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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Thanks Nessie. I volunteered at parkrun this morning and it was hot and gross. Glad I wasn't running. Everyone finished drenched in sweat. Fortunately it seems cooler in Liverpool - 15 degrees max (still warmer than Manchester, but doable).
    Good luck with the recovery, Matt - and hope your feet improve, Kieran.
  • Hope you are having good weekends.
    Chelsea was great, rehydrating from that today and giving my feet a rest.

    Monday was supposed to be cooling down but it's saying not now. Having not really run for a fortnight hoping I remember how! I'm not great exercising in the heat (my stamina leaves me) and drinking even small amounts when running gives me a stitch so I don't usually but will probably need to and just put up the stitch.
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  • Evening runners!
    Hope the various injuries are healing and people have been enjoying the sun.
    Cal, how did it go in Liverpool? Hope it wasn't as hot here in Norwich and you managed to get round and enjoy it.
    After a 5 day 'rest' period due to being on my school residential trip (marathon stamina required for that!) I was itching to get out today. I'd planned and evening run but ended up heading out in the heat at 3pm. My lungs and legs felt surprisingly good, despite the 24C, and I managed a decent 10 miles of trail and road at a steady pace. I felt good at the end and recovered well too. Expected it to be torture but it wasn't - my fitness levels must be ok :) Now for a curry!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Hope everyone who were running an event today had a good one.
    My run today was an easy 6 miler which felt really good in what was very warm conditions which is usually not normal up here in Scotland. This was only my second run trying to loosen the legs after running the Stirling marathon last weekend, itching to get out running again.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    It was a relatively cool 15 degrees, and the route went through parks with a lot of nice shady trees (well, it was cloudy anyway).
    I got around - hamstring hurt but held up fine - it was the lack of training that did for me (that and a far too enthusiastic first half). I hit the wall at mile 16 and had to take walk breaks after 20. My Garmin time was 4:37:55. Still waiting on the official results. I'm not disappointed since I wasn't even sure I'd get round. It's still faster than my first stab at Manchester last year, if not as fast as the 4:29:29 I put up this April. The medal and shirt are nice and the route was pleasant, but for a few mean hills (downhills were nice though!). I did think I might beat my PB before I smashed into that wall, but you live and learn. I'm still a newbie to marathons - this was only my third - so I haven't yet learned how to pace myself over that distance. I guess I need more practise eh?
  • Well done, Cal - a great achievement! Finishing in that time, given your injury troubles, is a result to be proud of.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    Absolutely fantastic Cal, and I hope you are very proud of yourself. A great time, so soon after Manchester, when you weren't tip top.  Now rest, then consolidate.
    Me- 7 miles in muddy and humid Epping Forest this morning. Beautiful as ever
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  • Well done Cal!

    I did the London Vitality 10k today in 1.24.20 (but it was a world record for me!). I'd not gone further than 8 in one go before and I'd hoped to run the whole thing and did mange to 8, then walked a bit then ran the last 1 and a bit. I'd usually have been disappointed at being a wuss but when I did stop I realised it was the right thing to do, I was so hot and my legs went to jelly. After a cool down I was good to go again (well sort of).
    My first half was in 37.65 by my calculation - they've put part of the results up on runpix with the total and speed over the time but not the official split. I was 661st in my group and 93% were ahead of me!

    My hip was absolutely fine, of anything the other side was a little twingey, it sometimes comes on late though so I'll see how that goes.

    And I've got my first medal!

    I must admit I don't particularly like the actual running part, and I don't get the endorphin high but I do like the sense of achievement. If out have any tips on actually liking the running bit do let me know!
  • rhodri27rhodri27 ✭✭
    My first post in this thread, my last run was a brick session yesterday after a 70 mile ride. Run was 3.5 miles in 30 mins.

    To introduce myself my A race this year is Ironman UK in July but have a few other running events.

    Have a good week all
  • Hi and welcome, Rhodri. Ironman is a challenge and a half, so best of luck!
    LilT, well done on your 10K - that's a great first time effort and time. Are you sure you don't get the runner's high? Sound like you're enjoying yourself and are well motivated, so maybe it's there but camouflaged. I think once your lungs get to a level of fitness where your breathing becomes more natural than effort based, you'll start to enjoy the sessions more. I think that's harder to get than leg power. Keep at it :)
    Glad you're enjoying the forest, Nessie. That's my kind of run venue.
    I popped out for a 3 mile recovery last night, which was like wading through treacle. The long run in the heat on Sunday had taken more out of me than I'd realised. Straight to bed at 9.15pm after that!
    I'm off for a night of luxury with my Welsh Girl tomorrow, so have to squeeze in 5 miles today to hit my target of an 80 mile month.
    I run, therefore I am.
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