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    Good racing everyone.

    Couple of runs in last 2 days. Long bike ride today - my thighs were getting a bit knackered. Anyway, 6.9miles running tonight in 51mins. Owls and fireworks all over the place. It rained. Running a lot of miles seems more complicated than it was. You have to go a long bloody way to do 8miles. Is the world shrinking?
  • 14.96k in 1:20. Got soaked for the first time in a long time. Wasn't bothered though as I was warm enough and thanks to the trail shoes kept fairly dry feet.. Tried a new route out with some small hills and wood paths. Very nice.

    Won't race tomorrow as I can't find the motivation. Bit pricy too at 57 Swiss Francs for the 8km. I've run cheaper halves here.

  • Nice running all!

    I did my XC today, and am buzzing! Really enjoyed every minute of it, it was hilly, but with the right amount of mud, and great to be back in the forest.  This is the first of our really hardcore, proper XC races that I've done since I knackered my ankle a year ago, and I took it very easy as the ground was very uneven in parts, with lots of tree stumps and roots. The name of the game was to have a laugh, but averaged a 10mm over the 7.6 miles which is respectable.

  • JT, like a Garmin, my legs seem to come up short when the distance seems longer.  image

    That's a real boost to confidence and faith in XC racing, Nessie.  Well done! image

  • Thames Meander half today (fortunately not the mudbath it was last November). My legs were still recovering from last weekend so I wasn't expecting a lot and therefore wasn't too disappointed to finish outside of 2 hour hourse (2:02:06). Still a course/race PB for me, out of four attempts. I need a proper rest now!

  • A fne effort, Cal.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Lots of great races Cal.

    A longer run of 14.3miles in under 1hr52. Out on country roads mainly. Windy but avoided the worst of the rain. Was passed by a big convoy of cyclists. Slower than expected but probably an appropriate pace. Slowed down a little bit between 7-10miles - I often get a song snippet or rhythm in my head and run in time. Every so often the song changes, and unconsciously so does the pace. Anyway, felt fine with it. Sneaking up the mileage.
  • Surprised myself today with a half marathon training run in a PB of 1:49, which included a frustrating couple of minutes waiting at a particularly horrible and busy set of traffic lights, quite a lot of wind and a 200 foot climb in the last mile.  I have stepped up my training in recent months and started to include some strength work in the gym so it must all be helping.  Conwy half in a couple of weeks so I will probably bring my mileage down a little bit leading up to it.

  • Big confidence boost, Peers - good effort.

  • Good XC Nessie. I haven't done XC since school (long time ago...).  

    Good half Cal.  Enjoy your recovery.  

    Good running JT and Peers.

    8.8km in 50mins yesterday evening.  Caught the tail end of a snow shower.  Was nicer than the pouring rain on Saturday.  The sunlight on the fresh snow in the Jura mountains was lovely. Dug out the long tights for the first time in months.  Must sort out the running gear drawer - the shorts are still at the front.

  • Hazel, I have a love / fear relationship with XC. Love the mud, beautiful forest, hills, general madness of it. But I picked up a sprain in each ankle doing XC in the space of a few weeks last year. The 2nd sprain was a particularly bad one and I was out of running for several months. Neither ankle has felt strong since so although I run in the forest regularly, I hadn't done a "proper" (aka mad) XC race since, so I was really worried about doing it again...Your run sounds beautiful BTW!

    Cal, great running. Now take it a bit easy!

    JT, nice miles. I too suffer with windy runs image

    Me- I snuck in a recovery 5 miler on Sunday after the XC. Then Monday was swim. This morning's 5.30 am outing was very icy, freezing, pitch black and full of the excitement and stillness that early morning runs have at this time of year. As I ran across the field up to our meeting point for our reps, two young foxes sat and stared at me so assertively. I love our city foxes.  It was 12 reps of 400m, only three of us women this morning. One of my best paces, certainly the best since my training for Manchester marathon at the start of the year.  The sun rose as we finished and ran home. Great way to start the day image


  • Nessie, this thread helps me to try and find something positive about each training session so that I can write about it.  image.  Nice am session btw.

    10.5 yesterday evening in the dark in cold drizzle in 58:30.  We were only two women which was surprising - don't know what hapened to the others - maybe they haven't found their long tights yet.  Normally the worse the weather the more we are.  The two of us chatted about training plans and horse riding most of the way around (neither of us do the latter nowadays though).

    Out again midday today in the VFFs before it started raining/snowing (didn't fancy the wet feet).  Still progressing nicely in those - am now up to 15 minutes of running.


  • 6-7 miles with club mates this evening. Garmin went silly so don't know exact distance. Tried not to talk about Trump image image
  • 5k in 29 min. Absolute agony.. Went out to see if my leg was any better since last week but obviously not image

  • 11,4 in 01:00.  Took me a while to find the motivation to go out but I was very pleased I did afterwards.   10 min warm up jog, 35 mins quick, 15 mins cool down.  Fields are pretty soggy now but I have nice firm tracks to run on - just need to jump over the odd puddle.   

    bigballer69:  doesn't sound too good - without knowing anymore - maybe more rest, physio, doc? 

