream. I can't understand how it isn't her dream to clean my house............;-)
  • I'll have to:-)
  • Years ago when I first moved to London, my parents gave me money for a cleaner, but I used the money on books instead:S
  • Books?

    Not cider?

    You crazy rebel you, Moomoo.
  • Wickett- the advantage of being a girlie is that very often you get cider bought for you!;P
  • We are paying our eldest daughter to clean the house - £20 a week but no fixed hours. She seems happy with this - should I lend her out?
  • jiggi don't know what the going rate is but if you are using a company then they are abviously taking a cut and paying the cleaner less.
    Can you approach the actual cleaner and come to a private arrangement?

  • Jiggi,

    TfY is ok but they are really only an agency so it all depends on the cleaner. Ours is ok but not great.

    The agency takes !.50 per hour by standing order and provides insurance for damages and the cleaner gets £8 per hour.

    I'd happily move to someone better.
  • Thanks guys!

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