glucosamine/achillies tendinitis

Can glucosamine assist in getting over achillies tendinitis?

Many Thanks


  • I guess that depends on what other treatment you are receiving. I had rather a badly inflamed achilles at the end of last year and it took 3-4 months of intensive physio involving ultrasound and acupunture to sort it out.

    I'm sure it wouldn't do any harm, although any time I read things about glucosamine, it seems that the jury is still out on whether it does what its proponents say it does!
  • glucosamine gell seems to work when massaged in, but I think it may be the effect of massage rather than the gel.

    I was chatting to the guy in my local running store yesterday who said that glucosamine doesn't really help with Achilles tendonitis (I'm suffering from it as well). He did show me a good way of strengthening the Achilles - stand on one leg and then shut your eyes and try to balance, it really does work - alternatively you could buy a wobble board that helps too.

    Hope you recover soon Pete!
  • Glucosamine won't do any harm at all though
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Glucosamine helps repair/protect cartlidge*, so won't have any effect on tendon or muscle injuries.

    Massage, calf stretches and shoes that don't rub are helping me get over my achilles problem.

    *Subject to the usual "it's not been clinically trialled" disclaimer, etc.....
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