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  • Ran (and walked) the Jungfrau-marathon on Saturday. I got round in 5:33:03 and was 81st of 180 in my age group and 357th woman of 984. It was certainly toughest race I've done so far.  I ran the first 26 km with no problems but found the transition to (steep!) walking difficult and couldn't run as much of the remaining kms as I had planned. I had several nausea attacks. I had to drink and drink as it was very warm.  I managed to get through without cramp but ended up squirming on the ground with it for several minutes just 10 metres after the finish.  Had a nice cheese fondue later with some of the others in my Tuesday group, and some beers (non-alcoholic).

    I'm recovering well - 28km gentle cycling on Sunday, a brisk walk for an hour this afternoon. Also a good massage this evening is helping to sort out the hard bits in my calves.  Probably will run gently by the end of the week.

  • Excellent endurance, Hazelnut: within the top 36% of all women.  Well done! image

  • Excellent running Hazelnut!

    Swittle- I need some new shoes too! not done quite so many miles as you mind image Asics Cumulus all the way for me.

    Yesterday was a 4.5 mile recovery run and today hills with a fairly hardcore friend. We mixed things up and alternated the big 'un with the not so big'n. Four reps of each and that was enough for me

  • Well done Hazelnut!!

    11 miles for me last night - was feeling quite proud till I logged on hereimage

    1 last long run I think before the half, possibly 2 but should I be running a long the week before the half?

  • BecksF you are doing great you can be proud of your progress.  I'm looking forward to you doing your half. If you do go for a long run a week beforehand - not too far and not too fast.

    Good running and swimming swittle and Nessie73.

    Good luck for your half at the weekend Cal if you should read this.

    Shoes - hmm mine should last a bit yet fortunately.  Buying size 8 or even 8.5 is a bore. And please not in pretty pink. image

    Finally got out for my first post race run or rather amble today - 5km in 31 mins. Would have gone yesterday but am suffering from a cold so waited another day so I could breath better. Legs are ok - bit of a niggle in the right hip so concentrated on good technique.  The farmers have done something smelly to the local fields but nose not working 100 % anyway.

  • Thanks Hazelnut - I'm panicking a bit now. Looking at last years results 1000 people will finish before me and only 100 after! And I still cant run the blimming hills!

    Went out for an easy 5 miles last night post 2 miles hill reps Weds, the 5 miles turned into a progression run though as the storm moved in when I was 3.5miles from home! Quite a good way of making me shift it!

  • Hazel: +1 to the curse of pink. 

    Becks: run your own race! It is all relative and just remember that 99% of people (or something like that) will be sitting on their a*** watching the TV, so you win! Don't do a long run the week before. About 6 miles or an hour should be fine. You need to do a little taper.

    Cal: best for the half. Which one are you doing this time?

    Me: Wednesday night was one of the last OW swims of the season and I seem to have graduated to the faster group! Who knew that you could sprint in the water, and that it could be so flipping hard image followed by a beautiful lap of the lake as the sun went down on a balmy evening...

    Yesterday 4 miles easy in the forest and it was sweltering. About to go for ten ish miles in the rain now. 2 weeks until Pleshey Half so this will be my last long run.

  • The week leading up to a HM or similar often descends into doubt but almost everyone has got the necessary miles banked and should award themselves a large, herbivorous mammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile snout.image

    My nooo shooes [Saucony Jazz] are just about reconciled to being off-road/XC - comfortable, with a firm ride. 

  • Nessie - Richmond Running Festival (there are quite a few Richmond halves. This is the one that starts in Kew Gardens).

    Swittle - yes I've been enjoying my "tapir". image

    Becks, you'll do great. image

  • Thanks all. Was planning last long run tomorrow morning but have pain in my lower back so now unsure what to do...!

    Nessie - well done with the swims, something I'd love to be brave enough to try!
  • Becks: if a mile running makes it worse, switch to a gentle walk, warm bath, massage and aspirin or paracetamol.  You'll have fitness & stamina to spare from your training programme.

    N.B.  I have no clinical or medical experience.

  • Thanks swittle. Postponed the run and going to try a gentle short one this afternoon to see if it makes it better/worse. Just worrying now as was supposed to be my last long run image
  • I bloody did it! Richmond Running Festival half in 1:58:42. I was concerned my first few miles were too fast (well, not mile 1 as there was a lot of congestion) and would burn out like I did at River Thames last year but somehow my body just kept going. I reached the 10 mile point under 90 minutes, which is faster than I ran the Harry Hawkes 10 in June, and aside from a slightly slower mile 11, I didn't falter.

    As well as getting the hallowed sub-2 for the first time, it was the first time I've ever finished in the top half of the field. Also 11th in my age group out of 84. Damn I'm happy.

  • Wow Cal way to go!! Bloody brilliant! X
  • Well done Cal!!!!!
  • Great run Cal, well done on the sub 2 hour pb!

