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  • Good to hear you're tentatively getting back to it Cal
    Hazel, you sound in a good headspace for the weekend. Let me know what your OH thinks of the Wetlands? I'm taking the youngest there for a bike ride tomorrow, weather permitting
    Nice miles JT
    Hola swittle
    Me- I led out an improvers group at the running club last night.  Around 11 min mile for them and we covered a little over 5 miles.  Fairly mixed ability and I really enjoyed it- I regularly lead out my "usual" group on a Wednesday, which is faster, but haven't led a slower one for a fair while. Shall be on the rota now, which I look forward to
  • Hello again MLRers! I hope you are all well and that life is treating the legs kindly.

    Mull was spectacularly beautiful. The Autumn colours and constantly changing sky reaffirmed it as my favourite place on Earth. The wildlife was superb too: 6 Golden Eagles, 10 Sea Eagles, 8 Hen Harriers + 5 Otter and loads more. Rather stormy at times but the tent just about stayed in place.

    My sore calf healed itself after 4-5 days rest and I managed a good 10km hike up a mountain, in search of eagles, parts of which I ran. Apart from that and a good few more hiking miles my training has been in hiatus. A sinus/chest cough/cold has forced me to rest and consume lots of garlic and vitamins. I am hoping the tail end of it buggars off by tomorrow for the Norfolk Coastal Half Marathon. It looks like a fantastic course - proper trail over beach, dunes and coastal path - and will be a real test heading north into the wind all the way. I shall have to hope the miles I put in over the preceding months carry me through and over the finish line. That's my target - to finish.

    I run, therefore I am.
  • Sounds lovely, Will. Good news about the calf.

    My back continues to improve. Hip is still grouchy but I managed a 2.5 mile run today. Didn't want to push it to 3 - my calves are grumbling as they've had a month off and aren't used to it.
    I saw the doctor and he agreed to refer me to the musculo-skeletal unit but since that will take minimum 6 weeks, I don't think it's going to be much use. I hope I'm better before then!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Hazel, I used to find that the 3-4 days before a Marathon were hard to fill: resting felt wrong and running was too full on!

    Good goose-accompanied miles, JT.  

    Pleased you're on the mend, Cal.  I'd take any clinical consultation going.

    Valuable work you do there, Nessie  :)

    Loving the Mull wildlife report, Will.  All the best for the Norfolk HM!

    Me: survived Day 666  :o of the Streak yesterday; through 1300 miles for 2017 this morning.  A beagle set other dogs off baying and howling on the prom today!  Owners found this quaintly comic!
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    My sister was in Mull recently. Coincided with the backend of the Ophelia storm. Weather was vicious for which she seemed to hold the place personally responsible.
    13.2miles on/offroad in just over 1hr40. Quicker first half, slow second half (though that was the offroad bit). Clear, bright day.
    Good luck this weekend Hazel.
  • It really was 4 seasons in one day - every day! Never seen so many rainbows. The weather made the Isle all the more dramatic, as did the Eagles :)

    Good luck, Hazel. Go for it!

    I'm off to the beach for a 13.1 pootle.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Have a great HM Will, sounds like a great course.  I am looking forward to getting back to the trails.  Mull sounds fantastic.

    Impressive statistics as always swittle

    Nice outings JT

    Keep it gentle Cal.

    Did my 5km leg loosener yesterday and am off to Frankfurt later.  not really looking forward to nearly 5 hours on the train but I get it for free and it will be much better than flying or driving on the way home.

    Thanks for the good lucks..
  • Smash it Hazel! Can we track you- what's your number?
    Great running Will, JT, swittle, and carry on taking it easy Cal.
    Me- very happy with this morning's 11 miles at 8.36 pace which is equal to my PB pace for a half. My lovely friend paced me which is *kind of* a cheat, but I felt quite strong throughout and so fingers crossed I can get a PB in two weeks! 
  • Great pace work, Nessie.
    Well, the Norfolk Coastal HM was a beautiful but brutal course. Very exposed and running north into a strong North Sea headwind all the way really pushed me and everyone else. Very pleased to finish as wasn't on top form and had a couple of 'can I go on?' moments. My good old Pa followed me round and high-fived me at four different spots, also marshalling people in the right direction as it was a confusing route in places.
    So, at 13.1 I registered 2h 28min - slow but a sense of achievement that made the gruelling effort worthwhile. The actual finish was on 14.17 miles in a village hall! My time was 2h 40min. We do things in a rum way up here in Norfolk!
    Very tired now.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • You are looking good for your PB Nessie.

    Well done Will.  I find strong winds very energy sapping. 

    My start number is F2760.  There is a tracking function on the website.

    Wandered briefly around the expo, got a meal and have just made an LBD out of a bin liner as it might be wet tomorrow before the start.

    The number is massive - most marathoners don't have XXL bellies.  The really slim runners can probably wrap it around their waists.

    Hotel is 5 mins from the finish and we can check out post race so I can look forward to a hot shower. 

