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  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Early start: over paths and grass around Crosby Marina, closed because of blue-green algae. a wonderful rosy yellow reflection off the lake before taking the promenade to Crosby Baths, glancing at Antony Gormley's now-permanent installation, "Another Place", 100 life-size cast iron models of the sculptor himself situated along 2 miles of the beach - never less than thought-provoking and always inspirational. From there, less dramatic through Blundellsands into Crosby village and back home for 0630. A good 5 miles in glorious weather conditions.
  • Just for reference  26.2 miles at sherbourne= 2x around the grounds and 2x loops back and forth to yeovil on the dual carriage way, with 750m of climbing must be the most depressing run on the planet? your runs sound much better than my last one??image  
  • Had a touch of hyperactivity Tuesday night so ran 4m quite fast around the roads cirucumferencing our park (I don't run in the park on my own in the evening). Odd for me cos I don't usually run at night. Was dark by the time I got back. Great run, could've run forever sort of thing, if the light hadn't been against me. Ran quite fast as well (for me, not fast for other people!!)

    6am Wednesday morning when out on my scheduled run of 45 minutes and my knee hurt most of the time (I get knee pain, probably need orthotics, its all money money money though) but carried on because I'm bloody minded and have to get fit for my race in 6 weeks. Still enjoyed the run despite the pain and I LOVE running early in the morning, especially, bizarrely in a city where you get the magical feeling of the world waking up and grinding into life before your very eyes as you run.

    Didn't run today although I should. Being sensible and resting poorly knee so that I still have my knee in ten years!!

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    I had a lovely few miles along the seafront at Portsmouth/southsea at lunchtime (dodging the tourists!).

  • Some great sounding runs there! My morning run was dull but quite useful. First marathon 3 weeks on Sunday and I had lost my confidence, feeling I had taken on something totally out of my league. Actually I have done a 22m and a 22.5 so can't be far out of touch. Anyway after very little sleep I decided to tackle it by just heading for the treadmill before work and doing 5m in 39min which is tempo pace for me. So its a final 22 at the weekend if my legs can take it! 
  • Devon are you running your marathon on the 9th or the 16th
  • 24/08/07 - 7.2m 1image8:33
    Today felt good at last. I knew driving home from work last night that I wanted to run today (does that make sense)? Popped out of the pit at 4:50am got drssed, had my tea and honey and I was ready to rumble. Outside was drizzly (very light) which ultimately meant as teh run continued that the ground got horribly damp, the kind of surface I hate. I just had a nice run round this morning, it was warm but the air kept me damp. The knee is a little niggly. Getting ready for the Stockley Park 5 miler next week. That's the next race.
    Jog Watch - 1


  • A very slow 5.6-mile run home from work (1 hr 5 mins) with bits of walking.  Nowhere near as good as my 7.5-miler last Sunday!  Well, I was absolutely knackered, wearing a heavy rucksack, and it's up hill all the way!

    Still, it's good to vary what you do, and at least I'm starting to make more of an effort again after an iffy patch, and my evil knees seem to be holding out...just.

    Looking forward to extra running over the bank holiday weekend though!  Working at a university means I get Tuesday off too!

    ...Might need to run off copious amounts of barbecued food anyway.

  • Hello Allimage,

    Good running everyone. 

    Friday 24/08/07 – 3image0 pm – Short Marathon recce  - Wolverhampton.

    6.74  miles – 44:59:54 – 6:49 min/mile ave. – 242 ft asc.– Nike Vaporfly.

    Jog Watch 0

    Ran the first and last couple miles of the Wolverhampton Marathon course at anticipated race pace just to see how I felt on the course itself. It was actually faster at 6:27m/m but the cool down brought the average up to 6:49. Obviously there are more hills and it’s 4.4 times further but it’s another confidence boosting run.  Drove the course in it’s entirety as well and I am still optimistic the target time is achievable.

    Post race I had a stretch and relax in West Park, the Sun was shining the ducks and geese were swimming in the boating lake and everything in my world was good.  I also discovered pigeons don’t like bran flakes.

    Happy happy happy!!


  • Hi Georgia's Dad I'm marathoning on 16th Sept and planning a final long run tomorrow and then a three week taper


  • BB ✭✭✭

    Lots of great running everyone image (((GD)) Always impressed with how early you get up and out HP image I still haven't run this week! I think I may be still basking in the glory of my half marathon image No excuses tomorrow though - got to get out and do some running this weekend - actually really looking forward to it after the break, so maybe it is a good thing.

