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  • "B" - My head said take it easy, my heart said go and hammer it over the hills because it's fun!  My heart won and it was fun and I'm happy.   I will be taking it easy now.image
  • Johnny a - I was on holiday in Ludlow last year and I could barely walk up that hill, never mind run it - so I think "fierce climb" is right.
  • My last run was an imaginary run as I am currently under tight dissertation pressures and every hour counts unfortunately image

    But I ran all the way from our old house in Glenridding to the top of Helvellyn, taking the time to skim a few stones acorss Lanty Tarn on the way up and then navigating Striding Edge along the way. I practically flew up, 5:30mins/mile, quick dip in Red Tarn on the way down! Refreshing! I decided to take the stream path through the forest back past the campsite and back into the village, stopping at the outdoor store to curl up with their huge st.bernard. Best imaginary run in a while!


  • iRuniRun ✭✭✭

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    I'm sorry but I have to blow my own trumpet today. Finally I have managed to run a half  marathon distance. I got up early to fit it in before the kid's swimming. It was by luck one etra road I took in made the difference. The distance took my total to 13.47! I ache and hurt but a years target has been acheived. It will only be official when I run a half marathon race but at least I know I can do it.. I tell you, it's this thread the propels me.

    2:09:38 13.47 c 2,143 AHR 166 MHR 240 F 81g
    Finally, yes finally I have run a half marathon distance. I now know I can do it! Something I have been planning for months, even tried to do but failed has now been acheived. I kind of planned this all week but i just went off this morning and headed for Ruislip, had a rough idea of distance and went for it.I just added a few miles on a 10 and a half mile route. It was hard work but I never stopped. even now a few hours after I ache and hurt. Bear in mind I never ever thought I'd run thihis far just a few months ago and now possibly a marathon in the future. How things change? It was a nice feeling penning out my route on a mapping site and reaching the 13.1 mark with more to go was great! I did smile. Can nyone tell me if my time is any good for a first? image

    I had a big hello for everyone I passed and it felt great! Keep running everyone, there is no end to what you can do! 

  • woo hoo iRun - congratulations image that's fantastic - when are you going to enter a half mara race? It's a great feeling being on the start line knowing you can do the distance - if you can do that in training you are sure to go faster in the race. well done!

    I went out for my long slow run today. I have been told to try to keep my heart rate down and to do so I have to go really slowly so I did 12 miles in 2:21:01. The people of Eastbourne were mainly doing their gardens and washing their cars, though a fair few were also down the beach and out sailing as there is a national competition here this weekend. I didn't really enjoy my run that much today, it felt like I just had to do it because it was on my schedule. Tomorrow I am going up on the Downs - that will be much better than the roads. Even so I love that feeling when you have achieved your target - 12 miles planned - 12 miles run image

    I am off to see the Police at Twickenham tonight image should be fun!

  • imageMy last run was mon after 2 weeks off cos of a stupid dog causing a minor injury.

    Unfortunately it must have healed properly as 3.5m later the pain was worse than originally. still limping and off for physio next week.

    was set to go under 50(pb) in a 10k in 4weeks and hoped to do Dublin mara at end of oct. Both look impossible  now.

  • Congrats iRUN, great effort, well done.

    Hard luck Sioux, get better soon.

    Saturday 08 September 2007 – 2 pm – Easy Trail  - Manley-Sandstone Trail-Willington

    11.6 miles – 1:42: 06.93 – 8:33 min/mile ave. – 1250 ft asc.– Mountain Bear Gladiators (2).

    Jog Watch 0.

    You still can’t beat the great outdoors!

    Easy run today following the Sandstone Trail from Manley Common thru Delamere Forest, Gresty’s Waste and on to Willington then back the way I came.  Ran with my heart rate monitor on as I’ve was reading about Hadd’s training principles last night and out of curiosity I thought I’d see what an easy run measured.  Obviously over a mixed course with plenty of ups and downs it was going to be variable but for the whole thing I averaged 133 bpm (peaked at 150 bpm and at the lowest was 120 bpm) no idea what any of this means tho.  Plenty of people out enjoying the countryside but no runners, which always surprises me as Delamere is such a nice place to run.  The Sandstone Trail really was sandy today it was almost like running on the beach in parts, admittedly a very narrow beach, lined with big banks of ferns and under a canopy of oak trees. Smashing!


  • A mixed bag of running tales above. Well done to those who've done well; keep at it, those who feel they need to improve.

    Just the standard 5 miles round Crosby today at a comfortable pace.

    Jogwatch: 1

    mr marshallini, are you running one of the Sandstone Trail events on 7 Oct.? I'm thinking of the 'B' race, which I enjoyed immensely 3 years ago.

