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  • BB ✭✭✭
    Excellent KK!

    I just tore myself away from the forum for long enough to do a 5k, very easy first half and pushed up hills on second half 29.33.
  • Wednesday 08/08/07 – 7:15 pm - Race – Warford, Alderly Edge.

    4 miles – 24:20.56 – (6:05/mile) – 124 ft – Nike Vaporfly.

    I’d planned this race (David Lewis 4) but hadn’t planned last nights exertion, so it was a bit of a mystery how I’d perform. I knew the course was slightly undulating so I was never under any illusions that I’d deffo PB but before last night I was hopeful.

    Well I didn’t pb as my legs were dead after the first 2 mile, the course wasn’t that bad actually and I reckon I would’ve managed a new best if I was fresh. Still had a good solid run and thoroughly enjoyed it.


  • You are all amazing, we are all amazing! Mornings like this morning are the best!
    09/08/07 - 7.8m 1:07:47 c 980 F 127gm H 179
    Again out before the sun even though left abouit half an hour earlier (soon be dark mornings). A little bit back to the past here by going to this distance. I know its longer than the usual but I know it is faster. It was perfect this morning. Nice cool temperature slowly rising as the sun came up. Nice and fast 9faster now I don't run it often any more. the western Ave stretch was ease in it self, Park Road stress free, Hill Rd/Ux Road casual, LLane was very fast, I only slowed from the "Circus". My strde was much better today all the way.
    A very happy run.
  • BB ✭✭✭

    Lovely day but kept putting off going out for a run so ended at the gym up on the treadmill in the evening. 40 mins including 4 x 5 mins at 9 min mile pace (that is fast for me!) 3.8 miles. Better than doing nothing - glad I made the effort. Tomorrow an easy trot along the seafront.
  • On the road to recovery after an annoying month of niggling injuries, been building up over the last week short distances on the treadmill at the gym, went to bed last night with the intention of waking at 5.30am to do some stretches and go for a 5 Kilometer run outside my first for 45 days, woke to the sound of the smoke allarms going off at 4am, everything was fine, never got back to sleep really, woke again at 4.50am, so go up, had some porridge, sat and did some stretches, went out around 5.45am, very nice andcalming running along the canal tow path at 6am for the first three kilometers with the mist coming off the water, very relaxing got to the five kilometer point and felt i could do more, so did a loop of a local housing estate near Tamworth, passing afew dog owners and their dogs before heading back down the hill to home in Polesworth, lovely run, relaxing and calming, think i probably did seven and a quarter K's. yet to work it out.
  • Good going Everybody!

    Friday 10/08/07 – 2:00 pm – Swift Trail – Frodsham .

    3.11 miles – 21:59.55 – (7:04/mile) – 613 ft – Mountain bear Gladiator (1).
    18 degrees, partly sunny, humidity 65, wind WSW 5.5mph

    Ran my 5k route from Castle Park, gave it a decent go but was nowhere near flat out. Legs felt good and strong and the worst of the hills felt flat, remarkable! Nice little run and a whole lot less muddy than it has been of late and a new course record to boot.


  • 11/08/07 - 7.8m
    I don't know how I do it. I ran all the way around in the glorious sunshine this morning and I took note of my time splits. When I finished I completely messed up my watch, so I have no idea what I did. Fool!
    Still it doesn't matter a hoot. How can when you have mornings like this. The sun shone it's fiery yellow gaze down on Hillingdon, Middlesex today in abundance, it was amazing. Fortunately the day was young so not too hot but the temperature rose during the hour plus duration of my run. Big long day today so I didn't go for 10 miles today, I'll get there soon though. I ran past a chap in his late 20's, early 30's and he couldn't keep up with me down Court Drive. Not bad considering I was pretty much wasted at that point and I didn't push on. hey! I am an athlete! :-)
    Jog watch - 4 (including a same girl twice) Good on you all.
  • Well done Fromage Free.

    “Jog Watch” Is that how many other runners you see out on your run? If it is I’ll start adding that to my stat heavy instalments.

    Saturday 11/08/07 – 2:05 pm –Sandstone Trail – Willington/Pudding Lane.

    8.01 miles –1:08:31.88 – 8:31 min/mile ave. – 410 ft total ascent – Mountain bear Gladiator (2).
    23 degrees, sunny, humidity 53, wind SSE 7.5 mph (nice cool breeze)

    Jog watch: 1 (he ran passed 20 seconds after I got back to the car, but I’ll count him)

    My RHR has been worryingly high the last few days and although during yesterdays run I at no point felt tired or weak, but I’ve decided not to race tomorrow anyway..

