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  • Been off-colour this week thanks to a UTI - just what I needed.  Just three 5km outings.  Will try a longer run tomorrow. 

    Good luck for tomorrow Cal and Jimbo.

    Hope your swim isn't too cold Nessie. 

    Nice parkrun time Andrea.

    Enjoy the new shoes Will, my new ones also got their first outing today - for once I went round rather than through the mucky bits. 

    Sound's like a sensible plan Matt.  You are making good progress. 

    I don't think I have heard of most of those names musicwise.  Will have a look on the internet what I can find out of curiosity.  Generally 80's mainstream for me I'm afraid. 

    I have also entered the VLM ballot - the overseas one. 
  • Encouraging progress, Andrea.   :)

    Sorry you're not feeling too good, Hazel.  Here's to a swift recovery.   Marc Bolan was another wunderkind with looks, voice and tunes - and the pop lifestyle too.  His band was called T Rex and in the early 70s, they rivalled the Beatles' fame!  Bolan died in a car crash in 1977 aged 29.
  • Take it easy, Hazelnut - those things can really make you feel crappy. Last one I had needed antibiotics. If you go that route, make sure your doc doesn't prescribe one of those known for causing tendon damage (the fluoroquinolones).
    swittle - I remember seeing a T Rex tribute band called T Rextacy at a party back in the 90s. They were quite good.
    I got through Richmond Half OK today but the various problems I've had of late (niggles and the bug bite and antibiotics) meant a rather less than optimal performance. I got around in 2:02:34 which was 4 minutes slower than last year. Ironically, that was my HM PB (earned at Ealing) from 2015. On the plus side, my niggles behaved well enough - it was lack of aerobic fitness and endurance that did me in. I also finished 13th out of 58 in my category.
    I have Royal Parks in 3 weeks - I hope I can bounce back and do a little better there.
  • Cal, that's a creditable outcome given your recent trials & tribulations.

    9.2 mile darkrun, made *ahem* interesting by the unwanted attention of a large hound, bull mastiff maybe - it was dark.  Saw it twice.  Owner said the standard stuff, I stood still and headed away towards the sea.
  • Glad you survived the canine encounter, Swittle. Doesn't sound like fun.

    Cal, I'd be more than happy with that time. Pat yourself on the back!

    Looks like Mini-Kickers football training is going to take up my Saturday mornings now, but I got out for my own birthday 3 miler afterwards. Pace still improving. Had intended to do a final pre-Half 10 miler yesterday but the extravagantly rich dinner I had at a posh place with the Welsh Girl had other ideas. Delicious at the time, it's been getting its revenge ever since. LSR abandoned after a mile. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Thanks swittle and cal.

    I'm feeling much better now.  Went the antibiotics route (fosfomycin) although I try to avoid them as much as possible because I wasn't getting rid of it despite throwing the appropriate herbal stuff at it and drinking for England.  

    Good effort on your HM Cal.    Don't overdo it in the next 3 weeks trying to catch up on the endurance front.   I thought of you yesterday whilst I was baking a cake - it is based on potatoes rather than flour - I can send you the recipie if you are interested (but only if you are not allergic to nuts..).

    Happy birthday to you Will.  It sounds like you had a nice dinner. 

    HM distance in training for me yesterday - put in a couple of faster km here and there but mostly kept the pace/effort at a comfortable level.  Timed it well between heavy showers. 

    Only managed 36km last week.  I was due for a cutback week anyway.  I had planned to do that this week but I will switch last week and this week around so I don't miss a long run.     Won't therefore be able to do the last hill race of the season I was planning to do this Sunday but the marathon has higher priority than that.
  • Hazelnut, I am most definitely not allergic to nuts. That would make me very sad indeed!
    Take it easy while you're on the antibiotics. They work but they do mess with your immune system, as I've been finding out.

    Will, happy birthday!

    And thanks, swittle. :)

    Rested yesterday (I went to yoga). Today I popped out to stretch the legs and ended up doing 7 miles a bit quicker than I expected (average pace was just under this year's MP). The cooler weather has definitely resulted in an increase to my speed. Legs not too stiff either.
  • That's a great performance Cal, although it seems a number of us have some minor issues to deal with this month and for my part I had a pretty bad cold last week which kept me off for a few days but the advantage was that it gave me some very fresh legs to run on at the weekend when I went for a pleasant six miles on the sea front. Today was long run day and it really couldn't have gone better. My last three long runs were on mostly hilly trails so a flat one on tarmac was quite a relief so a reasonably easy and quick eighteen was enjoyed even though the plan was for just 17 miles, in fact I could've done another couple of miles but the threat of injury kept me at bay!

