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  • Did 5 minute warm up. Followed by 3 minutes fast/ 3 minutes slow repeated x 6.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    7miles yesterday. Thought it was 8miles but too dark to see my watch properly. Somebody complimented me on the flashy light I was wearing. Neighbours cat scratched me. Whilst purring. What a bastard.
  • Well done Nessie. I'm a mess right now - hip and lower back are hurting and I've had to shelve running for a while. I hope I'm going to be OK for Royal Parks but it's not looking good.
  • Yes, Will, it's a non-starter to run a trundle wheel round an off-road course!  Feel smug for the extra.  :D 

    Thanks, Hazel.  Steady as you go in treating the hippy/butty thing. :o

    Maintaining The Streak tends to be a solitary affair but the calm, warm, misty early morning weather is balm to my soul and comfort to my creaking limbs.  

    Andrea, 92 parkruns is highly impressive  :) You might like to find out if there's a trail version of your current shoe.

    JT - I use the headtorch-watch interface.  A that's a norty puddy tat  :o

    Cal, am sorry to hear of your aches & pains.  Hope you're soon on the mend.

  • Cats - reel you in and then ruin you.

    After a couple of days of rest and chocolate bars I popped out for an easy 4 miles tonight, to stretch out the stiffness. The first few miles felt fine, legs nice and relaxed. The final mile started to feel a bit loose and jiggly and things started tightening up when I got back. Plenty of stretching and rolling required, then back to preparing for my next Half in 5 weeks.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Great run Will!
    Cal- boo! Rest up!
    JT- my cats brought me a baby mouse when I got in from work today. Still alive. Just
    Hazel- taper now? Hope the grumble stops grumbling
    Andrea- interesting sounding speed work. I need to get back to it.
    Me- I did an early run Tuesday but legs were still very heavy from Sunday so it was an easy 4 miles. Tonight they are still a bit tired too! 7 miles with the club
  • 5k to work this morning - all uphill - 27 mins. 2nd fastest 5k I've run using Runkeeper over last 2 years :smile:
  • Wishing you better Cal. When is your half?

    Good 5k time Dave.

    I did 50 minutes at a steady pace today. I think my heart rate monitor needs new batteries... got some very odd numbers.

    My trail shoes arrived (amazon prime!). I'm now willing it to rain non-stop so I can justify buying them
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Good smart running work going on. Including the resting and recovery work.
    Threw it down yesterday and overnight but beautiful blue sky and sun today. There was a heat shimmer across the road. So much easier to run in dry uncluttered warmth. 10.3miles in 1hr18.
    Neighbour is home and the cat has deserted me.
  • 4.5 miles progression run in my break from work today. Not quite as fast as I'd like for the last two miles, but getting there. I'm trying to follow the ASICS plan but find I run too often  :#:#
  • Hope you enjoy the new shoes, Andrea.
    Nice pace JT and good going Nessie.

    I got out for 5 miles tonight and felt in very good form. Good overall pace and a few zippy spurts, including a Bolt-like sprint up the hill to my house.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    ...and a few zippy spurts.
    What an episode of Rainbow that was.
  • Lol, JT. It was a classic Ep! :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Andrea: I'm doing Frankfurt on 29.10.  Enjoy your new shoes.

    Your neighbour's cat is an ungrateful beastie JT.  It will probably come back though..

    Cal - I hope your hip is improving.

    Chocolate is a good race recovery tool Will.

    Your cats are generous Nessie - mine hasn't brought in any presents since May but I still have the mouse catching equipment ready - a stick, a plastic box and a decent bit of cardboard.  

    Hi Dave - I think you are new on here? If so - welcome to the thread.

    My hip / butt is fortunately more or less back to normal - I did my usual Tuesday group outing starting off in a bit of pain but it got better as the run went on and it hasn't complained much since.  Only two of us out - where was everyone - it wasn't that wet.  The last kilometre or so was fun dodging frogs all over the road.  We could just about make them out against the tarmac thanks to the headtorches.  

    I risked a tempo run yesterday to which there has been no bad reactions.  Hope it stays that way as I have a 30km long run to do on Sunday.   With a month to go its a bit early to taper - I need a couple more long runs yet.

    Have a good weekend everybody.
  •  No running for me today. Good job as my daughter decided to stay awake all night with the sniffles. She eventually fell asleep about 3am, at which point my fat and very heavy cat decided to sleep on my legs. I eventually get to sleep. The next thing I know my daughter, who is now feeling right as rain, starts climbing all over me at 6am
  • Oh dear Andrea :-( How old is your daughter? I too have an overly friendly cat who likes to sleep with us, and as my kids are a bit older (16 and 9), the sleepless nights are generally better. But when the youngest has a cold she is still up and down. What is that about?? When i have a cold, all I want to do is lie down and sleep, *not* whinge and whine and wake people up  :#
    Hazel, good to hear you're back to form.  My cats are good hunters and usually bring several gifts per week. Usually mice (dead or alive), but sometimes also birds and rats (dead or alive).  I am now pretty hardcore when it comes to catching the live stuff and disposing of the dead, but I *HATE* rats.
    Will, sounds like a nice run.  
    Me- just under 8 miles in the rather humid drizzle this morning accompanied by a particularly good episode of "This American Life" for the first bit, then a friend for the last 3 miles. It was a nice run. We're off tomorrow for the night camping in Essex, very likely the last camping trip of the year. 
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2017
    Today would have been a fine opportunity for Andrea to test new trail shoes as it pissed it down. I was fed up. Eventually got my act together for a run in the dry evening. 8.2miles in just over 1hr01. Wore my head torch having patched it up (I'd dropped and bust it). Lots of hands free unlit bikes about, sometimes with a passenger on the handlebars. Had a bad week with cyclists. On the bike myself another cyclist ambled across a red light at a junction without looking and rode straight in front of me. Managed to stop. She had not a clue what she'd done. You're so exposed on a bike I just don't get how some seem to relinquish responsibility for their own safety and trust everyone else will be paying attention and do the thinking for them. I don't have that much blind faith. The cat is back. He/she (don't like to get too involved) is not yet fat after being practically starved when it first turned to us. It doesn't catch anything on account of lack of teeth. The worst it could to a mouse in its mouth is a deep tissue massage.
  • Have fun camping Nessie. My daughter is 6 years old and my son is 9. 

