My Last Run



  • 30 minutes around Waterloo, dodging the wind - not unpleasant, strange to say.
  • The weather beat me!

    Settled for an hour on the treadmill and varied the incline. I have to say I can 'meditate' on the treadmill and try and work out some of life's inponderables. I didn't manage to put the world to right, but I had a goimage.

    I felt it was a justifiable and successful hour even though it was spent indoors.

    Sqwark - I hope your calf begins to improve soon. I spent September walking gradually increasing distances when my calf was making running impossible. I felt the walking helped me to maintain my fitness.

    BoDuke - keep of the bifters!

    swittle - may see you Saturday (still considering whether to run)image

  • Thanks, Paco. I'm hoping the walking will help. I really want to improve my speed in 10k races and hoped to spend the winter building up my fitness base. This calf injury has frustrated my plans, but I know that if I try to fight it I will just be prolonging the misery!
  • Imagine the scene......

    It's just before dawn, clear skies that are just turning from gunmetal grey to blue, with a line of orange and yellow on the horizon. Me and my dog are running  up on the Epsom Downs, just running along the top of a hill, and then we hear........ "thunder thunder thunder", and turning to the right looking down the hill we see two racehorses, side by side, coming full pelt up the gallops, steam pouring off them, sods of earth flying everywhere.......

    Luckily I get to watch them for about two minutes, and then they've gone, and it's back to silent running apart from the "clink clink clink" of Fred's collar as he runs along beside me........

    Sometimes I love running!

    p.s. 6.5 miles this morning, now it's time for porridge

  • 4 pleasant mile in the cold...

    Paco: sorry, don't know what that means... Me being new to running and forums... Soz.

    Sqwark: good luck with the calf. Nightmare.

    Youngpup: nice...
  • Just under 8 miles this morning.  After 5 days off running it felt quite good and it was a bit faster than usual on fresh legs!

  • Paco: being a bit dizzy. Bifters: fags. Sorry. What happens to my brain early in the morning. Been v good thus far.
  • 10 miles for me in 1:40, once again on the treadmill.

    Good luck to anyone out there racing this weekend.

  • 5 miles after a week off being too ill to run image - felt good to get out again even if the wind was incredibly biting


  • Marshalled at Princes parkrun. Not a bad turnout, weather considered.

    Did a 2 laps of Princes park and 1 lap of Sefton park (5 mile total). Lovely morning - plenty of runners out. Drizzle but no strong wind - even the odd bit of strong sun which was low in the sky.

    Might need to knock some more miles out over the forthcoming weeks as I don't feel as though I am doing enough at present.

    Hope everybody has a decent weekend without aches and pains.

  • Paco - you got some useful miles inimage.  I really ought to introduce myself, as it was my hat trick of Princes parkruns today image  Cold but just about dry but a struggle after my heart 'procedure' last Tuesday - upper leg a riot of blue & purple image

    Tremendous picture painted there, YoungPup.image

  • Parkrun today. Very icy so a slowish 23.43.
  • 9.00am Sunday

    Sitting in the car looking out of the window, the sky was a dark charcoal grey. Sheets of rain were driving down with no sign of any break in the conditions. There was a moment when I was about to think better of it and drive back home. Maybe I could go out later, the weather may have improved by the afternoon.

    but no....and off I went - garmin free.

    10 miles around Whiston and Rainhill on a moderately hilly run.

    Drenched through after only a couple of minutes, but persevered and felt better for the decision to continue.

    May have a rest day tomorrow.

  • 9.2 muddy miles for me and the dog today - right around the perimeter of Epsom & Ashtead Common, and then into Horton Country Parkimage. I thought it would be really slippy, so it was a great excuse to wear my trail shoes - and it was fab!

    I'm slowly building up my LSR, and was focussed today on just running easy, so set my Garmin virtual partner to 10:30 mins/mile and tried not to get too far ahead.

    Splits were as follows:

    Mile 1 - 10:26

    Mile 2 - 9:55

    Mile 3 - 10:00

    Mile 4 - 10:04

    Mile 5 - 10:23

    Mile 6 - 10:13 (decided to adjust my VP to 10:15)

    Mile 7 - 10:16

    Mile 8 - 9:52

    Mile 9 - 9:57

    Lap 10 - 9:48/mile

    Felt easy all the way round - even on the odd hill, so very satisfied......

  • 17.4 miles. Out to Viginia water then through to Windsor before heading home. Average pace 6.59 min/mile. Getting faster and on target for the Mk marathon in April.
  • Was gonna do a flat 10 miles (post x-mas do). But an extra mile and a half round a lake and random trail run was just too tempting. Nice little change of pace and effort, with some 'hills' too.

