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  • Thanks Hazelnut. Doing the Basingstoke half (my local) and unfortunately I know where the hills are and what they look like! I did 10 miles last Sunday and it was tough but done. Rest day today and tomorrow so I'll be going in relatively fresh legged to the longer run.

    How many hill repeats would you say is optimal?

    Well done Hermes, consistent training!

  • Out for my final LSR yesterday and wanted to get 20 comfortable miles done plus an additional couple of miles depending how I felt. I got to 17/18 miles feeling ok but then struggled a bit to maintain pace at the end although I did get as far as 21 miles before a little tightness in my left calf told me it was time to stop. Starting at 8am instead of 6am on what turned out to be a much warmer morning than forecast is probably what was making struggle a bit at the end but overall I'm happy with the run. On a broader perspective I'm incredibly pleased with the training for this marathon as in late spring I could barely run at all and was convinced I would probably have to pull out of this one.

    Yesterday was 21 miles in 3.51 although I had to stop the Garmin when I went in the Co-op to get some water and got stuck in a long queue! No chance of a pb on race day but sub 5 hours would be a great achievement and I'm just about on target for itimage.

  • way to go Pompey! 

    I had myself a relaxed 1h run in a park. Also, lots of leg exercises

  • Took up arms against the deceptive sand dunes leading away from Crosby beach.  Amazing how quickly the grains conspire to slip away and send the runner caeering sideways!

    41 minutes, 7am and wonderfully fresh.

  • A very gentle 5k this evening, deliberately at 6mins per km. A loosener ahead of Parkrun tomorrow, when I'll be after a new PR (currently 26m27s). We'll see how that goes!
  • Hope you hit it, mw!

  • 25m31s, so took 56 seconds off my PB! Happy with that!
  • Good stuff everyone - that's a great PB mw.

    I did 9 miles on Thursday, rest yesterday and then parkrun today. The rest seemed to do the trick and I shaved a few seconds off my PB to run 26:13 and win my age group. Very happy with that. image

  • 10.5 miles today around the hilly half route. Jogged most, walked bits (and some hills) but still not an awful time. So hopefully should be on track for 4 weeks time...!
  • Well done Becks.

    12 miles today incorporating 4 laps (around 7 miles) of hilly Streatham Common. Two weeks until my first Autumn half... Getting excited now. image

  • A short 4 miles today, a gentle road mile two fast ones on the treadmill then a slow road mile to finish with a gym session in the middle. Just one more run this week as I'm away in Newcastle for a couple of days so something around 10-12 miles on Thursday before we go on holiday on Fridayimage.

  • Congratulations on your PBs Cal and mw!

    Good running everyone else.

    Enjoy Newcastle (studied there years ago) and your holiday Matt.

    Running on the dunes sounds like really hard work Swittle

    Becks: regarding the hill repeats - so that you can keep moving and complete the last one.  Take it slow - walk if you need to.

    16,3 km in 1:30 on Saturday, felt a bit sluggish.  Concentrated on keeping to an even speed on the flat and good style up and down the hillier bits.

     6,7km in 00:44 this afternoon with some technique exercices in between - they call it "running ABC" in German - haven't the foggiest what the English equivalent is right now.  Got home just in time before it started raining.       

    6 days to go to the Jungfrau-Marathon - gulp...

  • Hazelnut - I do a run where I stop to do bodyweight exercises every so often (bench dips, railing rows etc). I throw sprints in there too. For want of a better term I've named it Fartlek Plus.

  • Thanks Hazelnut, the holiday also includes a marathon so it should be good!

  • Hello MLRers.. need to catch up, I've been horribly busy, back at work for the last two weeks and a jigsaw puzzle of childcare and trying to see mum... With the kids back at school tomorrow, I can get back into a routine hopefully although plenty to do getting the granny flat built asap so mum can move in..

    Anyway, I've been running a little.  I was scheduled to do a 10k race last week which I gave a miss as I was not ready and childcare was tricky.  Instead am focussing on a) Serpentine mile swim on 25 September and b) Pleshey Half on 2nd October.  So on friday I did my longest run since Manchester marathon in April. Only 11 miles but at least I'm getting back to it.  went to stay in Suffolk last night camping with friends and we didn't manage to run, but did manage open water swims in the chilly but beautiful River Stour both yesterday and this morning. Did a mile yesterday without any trouble which is reassuring for the Serpie. Have got a re-run of the Lee valley aquathlon on Tuesday evening, which I messed up so badly last month. Need to put that one to bed, so fingers crossed I don't get lost on the run again / don't overthink the swim and flounder around in the lake...