    Bronnie I have gradually built up from 3 miles in January to my long run being 12-13 miles. It is quite nice to know I can do the distance for the 10 mile race - now I just need to be able to run faster!!! How's your training going?

  • BB ✭✭✭

    Out before it got too hot and down to the seafront for a flat plod. Mr B went for a swim in the sea and I ran East along the prom around the harbour and back. Very still, sea shimmering in the sunshine, lots of in-line skaters, runners, walkers - a lovely day to be outside. I wore my heart rate monitor for the first time in ages. I have been told I need to run my easy miles even slower, and actually that is quite hard - every time I found my heart rate going up a bit I slowed and managed to keep my average just over 11 minute miles. I could feel last week's race in my legs still - but it was lovely to be out. 7 miles in 1:18:13.

    Jogwatch: I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to countimage

    Happy happy bank holiday weekend to everyone!

  • Hello All image 

    Saturday 25/08/07 – 11:15am – training run - Mouldsworth

    4.39  miles – 27:40:18 – 6:18 min/mile ave. – 283 ft asc.– Nike Vaporfly.

    Jog Watch 0

    Ran today a lot later than I had planned, should've been out at 9:30 for this one. Nowhere near as early as some of you, don't know how you do it.

    Same route as Monday, but I tried a little harder. Odd thing was that the first split was down 6 seconds even though I thought I was faster and last time I was held up crossing the road as well.  But for the rest of the run I was working hard, a little too hard I think, but it felt too good to slow down, I don’t think any real harm will’ve been done. Brilliant run, this route Mouldsworth Train Station car park, up to Aston Hayes a little loop round thru the Village then off down the lanes and taking in a short section of the 4 Villages Half Marathon route, back on to the main road and back down to the station, has really sparked my imagination, interest, enthusiasm, it’s short enough to really go for it and it’s tough enough to really make you work.  There’s still a lot of time to be taken off this run, I’ll be targeting a sub 27 once I’m over my marathon. (new best 27:40, previous best 28: 01)

    Very happy! image(I had a bit of a low point last week but that's well behind me now - onwards and upwards!)


  • Long run for me today, although not as long as planned as heat and hunger defeated me.

    12.5 miles on gravel and earth tracks out from Lyndhurst. Heather is in bloom, and the scenery was some distraction, though not quite enough. Saw hardly anyone, despite it being a sunny Bank Holiday Saturday in the New Forest.

    When I set out, a slight mist was still hanging over the forest, but came back in hot sunshine, and my face was literally sprinkled white with salt cristals.

    Can't do the jogwatch bit, as I don't know what it means, unless I read back.

  • DianaD "jog watch" is simple how many runners you saw whilst out on your run.
  • You are ALL mazing, putting me to shame with distances (B)

    8.3m 1:18:51 C 990 AHR 152 MHR 212
    A new heart rate monitor and new figures although no chance of using the stopwatch. well not yet anyway. What a beautiful morning again. Leaving a little later (after 7am) the sun was shining at its best. Very warm at the start but it did cool slightly towards the end of the run. A really great morning for a run.
    It may take a little while to get used to the new HRM with its new functions but it seems better than the last one already. On the run today there were numerous people milling about in Ickenham and lots more traffic zooming about. I love a busier route but still not enough runners only one on the jog watch today.
    Very hard work today with the temperature in the 20's and even a passing comment from a teenager outside "Pratts" of "rather you than me jogging in this heat," put it into perspective.
    great to be out though.

    Keep going everyone!

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Ah, now I know what jogwatch means - ty. Have you ever had one of those days when you keep putting off your run by finding little jobs to do? Well, I had one such day today. Dog walking, gym, watching athletics on box, shoppoing, more shopping, marking an essay....

    Anyway, I finally sallied forth just after 5pm to run down to Crosby Marina and up the prom. to the Baths. The sun had just about won its battle with the cloud and the paths were well populated with families, cyclists and dog walkers. What was meant to be a slow 5 turned into a tempo+ charge - don't know why - and even though I seemed to be having to slow down for traffic at every junction, I stopped the clock at 39image4, 1:47 faster than last Thursday's effort. Glorious evening sunshine and blue skies as I got home.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Hmm, where did that stray smiley come from?
  • I just got back from one of the most enjoyable runs for a while!

    14.5 Miles taking me through the parks and rivers of Liverpool. As I came down the hill onto the riverfront, however, I hadn't planned on there being a 9mph wind blowing into my face, so my stride slowed considerably and my legs complained, but the view more than made up for it! Looking across the Mersey as the sun peers through the clouds and shimmers off the water is spectacular. 

