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  • Thanks Cal - and well done on the 11!

    Currently 6800ft, managed 4.25 miles today - was supposed to be 9 but going to build up slowly. Did a good few miles mountain hiking also so hopefully will help.
  • Very enjoyable half marathon today, finished in 2:11:36 according to Runkeeper, my chip time will be a little bit lower. I'm going to ignore the fact the route on this one was much easier (albeit still had a few hills) than the previous one and take the 5 minute improvement on overall time.

    I suppose it did help that 2 miles of the route were in the forest I do all my training in image

  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭

    Hello all! some great racing- Dan, Cal, Q..

    I got back from Malta yesterday after a fabulous holiday relaxing, eating, swimming, drinking, walking, reading and some minimal running.  I ran most days but never managed more than 3 miles as the temperature was 34 degrees even at 8.30 am when I ran, and where we were staying was at the top of a very steep hill.. so 3 miles was actually a hell of a workout. Fave route was a mile and a bit down the hill, jump into the sea for a dip, then back up the hill..

    I had a birthday out there and the old man surprised me with a shiny new Garmin that I can use for triathlon, so it was fun testing that out on my run / swim / run route

    This morning went for a relaxed 5 ish mile trot in grey but beautiful Epping Forest

  • 14k this evening, which is my longest run to date since starting running in January. I kicked off with a Couch to 5k programme and have kept it up and am massively enjoying my running. Was happy to run today at anything up to 6.20 per km, but ran it at 6.07. All good!
  • Sounds like you had a good holiday Nessie and a belated Happy Birthday...

    Where are you in the Alps Beck?

    Well done on the half Q. 

    Hallo mw3000 - keep up the good work! 

    Nice runs Cal, swittle and Hermes.

    Did my half on Saturday in (fortunately) cool temperatures.  Was wet from above the first hour or so. I had one fall down the hill - those wet tree roots are dodgy - missed my step over 2 and hit the third.  Swore, stood up and got going again..  Its quite a technical course requiring concentration - about 10km on single trails through the wood with steep ups and downs. (680m +/-).  I was motivated over the whole distance and managed not too strain too much for each kilometre marker (bad habit).  I had a good fight over the last 5km with two other (male) runners - one was quicker down the hill and the other faded on the last km.  We had a good laugh afterwards.

    2:06:07 this year against 2:07:41 last year in more difficult conditions.  Didn't feel that exhausted at the end but I have pretty sore muscles today - probably from the downhill bits.  Gentle hiking yesterday but with more downhill and sitting on the train for 3 hours probably didn't help.

    Finisher goody  - a hunk of local cheese.  4th place in age group - a big tin of biscuits... image.  Better than yet another T-shirt


  • Hazelnut - in France in tignes, 2200m so pretty good for altitude training and it doesn't half take it out of you! Well done on the half, time would have been even more improved if not for the fall!
  • Hello all!

    Yesterday 9 miles with 6 reps on that inclined half mile suburban road I was talking about a week ago

  • Sounds tough, Hermes!

    Very well done on the half, Hazlenut - 4th lady is excellent! And you're right - the downhills really murder the quads.

    8.5 miles progression run today. It was already very warm even though I went out at dawn. Started at easy pace and ran the last mile at 10K pace (last half mile was a cooldown). I felt pretty good - no real niggles. Grumpy knee stayed quiet. image

  • well done Cal!

    Today I "punched in" 11,5k (~7miles) of road run in ~55'.

    The route follows the course of a creek (there are blocks of flats all around, though) and I spotted a fox (size of a small dog / largish feline, long and vast - watchajacall it - tail). Allas, it spotted me also, so it rushed back into the green

  • Out with my group yesterday evening on our standard Tuesday evening round (10,5km +/-300m)  Still a bit sore from Saturday (left hip which I fell on, right knee - wrecked it a few years ago skiing so its allowed to grumble every now and then).  It was a wonderful warm and breezy evening with very clear air.  Lots of fire brigade activity - something like 40 + assorted vehicles from various locations came in the opposite direction.  They weren't in a hurry though so I guess they were off to practice something. 

  • We have a lot of foxes here, Hermes - they seem to like living in London.

    Very warm here even at 6am - 20 degrees and humid. I did a slow 4 miles and decided that was enough for today.

  • Got in a fairly early run for once this morning - was out by 07:30am for 13 km in 1:16.  It was warm by the end of it already - we are supposed to be getting up to 31 degrees today.  I enjoyed the change of being out in the morning - the scents seemed quite a bit stronger and the bedewed cobwebs were very pretty - no camera with me unfortunately.   Right leg is still grumbling a bit but so that I can mostly ignore it. 

    I am supposed to be doing another half on Saturday but will be doing an up to 160km bike ride tomorrow over one of the Swiss alpine passes (Grimsel) so I might cut that down to 10,5 and amble it or not even run at all.  It is more about going on a trip with my Tuesday running group than the race itself.  I will see how far I get tomorrow (will hop onto the bus if I need to uphill).  

  • Cal Jones wrote (see)

    We have a lot of foxes here, Hermes - they seem to like living in London.

    Very warm here even at 6am - 20 degrees and humid. I did a slow 4 miles and decided that was enough for today.

