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  • Thanks SR, I was pleased, especially with the amount of people. 

    It seems ages since you were posting with your mega long runs but 2hrs in the pool is pretty impressive!  You will be taking part in triathlons soonimage

  • 4.6 miles tonight in 35:40.   Felt really good apart from the meatballs and pasta that I had about 1hour beforehand!  Gutted really as I reckon that would have been my best run in ages had I not eaten so late!  Great to see so many people doing so well.  Keep it up everyone!


  • 5M Easy/Steady

    Easing back into it. Dry, cool, no wind.

  • 3.5M took it easy due to naggling knee.
  • 4.5M Fartlek, Hard. Dry, cool, bit windy.
  • 6 miles yesterday.  It was tough going as my legs were still very tired after Sunday.
  • 5M Steady. Not a bad run.
  • A short run for me and the dog last night - 3 miles - 1.5 down hill image then 1.5 back up hill  image to get home.  It was pouring rain and very windy (pretty typical weather for round here).
  • 5 miles taking in Crosby Marina, the prom & coastal park.  Breezy but quite warm.

     Day 235 of current Streak.image

  • 6.35 miles in 56:03. Still had plenty left at the end but still taking it slow and gradually building up the mileage, don't want to injure myself again. Love running when the weather is good always feels easier for some reason.
  • Rather a laboured 4.6 miles up through Crosby, past Waterloo RFC, down the prom and home over the dunes & fields.  Perfect conditions.
  • 5M Fartlek. Not bad run at all.
  • Another 5 for me Easy/Steady this timelo .

     I do like runnig 5s at moment. Yes creature of habit I know...image

  • 5 miles suits me too at the moment.  0630 half road, half trail, Blundellsands & Crosby Coastal Park.  Terrific sunrise. image
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Delayed congrats to alib for GNR time. No running for me for over a week now as my forefoot is still injured. Everything is crackling and popping in there and it isn't getting much better. Making do with the gym.
  • Thanks JT141.    I did a Beach race on Sunday which was around 9KM it was very slow and very hard work!  Just done a slow 8 miles tonight.  I'm not sure that I am 100% recovered from the GNR yet as my legs feel so  heavy.  I thought that I may have put on weight but I weighed myself and havent so they must just be tired.
  • 5 miles again and its very mild today up here today. Dry and no wind.
  • Hallo people!

    I feel a bit of a cheat posting without running at the moment. I've rested the old knee tendon for two weeks now and it seems near enough sorted. Might have a quiet run at the weekend, and will report on that as and when.

    Keep at it people - I wish I was!

  • 5.5M Fartlek. Hard. Warm , dry and no wind.image

     Legs heavy now...

  • Ran a marathon today (42.2km) - 3 hours 16 minutes 21 seconds

    Total distance - 44.66km - 3 hours 27 minutes 24 seconds.

  • Great run DX432

    4.25M Easy fro me as legs very heavy this morning. I felt as if I never really got going. Warm again still.

  • Only been out three times since the Bristol Half. Had a week off as I was in France straight after but have done a 3 miler and a couple of ambling along 4.5 milers on a new route. It seems a bit warm at the moment for running!
  • Thank you birkmyre image
  • A hill club session last night which was hard work.  My legs are still feeling heavy and tired so didnt feel that I put a great amount of effort in really.  Another HM in just over 2 weeks time so I really hope that I am feeling better. 

    Run planned tomorrow but the temperature is forcast 26 degrees!

  • alib: 26 degrees that is warm for July, never mind 1st October !
  • Evening folks! 7.96 miles in 1 hr 22 (including the dozen pedestrian crossings I had to negotiate) It was my longest run yet and although I had a few ITB niggles towards the end it was a really enjoyable run image
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Just want to show my solidarity with Solent and Dutch as fellow members of the crocked club. 3rd day of complete rest for the gnarled tendons in my foot and it's worse than ever. No idea when I'll be running but at least another couple of weeks. Various expletives.
  • JT141: the crocked club is no fun. I've had my groin strain since June, and still got another 6 weeks until the Dr thinks I should be ok to start again. Guess you just got to hang on in there and hope for better times.
  • JT141 -   I had a similar problem on the top of my foot back in April.  I managed to run short distances after 10 days and iced as soon as I got back.  It took about 6 weeks to completely go. After 3 days it was still bad to the point where I had to go and get ice from the freezer at 2am!  Hope you are ok soon.

    10 Miles club cross country run today.   My ankles are so sore as I havent really done much cross country! The fact that it was 27 degrees and I had huge blisters didnt help either.  Just a nice easy bike ride for me tomorrow with the kids.

  • 6.42 miles yesterday in 56:12. Longest run in a while despite the unbearable heat. Knee held up with no problems am actually optimistic I might be able to continue upping the mileage gradually and get back to where I was 3 years ago.
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