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  • Good afternoon all image

    Last evening, 10km in 56min, not the 5min pace I was hoping for but another step on the comback trail and now looking forward to the GSR at the end of the month.

    *crosses fingers that he hasn't cursed himself

  • Yes Dutch I am looking for a PB!  I should be able to do it if I can maintain a good pace up the inclines in the first half.  After 7.5 miles it is more down hill so it should be ok from there! I am really looking forward to it and not as nervous as usual. 

    Just an easy 4 miles now. 

  • 5.5M Fartlek done this morning. Hard session.
  • hey people

    Bit of speedwork, 6*440m, in under 6m/M if I've done the maths correctly!

    Very pleased. Long  bursting effort.

  • Hope you are all running well !! I've just got some enthusiasm back for running after some time off after shin splints...Anyway, had a great run today , Felt strong 4 miles at 6:50 Min/Mile, Green shoots of fitness starting to show, Just hope I can get entry into some XC races as it looks like great fun image

    Go Hard or Go Home !!!
  • Hi folks,

    12.5M in between slow and steady. All fine. Nice and warm here for mid October!

    BTW I was wondering about Inspired Runner? he did some impressive stuff earlier but seems to have gone off the radar....

     Good luck to all racers this weekend

  • Not a good run for me yesterday!  I was hoping to beat last months 1.49 but came in a disappointing 1.52.  My legs were just too tired after mile 10 and I really slowed down.  I dont feel great today and have a cold so dont know if that could have had something to do with it or if it was just one of those days!

    Next HM will be January now (if I can get a place) so I intend to get some good training in and do some longer runs over the distance.

  • HI people,

    8M in this morning; with something like 7.5k in 33min as a tempo run. I didn't go all out but it felt like hard work anyway!

  • Just read your post Alib! Unlucky! A cold can really take the edge out of your running form. I'd say keep going as you are and the improvements will come. The winter is great for muddy off road work which is good for body and soul and should build your strength nicely for future HMs.
  • Had a lazy weekend but back out in the wide open space of the New Forest this evening.

    Fridays effort 10km in 52:18

  • A good 10k for sundays run, surprisingly warm for October.
  • and 8M back in about 7.15m/M. Feisty effort that left me gasping for breath back home on the driveway! The neighbours must wonder!

  • A slow, hard 5 miler. I'm so unfit and supposed to be running a HM in like 6 or 7 weeks. Some serious training is in order. Was surprisingly hot yesterday in the day, although the morning + evening rather chilly.
  • 10miles in 8:30 m/m
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Good evening, all.image  Autumn is here!  5 miles through Crosby & Bludellsands keeping to the roads & out of a strong NW wind.  Glad I ran early, 'cos it siled down during the morning image

    Streak = 261 days

  • Well done Swittle! Keep streaking!

    Me: 11M off road - a relatively flat stretch, comfy under 8m/M. Pleased with my running life at the moment.

  • After running a half marathon lost a bit of focus on the training plan, still running, but with no real structure to it. Was worried that I might have dropped back a bit, so forced myself to prove I could still run 13 miles.

    My guess was a bit off and ended up running 14.0 miles, in just under 2 hours, was pretty chuffed because it felt OK doing it.
    Though my hip/thigh/calves don't feel too great today as I limp around!

    Need another goal, but there don't seem to be many 10ks/ 1/2 marathons in the next few months- I guess this is a winter thing?

    Does the running season follow a kind of pattern- ie marathons in the Spring, 10ks in the summer? Or is it everything Mar-Oct and nothing Nov-Feb?
  • Hi People!

    'I am here' it depends on where you are I suppose? Around Hampshire there are various events, but many are off road and 'non standard' distances.

    Me: 8M commute home. Steady.

    Speaking of events, I've entered a off road undulating 15k race near Godalming in Hampshire, on Sunday. No idea what it's like but sounds like fun!

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    Nice 9km hilly trail run in the fading light this evening around some local woods. Lovely, despite the light drizzle as I had no set course or distance and just chose paths I'd never been down before for most of it (so I'm quite pleased that I didn't get lost).

    It also made me realise with some sadness that it's probably one of my last evening runs around there until the spring as it's not somewhere you'd run on your own in the dark.

  • Dutch:  You are really getting your miles back up again!  You must be thinking about another Marathon? maybe one in the spring?

    "I am here"  I live in the Yorkshire area and there are still a few 10Ks before Christmas then there is a bit of a gap.  Have a look and local running clubs websites.  The often have a winter league which may be open to all runners.  There is always the park runs as well.

    First run today since Sundays HM.  I had a cold etc. so had 3 days off and felt much better when I ran today.  Club run with Hill repeats - 7 miles.

  • So running in the New Forest in the evening is over for this year, just too dark to be safe, plus worried about leaving the car in a pitch black car park all by its own.

    14mile in 9m/m, longest I have run in over 2 months.

    GSR a week Sunday, Lordshill 10m a week after and then the Gosport half at the of November, starting to feel good about running again.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    You're making great progress, Dutch image

     Just had the all clear after a stress echo test at the Cardiology lab at my local hospital and can now introduce some hills - mind, that's going to be tricky in Liverpool!

    Approaching 1500 miles for the year with a warmish 5 at 0630 into Crosby and down the beach.

  • 10 mile hilly cross country today.  It was hard work at times but there was also some fast down hills as well.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    6.8 miles over the dunes & up the beach at Waterloo & Crosby - and some photography too!image
  • 15k off roader in Godalming. Great fun, with some crazy inclines of 20%. Found myself walking up a few of them.

    Came 8th in the end which is satisfying - but then it was out of 45 or so runners. Still its nice to be near the front!

    Nice to be racing again.

  • Sheffield Hallam Park Run, 5k 19:35, not bad after only 2 hours sleep, but really didn't feel like running. 17th out of 261 .
  • quick 5k this morning after 5 days of birthday celebrations with no running, defo felt the burn
  • 5 miles at a steady pace.  My legs were still sore after Saturdays XC so I thought I would see if a short run might help loosen them up a little. 
  • Morning

    4miles steadily in smir (drizzle). First run after 10 days rest...

    Good to be back.

  • 4 Mile in the dark to test out my new head torch, If you are looking into getting one I would highly recommend the Petzl Ultra, I went for the bigger battery but is is a bit bulky, go for the smaller of the two unless you are planning on running all night !

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