    Now up to 72 miles this month so I might even break the 100 mile mark for the first time in many many months!
  • Yes, Will, and thanks.  I'm of the opinion that it's the running itself that disturbs some of the dogs I meet.  In the case of Barney, 8 inches at the shoulder and filled full of malice just for me, he can spot me from 150 yards and closes that distance at pace.   :o

    Pleased you're on the mend, Hazel - birthday wishes to you, Will.   :)

    Encouraging news Matt.

    MLR: park, coastal fields, turn near Crosby baths & down the beach, firm sand.  Over the hill [route, not me!] and half a mile's road.  Mournful foghorn from the docks - I lost New Brighton!
  • Ran a new half marathon in Rome at the weekend. Still quite hot here, so still not a great time (2.26) but better than my last two in the hotter months. Good flat course, would do it again. wrote about it here:
  • swittle - maybe you should take a few dog treats with you for Barney.. then he will like you better and rush over for them instead of aggression.

    swittle said:
    ....Over the hill [route, not me!] ....

    Good long run matt.

    Nice report Jimbobello.

    Cal I only had a one-off dosis of ABs fortunately.  Did notice it for a couple of days, but I feel fine now. 

    The ususal Tuesday trot for me yesterday.  Only 3 of us out - we started off with 5 but one turned back after a km with a grumbly achilles and the other generally runs a slightly shorter route on his own as he is considerably slower than the rest of the group and prefers it that way.  Will remember to take the high-viz vest next week as it was distinctly gloomy at the end.  We were lucky rainwise - it stopped about 5 minutes before we set off and started again 10 minutes after we had finished.  My new shoes (Brooks Launch 4) got their second outing - quite like the extra cushioning in comparison to what I normally wear but I doubt I will do much speedwork in them.
  • Great comeback, Matt - well done on the 17 miler!
    swittle, have you thought of carrying any kind of dog deterrent? Maybe a spray bottle or something.
    I enjoyed your blog, Jimbo. I would have a tough time in that heat as well. I didn't think the medal looked bad, honestly. I've had worse.
    Glad you're feeling better, Hazelnut.

    Woke up with fierce backache today - not sure if it's down to tight hips and glutes, or some of the stretches I did yesterday. Luckily I have a massage scheduled in a couple of hours' time.

    I did 6 miles anyway, enjoying the early morning sun (although my hands were cold for the first mile or so - going to need gloves soon!) I rather wish we had the temperatures we have now combined with the earlier sunrise we get during summer, but I guess you can't have everything.
  • Glad you're feeling better Hazel. I've only ever had a UTI when I was pregnant and it made me feel very crappy!

    Cal, I would be very happy with that half time.

    I did an hour at low heart rate on Sunday, yesterday I did 25 minutes at 'threshold' pace- I guessed around 8:30 pace, which is fast (for me) but not too fast.

    Woken up this morning with a funny ear, it feels like I'm under water and my balance is off... grrr...
  • Happy belated birthday Will and quick *wave* to MLRers. Too busy to post

  • Thanks for the consoling words Cal
  • Not quite sure what happened there. I write a big post and then it all disappeared except for the first line. 

    Ah well. Just a 5k at lunch today before my last long training run on The Appian Way this weekend, leading up to the Birmingham Marathon in 3 weeks! Fortunately it's getting fresher here now, and no side effects from the half at the weekend, feeling OK.
  • Thanks all for the birthday wishes. Plenty of good running going down with the MLRers.
    I got out for a 6 mile stretch out tonight, ahead of my trail half marathon on Sunday. Feeling good and getting nicely into the zone at the mo. I've got a threefold target strategy for the half, as per some advice I read about not setting yourself up to fail:
    1 - finish.
    2 - beat my current pb of 2h 15m (I've only done 1 HM before!)
    3 - get home in 2h 10m or under.

    I'll have one more easy run on Friday and then stretch and roll and eat porridge. Fingers crossed for cool weather.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Waves back to Nessie: Hope you are otherwise ok and "just" busy.

    The Appian Way looks nice Jimbobello - not sure about the surface though - would be a recipie for sore feet for me on a long run.  If you live in Rome: ever been down to Norma / Sermoneta near Latina?  Nice places - maybe less so for running as both are up a hill..  I used to go there regularly each spring.

    Hope your back is feeling better Cal and your ear Andrea.

    Good luck for your HM on Sunday Will.  Good strategy with your goals.  Your time might be slower than your current HM PB due to the different surface.  On the other hand you might be in much better shape than last time and beat it.

    A couple of trail race tips:

    Stay concentrated so you don't fall over on rough stuff (been there, done that - was admiring the scenery too much and tripped over a tree root on an otherwise smooth stretch).

    Don't run right on someone's heels but try to keep a clear view of the path ahead for a couple of strides so you can see any obstacles coming up. 