    No wake ups from kids last night but my other cat, luckily the small one, decided to sleep on my neck- she also loves to hunt birds and deposit them outside my daughter's bedroom!

    JT141- bikes scare me at the best of times! Good job with the 8 miles.

    Well I did get to test my trail shoes today (yay!) and they were great. There are a couple of slippy hills and whilst others were going around them gingerl. I just ran straight through the mud.My time was 24.13, 34 seconds quicker than last week and with an overall pace of 7:47. Happy with that.

  • Stealth bikes ridden by scallies are a menace here in L'pool - not a light to be seen.  And the stench of weed is another sign.

    Security of trail shoes = well worth it.  A v good time, Andrea.

    4 miles off road y'day, then a 3-mile round trip to the day hospital for a test.  I may have passed....
  • Nice trail running, Andrea. Great time and I too love the fun of muddy hills. The cats on my road are too busy beating all the other cats up to bring us any gifts, apart from stinking parcels in the flower beds.
    Bikes in Norwich are a pain too. Lights or none, they seem to prefer pavements to the dangers of the highway and often cross my path. This morning one very almost ran me over as he came round a corner, Sports Direct bag negatively affecting his balance. Once dodged, I told him to get on the road and then furtively checked my back for the next half mile. The rest of the run was 3.5 miles at a good pace, with a few incline pushes. Norfolk is nowhere near as flat as the rumours. 28 mins. Enjoyed.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Had a nice time volunteering at Norwich Junior Parkrun yesterday. My niece and nephew ran, along with my Mum and Dad (73yrs young) and my boy, Nye, smashed his PB by 16 seconds!

    After a hectic weekend I went out last night for a 'foot off the gas' 6 miles at a nice lazy pace of 10:20 mile. Wore my snazzy new fluoro running jacket, but had to tie it round my waist as it was a balmy 17C!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Daughter passed the sniffles to me.. ugh feel rough. I feel like I've been so 'sickly' recently. I can't stand it. I just want to get out there and run but there's now way today. Sooo frustrating.
  • Me again! Rather quiet in the world of MLR. A good 6 miles tempo tonight in a t-shirt/vest combo due to the welcome drop in temperatures. All going well except for the imminent shedding of a couple of toe nails.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Dropping in. Will catch up when I have time
    Had a nice night away camping up near Maldon, a high point being a lone Sunday morning run in the drizzle along the wild trails on the Blackwater coast, the North sea rough next to me. Pretty spot on running for me.
    Tonight was a club 5k at Redbridge cycling centre, Hog Hill. It really is a pig of a hill. 4 times. I think I pretty much matched last year's time around 25.30
  • Another half in preparation for Birmingham at the weekend. A very hilly race in the hills just outside Rome. My calves feel like stone some 3 days after.

    I wrote about it here:

    Reading about all these rainy muddy trail and road runs is making me homesick! Birmingham Marathon in 2 weeks should fix that!
  • Did the Tonbridge Half Marathon on Sunday - lovely route but very challenging, 1.46, happy with that. Heading out for 4 miles to get the legs going again.

    Need to consistently get back to parkrun on a Saturday, with VLM this year (and next) became obsessed over the LSR
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    644 days on the Streak - for no other reason than that I can.
  • On holiday at the moment and staying away from my computer as much as possible.  Posting via a tablet takes much longer as I only can use 1 finger rather than 10..

    We haven't booked anything but are doing mostly day trips from home. Hope I will get some decent runs in. 

    Did my 30km on Sunday a 2 river (Rhine and Aare) and 2 country outing (Switzerland and Germany).  Part of the route took in a popular birdwatching spot Will, there were quite a few people pointing bins and scopes at the reedbanks.  I was pretty tired by that point and could only note swan, duck and grebe I'm afraid..

    Otherwise 10km on Tuesday on a lovely evening - the moon was almost full and we needed the headtorches for safety rather than looking at the road.  Less frogs to avoid than the week before.
  • Still full of cold and fed up! No running since Saturday.
  • Get better soon Andrea! Enjoy the hols Hazel.
    Great streaking as every swits.
    Me- managed to fit in an early 6 am run around 4.5 miles fast this morning. Trying to use the ASICS plan but struggling to find time / motivation to run fast
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