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  • Welcome back Birkmyre! Very adventurous Jay F!

    Me; 8M in this morning with a 20min tempo run. Covered 5K almost exactly.  Pleased with that, and got soaked for my efforts. Funny changeable weather in Hampshire this morning!

  • 8 miles yesterday, and 10.5 miles today, both 5.15am starts....slow pace - around 9 mm, but I'm just returning from a minor back injury.
  • Inteval training with the club.  Around 7.5 miles with warm up and cool down.  Legs a bit tight but I really want to get faster!
  • 4M Tempo Run to blow cobwebs away. Drizzly.
  • 5k this morning and got in before the rain started up again

  • hello people

    8M into work, steady, just over 8m/M. Back fartlek, quite tasty with 21 (yes I somehow kept count!) accelerations lasting between 25 and 90 seconds.

  • Morning

    4M again and not a bad run.

    Bit windy, cold, but dryimage

  • Hi everyone

    7.3M this morning. Got up 6am but it was miserable and so I went back bed. Got up again at 7.30 guilty concience looked outside, not raining so thought here goes it then. 1.5 m done and down, sideways and face on came the drizzle, but hey its part of the fun.   

  • Well done for getting out there and doing it Allan! Same for Birkmyre! Sounds like the 'stupid o'clock' crowd are doing well.

     Me; 8M commute home. Gave it a bit of zip and did it in around 7:20m/M.

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    Last night I was in Northampton for one night on business and used up about 1/4 of my carry on allowance with my running gear. As I'd never been there I wasn't too hopeful that I'd even get a run, or at best it would be around some miserable industrial estate.

    As it turns out, the hotel was next to a lake and so I did an 11km run in the fading light around a beautiful, traffic free nature reserve...superb..image

  • Last night I did a trail run in the dark (had a head torch for the really dark bits).

    Saw a deer that just stayed rooted to the spot - I ran a full circle round it and it just looked at me.

    Nearly got hit in the face by a swooping owl.

    Covered my light so that I wouldn't dazzle a group of 4 mountain bikers coming the other way. Sadly they chose not to cover or dip their head lights (rather than bar-mounted lights) and in my dazzled state I ran into a raised verge at the base of a stone dyke.

    Earlier I was bitten on the knee by a dog, off the lead, as I cycled home. According to the owner, he was only going for my ankles. I guess that makes it OK.

  • A nice 3mile session with speed bursts to push myself
  • morning people. 4M session with some speedwork. 2x 1M in 6.00 and 6.05. Please to note that the legspeed is still there.
  • Hill reps with the club last night with warm up and cool down it was around 7m.  I didnt push too hard as I have a 10K on Sunday.  Not sure what time to expect after the disappointing HM a few weeks ago.  I would be unhappy if I went over 50 minutes! 

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    A Hallowe'en parkrun at Huddersfield this morning - Uncle Fester, Captain Jack, Alice in Blunderland and a Were-rabbit all running, with me in 'Scream' garb.  Terrific fun image
  • 10.5M around fields and woods in Essex. Lovely mild morning. This stretch can get quite boggy but not yet this autumn!

    Nice one Swittle. Keen to hear how Alib got on!

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Cheers, Dutch image  Good off-road work for you today!  Hoping for a good result for Alib image
  • My time was 48.40 which was a PB by 44 seconds so I was really happy.  I was hoping to speed up a bit in the last two miles but my left calf was really tight so I just maintained the pace. 

     With one or two faster paced sessions a week I really think I could get it down.  I have just started a speed and a hill session with the club every week so hopefully I will start to see the benefits of them soon.

  • Milton Keynes Park Run 5Km 19:18, Woke up late and had to cycle to the lake, just got there in time as everyone else was on the starting line, really nice run around the lake, highly recommended if you have nothing better to do at 9 am on a Saturday !

    Hope everyone's running well image
  • 5m Fartlek done,(hard) then got soaked when walking dog !
  • 5k this morning and was nice to get home just as the sun was coming up rather than a 100% run in the dark.
  • morning people. Well done Alib! Good improvement and no doubt there's more where that came from with regular speed sessions. Nice one Jay F! You must have been quite near the front!

    Me:8m in very steady. Hope to give it some zip on the way back later today.

  • Ran home as a tempo run 8M in 54min. Nice workout.
  • Morning

    4.5M Steady . Decent run, Dry and cold up here this morning.

  • Morning

    A good 4.5M this morning. I enjoyed it.

    Nice and cold, bit windy, dry

  • 4M this morning, enjoying running with a sunrise again
  • 8M in, against a strong and blustery wind. Took it easy, 8:30m/M
  • Speed session last night.  Some slightly faster intervals than last week and they felt a bit easier as well. 

    Unfortunately my calf was still sore from Sunday so it was sore and felt hot when in bed (as if I had a temperature).  Rest day today.

  • Steady 8M back.

    Rest tomorrow

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