  • Great running all - putting me to shame! Thanks for the info Hazelnut, will give it a go image

    And good swimming Nessie!

  • Not bad Nessie, 11 miles IS long!

    As for meself, yesterday morning I run 18k (~11 miles / see, Nessie? :P ) on the road and today I did 10x400m at the track.

  • Hey Nessie! Yeah, swimming is definitely not my thing so props to you for that.

    4 miles recovery today. Extremely humid and yucky. Bleh.

  • 5 miles last night. Worried my weekly milage isn't enough for a half :S

  • Good swimming and running Nessie - wish I liked cold water more and could swim better - maybe I should look for some lessons.

    Good running everyone else, Becks, you will do it!

    10,5 km regular Tuesday run with my group. Cycled there and back - around 10km.  Took it easy and didn't bother with the watch due to marathon on Saturday. Was a wonderful evening - cool, sunset.  Sorted out who is on which train when for Saturday, there are 5 running from the local group + one volunteer + a small fan club image

  • Hello everybody, run 15+k earlier today (a bit less than 10 miles). Occassional raindrops and fragrances of the earth and the plants! It was wonderful!

  • Great running all

    Hazelnut- I couldn't swim the crawl and had never learnt to swim, and started having lessons a year ago because I always loved the water, and always wanted to learn how to swim properly.  One of the best things I've done. I'm still a slow swimmer but I *can* do the crawl properly, and can swim a mile without much of a problem. Hopefully this will translate to open water swimming in a few weeks image Open water has been terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure and I'm a little bit obsessed now with the idea of trying as many beautiful rivers and lakes as possible. Absolutely no comparison with swimming in a crowded and chlorinated pool. It's a bit like the thing of running on a treadmill versus cross country in beautiful trails and paths in, say, a forest....

     So I did my aquathlon last night, a repeat of the disastrous one a month ago, and put it to bed! Swam the whole thing in front crawl. Felt fine although don't like the jostling of the hardcore and rather aggressive other swimmers. But my strategy is to stay at the back out of their way image The run was also fine, I managed not to get lost this time. I was still one of the slowest of the lot but was competing against some pretty serious club triathletes and I am really pleased with myself. Surprisingly tired today considering it was only a 500m swim and a 5.5k run


  • I can't seem to crawl without splashing a huge amount of water up my nose. My default stroke is breaststroke. Nessie, I'm glad you've found something else that you feel excited about. Well done on the aquathlon. I once heard the best way to train for a tri or aquathlon is to swim lengths while someone throws pool furniture at you. image

    Becks, don't worry. I did my first half off one run a week. (2011). I did pretty much all my halves last year (all 8 of them) off two runs a week. I'm running more this year, but I'm more concerned about improving times this time around, plus I have more free time to run, so there's that.

    Speaking of which, 6 miles today - 2 warm-up, 2 tempo (HM pace). I did the third mile of my tempo much too fast (like, 30 seconds too fast) so I need to avoid that when my first half of the Autumn comes up next weekend. image

  • Great running (and swimming) all! Thanks Cal, I'm fitting in as many miles as I can.

    5.75 miles last night. Using my fitbit on my wrist which has GPS and Strava on my phone, both which record different distances and m/m! Fitbit said 5.7 miles, Strava said 5.95....*sigh*

  • A sore big toe - no apparent cause - did not prevent Day 251 of the Streak.  40 minutes by the beach, lakes & prom in Waterloo.

  • 5 slug hurdling miles last night. They were out in force...
  • 4 miles progression Thursday. 11.5 mile easy on Friday. 1.5 mile open water swim this morning. Great running all. Hello swittle!
  • Hi, Nessie!  Splendid aquathloning image  1300 miles out of my Asics Gel Nimbus: outsole coming away and my toes grinning up at me.  Got some Saucony Jazz at a discount to replace my faithful pals.

  • Blimey swittle! Mine are only at 200, lot of life left yet!

    2.5miles this eve. Didn't want to go, couldn't decide on a route. So I ran around. Not ideal but I'd been out showjumping this morning!
  • Yorkshire frugality on my part, Becks!  I've got newish trail shoes but the ride is quite hard, even on paths & track. 

    9-mile Darkrun last night: trails, path, beach and a mile of road *without* headtorchimage

    3-mile laboured recovery at 7am today.

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