RW Have you booked the photographer?

...the annual URWRC social event. Been away, working etc... so haven't time to read the 138 threads re: Windsor. But come on RW...this is great publicity for you. Around 30 of us meeting now, including forum faves such as club coach Drew, social sec Ratbag, His Lordship WWR and Snoop Dog (don't need to say more)... to mention just a few. I'll write the feature, all you have to do is organise the photographer. You don't even have to do that, I'm sure DogWalker will do the honours...Come on, what do you say?


  • Oh, RW, can you organise the club coach, post race party venue, and free drinks and canapes, too!
  • Especially if Snoop goes round naked as anticipated!

  • What a smart plan Snicks, I think we are up to 35 runners now, and more spectating, superb eh.
  • Snicks Email Sean Fishpool directly and see what he says.
  • Snicks, does this mean you'll be putting your picture up then if they take one.
  • Check out the Watford 10k picture on the website
  • Jon, I was just being an old Nag

    In case you've missed it RW staff the list is currently 42

    snoop dogg
    Jason L
    Huggy Bear
    Jock McPlop
    Blue Knees
    Fat Face
    daisy dog
    Pizza man
    hives are law
    Wolf with Runs
    Little Fill
    Tea & Toast Man
    MR fat Girl slim
    Old Dog

    After run meeting place

    The Fox and Hounds, Bishops Gate

  • Wow! we cover just under 1% of the Windsor running population! Thats pretty impressive!
  • I must admit it surprised me as well and I've probably missed some.
  • yes, bet its a higher percentage than was in FLM, what do you think? And why no pacers at this event also?
  • I'll check to see whether we have a photographer going - don't know what our plans for magazine coverage are, but Snicks, if you want to write a piece and we get some pics, I'll do an intro to it on the homepage of the site.

    Seriously, we're proud of you guys, even if we can't lay on the resources you'd sometimes like us to!

    all the best

  • Its one of those things in life, whatever we get we would always like more :)

    Thanks Sean it would be great if you did have a photographer going, just let us know.
  • So... Resources DEFINATELY don't stretch to free beer then... Ah well!
  • Flippin' eck Sean. Is that a commission, or is that a 'Snicks, if you want to write something for nothing, go on, you fool!!' Only joking, I'd be delighted to write a piece, interview fellow forumites etc... Power to the people forumites!!!!

    Thanks Blue Knees for letting me know about this latest development.

    Actually working/being busy on a course so being keeping a low profile. I'll have to email RB and ask him to keep me posted as to the news/gossip etc. in Forum land.

  • Thats excellent Snicks, as I am really bad at writing reports, so glad its not me, and I hear that you are an expert at these reports anyway!
  • ALWAYS fishing for work in the ol' running mags, but if you don't ask! Shows initiative! well done (only if you mention me and say I ran a blinder!)
  • Alas poor Snicks - we chatted by email this morning and I mentioned that the commission would be for glory only - I've yet to check my email to see what the response is!
  • Gulp! You're a braver man than me! You're in for it buddy!
  • What, not even a bottle of red wine for her troubles. Cheap skates!
  • BK... You seem better today... Is all ship shaped and Bristol Fashioned?
  • Yes much better today thanks, so much for staying off. Bristol fashioned - are you referring to the ironing thread again
  • Excellent idea to do a piece...I'll donate a bottle of red if you mention my name (:
    I have to say I am so glad I joined this forum and discovered all you URW Forumites...roll on the 29th and lets hope we can do it again soon after.
  • How can you turn that down Snicks
  • If we all club ('scuse the pun) together... How about getting a decent bottle? ONLY if she gets it published and/or shares it with me?

    Good idea I think!
  • I was busy pursuing my other career today (as fitness person) and missed all the action on the forum... What next, Sean, work experience for two weeks? Oh well, I'm not proud, and I'm sure the forumites will help me scribble a few lines about Windsor. But I will have to insist on a decent bottle of red. Even Snicks has a price.
  • Thats it Snicks, you go for it :)
  • Hi Sean, were you able to find out if you have a photographer going to this?
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