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    Hello. Have missed much.

    Had a chest infection from a while ago. Quite wheezey. Still tight. I have the lung capacity of a TB riddled hamster as it is. So another break and building up again. A few runs up to 10miles, and 14miles on/off-road today. Not quick. Spent a couple of minutes playing with a dog who thought I'd be good entertainment 'till his owner called him back. I like dogs. Not so keen on teen boys, especially when I'm knackered. Nonsense I don't mind so much when I feel okay. Got mooned a few runs back by some lads - took it with good humour and a response of "nice arse". When I'm labouring though and I get some attention seeker in my face I just want to punch them.
  • Swittle, would love to see a pic of the Santa one!

    JT- that's a new one! A full moon! Not sure how I'd take that!?

    Me- was out with the girls last night so it was a little 3 mile run today to try to blow away the cobwebs. It worked image

  • Visited my godparents in Cambridgeshire this weekend so popped out for a frosty four miles today. A bit slow going over humpy ground but a nice change from London.

  • /members/images/135993/Gallery/Half_snow_Iron_Man_2011.jpg

     2011 - Crosby beach: coldest daytime temperature in UK: -17.8 deg. C.  And did I run?  What do you think? image

  • /members/images/135993/Gallery/16879_45681.jpg

     ....and, for Nessie, Iron Man kitted out in seasonal attire.

  • Nice, swittle.

    After a relaxed and indulgent weekend (yeah, gained a couple of pounds...) I headed out for a long run today. I ended up running a half marathon. I didn't check my pace at all and went entirely on feel so I was a little surprised to find that (at 2:11:07) it was actually faster than my first three half marathons, two of which were only Spring last year.

    Feel absolutely fine now!

  • Fine running, Cal.  Do you think it's the absence of the whole race day experience that enables you to run better?

  • Uh no. My race times now are a lot faster than that. It's just interesting that my training time now is faster than my race time was in Spring 15.

  • i'm still here and still running 4 times a week! After getting my sub 2 hour I decided to concentrate on the 5k as its my preferred distance. Got a nice pb this week


    Daventry parkrun results for event #111. Your time was 00:23:08.   Congratulations on completing your 52nd parkrun and your 51st at Daventry parkrun today. You finished in 45th place and were the 4th female out of a field of 193 parkrunners and you came 1st in your age category VW35-39. Take a look at this week's full set of results on our website. Congratulations on setting a new Personal Best at this event! Congratulations on your fastest time this year.
  • Cat winner!  Whoop!  image

  • Thanks for the pics swittle.

    I've looked up A Gormley in the meantime and found out I've met some of their ferrous cousins in Austria - there was an installation a few years ago and I can vaguely recall seeing some. Horizon Field

    And yes from your past postings you were likely running at -17.8 degrees - but not in shorts at that temperature I hope!

    Good running Cal!  A change of scenery is always a good thing.  

    Well done on the PB Andrea.


    Around 25 km on the mountain bike yesterday (with +/- 500 metres) - it is getting too cold for that now - sweated up the hills and froze down them.

    Today 8km in 41 minutes in the fog again.  Was supposed to be doing around 5:25 min/km not 5:08 but I got a bit carried away.  Didn't have any issues with my right knee today - it has been prone to having a very painful few minutes immediately after stopping after the last few outings - think it has to do with the colder weather.  Doesn't hurt otherwise so I will put up with it.

  • Thank you Hazel! My daughter is called Hazel too image

  • Swittle- great Santa. Thanks image

    Nice to see you Andrea and a tasty parkrun PB. Well done!

    Cal and Hazel- also good running / cycling. Hazel, I cycle commute some days but am a fair weather cyclist too and don't like it when it's icy and / or rainy.

    Me- 5.45 pyramid session in very heavy fog. Two out of three of us thought we spotted a very large frog but it was old lady eyesight / dark / fog and was actually a frog shaped crisp packetimage

    great session

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Well done Andrea and everyone else. Very foggy this evening. No animal shaped litter that I could see, but then I couldn't see a bloody thing. Down some unlit country roads bordered by fields and even with the torch the fog was diffusing the light so much I could only make out a few feet ahead. It was eldritch. One slightly more visible bit took me passed a field of sheep all standing perfectly still, like they were doing the mannequin challenge. Anyway 8.1miles in about 1hr01.