    I don’t want to not run because I’m enjoying it so much at the moment, so today was an easy as you like jaunt along the Sandstone Trail, nothing overly taxing just a nice plod in the country. Slightly quicker coming back even though its more uphill so can’t be displeased with that.

    Still happy.

  • BB ✭✭✭
    Lol love jog watch - I have added it to my run today.

    Saturday 11th August

    5 miles up on the South Downs - undulating - did a steady pace 50.40 minutes. Felt easier than before - I guess that is because I have done a few more runs up on the hills in the last couple of weeks. Sunny and warm, beautiful views down over the sea at times, lots of rabbits scurrying out of my way and dogs and their walkers. Great:o)

    Jog watch: 3
  • BB ✭✭✭
    Does everyone else love going out running? I often have to force myself to go, even though I usually enjoy it when I am out there. Today was a "I must go out and do at least 7 miles" day. Porrdige then out by 7.45am plodded round the roads down to the seafront, along and then back again. There was one bit in the middle that felt good along by the sea, but the rest was a real plod. Nevertheless I did 7.5 miles in 1:15:57 so mission accomplished:o) Best thing is that it is done and I can now have a bath and don't have to do any more running till tomorrow when hopefully I shall feel a bit more up for it!

    Happy plodding to everyone else!
  • BB ✭✭✭
    oops, forgot

    Jogwatch: 2
  • B - I go through fazes were I love to run and will go out everyday and just run, I'm in one of those fazes at the moment and it's great. But then there are times were I get hung up on performance and then I feel I haveto run, that's when the fun goes out of it.

    Kittenkat - "8 cr*p miles" what was wrong with them? 8 miles is a good run in a lot peoples books.

    Monday 13/08/07 – 4:00 pm –Recovery Run – Delamere.

    4.81 miles –39:36.94 – 8;14 min/mile ave. – 298 ft – Mountain bear Gladiator (2).
    13 degrees, sunny/cloudy, humidity 87, wind SSE 3 mph.

    Jog watch: 1

    Didn’t run yesterday RHR was still too high so I had a day off.

    Today was an easy jog around Delamere Forest. Over an undulating course I got the chance to work on my uphill form, quite a productive little run in that respect. Ran down some new tracks (got lost again!), so run was a bit further than planned but felt good.

    Happy happy.


  • You lot are outstanding! 8 crap miles, 4 mile recovery run, 7.5 miles. It's all great stuff!
    14/08/07 - 5.3m 45:21
    The first time this side of the year it was quite dark when I woke up.When I poked my nose out of the door at 5:25am the sky was getting brighter with the far off clouds having a dark orange glow to the sides and the street lamps lit the dark blue sky. In the air there was a light drizzle but not enough to wet the ground as yet. A taste of things to come, this time next month eh?
    I had to shorten my run today to allow the Missus to go early morning shopping before I go to work. So i went for the once around the block jobbie. Nice easy run, only after hitting the Uxbridge roundabout did the rain get heavier. Still steady, now I don't mind rain like that, it keeps me cool. I nearly got run over again by a black cab driving through a red light, w*****! I really enjoyed myself today and maybe, just maybe mid week run may be 5 miles again (allow me an extra hour in bed). Lets ee how it goes.
    Jog watch - 1
  • Join the outstanding lot Fromage Free, good running and lovely details.

    Tuesday 13/08/07 – 7:00 pm – Club Run - Coalpit Ln/Demage Ln.
    5.55 miles –39:51.55 – 7:11 min/mile ave. – 85 ft asc.– Nike Free 5.0 Trail.
    20 degrees, sunny, humidity 79, wind S 9 mph.

    Jog Watch 2. (Not runners from the club)

    Decided to go out with the club tonight, a rarity in its own right as I usually run on my own straight work. Today was meant to be a rest day as well but I got bored.

    Treated it as another recovery run, although it was faster than I would’ve run on my own. At the same time the pace was easy but I am surprised how fast it was, a good sign (I think). 3 little climbs where I practiced my uphill form again, feeling good.

    Happy happy.

  • Wednesday 14/08/07 – 3:48 pm – 100m Efforts - Canal/Croughton.
    7.02 miles –55:24.05 – 7:53 min/mile ave. – 152 ft asc.– Nike Air Zoom Spectrum Plus (1).
    20 degrees, sunny, windy on the way back, it was making big waves on the canal.

