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  • Yo*ho ho h*ung Pup - At least you weren't thrown off the train

    Snowlent Runner - what a pity. Glad to hear you sound so philosophical. Hope the running 'rehab' continues to be beneficial

    8 slow miles around Rainhill and Whiston. Not as comfortable as I would have wished, as I was trying to ignore a pain at the back of my knee which I have had for a couple of days (and have been pretending isn't really there). I heard the best way to deal with injury was to 'run it off'image

    Tomorrow is likely to be a rest day.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    5 miles today in the cold, wind and rain. Enjoyed it though. Getting back into the swing of things. 43 mins. Splits were a bit odd. Tweaked my knee at the gym yesterday so wasn't sure I could run today. But running didn't bother it all. Climbing up stairs though is another matter.
  • 3 easy mile  as legs tired. Just been reconnected to internet after a week of being offline.
  • Ta folks image

    7 miles with mile repeats. Usual route, cold wind into face on way out and slight breeze on way back in (that's what I'm sticking to anyway)...
  • birkmyre: I wondered where you had got to. Good to have you back.

    10 miles for me today, once again on the treadmill in 1:40.

  • 6 mile XC race on Saturday so will have the next 2 days off.  16 week marathon training plan starts next week.  Not a great time to start before christmas but I will not be pushed in the first 3 /4 weeks so it will work out ok.

    Dutch hasnt posted for a while either.  I hope he hasnt picked up an injury!

  • 5 easy km on the treadmill. More a case of not wanting to over-extend (which I have a tendency to do when I am out on the road).

    Still, it was a pleasant enough 'run' as I was listening to the radio and having a think.

    Christmas meal after work tomorrow, so a day free of running. May do Parkrun on Saturday.

    Hope everyone is in good nick.

  • 4.5Miles Steadily in falling snow. Good to be out.
  • 3.5 miles easy in driving sleet. That's a first for me.
  • 3 miles this morning at 6.30 am , and ran 2 of the 3 with no problems from my calf muscle - hurrah! No frost, no snow, so I was quite surprised to see a gritting lorry pass me by, but apparently snow had been forecast and lo and behold, just after 8 am we had about 5 mins of sleet! But who cares, I'm back running so I'm full of the joys of Christmas!  image
  • 4 and 3/4 miles for me this morning, as I got off the train at Clapham Junction and ran as part of my commute into work.

    2nd time I've done a run this week with my rucksack carrying my laptop, etc, and today felt a lot more comfortable - I think my pack was lower down my back and wasn't bouncing around, or digging into my shoulders as much as it was earlier in the week.

    It was blooming cold this morning though, and windy, and peeing down with sleet - so I felt very virtuous when I finally got to the office

    Now just need to decide if I'm willing to run home as well? I've never done a double before and am tempted to try it - partly as I may struggle to fit in a long run this weekend

  • Alib: I was thinking the same thing about Dutch. I do remember after his last race he said he felt a niggle, so hope that has not got worse for him.

    5 miles for me today on the treadmill in 50 minutes. 

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    5.25 miles in 44mins, although on close examination my Garmin GPS did seem to think I was wading rivers and running over rooftops. I am not Santa. Pleased with the run because I've started with a cold and bad throat (again), but managed pretty well. It's all the relatives turning up from Newcastle to London, dropping of presents and regional viruses, and going home.
  • another 4 and 1/4 miles run for me tonight as part of my trip home. This makes 9 miles overall today...

    Started off with the intention of the run being nice and slow, but felt really good, so progressively upped the pace.

    Mile 1 - 10:46

    Mile 2 - 9:18

    Mile 3 - 8:38

    Mile 4 - 8:26

    Day of rest tomorrow, and then  a nice slow 10m run on Sunday - maybe in snow if I'm lucky..