    Did a 25mile bike ride this morning too. My feet get really cold. I'm enjoying cycling now and thankfully it doesn't seem to physically impact too heavily. I can double it up with running or gym work. It's as if the body treats cycling and running as completely separate things and one doesn't seem to detriment the other. As yet...

    Puzzled over swit's post a few above - who won a cat? Isn't that an inappropriate prize? I am an idiot...
  • Andrea: that's nice - there aren't too many of us out there...

    Nessie:  lol - better than the other way around.  I was just grinning over the image of a packet of Cheese and Onion hopping along the road..Although they are blue aren't they - I can't remember what flavour the green ones are.

    JT: image must admit I had to think about swittle's post for a minute...  Cycling wise my feet were fine but my hands nearly fell off. 

    Foggy here too - for days already.  It's often like that here at this time of year.  Was out with my group yesterday on the standard Tuesday evening route.  Couldn't develop any feeling for pace as I couldn't see very far and the head torch was bouncing off the fog.  We couldn't have been too fast though as two of the men spent the whole outing putting the world (or Switzerland at least) to rights and still had enough breath for the hills.  OH came along as well which was nice. 


  • Excellent job, Andrea!

    LOL Nessie. I'm mildly short-sighted (about -1) so I mistake things for other things all the time when light levels are poor. I got laser eye surgery back in 2005 but unfortuately it regressed (I was -2.25 before, so it's still better than it was) and after spending all that money I stubbornly refuse to go back to glasses.

    Rest day yesterday (actually waiting in for a delivery day - sigh) and then I remembered I had a massage booked today so today's run was shorter than I would have liked. I made it a bit faster to compensate - 4 miles with the last two a shade slower than HM pace. Legs felt surprisingly good after Monday's 13 miler, so I'm pleased with that.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    My eyesight is rubbish, about -4. Always worn contacts but this year have started to move to glasses. For years I wouldn't even consider stepping out the house without lenses and now I'm even running during the day without them (never run in glasses). It is compromising but not so bad.

    9miles on road in my vivobarefoots. Haven't run in them for a while. They're normally quick but just under 1hr8. Couple of quicker miles near the start but can't sustain it. A lot of effort for not much speed. Stopped at a crossing and started to feel my breathing getting tight. That's still not properly resolved. No true pace in my legs right now. Or distance. Hmm. Losing a few pounds might not be a bad idea. Boo.
  • 7.5 mile club run this evening. Someone unwisely allocated me group leader and in trying to do a tour of local Xmas lights I also managed to get lost to the tune of approx 1.5 miles image

  • I wish I could use contacts rather than glasses - but only dailies for sport / outdoors as I can't be bothered to fiddle around with the cleaning fluids and I sit at a computer a lot.  Can't find any that fit my eyes and correct my vision enough though.  

    8km in 45:45 yesterday.  More fog (probably won't lift for at least a week yet).  
    Took an undulating route around the local fields.  My attempt to maintain more or less the same pace up the ups and down the downs was interrupted at around 3km by a bored-looking farm dog.  It wasn't quite sure whether to get semi-aggressive or to play but as long as it kept collecting sticks and toys I wasn't too concerned by the growling. 

  • LOL Nessie! I remember my uncle (from the Barnsley side of the family) would always get lost when driving us somewhere and he'd say "well, wiv seen summat we wouldn't have seen otherwise."

    Dogs are the bane of my life, Hazelnut. Since I run around a popular London common, I encounter a lot of them, and they seem to make it their mission to get in my way and trip me up. Gah!

    10K today (was going for 6 miles but it worked out at 10K so why not) - fairly easy, 10:14 average but sped up over the course of the run.