    At Albert Dock my legs had 'warmed' up thanks to the wind, and the journey along the dock roads (although Parliament hill was hell) was swift. Sefton Park was gorgeous as always, made better by the colourful wedding taking place at the hotel. Being me, I had planned in two long hills right at the end of the run but I breezed up them and back home in a few seconds over 2 hours.

    I was surprised by the time because I thought I was running a looot slower than that, especially because of the strong wind blowing against me for 5 miles. All in all, good times, I'm going to miss Liverpool! I hope London can give me just as much running pleasure.

    Good Running everyone! 

  • Ooh, and jogwatch? Well there were, not surprisingly, 5 runners running in the opposite direction to me along the river, using the wind in their favour. Cheaters! image
  • Ran 22.7 miles on the Tarka trail in Devon yesterday. Great scenery, loads of fellow runners out, really nice run. Did'nt even get chased by any dogs this time! My last long run before first marathon. Did feel pretty shattered at the end, maybe because I'd slipped in an extra one by doing a 20 last Sunday instead of leaving 2 weeks between long ones. Hopefully I can pull out the extra 3.5m on the day!
  • Well run Devon Plodder, the last 3.5 miles wont be a problem.image

    Sunday 26/08/07 – 9:30am – training run – Coalpit Ln, Mollington, Canal.

    11.3  miles – 1:18:11.43 – 6:55 min/mile ave. – 190 ft asc.– Nike Vaporfly.

    Jog Watch 2

    I was up early enough to go out at the planned time today, but didn’t know what run to do, so just set off on a route that is very flexible. Tried to keep the pace steady but felt full of running. Just under 3 minutes into the run I had to stop to pull an inch long thorn out of my shoe, I could feel something yesterday but ignored it, but today it was sticking right in my foot.  With that crisis over I set off again.  Along the bridle path and onto The Groves, turned left as I’d decided not to go too far and ran down to the canal.  Jogwatched 2 runners go over Pretty Bridge as I went under it. Came off at Bunbury and slogged the last bit back up to the Strawberry, I was surprised not to see any runners on that section as it was a lovely cool, bright Sunday morn, I expected it to be busy.  Today’s pace was steady and only marginally outside marathon pace, really can’t complain about that.



  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Pantalaimon, that's good planning, not cheating image i never go out without checking wind direction - but got it wrong this morning.

    Out before 9am, over to Crosby Marina and 2 miles up the prom., past the Coastguard Station and into the sandhills, where I could watch the golfers on the W. Lancashire Golf Club's course; return route was quiet through Blundellsands and Crosby but I started to feel the effects of yesterday's swift 5-miler in the last 20 minutes.

    bright sunshine, blue skies, fluffy clouds - and a north-westerly in my face for 40 minutes!

    About 10 miles.

    Jogwatch: 8 + 1 supporting bicycle.
  • BB ✭✭✭

    5 slow easy miles up on the South Downs above Eastbourne - beautiful evening to be up there, the sun was still surprisingly warm with a light breeze to keep it fresh. Lots of dogs and their walkers, rabbits and mountain bikers coming home from their rides. 56.26 mins - still don't feel like doing more than short easy runs - but must get back to intervals this weekimage

    Jogwatch: 1

  • 5.5 miles in 50 minutes around Essex.  Would have been 5 miles, but got lost about half way through.   Went for a swim afterwards - was hoping for 20 laps but was too tired from the run, so flapped about like a wounded seal for awhile then gave up and wimpered all the way home.  It was awesome.
  • 26/08/07

    Ok everyone, so this wasn't a proper run nor any type of session but I thought I'd share it with you. I had a day off on sunday as we were zipping off to the Witterings for the almost obligatory Bank Holiday weekend trip. Left at 9:15 and arrived at about 11. Sure enough the in-laws were just past the entrance. Good move that. This place is lovely, no commercialism other than a small high street and 2 Fish n' chip shops and a beachside hut.  A pebbley beach at the top (painful to walk on bare foot) and sand when the tide goes out.

    During the day I just went in to a few sprints in bare foot into the sea, nothing much but nothing short of exhilarating! I envy any one who lives near a nice flat sandy beach and they run. 

     The chip shop we dined in was expensive BUT copious amounts of food. Kid's meals would suffice any adult! Nice frsh cod, mmmm melted in the mouth.

    Go there! It's great. 

  • Great run Kittenkatimage.  that looks like a brilliant raceimage well done.
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