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  • Who's out on Christmas Day?
    Well having read that I almost had to... So 5km pre breakfast inthe VFFs in Germany at the in-laws.  Family Christmas is traditionally on Christmas Eve here.
    Enjoy the rest of your Christmas everyone..


  • A similar 9.2 miles to JT for me tonight but at a rather more sedate pace.  Paths, trails and beach were all my own and I dared the white horse breakers to splash my shoes on the tideline!

  • Nice festive running Hazel and swittle! Did anyone get any good running related stuff for Crimbo? Not me but I did get a surprise racing bike from my old man!! As well as a new wetsuit- which I knew about.  I feel very very spoilt! I didn't get out on the day as I had 14 people to cook for- and clear up was a lovely day, but tiring.

    This morning it was a 6 lovely leisurely 6 miles through the forest with a friend to try to burn off some of the extreme gluttony of yesterday. Before returning home to eat Xmas bubble (yum!), and eat up some of the cheese image

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Early Xmas morning 6.6miles in 49min30. Fair few cars about. This afternoon 20miles on the bike in a bloody gale. Wind had died by tonight so 10mile run in 1hr15. Last few runs have all been in the dark so not much to describe. Some pretty Christmas lights.
  • All I've managed is Christmas Eve parkrun (first time as a tourist) and I was a bit slower than on my usual course, but that could be down to all the stuff I've eaten...

  • You did v well, Nessie!  Obviously highly rated.   image  Liking the varied mileage sources, JT.

    Just been to Crosby beach for photos & a 4-miler.  For balance, here is an 'Everton' Santa:



  • Nice pic swittle thanks!

    Good running / cycling JT.  

    Sounds like a lot of cooking Nessie

    Running presents?  Some lightweight tights - might go up a size yet.. (maybe too many biscuits recently!) and the registration fee for the SwissAlpine event (47ish km - gulp!).  Still to sign up yet though.

    8km in 41 mins yesterday evening in the dark.  Today at sunset 5km in 29 mins.  Just got out in time to see the last rays of sun on the west facing snow slopes on the big mountains - lovely.

  • Great santa swittle, and some nice reports of running and gluttony all..

    Hazel- yes, we always host, anything between 12 and 20 on Xmas day. Partly because of mum's disability, ours is the best / most accessible house for her- she's moving in with us in a few months once the granny flat's built. But also cos my husband and I have a large and complicated and motley set of kids / step kids between us..

    Today was a 4 ish mile progression run. Feeling very podgy and still there's cheese that needs eating and wine that needs drinking...

  • It won't keep, Nessie...... image

  • This evening's session was 5 miles with a (rather fast) friend- thus tempo pace for me. Now at home after having eaten a sprout curry (yes really image), finishing off some of that leftover bottle of Merlot

  • Fair play on the brassica concoction, Nessie!  4 miles from 8pm in between the swan lake and Crosby Marina with help from headtorch - far too chilly for any impromptus paddling. image  Unsurprisingly, I had the beach to myself and clambered over the drifting sand on the prom before taking the cycle track home.  Vision partially impaired by exhaled breath!

  • Hmm - cheese !  Nice British ones?  Any left?  If anyone has some leftover mince pies then I would also be interested....

    End of year midday outing with my group yesterday: 15ish km in around 1:30 hours.  Don't know if the last km counts as we had to put in a stop for beer!  Only a small one though.  We ran to the local watch tower in beautiful weather.  Fantastic 360 degree views to the Alps, the lakes and the Jura mountains.   Didn't take my camera with me unfortunately.  We went out for a nice meal afterwards.

  • Nessie, I feel you. I feel fat and I still have mince pies and chocolates. I weighed 11 stone this morning, although a bathroom visit took care of one of the pounds (ahem). I need to get down below 10'7, and as near to 10 as possible. After I've eaten the chocolates, though. image

    As for presents, I got a medal hanger (which I needed - the amount of medals hanging on my drawer knobs were preventing me from getting to my socks!) and a Ronhill hat and gloves set which I put to good use this morning as it was bloody cold.

    I got back from Manchester yesterday and I was thinking I might bust out a nice 10 miler after all that rest, but my legs felt like lead and were surprisingly sore (shins/ankles/calves) for reasons I cannot fathom. I can understand feeling lethargic after all that sitting and eating, but sore? So I did 4 slow miles and called it quits. I hope this malaise doesn't last long - I want to do a parkrun double this weekend!

  • Cal those extra pounds will come off during marathon training I guess.  I had similar issues the last couple of days with tired legs.  I did go out running regularly over Christmas but I was otherwise pretty inactive.  

    Had a bit of a CBA moment to overcome yesterday - was supposed to be doing a quick 8km according to my training plan (I'm using a MyAsics one to build up to 10 miles mid-March..) but I had some mildly sore bits from the efforts of the previous day.  Also didn't fancy doing my standard quick run route against a brisk cold wind (wimp...).  So I threw out any pace intentions and went out with the goal of running 8-10km as I felt like.  Did throw in a couple of of sub 5min km on the flat / slightly downhill but otherwise took it fairly easy especially on the hilly bits.  There are plenty of those on the route I did - in the sun on the leeward side of the wood at sunset.  Nice views again.  

    Will do a gentle jog later today as I am racing tomorrow (7,3km flat).  Another wierd distance I know - its around a reservoir.  Off to get new running shoes first - won a voucher a few weeks ago which will pay for the left (or right?) one.. Will have to be careful not to buy other stuff as well - running shops are very tempting...