    Back home 5 minutes before full on rain storm. Happy days.
  • 12.5 miles this morning with a mile and a half cross country.  It was going well until I met up with two Rottweilers in a field on the cross country part!  I was terrified and just stood still and turned away and looked at a tree while they were barking and snarling at me! 
  • That sounds horrid alib! dogs like that should be kept on a leash so as not to act aggressive to other people.

    10 miles for me on treadmill in 1:40. 

  • Snowlent Runner - Do you have your own treadmill or do you have to go to the gym? Are there any distractions (eg. tv or music) to help you through the 100 minutes, or are you able to endure that kind of time without any distractions?

    I tend to use the treadmill about once a week and think they are useful for posture while running.

    No run today - rest required.

    Hope everybody is fit and well and any niggles are disappearing.

  • Paco: I use the treadmill at the gym, where they have music playing on some tv's to listen to whilst I read the sub tittles on the news channels. To be honest I am doing a lot of treadmill running at the moment as am still coming back from injury so just gently base building. Come Christmas I will start heading outside once again to pound the streets and I can not waitimage.

  • Slight burnt orange glow from distant street lights, bright head torch cutting through the dark, can see beyond it's beam. Silent but for my feet hitting the ground and hard breathing.

    Decision to ignore planned pace and distance and just run. Leg needing to be stretched and let loose... Zen like calm. Focus totally on feeling my way through the dark. The crunch of gravel under foot.

    Sense of moving into the future, not grasping with hands but letting my feet and legs cut through time and space. The pressure of the week, gone. Just run.

    Through a massive puddle, awareness of soaked feet, ignored and push on.

    How far? How fast? Don't care. It's perfect. The world is perfect as it is. Closer to home, don't want to stop... Need this feeling of lightness and calm. Don't push. Slow down. Stop.

    Look at GPS, fasted ever run training. Delete record... I don't need it.

    That's why I run...
  • Yesterday & today v. simlar: 5 miles on the roads around Crosby, Waterloo & Blundellsands, trying to stay out of a vicious wind.  Let's call it resistance training, shall we.....? image
  • BoDuke - pure poetry

    swittle - sounds like you battled the conditions well

    club session around Halewood - 5 mile total with about 8 separate intervals interspersed throughout. Felt a bit 'random', in that we 'ran to the whistle'. (ie. blow - run hard until the next whistle - stop and recovery). The whistleblower decided the time we had to run hard. Felt tough towards the end.

    Icy wind blowing at the start but soon warmed up and didn't notice it after a couple of minutes of running.

  • Squeezed in a short lunchtime run yesterday from the office - 3 miles along the Thames starting at Westminster Bridge, to Southwark Bridge, cross over and then back again. Brings in House of Parliament, St Paul's cathedral, the Globe, Tate Modern, Oxo Tower and the London Eye - all of which means lots of tourists to dodge!

    Just over 3 miles in 24mins.
  • I had a great speed session yesterday 800 meters x10 fast around 5.50 pace i min jog recoverys! but have to be honest was getting very tired towards the end and took two mins for last 2 sets! what a cheat!!! felt great tho as only been doing speed sessions for about 10 weeks so really seeing improvements.

  • BoDuke - what a fantastic description of a run, I felt as though I was running along with you!

    I ventured out myself this morning to do 3 miles of walk/jog, as I'm still nurturing my calf strain. It was great to be out again doing something, though I had to walk the last .75 mile as I was aware of the beginnings of a slight niggle, and I don't want to set myself back at square one!

    Everyone seems to be doing really well. Great stuff!

  • BoDuke - lyrical image

    Pace - having to put tough efforts in at the trainer's command leaves no hiding place!  Well done!

    I decided to risk Waterloo Promenade at 7am - it was a battle past the Marina, then the WSW gusting wind blew sand up into places where I didn't know I had places image  Hard to pick out the sandbanks in the early dawn but a satisfied feeling when I returned to base.  5 miles.

  • 6.75 windy miles this morning at a slow pace. 

    I have had a sports massage this afternoon to try and loosen a tight hamstring on the left side. It feels a little sore now but hopefully it may have helped a little.

  • Only 1/4 of a mile for me as had to stop running due to stomach ache. Must have been a dodgy boiled egg this morning. Oh well, will make up for today's run tomorrow.
  • 6 miles for me tonight as part of my journey home - I got off the train three stops early, and ran from Worcester Park to Epsom....

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