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  • That's a very impressive race time, given your tribulations.  Excellent!  image

  • That's brilliant, Matt! Well done.

    Becks - personally speaking, if I'm racing on the weekend, I don't do any more runs after Wednesday. That's worked for me, but I'm older and recover more slowly.image

    Speaking of which, Ealing half today - and yes, that's only a week after smashing my PB and getting my first sub-2 at Richmond last weekend. Madness! And yet I not only I failed to blow up in a spectacular fashion, but I smashed it again and knocked another 40 seconds off. New PB is 1:58:02! My calves are pissed at me but well, they'll get over it.

  • Well done Cal!!! And Matt!

    3 miles yest, hilly 7 this morning as back seems (fingers crossed) to be getting slightly better...

    Planning 5 Tuesday, then maybe another 3-5 weds or Thursday? Race isn't til Sunday so thinking 3 easy miles Thursday should be ok.
  • You're racing mighty fine, Cal.image

    A couple of miles round the park last night to bring up 30 for the week.  Set a 1500-mile target for the year - looking promising to date.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hello. It has been some time. There are injuries you get away with, and injuries you don't. So two months after what seemed an innocuous problem, today I finally had a proper run, not inhibited by mangled ligaments. 5.2miles in 42mins. Tough work because my body's not used to it. Not running is rubbish. Coming back from not running is rubbish, but not as rubbish.
  • Welcome back, JT.  So glad you're mended.  Small increments and being good to yourself.  Look back to what you've achieved & draw inspiration from this.  image


    10-mile darkrun last night: Marina, beach & coastguard station.  Asked by woman in car if I'd take a toad *ulp!* in a box to the Marina and liberate it.  Classic Scouse wind up - except it wasn't!  image

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Thanks swit. Not sure I'm mended, just better functioning. Did go to the GP in the end who had no clue what I'd done. The wait time to see a specialist Is up to 3 months, so that wasn't much use. Have been genuinely unhappy not running.

    I'm not convinced a marina is where a toad would want to be. Or a box. It's always a dilemma what to do with unwanted gifts...
  • JT, welcome back. I've had my share of injuries and I know that frustration. The worst is seeing other runners out and thinking "you lucky, lucky bastard!"

    swittle... that's not something that happens every day, eh? Did you liberate the little fellow then?

    4 miles easy recovery this morning. Legs haven't quite forgiven me for the consecutive half marathons, especially as Ealing was quite hilly. The downhill stretches always result in worse DOMS than the uphill, I find.

  • Well done Cal and Matt!  Thought you might get a new PB again Cal.

    Hi JT, Good luck with your comeback.

    Nice running swittle.  What happened to the toad?

    For me a lazy weekend running wise but a nice hike up a mountain and paraglider flight down (3 hours up - 15 minutes back down again) and some mountain biking on Sunday.  Should have been racing on Sunday really but the rest of my team was out in force to get the necessary points.

    7.1 km in 40 minutes yesterday.  I was supposed to have been slower -  6:12 for a km, not 5:37.  Seems I've forgotten how to run slowly again.  Will find out on Thursday if I've also forgotten how to run fast.


  • Thanks guys, and good to see you back JT. I'm tempted to pack in running for a couple of months just to finally see the back of the injury I picked up in February which would have cleared long ago had I need been committed to Sydney marathon, I've got a 10k on Sunday but no races after that so maybe a rest until New Year might work out.

    I got back to the UK on Friday and headed out on Sunday for a very enjoyable 10k which turned out to be my quickest 10k since January, doing my first parkrun since April on Saturday followed by a 10k race the following day but nothing else planned after that.

  • I hate tapering. I have a horrific cold (taking every vitamin tablet under the sun and copious amounts of liquid) and panicking that every minor niggle is a race threatening injury. Today it is tight hamstrings....

    4 miles very very slow last night, made sure it was slow by forcing the non running other half out the door with me. He did pretty well, although I'm not entirely sure it can be classed as a run so back out again tnight for 4 or 5.

    Hazelnut - are you out somewhere on holiday or just well placed with mountains/hills locally?

  • BecksF, I live in Switzerland (not far from Berne) so there are plenty of hills around.  (the next bigger ones are around an hour away by car/train) the highest local ones go up to 800m (about 1 hours run away, starting from around 480m)

    If you have a bad cold then be very gentle with yourself - try a (brisk) walk rather than running if your breathing is bad - the fresh air will help.  Otherwise get plenty of rest and sleep.    

    10,4 km in 00:58:30 with +270m yesterday evening with my running group and 11,5 km cycling there and back.  Was a wonderful evening again.  The 17 year old ran us oldies (I'm the youngest at 42 otherwise) into the ground again.  I pushed myself hard on the hills for the first time in weeks.   Felt good but I'm noticing that I've not done much in the way of speed work for weeks as I was concentrating on building endurance for the Jungfrau marathon.  

  • Hello all! Popping in- I seem to have been too busy with everything to get online much recently. Huge congrats to you Cal! You are testament that hard graft and a sensible training regime continues to lead to improvements!

    JT- good to "see" you.

    Matt- nice race report

    Skittle- ribbit!

    Becks- don't run if you feel rough. The most important thing you can do now is rest. You've put in the miles.

