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  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Bad luck on the long run Cal but well done for getting the 4 done.  Hope he can help you tomorrow.

    20km for me today.  Thighs still sore but I told them to just get on with it which they did with some grumbles downhill.  Tried out a new route including 200m of ascent in 1.5km with a long, steep flight of steps which I walked up and some other (gentler) bits of up.

    Grey muggy sort of day,  enjoyed a gentle rain shower towards the end. 

    Hadn't eaten much in the hours before my run so I took a little bag of dried fruit (apple and physalis) and unsalted nuts with me which went down well. Didn't drink much as usual depite the hydration rucksack.  I've finally got it adjusted so that it sits properly. 
  • Hi to all, newbie to the site so first time poster.

    About to do my 5th Marathon at Stirling in a couple of weeks, gladly completed my last long run today 18 miles in 2.24.36 in what was warm conditions. Looking forward to the marathon as it will be the first time the event has run.
  • Thanks, HazlenutCH and hope the Stirling goes well, Steven.
    Enjoyed my 10K Trail race today - lovely Spring morning. Clocked 56:00, just off my PB, but the trail was much more sandy than on the first two races, so was treading water a bit! Only my 4th race and happy with my pacing today. Now to work on getting my speed up.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Oh, it's me again. A nice relaxing 3 miler recovery run, after yesterday's effort. Nothing aching too much and a nice bit of Peace and quiet.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • KieranGKieranG ✭✭✭
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    4 miles on Sunday, then was meant to be longer "fast" intervals today (2 x 10 minutes), but wasn't feeling it, so ended up turning it into a 20-minute "recovery" run instead. Lazy. Did I mention that I hate intervals ?!
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    Welcome to newbies Kieron, Will, Steven
    Physalis is exotic Hazel!
    How is the grumbly arse Cal?
    All well swit?
    My 6 am outing today was a new route for our intervals, to fit with one of the women's new work schedule, and we haven't quite measured it or got it right with the flatness. It's basically a long straight-ish road that is 1k, but the reverse bit is too uphill for it to be helpful. And the only obvious marker for doing shorter effort is at 500m. So it was a rather random 1k, 2 x 500m, 1k, 1k, 2 x 500m this morning and a tricky run.  My pacing was all over the place but the overall pace was OK. Need to find a better route  :/
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Well done on your 10k Will. 

    Kieran - I don't enjoy intervals much either as I find the pacing quite difficult as I always go too fast on the recovery bits and struggle on the last sets.  I prefer a good tempo run myself or occasionally fartlek.

    Nessie yes the physalis are very tasty, perfect combination of sweet and sour. Expensive though - I ration them to make the bag last longer.  Regarding the new route - can you sneakily mark the road with some paint? Or tie something to a convenient bush, tree, lamppost? Might not work in the dark though later in the year.

    Hope swittle is ok and JT is getting better as well. 

    Midday trot of 4km in the VFFs to the train station to get my bike which had been abandoned there again. This evening the usual 10.5km with my group. 12 of us out which must be a record for this year.  Nice evening - cool sunny and breezy.  Felt quite tired - probably due to second run of the day and nearly 70km training last week.  Will cut back a bit the next few days as I have one of my more important races of the year on Saturday - a 10 miler for which I'd like to break 1:15 for the first time.  Current PB is 1:15:41. 
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Greetings to Will & Kieran. :)

    Nessie, take him on some lumpy terrain with a few cubic metres of *that* mud with which no shoe can cope!

    Cal, sorry to read of your tribulations - rest from now until L'pool?  Less chance of making it worse. 

    Fine hillage, Hazel.  The Wrexham Village Bakery HM -many years ago for me - had bags of bread rolls as the finisher's prize.  Very tasty!
  • Hello, I'm liking reading about everyone else's runs and thought I'd say hi.

    Having sort of overcome (or at least trying to fight) my dislike of exercise I started bootcamp in the autumn and started running over the past few months havimg not been able to run 50 m before. I managed my first non stop 5k last month and now have got up to 8 k and feeling all encouraged and like I wanted a challenge decided to enter the London Vitality 10k at the end of the month.