    Tomorrow, the Yorkshireman off-road half-Marathon near Haworth, no doubt to the strains of Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights' - but that's for my next post.
  • Swittle - I'm entered in the A race and really looking forward to it, hoping to put my good form to use and beat a few club matesimage.

    Good luck with the race tomorrow, that goes for everyone racing, I hope you all exceed your targets.

    (pace for last run should read 8:48 m/m) 

  • I did just under 6 miles in 1h15 this evening.  This is the longest I have been jogging without having to walk for a bit so I was well chuffed.

     I had a  quick break at 35 mins as I was hungry, so had some haribo and that got me going again, and infact the best part of the jog was probably 40-70 mins.

     I could possibly have gone on for a bit longer, but I reached my house and I didn't want to push myself too far.

  • Well done iRUN, a milestone!

    Yesterday's run was for enjoyment - no targets, no pressure.

    6.2 km, 32:50..

    From the village, across fairly flat fields past the church, taking time to enjoy the view of the church and Titterstone Clee hill. Then a gentle climb up through a farmyard and along a track and a steep sheep-filled climb up onto the common (Titterstone). I didn't head up the hill, but ran along the contour past Stocking Cottage (middle of nowhere). The path isn't used much and was rather slow going as the bracken was head high in places. The clear sunny evening and the slow pace meant that I could enjoy the views of Mortimer Forest, Brown Clee and the Long Mynd (bracken permitting). Then briskly downhill across the fields. A diversion was caused by some very exitable bullocks - discretion being the better part of valour, I left the path, went back (uphill!) and cut through a stubble field to finish my run with about a kilometre on the lane.

    jogwatch 0, ramblers 0, cars 0, cattle about 40, sheep hundreds!

    There are times when running is simply a joy!

    I don't know what I shall do today yet. I've got a few tons of logs to shift and stack, so we'll see what I feel like after that. I'd better start running on the road again though, as Ive just decided to run the Presteigne 10k in a couple of weeks.

  • Sunday 09 September 2007 – 3:15 pm – Clwyds Fell  -

    6.46 miles – 1: 00:22.69 – 9:21 min/mile ave. – 1412 ft asc.– Mountain Bear Gladiators (2).

    Jog Watch 0.

    What a run! The great outdoors!  Unbeatable!

    Another trip to the Clwyds today, re treading another favourite route, Top 3’er deffo. This course is another one that needs a hard effort putting in on, but not today. 

    Although I've run a lot of road miles recently in prep for my marathon and I'll admit I did enjoy them this is what running is all about. pure enjoyment.

    From Cilcain thru a field, no sheep today and a rickety old gate, down a steep slope couldn’t vault gate as usual because they’re rebuilding the wall and it wasn’t secured. A short road section then some farm tracks that take you out to the proper countryside. A nice long steady slog up, without doubt the best bit, nothing but the wind to hear and hills all around to see and the summit of Moel Famau cloaked in clouds, brilliant! A short flatish rough bit then it’s the hard climb to the summit of Moel Famau. (record for car park to summit, 3 miles – 28:39) 

    No time to take in the views from the top of Jubilee Tower and to be honest if I’d’ve stopped to look I don’t think the clouds would’ve afforded much of a view anyway.

    I put in an effort over the next tough undulating section which seemed to go on forever and that brought me to the gate where I turn back down towards Cilcain, this is a nice 2 mile steady descent on a decent  farm track/road, with the last 0.75 mile being proper road (record for this section 11:40).  Today the middle section was run in 11:24, so I think I’ll be looking at running it as a whole in 51 minutes. A worthy target.


  • Folk love their off-roading on this thread! And I'm not surprised, after running the Yorkshireman Half-Marathon near Haworth today. Without doubt, this is the best value event I have ever done: changing, car parks, showers; a challenging, varied course, fantastic scenery, amorous horses (well, one anyway), soup, bread, tea & coffee and the finest array of home baking I have ever seen! Jam scones, apple slices, at least 10 varieties of cake. There were even biscuits at the checkpoints and Keighley & Craven AC had booked the weather: sunny, dry, a strong breeze on the tops, and 5 or 6 days of dryness, making the surfaces dry and sound practically all round. And the fee? £10.

    13.3 miles, 1750' ascent, about 2hrs 27 min.

    There's also a Marathon with 4000' of ascent - well, maybe next year image

    Some fine efforts recorded above - Marshallini, I know that run you did from Cilcain and rate it highly, See you at Delamere, all being well.
  • i had such a hideous run tonight i nearly quit when i got home and joined a table tennis club instead.  my route was nasty (won't run down Romford Road again), i was tired and hot and insatiably thirsty the whole way.  i blew up about 3 miles into it (it was only 7 miles in total) and barely managed to limp home wimpering with my tail between my legs.

    Some days coming back from injury is so joyous because even though i am over my ideal weight and very unfit its so nice to be back running it doesn't matter and my heart sings with joy.  and then we have days like today....

