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  • 10.5 miles yesterday evening in 1 hr 36 minutes.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Just over 8 miles, mainly off-road. Felt really tired about halfway and had to slow my pace. Maybe I'd been going to quickly. Not sure. I'm giving serious consideration to getting a basic Garmin. Can't have been to fatigued though as took an extra detour on the way back. Picked up a ladybird on my shoe somewhere and it held on all the way back home. Liberated it into the garden.
  • 4.4 mile RR10 race this evening..

    did around 27:10min unofficial

    felt like my running has been coming together recently and feeling good about things image

  • 5.25M Fartlek Hard.

    Dry, mild and windless. So great conditions for running

  • Inspired: Sounds good thats the running is coming along well.image
  • 7 miles today in about 1 hour so a steady pace. 

  • Well this is my first post....I have been around looking at all the amazing achievements and so feel I write my lack of talent here and now in black and white that may...inspire me to improve...I ran 3 miles today on the treadmill (prefer outside but am a mother of five and its a bit difficult to get away sometimes) - 36 minutes - which I realise is a bit slow...I have been running on and off for a year or so (more off than on) I absolutely love it..but find consistency difficult..however I have signed up for a Half marathon in March next year so as to spur me on and insist on here I am and I love running...when I can get out of the house..
    Running 6 miles ish tomorrow all being well.
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    Meltham trail race last night in 47 mins
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    0700 - 5 miles round the coastal park @ Waterloo - not sure my bruised & battered knee appreciated it tho'....image
  • 5.5M Steady. Okay run on dry windless morning.
  • Welcome Shirelle image

    6.84 miles with 3 miles at my target HM pace.  

    Just checked the Garmin reports and 37 miles for  this week.  I think it must be a record for me!  Only two more runs left before my holiday.  13 miles on Sunday and a short (ish) early morning one on Tuesday.

  • Thanks for the welcome...I couldn't get an older sibling to stay with my youngest child today - so no outside run-I ran on the treadmill instead - 4 miles = 48 mins so still slow but still loving it - should I rest tomorrow?
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Hi, shirelle image  All good mileage!

     Another 5 miles up the prom and back through Crosby at 7am.  Going to cut back for the next few days to give grazed/bruised knee a change to heal image  The Streak is now at 201 days!!

  • Pride 10k this morning in Victoria Park. Finished in a disappointing 39.53 I think (not confirmed yet) which is about a minute slower than my last race.

    Not really sure what happened, I was aiming for low 38's but I just seemed to struggle on mile 3, 4 and 5, I maybe went out a little too fast but not stupidly fast, I just didn't seem to have much in the tank.

    Just have to keep plugging away and look to the next one.
  • You'll nail it next time Jamie, sometimes everything doesn't quite come together during the race, does it? Hopefully it was a nice day out in Victoria Park, at least! Best of luck for whenever you're racing next. image

    Hit the Cambridge parkrun today, 7 weeks into my running training and managed a very surprising 20:30. I was expecting something in the 21 minute band at absolute best, so I'm pretty chuffed with the end result! Now just need to keep increasing my mileage (above 10 mpw anyway...) to dip below that 20 min mark next time.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    7.4 miles on road. Felt quick in parts but a strange sensation I was running funny. Had a curry when I got back.
  • 13 miles for me this morning.  Average of 9:20 mm with 2 miles cross country.

  • 7.5 miles today - slow but keen - how long will it take me to speed up?
  • Hello people

    Back from hols.

    Just 4 runs in the two weeks in the blistering heat and searing humidity. Before that I had a week basically off due to wasps stings (don't ask! I do react badly to them).

    Did 19M today back in Hampshire but it was a real struggle. Have lost a bit of edge in the last 3 weeks and hope to retain it soon. However, so happens that I'm off to the Far East again in 11 days, for a week. Try and do a bit more between now and then but life seems to conspire against committed training at the moment.

    That's a bit worrying as have M'ton on late Sept.

    Good to see Alib and others doing well. Welcome Shirelle!  You'll get faster, just stay at it! I'm thinking the opposite: how little it takes to get slower!

     nice to be back

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Welcome back, Dutch - shouldn't take too long to put the edge back on your running.image

    This morning, I headed off up the beach and over the sandhills to the R. Alt estuary nr Hightown on Merseyside, passing a submerged forest that is nearly 5,000 years old. image  Turned at the Alt & came back on beach & trail.  Ran out of steam in the last 10 minutes but the mashed knee held up.image

    11 miles.

  • Welcome back Dutch.  You did really well to do 19 miles after 3 weeks of doing so much less. Did you find that you were a lot slower than usual?

     I will be on holdiay myself after Tuesday evening and am starting to really worry about losing fitness.  I will only be back for 9 days then it's the GNR!   I have 13 miles planned on the day after I get back so I guess it will be a struggle. I need to try and not put on too much weight!   I have packed my trainers but it is still 26 degrees in the early mornings in Cyprus at the moment so Im not sure if I can run in that heat but  I will try.

    Last run for me is very early on Tuesday morning.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    Leek half marathon in 1h40 on a very hot day there
  • Shirelle: Welcome. Forgot to say that before.

    5.5M Fartlek for me today. hard. Thats why I did it though

  • 2 miles for me on the treadmill in 24 minutes. That is all I can do for the next 3 months on Doctors orders. I have a groin strain that needs rest, so not even much I can do in the gym other then a short run, some no resistance cycling and upper body weights. Can swim though as long as I am not kicking of the wall at the end of each lap, so think I will be racking up the hours in the pool for a while. Real downside though is I have to pull out of quite a few Autumn races, In fact I do not think I will be able to do a race until next year, that is presuming my groin strain does the healimage. Let's hope it does.
  • SR: Hope you get back soon. Recover well.

    5M Easy/Steady for me this morning. Not bad at all.

  • SR:  Sorry to hear that you are injured. Hope you recover quickly.

    6 miles for me this morning.  I was planning on 8 but my achillies felt sore so cut it short.  Holiday for two weeks tomorrow and I am really looking forward to the rest.  I may run a little but it wont be far if I do. 

  • Good to hear from you SR! Very sorry to hear about your troubles.

    Just came back from a 3M with a knee niggle. Sundays LSR really hasnt done me any good and nor has the 3 week slump. Must see if it goes away by itself....

    Have a great holiday Alib! You've really upped the mileage so 2 weeks of cutting back is not bad. I would go for regular short runs, though and inject a bit of pace every now and then to keep you sharp...

  • Thanks Dutch, Thats what I was thinking too. 

     I  hope that your knee is ok and nothing serious, Just some last minute packing then we will be on our way to the airport for an overnight stay. 

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    8.5 miles today on road. Kept the first 3 miles very steady (shutting my mouth and only breathing through the nose seems to work) which really paid off for the rest of the run. Plenty of energy and not really out of breath when I got back. Really enjoyed it. Shin still feels weird, sort of numb and dead. Whatever the problem is (I'm fairly convinced it was a tiny fracture) it has healed sufficiently for my running to be back to normalish.

    Hope the the injury heals sooner rather than later solent.
  • Thanks everyone for your kind comments, hope your knee niggle comes to nothing Dutch, and enjoy your holiday Alib.

    Well had my 2 miles on the treadmill today at 5 MPH, feels good to do something, but just over so soon. Did hit the pool for a 2 hour swim, half hour front crawl, half hour breast stroke, half hour front crawl, then another half hour breast stroke, this I did enjoy though the pool does get busy, think it will just keep me ticking over until groin strains improves. Also had half hour in the sauna at the end, now that was niceimage.

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