    Now I'm not fast, and running is probably an exaggeration, it's a running motion but more of a trot! 8k takes me a couple of minutes over an hour. My fastest 1 km is 11.08. As I'm under 5 foot I'm not sure if I'm built for speed anyway! I'm planning on doing some intervals but am focusing more on distance at the mo. We do interval and HIIT work at bootcamp as well though.

    I've now developed a bad hip though. Been to the osteopath who did what they do loosing tight bits on my bad side and wants me to cut back my distance before building it up again. I had been aiming to add a km a week so I could do a 10 before the race but there we are! She was ok with me doing the 10k then though. Just hoping what she has done helps the problem.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Welcome, Tortoise. Well done on your first non-stop 5K.
    Great 10K, Will! Not easy to run fast on sandy surfaces.

    So, injury update. Saw my masseur/osteo on Monday. He did some massage, lasered it and gave me a couple of exercises I could do. I decided to rest yesterday because of the laser.
    Thought I'd run today and try and get a good length run in, especially as it promised to be gorgeous out. (It is, btw). Well, not only was I super slow (fastest mile was 11 min/mi - the others were considerably slower than that) but the grumbling did not let up, and I can feel it down in my hamstring. It wasn't that I felt lead footed like I did on Sunday, either, so I don't know why I was so slow today. My usual easy pace is 10:30-10:40 - I'll do an 11 for the first mile of a recovery run, perhaps, but my first two miles today were closer to 11 and a half.
    swittle, perhaps you are right and I should just rest completely. I guess if I was sensible I'd can Liverpool completely, but I'm not quite ready to give up on the idea yet.
    I did, at least, enjoy the weather, if not the actual run.
  • Kiran and HazelnutCH- Tottaly agree about doing intervals, hate doing them also.

    Cal- Sorry about the issues you are having at the moment, I agree with swittle about resting up hopefully it will give you the best chance of making Liverpool.

    For myself yesterday was an interval run consisting of 1 mile jog with 9x 400m @6 min/mile pace 200m recoveries with 1 mile jog at the end. Followed this up with approximately10 mile walk during work last night.

    Today was a 6 mile easy run over a route that wasn't to hilly however there was a few small undulations within. Legs felt very heavy during the run possibly down to not warming up as much as I usually do.
  • PompeyMattPompeyMatt ✭✭✭
    Had a lovely 10k trot this morning which included a marvellous run along the largely deserted beach in Southsea in the sun for a change, no watch or anything but Google Earth made it 6.4 miles and it was around an hour in duration although maybe a little more. I upped the tempo a bit for the last mile or so of the promenade just so it wasn't a completely uncompetitive run but overall it was very enjoyable!
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    6.5 miles in the forest tonight. Beautiful run. Hilly and lots of great wildlife spots- bunnies and some grumpy bulls, who we avoided
  • Hi All and cheers for the welcomes and wishes. It's great to find such a friendly bunch to share the run with.

    Tortoise, it sounds like you're doing brilliantly and enjoying making progress. The effort is definitely worth the rewards.

    Hope the injury clears up soon, Cal. Don't push it too much. Your run sounded very nice, Nessie. I enjoyed the full moon tonight on a 6 miler after a hectic day's work and a mini werewolf performance at bedtime by my little lad! Can't beat the peace of a run.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Cal, how does your calender look after Liverpool?  Do you have any high priority races coming up soon afterwards or do you have time to take a break?  I would also let that flow into any decisions about starting in Liverpool or not.   

    Hi to LilTortoise - you are doing great!  Good idea to work on distance then on speed. 

    Nice individual runs Steven, Matt, Nessie and Will.   

    9km yesterday evening in 46:11 including 5km tempo.