  • Morning all forum followers. It must be over 2 years since I last posted on here ! 3rd run 12 weeks post meniscus trim, accompanied by my faithful 9 yr old Staffie. Only 1.5 miles in a time that did not matter. Off road in my Grizzlies felt ok, slight discomfort but only to be expected, Nice to be plodding again. Have a great weekend all...
  • Bobejaan - glad spirits are highimage

    Marshalled at Princes parkrun - not a great turnout but good that it was able to go ahead without weather intervening. I was tempted to run, but will leave it until next week (niggles allowing)

    8km on treadmill at an increasing gradient for variety.

    Hope everyone achieves over the weekend.

  • 5 treadmill miles for me in 50 minutes.
  • A 5.9 mile muddy cross country race in 49.30 minutes.  I was reasonably  pleased with that as I am never sure what to expect with cross country races. 

    I used my new cross country spikes which were really lightweight but didnt have as much grip as I has hoped so I will have to buy some longer spikes.

  • After umming and arring all day about whether to go for a run in the ice/ sleet/ hailstones I finally manned up about 5pm and took 3 minutes off my best 10 mile time. I got round in 1:21 which hopefully means, injuries permitting, my goal of a sub 1:45 HM this Spring is a realistic target.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    7.3 miles which is the longest for a while. Had intended to go to the gym but felt lousy with cold so thought I'd go for an evening run. Really enjoyed it, apart from the fact my knee had been giving little warnings and finally got very unhappy in the last quarter mile. Hopefully nothing major. 1hr4 so fairly easy going, and oddly was breathing much more easily running than even sitting here doing this coughing and full of snot.
  • Went out in the sleet and squall this morning for 7ish miles. Vile for the first 10 minutes, then felt fantastic, although slow- about 1h 12 I think...
    There's something particularly satisfying about winter running.
    Bit worried about my right leg- alternating niggle between hamstring and knee- which is weird...
  • Hello again, bobejaan - I remember youimage

    Princes parkrun fail for me: 1.25 hours' wait at Waterloo sorting office for a registered pkt image

    Put in a chilly 5 round Crosby at 7pm.

    Other news: heard Wed. night I'd got a VLM 2012 place through my club image  Not really looking forward to those LSRs in winter months again and my mojo's absent too.  Still, over 4 months to go.....

  • Hi guys,

    For the first time in years, treadmill for me yesterday!

    Had a VO2 max test with RW, Asics and BUPA. Got wired and strapped up to a computer with a mouthpiece. All very scientific!

    Been posting a couple of weeks here and love the thread, thanks guys. Even got it bookmarked...

    I've got a thread in the Spring Marathon section, if you want a look. Need to update today after Xmas shopping with the family:
  • Morning all

    10.2 crisp miles this morning in 1hr 40 - I think it may have been below freezing when I set off at 8am, but soon warmed up and felt really comfortable after the 1st 1/2 mile or so.

    My route was right around the edge of Horton Country Park, Epsom Common and Ashtead Common, and it was a really nice run - lovely sunny morning, clear blue sky, slightly frosty underfoot, but no ice... perfect day for running really.

    Now it's time for  a quick shower, then off swimming with the kids.image

    Happy sunday!

  • 15 min run in the snow
  • 12km trail run around Freshfield and Formby in about 77 minutes.

    Multi surface - pinewoods / sand / beach / open grassland.

    The beach was fantastic at Formby point into a bracing headwind. The trails were great and were full of soft sand under foot.

    Sun was bright and dazzling low in the sky. I can't think of many ways to spend a Sunday morning.

    Hope everyone is feeling well.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    5.5 miles in 47 mins. Covered about 18 miles in the last 3 days so my stamina must be coming back. Wont be too long before I can start 10 milers again. Still got a stinking cold. Put a support on my knee and it was fine. Tried my minimal Nike Free Run shoes for the first time today. Went fine, and no problems with the foot I fractured which is a relief. Couldn't really tell much difference to be honest.
  • A lazy 5 miles in 45 mins.
  • A whole 3 miles this morning, while the frost was still deep and crisp and even! Not the fastest time, but my calf was ok - no niggles - so I'm very pleased. Did 10 minutes of Pilates abdominal work when I got home - got to make room for the Christmas turkey! image
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