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  • 10k run last night at best ever pace for that distance. still pretty slow though but 52 mins flat
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Another X-ray on Friday to see how my broken foot is healing. God it's taken a long time but hopefully in a couple of weeks or so I might be able to try a short test run. Weirdly an older injury of my left shin is playing up, which makes no sense as haven't run (haven't even really been walking much) for well over a month. Anyway glad to see everyone is going well. Hope Solent's doing okay with his injury.
  • My last run was B.ham Bupa a great day fantastic turnout and well organised well done Bupa would definately do another.

    Two weeks prior I ran Liverpool first inaugral marathon on new route would recommend it was tough under the tunnel and different it was a great day free massage day before and on the day end of race atmospher just brilliant.

    In may ran Sidney half Marathon over the harbour bridge cool
    and three weeks prior ran the famous rotorua around lake in New Zealand prizes at the end if your real lucky and start off with famous Maori Hacka to top it up in last eighteen months ran 4 marathons and six halfs and backpacked around the world to celebrate my sixtieth Birthday and raise money for my charity Breakthrough/Breast cancer. Still running and want more marathons wish I could get in London or Paris good look every-one Recommend New Zealand.

  • Am finally getting tough with myself and am forcing myself back into regular running after two months of total laziness (probably only about 6 x 4 mile runs max in that period) since the Bristol Half.

    So, a quickish 3 miles this morning, just to get the legs working again. I feel so much better for having started my day with some exercise. The shortening daylight hours are going to make it tougher but I've invested in a Hi Viz top so I have no excuse!
  • on monday I ran 5 miles in 35.45, which for a training run is quick for me so was quite happy, everything seems to be coming together so well lately, just wish I was actually training for a race and not just ticking over
  • 5 miles, make a change from recent 4.5s image

    Steady Run  that felt okay. Mild again ! and no wind.

  • Hill session last night with warm up and cool down - 5.5 miles in total.  Legs felt like Jelly!  The last three runs have all been hard runs so I really did feel it! 
  • HI People!

    speedwork today, 6x800m on Southsea seafront, in 2.58, 2.58, 2.58, 2.54, 2.51 and 2.53. 90 seconds or thereabouts recovery. Pleased with the effort.

  • 9 very muddy cross country miles this afternoon. These runs used to be a bit of a struggle but I felt surprisingly ok today.
  • Donned the Asics 2150s and did the Swindon Parkrun and was a reverse route today (just to confuse me image A new PB for me 22:00. Was a bit peeved as wanted to break into the 21s today but of course there's alwys next week ...
  • 5 miles this morning.  My legs felt a bit heavy after yesterdays cross country
  • Morning people. LSR, 14.5M on the South Downs Way, QE Country Park to Harting Down and a bit beyond, for those who happen to know that area a bit. 2h11min. Not quick, but then, it is not an easy stretch!

    Big shout to Solent Runner and anyone else with injuries.

  • Cheers Dutch. I'm still hanging on in there praying my injury has finally healed. It has been a long time since I had a pain free run, but hopefully very soon I will, and well done on your run.
  • Four and a half hours of slow  running over the brecon beacons,distance 18 to 20 miles ish the weather was fantastic, see for miles.Washed in the water fall had a snooze by the stream.Ready for work tomorrow.
  • I know that starting a run is the hardest part and you always seem to convieniently forget how good (and smug!) you feel afterwards ,and friday was just one of those days! The day was long and laborious and the train was hot and packed all the way home, plus these dark evenings don't help ! Once I was home my pj's and a glass of Shiraz were staring me down, but I put my blinkers on and walked straight past, kit on and out the door. The minute i started running it felt good, in the woods it's totally silent and pounding 6 miles cross country no iPod , no watch and , no pressure really helped me remember why I love running. By mile 3 I was really starting to stretch my legs and enjoy the cool rain and dark forest. The best bit was that once I was home and showered, my pj's and Shiraz were still there waiting for me image Get out there and get running !
  • 5M Fartlek done Hard. Cold and frosty morning up here.

    Grace: A good first post.

  • birkmyre :I would love to do a fartlek training session but i always find the lure of a long run to much to bear !!!
    5.7 miles , 45 mins, lovely autumnal morning, simply gorgeous image
    Have my first run with a local running group tomorrow night, am very excited !!!
  • 3Miles spoilt by running though dog crap hidden by the amount of leaves on the floor grrrr
  • best ever time over 5miles - 33:03.  Not had a watch for about a month as it had to go off for repair so not been timing.  Also switched to minimalist running shoes about a month ago so been working on good form as well.  Felt like it had all been coming together so when my watch came back today I was very pleased to see that I had smashed 44 seconds off my PB.

    Get in!!!

  • 4M Easy run so it was a recovery run. No frost, dry and no wind either.

    Not a bad morning for running.

    Grace: I used to run 800m/1500ms  years a go and still enjoy my Fartlek Sessions albeit at a slower pace than back then. Think my efforts now are what my recovery was back in 1987ishimage

  • What was a planned 12 mile run turned into 15 miles!  My legs were tight so the last 2-3 miles were a bit of a struggle. 

  • some good running going here at the moment!

    Me: speed session, 5x1km in 3.38, 3.33, 3.38, 3.38, 3.34 and 3.38. Went exactly right, I think!

  • 4.5M Steadily done and dusted. Bit wet and windy out. Okay run.
  • Steady 3M with some 50meter fast dashes thrown in
  • 6.7 Mile @ 7.24 Min/Mile, Just a steady run to get out of the house for a while, Really enjoying running at the moment, think i'm back to the fitness level where i don't ache or hurt while running , which is nice.

    Remember - "To Give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift" ... Keep running people image
  • 5M Fartlek on a moonlight morning.Hard.

    Full Moonimageimage

  • 8M into work, steady/slow and you guessed it, 8M back, also steady/slow. Bit tired in ankles and knees.
  • 4M easy on a dry, windy morning.

    To start with my legs heavy from yesterdays Fartlek, but eaeed through it.

  • 5.25 miles this morning, and disappointingly slow, which may have been due to red wine consumed last night, or may be not!

    I sprained my ankle badly back in March, which stopped me from running for a couple of months, and I had hoped to be back to my previous fitness levels by now, but I'm not. I'm currently doing 2 mid-week runs of around 5 - 5.25 miles and a weekend run of 8 - 10 miles. Before the injury I was doing tempo and fartlek runs and I was increasing my speed nicely,  but for some reason I've been shying away from it recently.

    Having just found RW and the forums, I'm hoping this will kickstart an improvement in my performance!

  • Hill sprints with club last night and also did some miles around the track earlier including  3 x 800 intervals while waiting for my son.  Didnt want to overdo it and not make the hills. Total of around 8.5 miles.
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