    Last run before my 10 miler race tomorrow.  Warm and humid - not my favourite conditions.  But summer is approaching soon (probably..) so I might as well start getting used to it.  The smell of the oilseed rape was very overpowering - ran with my teeth gritted past that field as I didn't fancy swallowing one of the many busy bees.
    Interesting sky to look at - lenticularis clouds and excellent visibility to the east and looming thunderstorms / heavy showers to the west.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hey Hazelnut. Good luck with the 10 miler.
    After Liverpool (if I make it!) I have the Harry Hawkes 10 (mile) in mid-July, which is 7 weeks after.
    I'm just sticking to yoga at the moment, modifying any poses that put too much stress on the injured hammy. Hopefully a little running break will help it settle. If not, well...
  • Good luck and enjoy the 10 miler tomorrow, Hazlenut. Hope it not too warm for you.
    I do a bit of yoga too, Cal. It wa by far the best thing for a serious back injury I had and sorts out out back twinges I still get.
    Four miles for me this morning, with a few spurts a some uphill tiptoe practise :) Very enjoyable except for the rush hour fumes. Followed up by some strength work getting my leeks and kale in at the allotment.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Bulls of any humour always to be avoided, Nessie!  Easy does it, LilTortoise: sooner fixed, sooner running again.  Rest is free and it works too!

    Thanks for a fine meteorological report, Hazel!

    And Cal, that's sounds like a sensible regime.

    Cooler & cloudier by the coast this a.m.  Calculating as I ran, I discovered tomorrow will be Day 500 in the present Streak. :)
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    An excellent milestone approaching swit!
    Hazel, best wishes for tomorrow's 10 mile and hoping the weather is cool and maybe a bit drizzly?
    Cal, carry on listening to your body
    Will, I envy your allotment! When the kids are older and I have more time, it's on my wish list of things I want to do..
    I went up to Warwick for work yesterday afternoon, in my 2nd job as an examiner.  Stayed right near Warwick university's running track, which is a super one.  I got up too early this morning for the run as the track was shut, so I did 4 miles easy through the campus in the drizzling rain, and when I got back, the track was opening, so with very little time before work, I fit in 6 x 400m. Made such a nice change to be on a proper track rather than making up speed circuits on local roads at 5.30 am  ;)

  • Thank you all, the encouragement is really helping!

    I'm in awe of everyone else's achievements. Good luck today Hazlenut.

    I tried for a 5 k last night but I got a stitch, it was hot and I seemed to have left my stamina at home so I did walk 2 bits. I noticed later I was going faster than I had thought though (all relative, I still had snails passing me :wink: ). I'd had some hip/leg problems so saw my osteopath in the week and she'd wanted me to try a 5 k again before increasing the distance. The main problems only come on after that so I don't know if it's better, it was generally ok yesterday though, just a bit niggly towards the end.

    Now off the bootcamp!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    That is kind of you to say, Nessie. :) p.s.  I haven't run it yet! :o    Track & campus run combo!

    Have a super event, Hazel. :)  LilTortoise, wise to follow fizz's guidance.
  • Ok, so I went to bootcamp and have done something to my calf (noooo not now! I've got my first 10 k in 2 weeks!). It feels quite mild, and I did some similar but worse 6 months ago and that was ok in 2 weeks. I did a short gentle jog later in class to test it and that was ok. Stairs are a bit sore.t doesn't hurt to touch and it did last time. So off to get a compression bandage & ice pack. I had been planning a run tomorrow... I'll see how stairs are later as hoping it might pass (maybe optimistic!). Would a gentle flat jog work and stop if it hurts?
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Four letters, LilTortoise: R  E  S  T
    Calf tweaks can and do take their own time to heal.  Massage and immersion in hot [not boiling] and cold water, 10 mins of each, or ice pack in place of cold.
  • Did Park Run this morning and it was Kingsways 100th run. 

    Guess what muppet forgot their barcode? 

    As there was 420+ runners the first lap was a bit slow and the pinch  point at the orchard was a queue. After going through I noticed a buddy in front and went to catch him, while not pushing too much. I ran with him chatting about his recent holiday. 