  • Great training & prep royally rewarded, Cal!  A 10-mile PB to boot too?  image

  • Thanks and yeah, it is but I won't count it as it's not a 10 mile race. I'll get that done at Cabbage Patch in October. image

  • Interesting name for a race...image.  Recover well Cal.

    Got out today for 10km in 58mins. Still recovering from my cold so nothing too hard. Should have worn a normal Tshirt, long sleeves were far too warm for the high humidity.

    Got a bit nervous about only running 5km in one week last week but I was recovering from a hard race on top anyway. Did some gentle cycling and some core work at least.

    Gave my new trail shoes (Scott Kinabalu) their second outing so fields and woods today. Good in goo and gravel etc. Not good on greasy tarmac but I wasn't expecting them to be.

    Take care of your back BecksF, maybe some dressage rather than showjumping? Although sitting trot might stress it as well!

  • Hazelnut - Unfortunately I don't have the patience for dressage (nor the plaiting skills!)

    I've been considering investing in some trail shoes as half thinking of doing some mud runs over winter (the likes of Grim/Hellrunner) so was looking at Inov8s I think.

  • Hazlenut, I'm not sure why it's called that, actually. I'm sure someone knows. It's in Twickenham though.

    Massage yesterday and yoga today. I will brave a little run tomorrow. Calves are tight as...something (sorry, can't think of an analogy that isn't rude!)

  • Looked it up in the meantime Cal - Cabbages were originally grown on the site of the Twickenham rugby pitch - its the nickname of the stadium apparently.  The winners in the Cabbage Patch Run get given cabbages it seems. Well, you can eat it I suppose.  image. I prefer the 300g of premium Swiss chocolate I got for finishing in the Jungfrau-Marathon though.

    10,4 km yesterday evening with my group in 1:01.  Nice evening but the time of year for high-vis vests and head torches is approaching rapidly.  

  • That's interesting, Hazelnut - I never knew that. No danger of me winning though, not that I'd mind a cabbage as I like veggies. I would definitely prefer Swiss chocolate though!

    4 miles easy today. Legs didn't feel bad considering, but I'm still quite tight. Made myself stretch after (although I'm also going to yoga at 12).

  •  Owner of pub set up race in 1982 - he was a high class runner.  

    In my biker days, long, long ago, I'd while away time with a beverage or seven.....




  • Nice, swittle!


  • So running doesn't seem to make my back any worse (or any better) so trogging along. 4.5 miles Monday, 5 miles yesterday. Going to try for another 5 or so this eve then a longer run of 7ish on Sunday. Not a clue whether that's correct tapering - i'm still annoyed I missed my last long run!!

  • BecksF: don't try to catch up on anything you haven't done.  As I understand tapering its about keeping on the move but reducing intensity, distance so you are fresh for the race.

    20.2km yesterday in 2 hours with around 300 metres of ups and downs in local fields and woods.  Did it as a sort of exploratory run - taking paths as I felt like and just keeping an eye on general direction.  Timed it beautifully to get back home in exactly 2 hours.  Was pretty tired at the end of it - still tired from the marathon, the cold last week or maybe not enough to eat / not enough sleep or a combination.

    Tried out my new hydration rucksack which I picked up by chance last week at a reduced price.  Seems I've finally found one which fits me properly and doesn't jump around or rub.  (Camelback Ultra 4).  Will be good for unsupported long runs. 

    Unusually for me I listened to music on my way around.  Might set it up another time on shuffle and run faster on quicker songs and slower on slower songs to liven things up a bit.  I don't normally run with music though as I want to be able to hear what's going on around me.

  • That sounds like a nice run Hazelnut! I skipped the run last night as had 3 horses to ride and only so many hours in the day - will move to this weekend instead.

    Thanks for the info on the taper - how did you know I was trying to get extra miles inimage Will keep all miles steady then was thinking of 4 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles jogged in the week before? Probably Monday, Weds, Fri with the race on Sunday?

  • Hehe!  *We know all*  image

  • After a lengthy injury issue going back to last winter I cruised around Sydney marathon in 4.51 last Sunday, my training had been compromised and there were times I thought I had no chance of even starting the race but in the end it was thoroughly enjoyable. I did a gentle 1.5 mile warm up to the start line on the north side of the harbour bridge before getting underway at just after 7am and crossing back over the bridge, through the CBD and off for a lengthy section in Centennial Park before heading back into the city and a finish in front of the opera house. The weather was around 16c with light rain which was about as good as I could've asked for, there were plenty of water stations and the whole thing seemed quite well organised. The big disappointment was the almost complete lack of crowd support apart from the final half mile stretch to the finish but evidently that's quite normal in Australia, on the plus side it's a nice medal and a decent technical finisher's shirt. 

    My training never went further than 21 miles so I was expecting miles 20-26 to be quite tough but they were really straightforward and I really felt like I had a couple of miles still left in me at the end. I aimed for 5.10, hoped for 4.59 if I was very lucky but beat both times despite a few stops for pictures at the tourist spots!

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