  • Cal, I really want one of those medal hangers and it has been on my list for the last two Christmases.. don't know what to do with mine!!

    Hope you enjoy your shopping Hazel and exercise some restraint...

    Me- 9 miles with the same fast friend I was with the other evening, so we compromised on a 9mm, which is a challenge for me (well, talking at the same time is...) and very very easy for her image

  • BTW Hazel- I still have stilton, brie, very mature cheddar and a little of this great cheddar with jalapeno peppers... 

    Still lots of chocolates, (home)made Christmas cake and biscuits, and a couple of mince pies too. Am better able to resist the sweet than the savoury though... Come and share!!image

  • What was formerly NotAStreak reached 365 days last night - although I should run today to make up the leap year!  image

  • Well done on the not-a-streak, swittle, and the 9 miles, Nessie.

    I have a few chocolates left (I was given quite a few chocolate bars, which I've locked in a cupboard, but I also have some fresh truffles that need to be eaten fairly quickly) but I also have a big wodge of Stilton because Sainsbury's was selling it half price. I don't feel guilty about eating cheese the way I do about chocolate, though. I just stick it in my jacket potato.

    Did parkrun today. For a change I decided to do a 3 mile warm-up, rather than a little jog and some strides as I normally do. Did that in 31 minutes. Not sure if it did any good as the parkrun was pretty bad - took me 27:37 which I think is my slowest time since I started parkrun back in May. However, it was at least better than the awful run I had on Thursday, so there's that.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Happy streak year swittle, happy new year everyone else.

    18.1miles mainly offroad and in daylight. Just under 2hr24. Muddy, and I saw a dog in a onsie. Plenty of couples out for an end of year a stroll, somewhat spoilt by me bustling up behind and scaring the crap out of them. Nice to do a proper long run.

    A tendon strain and chest infection really mucked up my running this year. I understand worse things happened in 2016, but still... For myself and everyone else hope 2017 brings a load of happy injury free running.
  • Well done, Cal and JT, for finishing the year with meaningful mileage.  We've not been short of run-curtailing injuries on this thread, so my NYE wish is for far, far fewer of them.  image

    Thanks also for your kind comments.  I'll never push anyone into Streaking but this year has been preceded by 9 more of absence free work.  image  There may or may not be a connection.....

  • Happy New Year from me too!

    Nessie, I'll let you know when my flight arrives, I might get one from Berne to  London City image

    Swittle glad to hear you completed the year.  I've just done my first ever 7 days in a row mini streak today does that count?image

    Nice long run JT, you could try out a small bicycle bell to wear on your finger to warn them of your approach, I nearly threw someone in a river this summer who screeched in my ear because I ran up from behind...

    Well done on your park run Cal.

    Me: new shoes purchased yesterday + 2 pairs of running socks so quite well behaved there. Did my 5km quite late yesterday evening in pretty thick fog again, missed one turning and stayed out longer than planned - OH was not so amused, should take phone with me next time...

    Today 7.5km flat race around a reservoir in 32:38, coldest race I have done at -2 degrees, was quite difficult getting warmed up. Good finish for the year.

  • You doing mail order, Nessie?  ^ image

    What a kind thought, Hazel!  It is true that every Streak starts with a single run [I think Mao Tse-Tung quoted a similar proverb from a Chinese author of centuries before).  So, seven is a fine start for sure.  image  Well prepare you'll be for 2017.  Dig out the thermals now!

    I'm wishing you all a peaceful, injury free and successful New Year.  image

  • Happy New Year folks! Mine started with parkrun again - NYD special. Quite tired after yesterday's parkrun (not from last night - I didn't go out. Or drink. Although I stayed up until after midnight as the neighbours were letting off noisy fireworks) but still managed to run a bit faster. 27:25 by my watch - nothing spectacular, but hey it's a PB for 2017!

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    10.1miles on/off-road mix in under 1hr17. Cold out. Ran down the middle of a big wide country road for a mile or so and not a single car. Then 8+miles on the bike. Had fitted a basic cycle computer so wanted to check it worked and didn't fall off. Got called "bro" by a teen on his bike. Wrong on so many levels.
  • 5 km for me this evening to try out the new shoes (Mizuno Sayonara), was a bit tired from yesterday's race and had to go easy after having eaten a good meal less than three hours earlier. Still - first kms for the year are done image

  • Well done JT and Hazel.

    12 miles logged today. As I did NYD parkrun yesterday, I chose to make my long run today instead. Chilly but sunny, and my legs were a lot better than expected so I managed an average pace of 10:11 on a new route that had a few climbs. Happy with that.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭

    Ran 6 miles, with photo stops on Waterloo & Crosby beaches.  Clouds stole the sun but I persevered.





  • Yesterday: 5km at around sunset but the clouds stole the sun here too so didn't actually get to see it.  New shoes still felt good. 

    This evening: standard 10.5km with the group - four of us this time.  Cold at -5 degrees.  It snowed a bit this morning so careful footwork required in places but I wore my trail shoes so no real slips.  Lots of stars to look at. 

  • 6 miles easy today. A little bit milder today, thankfully.


  • Great picture swittle- love it.  Not been around much but I did a NYD run, pretty easy as I was a bit hungover. Then tonight it was a headtorch run in Epping Forest really off the beaten track with a group of similarly minded nutters. Icy and beautiful around 6.5 miles I think. 

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