    I stayed with him until my laces decided to undo on my right foot and we're hitting my left leg so had to stop. I stopped just to quickly do a double bow (have to invest in elastic laces) 

    I was amazed at my new pb. Just wish I had broken my barcode. I now have 2 weeks to improve as next week I am tail runner, so no chance of improvement then. <img src="" alt="">
    That's me next to Kevin in his Kingsway runners colours in blue. <img src="" alt="">
  • What happened to my pics 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Tortoise - I wouldn't use ice. Ice used to be thought of as a good thing but research indicates the opposite. It will numb the area, leading to a decrease in discomfort, but it causes congestion in the area and slows down the healing process. Avoid ibuprofen also. Gentle stretching, strengthening and mobility work is how you fix stuff these days. Warming it is also fine.
    Works, well done on the PB, sorry you forgot your barcode though.
    No running for me still, although that doesn't seem to have improved things. (I may have avoided making it worse, though). Did yoga and a mobility workshop today instead.
  • Thanks both. I iced it earlier cos I thought I should. It's just a dull ache as I walk or do stairs, it didn't do the pop thing it did last time. I've put a compression thing on it (which may just be keeping it warm, who knows?!). I wasn't sure if I should stretch it yet. I'm thinking I may miss my tortoise trot tomorrow but maybe walk the circuit instead. It's just cos it's so close to the 10k I'm wanting to do whatever I can I get it better fast and avoid further problems, I'm desperate not to miss it and have a load of sponsors. I do have an osteopath follow up on Thursday for my hip so if I they've got a sooner slot may bring that forward.

    Works that is a fab time!

    Hope everyone else has had good runs today, the weather has been very variable where I am.
  • A very nice 9 miles this morn, half of which was along the River Yare and UEA lake. 2 Kingfishers and loads of Sedge Warblers kept me going, along with a jelly baby every couple of miles as per Steve Cram's advice :smiley: Just enjoyed the early morning solitude and was happy with almost half marathon pace.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Busy here today - that's nice!

    LilTortoise please rest or at most walk. It sounds like the 10km is important to you and it would be a shame if you don't get round it by making any niggles worse.

    Swittle, have you ticked the 500 box now? Hope it was a lovely run for you. 

    Nice training in Warwick Nessie. 

    Well done on your PB Works.

    Will, I indulged in some of that alternative strength training this week myself digging in some of last years goat manure watched closely by the producers on the other side of the fence.  Only have a few square metres and not much growing yet this year but don't home grown veggies taste good.  I also birdwatch out running as my brother is a mad twitcher so I report on what I have seen. 

    Thanks for the good lucks for my 10 miler today.

    It is the second biggest running event in Switzerland with 16000 participants in the 10 miler and 33000 in all races and only 20 minutes from home by train.   I missed 1:15 by 11 seconds but it was still a 30 second PB and I was faster than my all of my teammates and my OH :D 

    It was warmer than I like and the only rain was from the occassional showers on route.  Its a tough course with 3 hills the last of which is at km 14 with a 12% gradient for around 500m.  The traffic was quite bad this year, had to dodge around quite a bit which cost a bit of time and effort.  I got the socks-shoes combination wrong and have a nice blister on the ball of my right foot - oops.

    I need to work on the mental side of racing, was nervous beforehand,  then strangely unmotivated and struggled to enjoy any of the 10 miles despite the great crowd support.

    Off for a two week holiday tomorrow to Southern Germany, the running shoes are already packed...
  • Well I saw a different osteopath today and he looked at my hip and calf. He said no running until the 10k (although he said initially I could so he seemed to change his mind) and after I might want to think about whether to continue running as I'm not really built for it (I think he meant short and a bit cuddly) and it'll take its toll on my body. I'm more gutted than I thought I would be, not cos I actually enjoyed the running (I don't really.... I like the feeling of accomplishment after), but I think it's cos I don't like being told I can't or shouldn't do something (which I think is what he was saying).

    Although the lady I saw last week didn't say anything like that. Other than the 1 day after the two 8 ks I've done when my hip has played up it's only been niggles so I feel a bit of a wuss having treatment but apparently various muscles one one side are very tight, and my goodness they feel like they've been hit with a meat tenderiser now. I know this isn't really the right thread for this but posted here cos it followed on from above.

    If nothing else if I do carry on it's likely to get very expensive in treatment.
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