    Jog Watch 0

    2.5 mile warm up (and cool down) along the canal then 30 second sprints followed by 40 seconds jog recovery (x12) along the lane. I’m sorry but I’ve got to add these 7 miles to Kittenkats cr*p 8 miles, there really is nothing good to say about them, I felt awful and leaden legged, quite disheartening!

    No longer happy.

  • Wednesday 14/08/07 – 7:10 pm – Very easy jog - Capenhurst 5k course.
    3.1075 miles – 29:32.83 – 7:53 min/mile ave. – 16 ft asc.– Nike Free 5.0 Trail Plus.

    Jog Watch 4

    The running club’s beginners group were doing a recce of the Capenhurst 5K race route tonight so I went down to lend some moral support and jog round with them.

    Although I was hardly working I in general felt a whole lot better than before, my legs were turning over quite comfortably. Over reactions and melodramatics over!


  • BB ✭✭✭
    Glad to see you are happy happy again Chris, and KK what a comeback!

    It was so wet and windy here today I kept putting off going out until the only option left was a short treadmill session just to do something. So just back from 5k easy on the treadie - glad I did it - 3.1 miles is better than no miles! Tomorrow though - must do better!

    Jogwatch - just one
  • 16/08/07 - 5.3m 47:08
    Where did the rain go eh? After the almost continual downpour of yesterday, this morning as the day dawned, turned into the most beautiful morning. Gorgeous sunshine, cool and hardly a breeze. Magical. I enjoyed my run so much this morning. I had plans to do an 8 mile but as I neared home I just decided I felt so good and lets not overdo it. So I went home buzzingNot much to mention other than how good it felt today and with the jogwatch at zero, they all missed out!
  • can i join in? Yest evening 6 miles in 51 mins, which is good for me. Pretty flat route though. This follows a 9 mile trek over large hills Sat after which my legs were real cross with me :)
    Have a good day everyone
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Can I join this one too.
    Last night 9.20pm, 5.2 miles 50%up hill rest down,dark,slight wind,cool,35mins30 secs,first mile 8mins.Felt great and enjoyed it-that is why I am hooked on running.
  • BB ✭✭✭
    welcome and well done gms and 2old

    I did 5.5 miles in 59:20 up on the south downs this evening - up, down and along - being buffetted off course by a very strong wind - it was great - very invigorating.

    jogwatch: 0 (though did see two mountain bikers and lots of dogs and their walkers as usual)
  • Hello All and welcome.

    Thursday 15/08/07 – 4:00 pm – Easy Trail Run - The Ridgeway.
    4.95 miles – 39:27.21 – 7:46 min/mile ave. –840 ft asc.– Mountain Bear Gladiator (1).

    Jog Watch 0

    Went for a run in the place I like to run most...can’t go wrong there...make the route up as you go along, no pressure for time or distance it’s running at it’s purest...I love it!

    Actually put in a bit of an effort for the last short road section just to see if I could guess my marathon pace after running up and down hills and through mud and stuff! close enough to be happy.
  • Hope you won't mind me contributing but I'm relatively new to running and I think it would motivate me to join in.

    Exactly three miles today in 24 minutes. Tried to run a bit quicker than usual because I keep being told that this will help improve my running generally. Only managed to reduce the average pace by about 15-20 seconds per mile but I did notice the extra effort so it may be beneficial.

    Nice loop around the estate I live in. Bit of a hill in one place to wear myself out but a lovely 400m stretch slightly downhill to finish. A few welcome words of encouragement from an elderly couple as I passed their house at the top of the hill.

    Just felt huge sense of achievement when I realised that I see three miles as a bit of a shorter run. My progress seems to have been slow but when I started in January I could only run 500m on a treadmill before having to stop. I'm still dreadfully one paced but today's run was a good one and I'm looking forward to Sunday.
  • 12.5 miles in a not very quick 2 hours 25 minutes but my longest single run to date. I'm really pleased because I have been stuck at 10 miles and thought that I had reached a plateau that I wasn't going to improve on.

    I am still concentrating on endurance and not quick times but Winstanley, 8 minute miles, that is outstanding. The longer distances I run the slower my mile rate is getting, but I am running over 30 miles a week now so my next plan is to try some shorter distances and build a little speed, otherwise, by the time I can manage a marathon I will be out for hours and hours and hours where will I find the time?
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