  • Nice session Hazel. 

    Baller- carry on resting!

    Yesterday I was very pushed for time (35 mins) so it was steady there / fast back and a good session

    Today was 10 miles broken up into two rather awkward bits of a 6 mile, go and help mum (her carer's unwell), then another 4 and a bit. Anyway, I guess at least I got a long run in, kind of image


  • Hazel I have a pain in my shins mostly right leg. Could be shin splints but I think it may be something worse. Can hardly walk after a run, I'm still limping after Wednesdays 5k.
  • Nursing historical knee niggles atm but the Streak abides: 318 days. 

    Clumsy as a hopelessly clumsy thing last night on beach, prom and trails.  Head torch batteries were giving up the ghost.

  • Take care swittle.

    Baller - certainly sounds like you shouldn't run for now.

    Nessie well done on doing the runs nonetheless.

    17 km in 1:40 this afternoon with quite a few hilly bits. OH came with me on his bike for most of it which was nice. We checked out some of the local tracks.  Took the rucksack for the raingear, but it stayed dry, also some water and a map.

  • Dirt Half (Leighton Buzzard) yesterday for me.  My first half marathon so a bit of an unknown (and probably too little training!)  It was ..  OK.  The description made me think it'd be a nice trail run but really the first 10k was along tarmac canal footpaths, which I don't particularly enjoy.

    The woods section/ Greensand ridge was fun, a challenging slither up a sandy (slush really as it had been raining!) single track path then plenty of roots and soil with a couple of challenging descents where I could really go for it.  image

    Trouble is it then opened into water meadows which were not only slippery (road shoes) but my shoes got heavy, only to then switch back to the final couple of miles pavement plodding along the canal again.

    Glad I did it, happy enough with my time (2:11:56) but next time I'll go for something more in the woods (I enjoyed the Tring Ridgeway run last month a lot more, though still too many bits on roads for my preference!)

  • Well done Metalhead - that sounds like a good HM. 

    10.5 km in 1 hour in the dark yesterday evening.  Nearly went flying over a tree root after 100 metres - I thought I knew all of those by now.   I had my headtorch on but still didn't see it under the leaves. Pulled a right hamstring a bit but they are always a bit iffy for stopping abruptly like that since an ACL repair nearly ten years ago.  I could keep going and no issues today though.   Nearly eat several moths that were interested in my head torch and woke a sleepy heron.   

  • Team Hazel was well prepared!   There's always that uncertainty running after dark - but we keep head out.

    That's a super time for a multi-terrain HM, Metalhead image

    4 miles round the Marina & boating lake: really quite mild.  45 miles ahead of the pace for 1500 miles in 2016.  The Streak helps image

  • 8 x 600m at dawn today
  • 7.5 miles with the club this evening in the rain

  • Some good running, everyone (although quite eventful!)

    I broke my week off on Sunday with a lacklustre 3.5 miles, legs feeling like concrete and a grouchy calf.

    Ran a better 4 miles on Tuesday, then 6 miles (actually 10K) today. All easy pace.

  • Nice running everyone. 

    Keep going swittle.  I am eyeing up 2000km for myself this year errm - that's around 1243 miles...- currently at 1845 km 

    Out on Tuesday with my group - a few more of us this time.  Spent a lot of the time talking about cows (to one of the two farmers in our group).  10.5 in 1:02..

    Today midday 11.7 km in 1 hour - 10 mins gentle jog, 40 mins quick (sub 5min kms), 10 mins gentle jog.  A nice splish-splash along the muddy tracks.



  • Nice running. Sticking with swittle and Hazel's theme, I've just checked my running mileage for the year and am around 1230 miles... now might be a time to check what my goals for the year (need to look back on MLR image), and think of some for next year...

    It was an attempt at a progression run yesterday, around 4.5 miles in my break at work. Not much progressing going on. Just a swim today as I am saving my legs for tomorrow night's annual Rodings Rally  overnight in the forest. ( for those who are interested My team is doing the ten checkpoint version this year for the first time, so I expect to be out for c 5-6 hours... Super fun!

  • Look's like great fun Nessie - good luck and let us know how you get on..

  • Top running everyone image.

    I took on a 5 mile tunnel run along the Brampton Valley Way in Market Harborough last night. Finished in 45:18 which I was pleased with - 31st woman over the line too which I was super happy with given there were 139 of us! I'd done a PB (2:07:04) at the Autumn Shakespeare HM on Saturday so I wasn't sure what my legs had left - turns out more than I thought! 

  • Well done Pig!

    Haven't checked my mileage but pretty sure I won't have cracked 1000. I'm usually in the 20s every week, but sometimes less, plus time out for holidays and injuries...

    Parkrun today. 26:24. Not a PB (PB is 26:01) but respectable. I felt as though I was going faster and harder than my splits suggested, though, so I probably haven't quite recovered from my races yet.

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