    If you haven't yet - check and memorize the course profile for any ups and downs. 

    If the trails are narrow you might get stuck in traffic.  It works well for me to communicate with those directly around me.  If someone is breathing down my neck I will ask if they want to pass and if I want to overtake someone in front then I ask if I can go past - if necessary wait for an obvious place to do so but don't exhaust yourself putting on a burst of speed to do so.  

    Enjoy it!

    ah MLR: yesterday afternoon  - 14.5km with 14 at tempo pace in 1:12:22  Had another very stressful workday and wasn't at all in the mood for going running let alone doing any sort of speedwork.  Nearly turned back after 200 metres in CBA mood.  Gave myself a big mental kick up the backside and reminded myself that marathons don't run themselves and kept going.  Looking at the results now it was a good run - very even splits at the pace I was supposed to have been doing. 

    Things to look at:  a half-inflated hot air ballon, the first yellow leaves, a group of about 10 red kites circling in the same thermal (making it look very easy as usual - as a paraglider pilot I know it isn't!), several cats hunting mice.  Made a conscious effort to look around me for something nice to make the run feel better.
  • Good luck Will!
    I really can't seem to catch a break right now. Now that it's cooler I was really looking forward to getting a decent parkrun in tomorrow. Popped out for an easy 4 miles today and my hip siezed up again. It's really quite sore. Looks like I'm going to have to rest again. Currently alternating ice and hot water bottle on it but, ugh.
  • Oh no Cal :-(
    Which Half are you doing Will? Great tips from Hazel, who's something of an expert. Have a good one! I'm doing Pleshey HM on Sunday but I have done no training to speak of, so I'm not chasing any time. It's a lovely race that I've done before and there will be lots of club mates there so I'm hoping it will be a nice run out and a sharpener for the Half I'm hoping to do quickly in November.

    I've been AWOL, life is busier than I've ever known it, and sadly this year it has been crisis after crisis in my family.  The oldest and youngest ones in the family are broadly OK though ATM. Work is fine, just super busy.  so much to do all the time..
    I did the Serpentine swim on Saturday. It was FREEZING. But loved it. Then my final OW swim (I think) of the year at the freezing lake on Wednesday evening.  Running- I've been doing it! Plodding mainly, getting respite, chatting with friends or listening to Women's Hour rather than keeping an eye on distance or pace. Did around 8 miles easy in the beautiful forest this morning.  
    Hope all other MLRers are well
  • Sorry to hear that Nessie. My Husband's family have had a a terrible 18 months and it's not easy x

    Cal, I hope your hip has eased a bit?

    Well despite bring snotty and having a dodgy ear, I went to parkrun and ran a 24:46. Wasn't really expecting anything better, just ticking off another one before I get my 100 tshirt
  • Thanks for the wishes Nessie, Cal and tips, Hazel. Will keep my wits about me and remember to concentrate...hopefully.
    It's the King's Forest Trail Marathon/Half near Bury St Edmunds. I've done a 10K series at a similar venue and this one promises forest, heath, river, lakes and no hills! The track will be quite sandy but I've put in a lot of work since my first Half and am feeling good to go. Really excited about it actually.
    Your swimming exploits sound invigorating/nuts, Nessie. I'm off wild camping on Mull at half term so may even have a dip myself up there.
    I fitted in one little 2.5 mile stretch out on Thursday, so all set for my race now.
    Happy running all!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
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    Aloha. Had a cold for a week and no inclination to run. Think I got it from a dribbley toddler in the dentist waiting room. Have been gyming instead. Anyway, 21mins on the treadmill Thurs, 9.1miles mainly off-road yesterday in 1hr9:30. Went okay. Ran for 9miles about the same pace today. Got tired and hot so took a few minutes rest then slow 1.6miles home. Not that surprised. It's a strange thing but the first run after any break goes fine, then the next ones can be tricky. Saw a dead cat, and a taxi pulled onto the pavement and almost hit me. Really sweaty. Never got efficient with running at even modest temps all summer.
    Neighbour has been away for a fortnight. His cat has insinuated itself even further and taken to falling asleep on top of me. Don't know it's name. Calling it Kate Bush because it Wows a lot.
  • Pleshey Half Marathon done in c 1.56. I'm happy with that, I enjoyed the race, felt pretty strong throughout and had a speedy first 9-10 miles. After that my lack of any long runs became evident so I slowed down quite a bit.
  • Well done Nessie. Good time for your lack of long runs.  

    Good to hear you are feeling better JT.  Cat-on-lap is always a good excuse to be lazy and not get up and do things.

    Nice parkrun Andrea.  How many do you have left to do for your 100?

    Bad luck on your hip Cal.  Hope it is feeling a bit better in the meantime.