    In Athens - GR, too, apparently!!! image

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    The occasional urban fox and hundreds of rabbits can be seen by the Mersey estuary and Freeport.  The rabbits seem to be winning!

    Even at 0715, the humidity had risen since yesterday's sunny day and my 4 miles f trail & beach left me bathed in sweat.  image  The troublesome knee's settling down.

  • Keep up the good job Hazelnutch! Sweep 'em half marathons! image

    As for my session, yesterday evening I visited the track for a 5k tempo completed in 19'45. 13k (~8+ miles) in total. Awfully windy yesterday. Wind thwarted my effort.

  • Hello, earlier today I run 16k (~10 miles) on the road.

  • Snap Hermes - 10 miles for me today. Faded in the last 2 miles but all mental I think.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Out last night for a 7-mile 'darkrun' round Crosby Marina, up the beach and home via the prom & coastal park.  I've always quite enjoyed running at night - until my attention slips and I stumble & fall.  image  None of that last night! image

  • I went to parkrun on Saturday but it was very warm and very humid, and after running three days in a row I had nothing left in my legs (I don't know how you do it, swittle!). I did two laps (2 miles) and bailed.

    Decided to rest-up yesterday and run today instead. I did 10 miles including the ghastly Streatham Common, so two miles warm-up (easy pace), 5 miles of hills, then three miles tempo on the way home. Tired but satisfied. image


  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Rest counts just as much as running, Cal, and your session today supports that..... unless one streaks!  I often question *why* I do it! image

  • Good runs everyone. 

    My half on Saturday became a quarter as I had anticipated to get there we cycled around 150 km on Friday with around 800m ascent.  It was too hot to do the pass as we only arrived at its foot at midday after 100km already.  We did the first bit and then hopped on the bus for the rest of the uphill - did enjoy whizzing down the other side though..image.  

    Very warm for the 10,5km (with 300 m +/-) on Saturday but not as bad as last year.  Had to drink at every opportunity and downed about 5 cups straight away at the finish.  It's quite a tough course around 5 km flat and the rest very undulating on trails in the woods with plenty of tree roots.   Time was 1:04:50. 

    5km this morning to loosen up the legs.  Still tired from the weekend but no specific niggles. 

    Only 12 days to the Jungfrau-Marathon so no more heavy sessions in the next few days.



  • Hazelnut, I take it you are Swiss?

    Jungfrau is hardcore - good luck with that!

  • Hello everybody! Did 15k today with plenty of uphill. Since it is the beginning of my training, I take it that uphill sessions are benefitial, along with leg strengthening exercises

  • Goodmorning everybody!

    Yesterday afternoon I did a lot of leg & torso exercises at the gym. Also, I stepped on a treadmill and run 10k (~6+ miles) in ~47' (progressions) while at it. 

  • 16km on the road last night. Out for 1hr 40 mins which coincided with dusk, so great views of the setting sun and it also got cooler as the run progressed! My new longest run to date and felt good all the way through, so I was pretty happy all round!
  • 5 miles yesterday. Times are definitely getting better.

    Now to decide - 3 miles tonight, or 5miles.

  • Cal, no I'm English (Northants originally) but I live in Switzerland.  I lurk on the forum here nonetheless to get a regular dosis of British humour image and English amongst other things.  The Swiss and Germans I deal with in everyday life do have a sense of humour but different.

    8,4km yesterday evening with my Tuesday group - ambled around an alternative route before having a swim, a bbq, a beer and hours of chat...  Very nice as several people turned up who are almost never out with the group these days.

    Hermes, hills are good things, I do hill races and therefore train on them too but it also makes me stronger for flat races. 

  • 3 very painful interval miles done yesterday - note to self, do not train with a sub 3 hour marathoner. Did however manage my first ever under 9 min mile (don't laugh).

    8 miles so far for the week, 10 planned for Saturday then may squeeze in a 3 or 4mile Sunday. How much more do I need to be running for a hilly half? Going to add in some hill training next week instead of the intervals, just going to run up and down a longish hill a few times - do I need to worry about distance or time for hill repeats...? And do I need to up my midweek runs or long run at all? about 3-4 weeks now till the half *gulp*

  • Well done mw3000 - running at sunset and sunrise is nice.  its getting towards that time of year when running then doesn't feel too late or too early..

    I won't laugh BecksF but say well done to the sub 9 minute mile.. image

    If you do the 10 miles on Saturday and it feels tough then take it easy if you do go out on Sunday.  You could try adding an extra mile to the long run but I wouldn't add much more before the race.

    Doing the hill repeats rather than intervalls next week sounds like a good plan to me.  Don't make the hill too long if its steep and if it is be careful on the downhills - walk them.  I get sore legs from running down hills not up them.    

    Which half are you doing?

    Out on my mountain bike yesterday for 90 minutes exploring the local fields and woods for new running routes.  One of the initially nice broad tracks disappeared eventually into a huge bed of stinging nettles and brambles - won't be going that way then..  Want to go out for a run today but I should have a rest day. 

  • Hello everybody.

    Had an intervall session today morning at the track.

    4x1k in 3'42 w/ 200m (1'30) intervall

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