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    ^ Not available in any shop, JT. ^  image

  • oooh... i had my last run a while back... I really miss those times!

  • Thanks, JT! I wouldn't say good exactly - just better. image

    I suspect I'm past my peak now, though (I don't mean age wise, I mean I ran two sub-2 halves and a 10K PB in four weeks and definitely had less in the legs for Cabbage Patch on Sunday). Today was my first run back and I could barely summon the energy to plod 4 miles at 10:45 pace. I have another half coming up on the 29th so I'm going to have to take it relatively easy until then.

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    Peak?  After school rugby and social squash, I started running v modestly at 33 and all my PBs [5 miles to Marathon] except 5k (too short, too fast, too painful) were set in an 18-month period when I was aged 48-49. 

    Of course, these are *still* my PBs. image

  • Hello MLRers!

    not been around around much and my phone and laptop have both died image

    anyway, I have been swimming a lot- my nearly-16 year old son has recently decided he'll swim with his old mum at our shiny new local pool. Which is really nice! image

    Running- yesterday's 5.30 am sesh was 5 x 1km reps. It was ok but I am tired and need half term!

    swittle- is part time teaching an option? And taking up a new hobby? Swimming!? ( I think I may have a problem image)

    Cal- JT is right. Your running is improving all the time. one of the mad women who I do my dawn runs with, is getting PBs at the age of 53. And tasty ones at that. Most recently, 1.39 for a half. She's been running for c 15 years. I want to be her when I grow up!

  • Yesterday was a 4 mile progression run. This morning 6 miles only as the youngest has an INSET day so I cheekily dropped her at mum's for an hour.  Swim later

  • Nessie and JT - I did say in my last post that I didn't mean my age, I meant I'd peaked for this season. Sorry if that wasn't clear! I do fully intend to keep getting faster. If I can keep getting faster to the point that I can run a 4 hour marathon, then I'd qualify for a GFA place (I'll be 50 next June). That's a big dream, of course, as I've only just cracked 2 for the half, but it's something to aim for.

    Still, I could be wrong about the season thing too. I just set a new parkrun PB of 26.01. Tantalisingly close to going under 26, but it's still 11 seconds off the last PB. image

  • Well done Cal! We're off to Suffolk camping for the weekend which may be mental! I too got a park run PB this morning and broke the magic 25m- 24.57. V happy with that image
  • Excellent job, Nessie! Enjoy the camping...hope you took some warm clothes!

  • 5.5 in the sunshine today, although it was a bit cold!

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Half an hour of dark running last night aided by head torch.  Park, trails up to Crosby Baths & back via the cycle track.  Cool, still and solitary.

  • Good running and swimming everyone.

    Only did one 6km jog last week on holiday but I think a few days off running will have done me good.  Did some cycling and walking instead. 

    Yesterday evening 5km, this evening 6.7 km.   Enjoyed the mist creeping across the fields.  The tracks were pretty boggy.

  • 4 miles tempo. Dull and cloudy. A few nice trees to look at, though.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    The coldest day of the year so far: a hint of frost on the slumbering cars, breath to mist as soon as I set off and visible footsteps on the grassy coastal park.  Trail, prom, sand hills & home.  4 miles.  300 days' Streaking.

  • Nice one swittle! 

    Me- 5 ish miles easy yesterday. Today 6 x 800m on the track. Pretty fast session, was happy with that

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Cheers, Nessie.  A worthwhile sesh on t'track.  image

  • 7 miles chatty with club mates this evening. 

  • 9ish miles this morning easy

  • River Thames half today - not a PB but at 1:58:39, my third sub-2 (well, third sub-1:59) so I'm happy with that. Bloody knackered though.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Last couple of runs have been over 10miles which is good news. Today 12miles on/off road mix 1hr30. Pace good and not tailing off so much. In fact last 3miles quickest. Tendon a bit stiff but been through this before and know it'll be not so flexible for some time. Getting there. I can't remember a single interesting thing that happened on the run. Mind was wandering a bit which was nice.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Super racing, Cal - good consistency.

    Growing confidence in that troublesome tendon, JT.  Not long before you're pushing out double-figure mileage.

    8.30pm last night,10 miles of darkrunning around the lakes, up the beach and around the former coastguard station image  Calm, quiet and peaceful, with only the constant 'flup' of an incoming tide as the water struggled to reach the shore to break the silence.


  • Well done Cal on another good HM. Nice running Nessie, swittle and JT.

    Was on a business trip last week but managed a couple of pre-breakfast runs.  14.5 on Saturday in 1:15.  Nice hiking yesterday and a bit of flying yesterday. Landed a bit heavily and felt that today on a gentle 41 minute jog this evening - 6.75 km.  Dull and  grey but good to get out nonetheless.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Lovely sharp sunny day. 10.1miles in under 1hr14. Didn't exactly get lost but briefly didn't know where I was. Weird little hidden dirt path in town I never knew existed. It's amazing you can keep discovering new things. Startled a dog walker along the way. Really pleased with the run as it averaged out under 7:20m/m. It's nice to feel I can run again.

    Got a bike while I was injured. After a nervy start having not ridden in decades am slowly getting into it. Just about feeling okay with traffic, if not junctions.
  • another very good time Cal. Well done!

    Swittle- "flup" is a great word to describe the tide image

    Hazel- flying? as in business flying? sounds terribly glamourous!

    JT- seems to be going well for you.  I got into cycling when I was injured for a few months this time last year. Still cycle a little, but mainly pootling into work and back, or on canal paths. Concur with you about junctions.

    Me- tonight was a club race at Hog Hill, 5k. Second in the series. Hilly, as suggested by the name.. a better time than last month, around 25.40

  • Great running, everyone. Well done on the 5K, Nessie. And glad you are getting back to form, JT. For the record, I can't even ride a bike so you're doing better than me.

    4 miles easy today. Beautiful out but cold. First outing for the gloves since last winter - which is funny considering I ran in club vest and shorts on Sunday.

    Much as I wanted to enjoy the run, it was a real slog. I am not going to run again before Saturday and hope that my legs and lungs bounce back in time.

  • Nessie - no just some more paragliding.  Good 5k.

    JT nice 10 miles. I would be very happy with that time - would be a new PB.  Must go out on an explorer run again instead of always the same route.

    Cal - another race on Saturday? That is quite a series you are doing.  Are you planning on a break from them soon? I keep switching from long clothes to short and back at the moment. Already been out in the gloves - I suffer from cold hands. 

    More hiking yesterday as I had the day off work so not out with my group.  Nice 40 mins walk-run shuffle through the leaves in the wood earlier.  Just had to remember where the tree roots are as I was wearing the VFFs.  Stubbed toe could be painful.



  • Hell yes, Hazelnut. This is the last one, unless I decided to sneak in a Christmas 10K or something.

  • 11.25km in 1:00 yesterday evening.  15 mins warm up jog, 30 mins quick, 15 mins cooldown jog.  Didn't get out until after sunset. 

    Could do a race on Sunday but not sure yet if I can be bothered.  Choice of 8km (+312m) or 15km (+460m).   


  • Hazel- those races look a bit tasty image

    Me- it was a 4.5 mile progression run yesterday. No running today but some rainy cycling and a decent swim session in the Olympic pool tomorrow. Got a club XC race tomorrow and the rain has been falling all day making a wonderful  surface for running up and down hills in Epping Forest for 7.5 miles image 

  • 4 owie miles early doors, over the fields & up the prom.  Cool, with a strong breeze threatening to drive in squalls.

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