    Me- trotting along as usual. 6 am speed sessions with the hardy women have resumed. Did the Serpentine mile swim last Saturday and loved it! Had no idea about how to pace myself so I just took it easy and enjoyed it. 40 minutes and I know that next time I could go much faster. Fantastic event- highly recommended. It helped that it was a sunny lovely day but bonuses included the hot tub, chocolate bar and pukka medal at the end!

    Pleshey Half for me this Sunday.. I am not targeting a PB but should be sub 2 hours..
  • For toad fans, I carried the box & toad to the freshwater Marina and set it free by the shore.  It could decide whether  grass & moss, or water was its preference.  I didn't know how long it had been in the box but it looked rather lethargic as I gently tilted the box.

  • So unfortunately didn't read this before I went out for a 4m jog yesterday - in fairness I felt fine and a lot less bunged up. This morning I feel fine, just developed a wheeze. No more running now till Sunday I think, hoping I've done enough training to do myself justice!

  • You'll be fine, Becks. Take it easy until then - just some walking and gentle stretching.

    Hazelnut - paragliding eh? Sounds amazing!

    Nessie - glad you enjoyed your swim. Good luck with the half on Sunday. image

    6 (well, 6.2) miles easy today. Legs still have plenty of tight spots but feel better than on Tuesday.

  • 7 miles with the club last night and 4 miles easy today. I'll do a fairly hefty bike / swim combo tomorrow and no more running until Sunday's Half. Thanks Cal

  • Thanks Cal. Really worrying about it now. 13 miles all of a sudden seems a very long way.

    Nessie do you do tri?

  • Good luck on your halves Becks and Nessie

    Thanks for looking after the toad swittle image

    Did some speed work for the first time in weeks yesterday.  2,5km in 15 mins followed by 4,2 km in 20 mins and then another 4,5km in 25 mins.  The fast bit in the middle was quicker than I had planned with splits between 04:42 and 04:48 per km as were the last 25 minutes, around 5:30.  Was pretty tired afterwards.   

  • Done!!! With a 15 min PB!!! 2.04 over a hilly course, so pleased. Thought I was optimistic starting with the 2.15 pacers but overtook on the first downhill then just knew it was a case of using the downhills and hanging on the uphills!
  • Super! Well done Becks that is a big improvement on your PB image

  • Whoop! Well done Becks! Massive improvement! You should be very happy with that!

    Me- Pleshey Half this morning was 1.57. Bang on target- I wanted a sub 2 hour so paced myself accordingly. Enjoyed it, an interesting undulating route through nice countryside with great support.  A fair way off a PB for me but considering I have been focussed more on Tri type training this summer with not so much distance running as I'm used to, I'm pleased. I now have a couple of targets for next year in mind..

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Well done Becks.

    Did 7.7miles the other day. Out again this afternoon, still post injury running and by a mile my damaged tendon was unhappy. Thought it better to loop back. Then just behind me was a spectacular car accident. Car flipped over and on its roof. Went to help and somehow the driver got away pretty unscathed. He was stuck in the car hanging upside down from his seatbelt. Talked to him through voided side window until police arrived. Even allowing for shock he wasn't the most sophisticated of gods children. Might explain how he managed to turn over his car on the wrong side of a straight road with no other vehicle involved. Anyway, stuck in 4.4miles after that in a sprightly 33mins. Leg seemed more comfortable. Maybe just warmed up. Maybe some adrenaline.
  • Thanks all - super pleased. May have to do another flatter one to try sub 2....

    Well done Nessie, a great time even if not a PB.

    Blimey JT, sounds a very dramatic run! Good for you for helping out.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Belter of a race, Becks!  Next job: match Nessie's sub-2!  image

    JT: a candidate for one of those interminable shows about people who *really* ought not to have a driving licence. image

    10k Darkrun last night, after I'd found my headtorch buried deep amongst some ancient race T-shirts.  Wind & temperature ideal for a tour round Crosby Coastal Park & the Marina.

  • Saturday I was cursing my decision to run another half - now I'm looking at nice local half's for early next year....think I might be mad.

  • Becks - fantastic! That's a real chunk of time off. My sub-2 came on a flat course but I then beat it on a (moderately) hilly course because I made up a lot of time on the downhills, so I guess either can work. Are you thinking of any races in particular?

    Nessie - well done on hitting your target.

    JT, you're a real good samaritan.

    Rather crap 4 miler yesterday. Garmin failed on me and I had a headache. Made up for it today with a nice 6 mile progression run. Felt a lot better. Perfect running weather too - cool but with lovely sunshine. It's days like this that make running a joy.

  • Thanks Cal. I did wonder that as I think I'm good at running downhills! Was considering Reading in March - had a bad race there last year (with a stress fracture in my foot amongst other issues) so would quite like to go back to run it properly. Plus it's pretty flat, but it's a bit dull!

    Glad the 6 miles went better - I am still aching so having a week off to recover!


    JT- you're one of the good guys mate!

    Becks- sub 2 is easily within your sights with proper training. Go for a Spring half marathon! I am hoping to get a PB in my next (spring one)..

    For my sins, I did a horrific club 5k race last night on the notorious Hog Hill (the name says it all..) Bang on 26 min according to my Garmin, which is a PW. However there are three in the series in the next couple of months, so the only way is up image

  • Considering a half in 4 weeks time....! But a flat one, compared to the horrendous hills of the last.

    Nessie 26 mins is still a decent time! Especially with hills!
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