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  • Well done Nessie on your half and your club run.   

    Nice running swittle, Cal and JT

    Enjoy your recovery Becks - you've earned it.  

    All this talk about halves is making me feel like doing one as well....  I would want to have a go at my PB from last autumn which I set after weeks of half-specific training so probably not a good idea as I've only started on speed work again in the last couple of weeks.  I could do with a race to look forward to though - maybe a trail 24km or a local 11,5.

    Was pretty busy the last few days with running, cycling, hiking or plodding around in my VFFs.  Dusted off the latter and started very gentle walk / running in them again along the lines of 5 mins walking / 1 minute jogging x 5. I'm building this up by reducing the walking and increasing the running intervals by 10 seconds each time I go out.  It's not much but I don't want to risk my calves!  I will see if I can build it up to a 3-5km jog over time.  It feels like those good old days of starting out running - but even slower!  

    Today: 11,2 in 1 hour, 15 mins gentle jog, 30 mins sub 4:55 / km 15 mins gentle jog.  Still a bit too fast - but my feeling for pacing is coming back.  Fierce wind today.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Becks, contrarily, the toughest of races often see us scanning the listings for another!

    Thanks, Hazel.  I like your thoughtful approach to gathering some pace.

    Headtorch deployed this morning, a kind gift from an outdoors pursuits lecturer at college - and a friendly welcome from a pure-bred whippet as I took a turn round the Marina and beach.  40 minutes or 4 miles: you choose.  image

  • I had a good 6 mile progression run on Monday, then went out on Wednesday and what I thought was my achilles was pretty sore during the first two miles of that run. I did 5 total - 2 warm-up and 3 tempo, but noticed during yoga afterwards that the pain is lower down, in my heel. Given that I entered a 10K at the last minute I was panicking a bit and had two days of rest, foam rolling and TENS. Had a little jog around the block at 6am this morning to see if I could run on it and yes, I could (I could feel it but it wasn't as angry as on Wednesday) so I decided to do the 10K anyway.

    Glad I did because I set a new PB of 53:35 (nearly a minute faster than the PB I set in May). I just hope I haven't buggered it up for Cabbage Patch 10 next Sunday.

  • Wow Cal, it's PBs all round ATM. Well done! And lots of racing for you!

    Headtorch swittle reminds me that next month is my annual Rodings Rally night time orienteering adventure with the bunch of mad women in Epping Forest! image This year we're trying for the ten miler! one of my faves!

    Me- I thought I'd posted earlier in the week but clearly it didn't work image

    So I think it was 4 ish miles in Epping Forest on my break from work on Thursday, then 7 again in the forest on Friday morning followed by a swim at the shiny new local swimming pool. This morning was intervals, which is never pleasant.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    So...I'm running up a rather dark beach, pondering on whether to retire, when a yappy, white furry canine missile appears near my feet.  I turn and the headtorch picks out one of those dogs 'on a mission' to disrupt my streaking continuum.

    Well worn lines from owners....'Only barks and chases...'.  Yes, that's why I've had to stop. Hmm.... image

  • Well done on another PB Cal!  

    swittle: I was browsing through the first pages on this thread and found the "jogwatch".  My "dogwatch" count yesterday was certainly higher than the "jogwatch"..  Around 10 to 0.  They were all very peaceful though.  The small and fluffy types are the worst.. (yeah - he/she only wants to play...but not with my ankles thanks!)..

    Yesterday: 16.7km in 1:30.  It has cooled down noticeably here now, starting to dig out the warmer gear again.       

    Today: 28km biking on local tracks.

  • Little dogs always seem to want to wander right in front of me and trip me up. They're a menace!

  • Motivation for long run yesterday = 0.

    Little dogs are far worse than larger types! Think I'd like to get a bigger dog to run with one day.

  • 10.3 km in 01:00 yesterday evening at sunset.

    No dogs, just lots of cows jangling their bells (well, it is Switerzerland..) and one other jogger.  It was a lovely cool evening - got out the long tights for the first time in months.  A bit of sole fell off my Asics GT3000 (on the heel).  They only have 370km according to my log.  Bit early to be falling apart. They are my reserve shoes so its not a huge issue but annoying nontheless.  

  • Annoying about the shoes hazelnut- might be worth moaning to Asics?? I have before when a pair of their cumulus were ill fitting, and I got a new replacement pair.

    This morning's 5.30 am session was 6 x 800m with the usual bunch of hardy women. Frosty at that time!
  • And dark eh, Nessie?

    I didn't go out until after 10 today. Wore a T-shirt thinking it was warmed than it actually was, so 6 miles easy became 6 miles MP. Achilles was grumbly but not too bad. I saw the physio yesterday and he said that, provided it eased during the run and did not get worse, I could continue to run. I'm not a high mileage runner anyway, so I should be OK.

  • Forced myself out yesterday evening for 3 miles. Struggling with motivation now the half is done and it's getting dark.

  • Nessie: I'm fast asleep at that time still!  Might try a very early or very late run again some time just to do something a bit different in training.  I'm not a morning person though.  Regarding the shoes:  I could also use it as an excuse to buy some new ones.. image.  If I go to the running shop I usually walk out not only with shoes but with other things as well - it gets expensive. 