    I am doing a club track 5K (my first track race since school sports day!!!) on Saturday so I'll rest tomorrow. I am in the slowest race but I'll still likely finish last. But there's mulled wine. image

  • Definitely worth the pain for mulled wine Cal image

    Me- had a 12 hour work day today due to a parent's evening, but managed to squash in a 40 minute progression run, without enough progression. But it was a break. Ready for the Xmas holidays now image

  • Good luck tomorrow Cal and enjoy that mulled wine. image

    Well done on fitting in your run Nessie.

    Another 8km today in 42:05.  Still a bit foggy but not as bad as the last few days.  The trees had a lovely coating of frost.  No four legged interruptions today. Saw another runner which is unusual.  I just managed not to head straight for the tin full of freshly baked festive biscuits when I got back.

  • On the theme of eyesight, or, in my case, its shortcomings, just after 7 this morning, I'm leaving the beach and looking to join the prom near Waterloo.  Fine so far.  Headtorch deployed - at least I've learnt its value, albeit late in life - I thought sand segued into prom as if seamlessly joined.  But no.  I took a leap of faith that proved foolish and, falling over a foot, landed flat on my chest, with right knee & matching elbow acting as shock absorbers.

    Watch stopped, I checked for any witnesses and uttered a few honest oaths.  image  Walked a little to work out the shock and ran the final mile home, rather gingerly, it must be said.  Running repairs made, it was off to work, where a light diary helped me gain some equilibrium.

    P.S. Purchased batteries for headtorch on way home from work.  image

  • Oh dear swittle! I hope you're not too bruised and scabby today? More to the point, I hope you're OK to carry on running.

    Hackney parkrun for me this morning. Official time 25.17 which is OK but still *not* sub 25- which is my perennial aim for parkrun...and my friend got a tasty PB. 

  • Occupational hazard, Nessie.  Thanks for your concern.  Not one of the most spectacular crashes, so a steady 25 minutes later today.

    That 25 is going to fall 'ere long... image

  • Tree roots usually get me, swittle. Last time was last year (although I rolled my ankle on one last week) when I was doing intervals and hit the ground hard enough to skin my elbow through my jacket. Didn't even notice until I got home. I finished the interval.

    Nessie, I think sub-25 might be a ways off for me. Well done though.

    I ran a track 5K today, organised by my club. I was in the slowest race (23-26 minuters) and figured as I'd only just broken 26 I'd likely finished last. I was right. I thought I might get a PB though, but actually I just managed the same time as my parkrun PB (well, parkrun PB is 25:52 and I got 25:52.38 today, with the more accurate timing). I figured I actually run better when I have people to chase but, being the slowest today, I let the others go and just ran on my own for the whole thing. At least I was only lapped once. :P


  • Yes, Cal, the forest takes no prisoners.  Your track time is a reliable benchmark: as well as the quality of timing, it's a measured 5000 metres.  Not all parkruns claim that.

    Being first is overrated - everyone wants it! image

  • I don't think there's any danger of me being first, ever, so it's not even a consideration! image

    15 miles today. Yes, the marathon training has started. Beautiful weather for it - still feels Autumnal. Can't believe Christmas is in two weeks. I haven't even bought any cards.

  • Take care swittle!

    Nice park run Nessie.  

    Well done on the track race Cal and especially on having equalling your PB going out the next day for a 15 miler.  

    8.17 km yesterday in 40:05 mins.  Beautiful weather here too - did my first fog-free local run for 2 weeks.  I tried doing a progression run by increasing my speed after 2km and 4km and then reducing it a bit after 6km.

    Wasn't as tired as I was expecting after hiking up a hill on Saturday for paragliding purposes (+ 750m is quite hard work with around 15kg on your back) and then later doing my first 30 minutes non-stop in the VFFs.


  • Good that the fog has roller back, Hazel. Are you new to the VFFs? I wore them a lot to the gym and also have a pair of minimal ViBs (they're like the old Classics, but made from mesh) that I use for general walking around. I love them. But I don't run in mine. I have very tight calves and after tearing one back in 2014 when I was trying some NB Minimus, I daren't run in the Vibrams.

    Anyway, 4 miles recovery today. Didn't feel too bad at all.

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