    *curls up in the corner licking her wounds*

  • Sorry to hear that, j j. that run's done, so plan for your next one - it can't be any worse, can it?
  • Good running everyone! JJ we all have days like that, but like Swittle says it's done and you can look forward to the next one image

    5 miles up on the South Downs above Eastbourne this evening including 3 miles sustained. I left it a bit late to go up on the hills but when my husband said he'd come with me I thought why not, better than the roads and I've only done roads and treadmill this week. It was great to run with someone else for a change, especially as I had to push for the middle three miles. It's quite a hilly route, not many people about - past dog walking time for most. We did it in 50.45 and just got back before it was too dark to see the rabbit holes!

    Jogwatch: 2 (including my OH)

  • 17miles 2hrs 50:37, longest run run since March, easy build up to next Marathon in eight weeks (ran 8miles in 1hr 03:32 yesterday, so needed an easy run today) really happy, had enough left to pick the pace up over last half a mile, i was getting bored by then and just wanted to finish!

    Usually take plain water with me, but last week (12 miles 1hr 50) took Lucozade sport, think it helped, felt much fresher, so did the same this week, and will continue to do so. 

  • 16.5 hard off road miles yesterday morning with a colleague from the Club around a route we call the Windmill Run as it has a windmill (and a very useful water fountain) at half distance - quite pleased with the pace considering some of the hills (2:45) but felt quite sore and tired towards the end. Good run in preparation for Amsterdam Marathon in 6 weeks time.
  • Great running hear. Hey JJ - I know how you feel, so dont feel too bad about it. I alwys get really fundamental about my training when I have a bad run, but as everybody has said, look to the next one.

    My last run - yesterday afternoon, 8 miles.

    This the first time I have attemted this distance, longest run before that was 7 miles and have only covered that distance twice. I broke it down into 3 sections to make it a mentally easier for me. It went pretty well, although I did have to walk up the 3 hills, which I am a bit disappointed about - in total probably walked about 1/4 of a mile. Route was good, mainly roads, which I actually like. A little off road round an old cemetary. I have to say the last 3/4 mile was a killer, I had hit my wall, and I just wanted to stop so badly. Had a tiny rest and then managed the last leg, but I knew I must have looked like someone REALLY not enjoying her run, my stance was off, my steps were tiny and I just wanted to finish, which I did!!

    Think I may take some kind of fuel with me next time, jelly babies / beans or something. I might try a carb drink, but I am a but concerned that those drinks will make me feel a bit ill.

    At least my run tmrw is only 3 miles - hoorah!!

  • Bronnie, great work!

    Everytime you attempt a new distance it's going to be difficult, even if you were Paula Radcliff! But you did it, and i guarantee the next time will be easier (unless you stop training!).

    Do you keep a log? Looking back, my 8mile time has improved by over 20mins in a year!

    Yours will to image

  • Graham, the "windmill run" should be good preperation for Amsterdam, do you have a run featuring tulips to?! image

    Good work all the same. 

  • Wow Lardarse, 20mins improvement in a year that is fantastic!

    I needed to do some slow easy miles today keeping my heart rate low. As often seems to be the case recently I was not too enthusiastic and instead of getting out at 8am after breakfast I didn't go out until 11am! I tried some new roads today just for added interest and ended up doing 6.6 undulating miles in 1:16:21 - job done!

    Jogwatch: 0

  • Meant to go for a 2hr run at 150AHR.

    It went sooo wrong. I was visiting my parents, who live on the coast so was looking forward to running along the Suffolk coast, however I woke up wheezy. I took my inhaler and off I went but after 30mins the wheezyness came back. More puffs later I was no better so I ended up doing a jog/walk for most of my run and sounded like a chainsaw. After a day of a having a tight chest I'm back to normal today (but I'm now at work!!) Think I'll run home tonight instead of biking to make up for it....

  • Hi Lardarse,

    I do keep a log. Actually over 5 miles I have improved by 15 mins in a year. I am increasing the mileage more that I feel comfortable with, as I am doing at 10 miler on 15th October. Not feeling overly confident, but will get round one way or the other.

    Lets hope I can improve 20 mins on my 8 miles next year !!image

  • iRuniRun ✭✭✭

    Hey everyone it is great to see evryone doing really well. I wrote the following latest run this morning and since have whacked my knee on an office desk unit (absolute agony at the timeand still tender after 8 hours).

