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  • Last night 7PM in new forest terrible wind and on trail--8 x 600 Splits of 1:49 1:50 1:49 1:51 1:50 2:05 (uphill section) 1:55 1:57...2 minutes recovery between each

    felt good to do speed session... only 2nd one of the year
  • Went out last Sunday afternoon. Didn't really cherish the idea of a 15-20 mile run, but I try to get a long run in on Sundays at the moment in preparation for a marathon in October. I decided as I ran to try a new route and head up onto the moors from where I live.The climb was longer and steeper than I envisaged, but well worth the effort once I reached the highest point. Within a few minutes on top of the moor, the clouds gathered and a very fine rain started to come down. I stopped to take in the view as I noticed a rainbow had formed. At this point I had only covered about 6 miles, but now rather than dreading the miles in front of me, I looked forward to what was ahead and it was no longer a chore. It's moments like these that reminds me how fortunate I am to be a runner.
  • 3 miles, on road, hilly, with a blustery wind. 25m38.

    Was trying to get under 25 mins. Almost there.
  • 5M Steady, Mild and a bit windy. Not a bad run.
  • 6/9/11 last night just wanted to tick legs over a little Quicker than doing a steady/tempo run and felt a little worked from doing session day before (the 8x600 is only my 2nd speed session of the year)

    4 x 1 mile of a minute (on road)


  • 0640 - 5 miles up to Burbo Bank & along the beach to Crosby Baths.  Rainy, windy but not cold.  Had the beach to myself image
  • @ Swittle & Birkmyre...... its nice to be back out, thanks image

    Last nights.....

    3km warm up, 18mins

    5km pushing a little harder, 23mins

    3km warm down,19mins

     All feeling good so far.

  • 4.52 mile in 31:25

    very hilly and very windy in forest once again!
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Just shy of 10.8 miles. Took in a new route which on the plus side includes 2 miles of quiet tree enclosed dirt track following the river, and on the downside takes me past a sewage plant. A really enjoyable run, and kept out of the wind.
  • PM run 3.28 miles in 19:41

    solid tempo run feeling good!

    5KM split of 18:38 image
  • 5M Fartlek and soaked. Hard run.
  • Dutch, I hope that your knee isnt anything too serious and it clears up soon.   

    12 miles this morning after arriving back very late last night. I had to stop at about mile 9 at the newsagents for water as I felt so dehydrated.  It's only about 10 degrees here but I really really needed it.  The average pace was 9.29 mm so not too bad but I just felt so tired.  Anyway it's done and no more long runs until the GNR now. 

    I did do 5 short runs while I was away but it was too hot to run far or very fast (even at 6.30am).

  • 4 miles at HM pace. Felt nice and comfortable. Well, it did until I got in and needed to urgently visit the bathroom. What followed was far from comfortable.
  • Tonights run - not great, dark and feeling unfit! A lot of work to do.

  • 4,25M Steady in pouring rain. Okay run,
  • 6.7 miles in 0:53:27 - quite a quick one for me

    Longer medium paced run tomorrow

  • 4 mile sprint session........hit my fastest pace to date of 5.48 put me on a high for the next few days image
  • 3.5miles but good weather as no wind and no rain makes for a happy Friday run
  • Last nights little foray out in the New Forest

    2.5 km in 17:30 (warm up)

    10 km in 51:38 @ 90% effort

    2.8 km 1n 18:34 (warm down)

     Actually 50 mins would have been 90% effort but I slowed down a touch twice to look at the deer, that got to add up to 1:38 surely image

    Felt good, might  venture out this evening just to stretch the legs.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hard work today. Grey but very humid and muggy. Was overdressed as I thought it was going to be cold. Half off road and half paths. Knackered from start to finish, especially finish. But put in a heroic 11.5 miles. In fact 11.52 miles, as I've been a bought a Garmin and this was my first run with it. 1hr 44 which I was a bit disappointed with but I can work on it.
  • 20.79 miles in 2hr56min yesterday. Very achy legs today. Can't wait till I don't have to do these LSR's anymore (well, for a while anyway).

    Had all sorts of weather, drizzle, hard rain, plenty of wind (both types), and hot sun. Took water with me this time (I haven't before - big mistake) - and definately helped although pain to carry.

    I know I don't post much on here but I've become a little bit addicted to this website, and all that surround running altogether - plus pretty quiet at work at the moment!

  • 2.86 miles in 20 mins..

    6 x 80-100m strides - quick

    easy run at 7:02 M/M

    hopefully all ok!
    ready for race tomorrow
  • About 5.10 mile run today - not bad, but not as good as the other day when I did a full hour and 6.28 miles.  That's still better than the first time I went above 6 miles; the run following that was rubbish, I felt sluggish and could only do 3 miles, so progress is definitely being made in that area.
  • Quite muggy this evening so only a little jog out 6.06 miles in 57m 48s
  • Hello people! Lots of activity here which is good to see.

    I'm back from my travels.Did manage 3 runs in sunny Seoul, 5k steady, 11k with 5k picked up and 7k tempo, which felt good. Injury trouble seems behind me, but have given up on New Forest M'ton. After 6 weeks of struggling and inconsistency, I'm looking forward to stepping up the training.

     Nice to be back!

  • Glad to hear that all is well again Dutch.  It's a shame about the Marathon but there will be others.

    Park run for me this morning and only managed a 24.01 which is a minute slower than normal but with holidays and no faster paced running for a month it was to be expected.  I didnt push too hard so I wasnt disappointed.

    This week will be a quite easy week as I dont want to be tired at all for the GNR next week.  I think I will run Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and give myself two days rest.

  • Out at 7.30pm on yet another "Another Place", Crosby beach  photographic mission to Antony Gormley's "Another Place" on Crosby Beach, with 5.6 miles of beach & trail included image
  • 5.6 miles today. 2 faster miles in the middle but it averaged at 9 mm.
  • 12.5M, undulating, blustery - felt rusty but also pleased to get in a longer run. First one for many weeks. Just over 8m/M which I'm happy with.

  • 13.5M in 1hr46. Sunny, windy, and really quite pleasant.
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