My Last Run



  • 6.7 miles this afternoon.  Quite windy!
  • Squwark : Nice to have you along
  • Nick: Well done on the 5M pbimage. Meant to mention that before.
  • Thanks Birkmyre. image
  • an easy 4M round Wendover Woods, Windsor Park tmw post beer evening tonight!
  • Shockingly hungover this morning so gave my usual 8-10 a miss and instead did about 5 miles in Epping Forest. First 10 minutes I felt *very* queasy but then it was marvellous and blew away some cobwebs. Nowt so good as a bit of leisurely X country with a hangover
  • Milton keynes parkrun 5k ... I have no speed what so ever at the moment, but i will get there.
  • Out for a run at 8.30 this morning. It was slightly misty to start with, but that soon cleared to a blue sky and sunshine - brilliant! I decided to add another mile to my run to take me up to 11 miles. The last mile was a killer, but I feel great now!
  • Nice one Sqwark!

    Had a similar experience, mist clearing and the sun coming out, wading through leaves and a little bit of mud here and there.

    18M on the Meon Valley Trail, in 2:33:50.

    I'm not Marathon fit at the moment, but it's coming!

  • Only had time for 6 miles this morning but ran at a slightly faster but steady pace (8.25-8.35 mm).  It actually felt quite easy.

  • This morning at 8am. What should have been a 7 miler turned into acouple of 3.5m with the first run turning into a sprint back home. oops, forgot why I dont like having a drink the night before a early run, ah well better now.

  • 5M Fartlek. Hard. Coldish and a bit windy. Blew cobwebs away
  • 5 miles in the woods, cold horrible day but gorgeous for running image
    Round the lakes and back home to a sprint finish, very happy i pushed myself to go outside, but i really could fall asleep now !!!!! KNACKERED !
  • Lovely 3Miles along a canal on yesterday, enjoying the sun and countryside,

     Then back to 4Mles of normal boring road running this morning image

  • 4,5M Steaily and flowed along. Okay run, ran it faster than I intended to.
  • An easy 4 miles this morning. Was pleased to find that my local park was dry enough to run round, so most of my run was off road - hurrah! Experimented with toe strikes and really feel I benefited from it.
  • Did an 8 mile tempo run on Sunday. Was planned to be slow and easy but felt the desire to open up.... so i did. Felt good.

    Easy 10k planned for tonight.

  • speedwork today 6 800ms in between 2.51 and 2.59. Exactly as quick as 10 days ago. Quite happy.
  • Dutch, that looks like a good session!  What is your recovery between each one?
  • Hi Alib, I should have said! 90-100 seconds. Quite intense but a bit more controlled I think than the same session 10 days ago.
  • Hi Dutch, yes it is quite intense.  When I do them with the club or with a friend on the track we have the same amount of recovery as the inteval has taken to run.  It always seems quite a long rest which is why I asked.

    Today was 3 x 1 mile intervals at 7.00mm, 7.10mm, 7.05mm and a 400 metre at the end.  Only got around 3 minutes rest between.   My best 5K time is 7.25mm pace so I am  thinking that it may be time to hit the parkrun soon and see if they are working! 

    One of my goals for this year was to get into the 22s for the 5k so at exactly 23.00 minutes set in July I think I should be able to go under.  I dont usually do it very often as I always use the parkrun to see if I have improved.

  • Night run! 8.5 miles around Rugby with the hi-viz and headtorch on. Was supposed to go out with toddler this evening but everything got delayed so I ended up heading out on my own when my partner got back. Very slow though so counting it as my LSR image
  • 4.5M Steadily done cold and dry. Okay run.

    Dutch: Good Seassion of 800s

  • 4Miles in cold and fog - oddly enjoyable
  • 6 and a bit miles around trails, fields and the lakes! Meant to be 5 miles but I got lost ... Was meant to be a slow run but runners tummy made me speed up a bit to get back to work quickly! image

  • 5 treadmill miles for me in 52 minutes.
  • 5M Fartlek done. Hard session, but then its meant to be.
  • Overslept by half an hour - eek! Had intended to do 6 miles this morning, but only had time for 4, run at 9.55 m/m. Slowly getting form back after sprained ankle. Really enjoyed the run as the weather is so mild at the moment.
  • 4,5M wet and wimdy. heavy legged from yesterday.

    Sqwark:Its good when you have an enjoyable run...image

  • Another lovely mild morning, perfect for running. Did 6 miles at 10.23m/m, including my favourite (not!) hill.
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