    10/09/07 5.23m 47.44 c 588 AHR 165 MHR 240 F 28g
    Wanted to be out there this morning. After taking a day off to recover from my effort on Saturday but I did miss it though. Today was all about time constraint again, my body is all out of sorts at present and I was delayed by up to nearly an hour this morning. when I got out there was no time for warm ups, I had to just run off. I'm glad I did, I actually went on the bigger loop than I had time for really but I had the feeling I flew round. I felt very loose and felt fast although it doesn't show. I made a big point again of smiling and saying hello to everyone en route. Now with the clasped fist and a big YES when they don't reply.
    Jog Watch - 2

    1/   8.58
    2/ 17.02
    3/ 26.45
    4/ 38.43

  • Well run everybody!

    Monday 10 September 2007 – 3:55 pm – Trail run - Helsby

    6.26 miles – 1: 02:47.61 – 10: 02 min/mile ave. – 1075 ft asc.– Mountain Bear Gladiators (2).

    Jog Watch 0.

    Really didn’t enjoy today’s run. I was looking forward to it all day but when I got there I wasn’t interested.  But I was changed and ready to go.  So I set off at a really slow place and plodded up Helsby Hill, where I got blown all over the place by the wind. Then once over the top I thought I would pick up but never did.  Carried on regardless and thought as long as I get 35-40 minutes out of it I’ll be happy.

    Once on the Ridgeway bridle path I did feel a bit better and that took up around a big loop of Snidley Moor and Woodhouse Hill.  Back through the plantation where I found a big percussion musical wind chime thing, which I had a quick play with, then off down the hill back on to the bridle path and heading home. I know I was plodding but that pace is unbelievably slow.  I think a day or two off is in order now.

  • Hi everyone.

    Marshallini - after your recent runs I think you deserve a rest day!

    As expected, after shifting over 4 cubic metres of logs by hand, I didn't have the energy to run yesterday, but I managed to get out after work today.

    8.62km, 40:33.86. 4:42/km average.

    Running in Mortimer Forest. I had to cut my intended route by about a kilometre as I had to collect the kids from the station. A good route - the short cut took me diagonally up the side of High Vinnalls rather than meandering around on the forestry track. Today was the first time this path has been dry when I've run it. I ran the first km slow, then picked up the pace to what felt like threshold. With the hills etc, that meant the actual pace varied quite a lot, But I tried to hover between 3.5 and 4.5 minutes per km. Slower on the climbs of course - 7 minute+, per km at one point (I lost concentration)

    An enjoyable run, but the surface was incredibly hard and uneven, so feet, ankles and knees took a bit of a pounding. It felt like I was running on the road! No other runners, but half a dozen wlakers and a couple of dogs. Everyone said hello (except the dogs).

  • iRuniRun ✭✭✭

    Morning all. Some great things happening out there, keep telling us all about it. Bronnie is a potential superstar! Marshallini you are already! image

    11/09/07 5.23m 47.54 c  239 AHR 129 MHR184 F 13g
    As you can see my heart rate monitor was a bit sporadic this morning. It wasn't working properly. a large central part of my run was showing O bpm. In fact I had a bad start to my run because I couldn't see if I'd started the bloody thing properly causing me to stutter and lose my pace. only after reaching half way down Windsor could I relax knowing it was working. The stopwatch is fine. Out a touch earlier today darkish blue sky, street lamps on. Only on reaching Uxb were they turning off. No problems, cut short the distance again as I need to get home earlier.
    Nobody on the Jog Watch today, they are missing out on the last of the late summer mornings before it gets cold.
    1/     9.15
    2/   17.16
    3/  26.54
    4    38.48

  • Wow! Mornings like today are what the phrase a "sparkling morning" was coined for. I have just done an easy low heart rate run along the prom and it was so beautiful.6.2 miles in 1.11.56 so very slow, but didn't find it as hard as usual to run that slowly and keep the heart rate down today as it was just that sort of morning - just right for a gentle plod.

    Happy running thread pals! image

  • No run for 10 days after running 3 miles further than I'd managed before. Body felt shattered by the longer run of 10 miles and I had no inclination to go out again. This thread is what got me out of the door again - even, or perhaps especially, the recent spate of reports on very long runs and people running up hills in preparation for the world's flattest marathon.

    So, it was back to familiar surroundings and a 4.3 mile circuit around the concrete jungle in which I live. Down through the estate to the duel carriage way, and then kept turning left until I got home. Couple of very small hills. Really boring, unattractive route but knowing it so well makes it easier when I'd rather be at home.

    Ran it as fast as I've ever managed (35:45mins) even though it was in the evening when I never seem to enjoy it. I'd like to think it's a positive thing that I ran quite quickly, for me, when I really didn't want to go out. Five more runs before Swansea Bay 10K on 23/9. Hoping to be under 52 minutes so fingers are crossed.

    Jogwatch 1; couples out walking together dressed in shorts and t-shirts 6; drivers on mobile phones 2. I said hello or waved to them all. Jogger and walkers were smiley, friendly people. The drivers less so.

    Thanks to all for motivating me.

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