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  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Oh dear!  Too many injuries & niggles on here atm image  Best wishes for quick recoveries all round!

    0730: 5 miles around Crosby & Blundellsands; mostly road but a mile of trail to finish.

  • 5.25M Steady and soaked as it rained from start to finish.
  • a quiet 4M. Knee better, which is a relief!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    5 miles trail, prom, Marina side & some more trail on a super sunny morning.  Hard work, compared to yesterday.
  • 11.25 miles in 1.37

    Lovely morning, saw deer, rabitts and a badger as I ran through the Ashridge estate in Herts  

  • hi people! (almost) 10k tempo run in 41.25. Perhaps a minute short of 10k proper but it was hilly and I didn't push too far in the red. Feel much better now.

  • 2 miles for me in 24 minutes on the treadmill, followed it up with some upper body weights and two hours swimming.
  • Alib: Enjoy hols.

    5.5M Fartlek for me. Today had decent conditions, dry with no wind. Hard Session

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Surprised myself with 11.6 miles today. First run over 10 miles in ages, and it appears no serious niggles. New route, first half on road, second half off road. Very off road in places so my legs are stung and scratched and my shoes are full of water. Nearly fell over a Yorkshire Terrier, and later a sheep. Enjoyable though, but tired for the last mile.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    sounds fun, JT image

    Another 5-miler up the prom and back through Blundellsands & Crosby.  Overcast, with a nip in the air.  Streak = 207 days.

  • Okay run this morning another 5 miles run steadily.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    ...and a steady 5 by me too: beach, prom & trail.
  • 10M, half off road in 1.15. Good fun,hilly and without really racing it, I felt I gave a nice effort.

    Impressed with your swimming SR! I can stay afloat, but that's about it.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Approx 10.2 miles this afternoon. Sunnyish, got back before the rain started. Mainly off road and pretty muddy after yesterdays downpours. Had my Roclites on again which are now caked. Fell asleep on the sofa when I got home.
  • Hello all!  Just got back from a 5 miler. Did it in 36:06.  Not really pushed it as I was on nights last night so still feeling a little tired.  Was nice to be out but gutted that the nights are starting to draw in.  Nothing better than getting out when the sun is going down.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    A streaksaver this evening around Waterloo - 2.3 miles. 
  • Hi all, hope you don't mind me joining in.

    Did 4 miles yesterday morning. On road, hilly, in 36:15.
  • Me again. Just back from 10 miles. Same route as yesterday. 1:41:12. Too slow!
  • 5.5M Fartlek Hard. Dry, mild, no wind. Legs are shattered.
  • MattDA: Welcome
  • PCleasbyPCleasby ✭✭✭
    I was supposed to spend the day doing paperwork yesterday. I have a deadline to meet. I ran 8 miles on the trail through Errington Woods in New Marske, North Yorkshire. It was cool, calm and peaceful. Absolute bliss, made even better by the fact I had escaped my desk.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hello Nick, Matt and KW. 6.85 miles on road. Okay, but need a rest day really. Toward the end got a strange tug at the back of my left knee. Not painful, but dropped my pace down to a jog and took the quickest route home just in case something was about to go twang. Seems fine now. Other than that the most exciting that happened was having to stop at an automatic rail crossing.
  • 4.25M Easy/Steady. Okay, a recovery run.
  • 3 miles, on road. A quick (for me) 26:37:27 on a hillyish route.
  • Did a lovely 5.5 miles up and around Hengistbury Head yesterday.  A bit warm in the sun but most of the route gets a nice sea breeze which helps.  Did it in 1:03:42 (11:41 per mile) which is good for me.   Mostly tarmac paths, including a big hill, with about a mile of sand / gravel past the beach huts.  I will confess to walking part way up the big hill though I ran up more of it than I thought I would. Glutes are feeling it today. 

    It was the furthest I've run so far this year - building up to Great South Run in October.

    Felt fantastic at the end of it, which is the main thing.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Hi, Joanne, and welcome.  Sounds like a beautiful run image

    7am Marine Gardens, trail & around the Marina, finishing on more trails & Victoria Park.  5 miles that felt more enjoyable today.

  • 5M Steady not a bad run,
  • Joanne: Welcome. Thought I'd posted that !
  • Hello Joanne, don't worry about it still being a bit warm, the cooler days of Autumn will soon be here.

    2 miles for me on the treadmill in 24 minutes, also did some upper body weights, then had an hour and a half swimming.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Almost solitary 5 miles through Blundellsands and back home via Burbo Bank and Crosby beach.
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