    Tough long run for me yesterday.  27km in 2:23:18 with 9km at around HM pace + 10 seconds / km, followed by 18 km at around HM + 1 minute / km.   That was the last of the combined long runs for this marathon campaign - all the remaining ones are to be done at a constant pace. 

    Lovely autumn day - sunny and a bit on the warm side.  I ran along the river Aare - there were plenty of people cycling along it, a few swimming in it and lots of boat activity.  Was tempted at km 24 to jump on board the passenger boat which was just approaching the jetty there rather than do the last 3km as my feet were getting pretty sore but I kept going.  Sometimes stony paths and fairly lightweight road shoes don't mix well on long runs. Took a gel with me - this time one without caffeine which went down with much less of a sugar rush than the ones I had been trying on previous long runs with caffeine.  
  • Last Saturday, enjoyed a long doco about 'Jethro Tull', still going after 50 years under one-legged flautist, Ian Anderson.  Prog folk?  Folk rock?

    Sunday night is darkrun night, and no canine unnecessariness, indeed, I only saw two walkers in 90 minutes/9.1 miles.  Scarcely a swell and little breeze.

    Streak = 635 days.  :o

    sub-2 is great, Nessie.  Kate the Cat - makes sense, JT.  :)

    Great prep, Will - and speedy 5k work in your park, Andrea.

    I like Hazel's Trail Tips. :)  
  • Well done everyone on some good races and training, sorry to hear of more troubles for you Cal I really hope things pick up soon.

    After that nice 18 miler I gave it a few days before heading out again and went out after work on Saturday and had a quite astonishing 10 miles which was faster than any other run over the same distance this year by a whole eight minutes, 1.25 compared to 1.33 however the joy didn't last long as it looks like I've done something to my right hip. I don't think it's over traning as it was only my third run in almost three weeks. Whatever it is I'm taking a couple of weeks rest before I do my next race (8 miles) on October 8th,more concerning is that it happened the day after I booked Frankfurt marathon which I'll still do but after that I'll rest properly and see how things pan out-a new pair of shoes may also be the order of the day!

    Frustating as it is it doesn't stop my desire or determination that I will one day get back to where I was a couple of years ago!
  • Great time, Nessie. Wish I could get close to that!
    Good running everyone else. Hope the niggles clear up, Cal and Matt.

    Well that race was a tough one - but very satisfying to get through it and learn plenty about pacing and long distance trails.

    It was a lovely course, through forest, heathland, riverbank and country lanes. Mud, wet grass, sand and gravel + half a dozen gates and 19C heat. Oh and it was 13.4 miles as they had to re-route a section.

    I set off too fast (as usual) and found myself 2 miles in and 30 secs a mile up on my planned pace. It was then quite hard, psychologically,  to drop back a few places and turn down the pace. Then a 4 mile section of baking heathland on a constant slight incline made me feel like wanting to stop and give up. I got my head down, swore at myself a few times and managed to push through. Getting plenty of fluid at the water stations certainly helped, so may consider carrying some next time.

    The final third was a bit more foresty, with shade and some almost downhill bits. I got a bit of a second puff at about 11 miles and ploughed on through to the finish line, where my son, nephew and chief coach (Dad) were cheering me on. Splits were all over the place, but a fantastic experience. Finish time for 13.4 miles was 2:13. At 13.1 I was on 2:11, so PBs for both.

    A bit achey now!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • :) A nice shiny PB for Will.. Great effort with good pace control on a not so easy course in warm conditions.   You can be proud of your achey bits now. 

     Good to hear the streak is still going swittle. 

    Saw on the Frankfurt thread that you have signed up Matt - might see you there.  If we both make it there - I might be joining the hip /butt troubles club myself.  The left one was a bit grumbly after my speed session on Thursday and ok - I admit it - also during my long run on Sunday.  It did improve during the run but has not been happy since.   Can't find a particular spot which goes ouch, have full mobility but weight bearing does hurt if I have been sitting for a while.  Plodded around a 5km recovery jog yesterday evening during which it improved quite a bit and am now trying applying a bit of warmth to relax the muscles.  (squidgey gel cushion thingy).   Never had any issues with it before so I will see how things go.      
  • Congrats on the pb Will. 
    Great H/M time too Nessie

    Hazelnut, which Marathon are you training for? 

    Saturday's parkrun was my 92nd, so 8 more to go until I reach 100. 

    I did 50 minutes at low heart rate yesterday. I also ordered myself some trail shoes. The parkrun I'm currently doing is relatively new and it's mostly fields. It's started to get slippy and boggy. I haven't got on with trail shoes in the past, but I nearly tumbled a few times on Saturday...we'll see.

    There is a half marathon here on October 29th. I might sign up.
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