    Out with my Tuesday group yesterday evening - just four of us as its school holidays here at the moment and it seems quite a few people are away..  The usual 10.5km in around 1 hour.  Pretty chilly - I should have taken my light gloves.

    This afternoon - walk / jog with the VFFs. 


  • Becks, you need to enter another race! Give yourself a few weeks to recover and regroup and then throw yourself back into the fray. That's what keeps me going. image

    Hazelnut - I love VFFs but, due to permanently tight calves, I don't run in them. They're more for bumming around than anything.

    4 miles done today. Achilles is no better or worse.


  • Hazel, I have never been a morning person. But a group of us women from the running club started these sessions due to struggling to find any other time for speed work. We have been doing them for nearly a year and we're all busy professionals / and / or mums, and so we're done and home by 7, ready to wake up kids/ eat breakfast and shower ready for work. I always kind of dread it, but feel brill once it's done and out of the way!

    Last night was a social and easy club run, c 6-7 miles in the rain
  • 4 miles progression run in my break from work today. Found it tough going and not much progressing going on image

  • Thanks Cal - I was considering it. There's some 'mud runs' coming up which I love/hate so I may enter one.

    3.5 miles last night in the dark - scared a man out of his skin accidentally by running past (he hadn't heard me) and he growled at me! I apologised, then so did he and said 'can't be too careful, thought you was one of those clowns!' Not sure whether to be offended!

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Headtorch for 1st two miles, then the daylight removed the need for it.  Cool, cloudy and calm on marina and sea.  Headed round a corner in the park to meet unidentified woman and Labrador - 'Mornings' exchanged.

    Streak = 289 days.

    Age = 63 years as of yesterday.  image

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday Swittle.

    Having a real topsy turvy time. Slowly trying to get back from injury. Stamina, distance and pace all a bit erratic, to be expected. Yesterday decided to put in a steady pace longer run to get back some endurance. 2 miles in turned my ankle. Exactly the same thing that lead to the ligament tear. Public place otherwise I would have been shouting industrial strength expletives. Jogged home. Remains to be seen what the knock on effect is , but ankle's not good which will load extra strain back on the damaged ligament if I run. Bollocks.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    That's kind of you, JT.  image  V disappointed to hear of what I hope is a temporary and slight setback.  image

    Persistence, determination and consistency populate these pages.

  • JT- bad news image

    Hope it is "just" a strain. Horrible.

    Swittle- happy belated birthday mate

    Me- 6 miles easy run yesterday followed by an hour swim
  • De-lurks to applaud 5.30am interval session! image
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Thanks for that, Nessie. ^  image

  • Chris, impressed with my session!? Am flattered although you would be less impressed if you witnessed it- not a glamorous lookimage

    Swittle- where are you at with your retirement musings? Surely tempting!?

    Me- 40 min fartlek session this morning as I was pushed for time. That word still makes me snigger.
  • Happy belated birthday swittle

    Bad luck on the ankle JT, have you been riceing it in the meantime?

    Good running Nessie. You make me feel guilty, I work parttime from home and don't have too much stress fitting in training.

    Did 18.6km in 1:40 on Thursday - was pretty tired after that. Today 11.5km local race in 55:54.  5th in my age group out of 39 and 14th woman out of 138.  No big stars around though.  Perfect conditions, great organisation and a nice course (+/- 120m) most of it in the woods. On holiday next week in France.

  • Forgot to wish Cal good luck for Cabbage Patch 10 tomorrow...

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Yes, have a great tour of Twickers, Cal!  image  

    Thanks for the kind wishes, Hazelnut.

    Nessie, I'm short of succession planning. i.e. what I would do with 45-50- more hours a week to occupy.  With a little less loading, I could still go on finding teaching fun.  I need to gather more intel [hate that abbrev. image ]

  • Thankfully the rain eased off for the start of the race - a little drizzle but nothing bad.

    With all the racing I've done (this is literally my fourth race in five weekends) my body was feeling it today and I couldn't replicate my HM form. The first five miles were under target but I really faded in the second half, although I managed to push on during the last mile and make up some time. I did get under the magic 90 (1:29:47) in Garmin time, but (and I hadn't realised this), Cabbage Patch is a gun time only race so I was disappointingly just outside, at 1:30:09. Bit annoyed about that, honestly.

    It is a nice race, though - very friendly -  and I chatted with several runners afterwards and on the way home. Nice shirt and medal too.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Glad you enjoyed the Cabbage Patch '10', Cal.  Your analysis re recovery from racing is spot on.  [Never stopped me racing Sat-Sun back to back, mind!]

    An 8.5 mile darkrun, head torch deployed but still face planted after only a mile in fine style, tripping over a six-inch high wire fence, having run 100s of times in the same area.  image

    Slightly fragile this morning but essayed 2.5 miles locally at 7am by way of recovery.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Having been away for a while hadn't realised how good Cal had got. Great time.

    9.8miles on/off-road in 1hr16. Nice to get some miles done and leg was alright. Haven't mucked it up again. Better when it warms up. Got that nice post run serenity which haven't felt in a while.
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