    Ah MLR.. errm not for me today..
  • **update**
    Hazel's doing really well!! 1.45 for the half and if she keeps up the current pace she is predicted to PB.  Sending positive MLR run strong vibes to her!
  • Go Hazel, that's amazing!

    Well done on the half Will.

    Not much running last week for me as I had the kids off school.

    parkrun yesterday in 24:33. Then this morning, the half marathon I definitely wasn't doing. I finished in 1:58:34! Not a pb, but considering I haven't run over 10 miles or done a half in 2.5 years, I'll take that!
  • Good HM time Andrea.

    Didn't get my PB despite Nessie's vibes, 3:37:42 i.e 3:04 over if I remember right.

    Struggled on the last 12km where my pace dropped badly I think. 

    Given the in part strong winds and only 12 weeks transition time from trail plodding to fast road racing I'm happy with my time.

    Now enjoying the train ride home.  We have been lucky with only 20 mins delay as further north in Germany no trains are running at all due to the storms.
  • That's an incredible time Hazel. Well done. Every time I do a half, it reminds how there is no way I could do a full marathon  :):):)
  • Agreed Hazel. You should be super proud of that, regardless of the horrid weather conditions. Absolutely fantastic running.  Enjoy some very deserved rest, food and after glow.  Will this give you a GFA?
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    Well done Hazel, Andrea, Ness & Will.
    About 10.2miles yesterday. It was cold but that probably did me good. Had to shoo some bucking (not a typo) cows out of the way. Have taken to rolling out my calves And them muscles at the top front of my legs. More knots than an amnesiacs' hanky.
  • Thanks everyone. 

    Be careful with those cows JT. 

    It would be a GFA for London Nessie, but I can't take it up as I'm not a UK resident.  The weather wasn't actually that bad - it was raining hard at 7am but we had sunshine at the start at 10am - it was just a bit windy in places. 

    I don't feel too bad today - I even made it out for a 5km recovery jog at lunchtime without too much discomfort and can do stairs more or less normally.  After my first marathon I could hardly walk thanks to DOMS and didn't even think about lacing up the running shoes for 5 days. 

    I'm now just pretty tired in general.  I Will take it easy for the next few days.  I'm looking forward to a few weeks without following a training plan and planning next year's big races.
  • Fantastic runs, Hazel + Andrea! V impressive.
    I have aches in places I'd forgotten about, so a few days off, eating sweets and carving pumpkins before I start my next campaign.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Great time Hazel, I was quite some time behind you with a time of 4.35.57 but I'm more than happy with that. Injury struck in mid September so I wasn't able to get the last long runs done properly and I've only run twice in the previous six weeks, then I pulled a quad muscle warming up and then my garmin gave up just 1.4 miles in! I spent a few miles having no idea of my pace but I then generally kept up with the 4.44 pacer until about twenty miles at which point I was still feeling fairly good so I upped my pace and finished ten minutes ahead of my plan and even then I still had quite a bit of energy left!

    The lack of training has now hit me though with some soreness in the hip much as I expected so I can rest up for a few weeks as I've only got a 5k race still left on my calendar for 2017. Hopefully I can start 2018 fresher and fitter than I started 2017, but just getting a few injury free months would be a nice change after the last 18 months.
  • Well done on the sub-2, Andrea.
    Will, that HM sounds tough - you deserve a pat on the back.
    Fab running Nessie, and that's a great result Hazelnut even if it wasn't quite a PB. Matt, that's a good result considering you were injured. I did similar time at Liverpool after I got hamstring problems.
    With you on the injury stuff. I've had nothing but problems this year.
    Speaking of which, I tried a mile yesterday and hip and back hurt so I didn't push it. But they felt a bit better today so I did 2 miles and the TFL didn't hurt walking up the stairs to my flat afterwards. It's not healed, but it does seem to be improving slightly. Fingers crossed.
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    This morning's 6 am outing was just under 6 miles at HM race pace- although one of the splits was way out and too slow.. Averaged 8.3 which is OK but a bit slower than I'd hoped for
  • Cal, you seem to be easing back in gently. Hope you continue to get stronger.

    Nessie, well done on the 6 miles.

    Yesterday I did 4 slow miles, today I did 1 mile warm up, flowed by 30 seconds fast/ 2 mins slow intervals repeated x 8 ( was supposed to be 16 times, but I didn't have time).

    So badly want a sub 24 at parkrun this week, got a bit of confidence after the half- it has shown me that I'm stronger than I think I am!
  • You did very well Matt, especially if you were able to increase your pace at 20 miles - mine was beginning to drop badly there and as of 35km - oh dear.  Enjoy your recovery.

    That sounds encouraging Cal - but don't push it.

    When / where is your half Nessie?  

    Good luck for your parkrun Andrea

    10km gentle in 01:01 for me yesterday - maybe a bit long as I was feeling pretty tired still.  Its not DOMS (other than a knot in my left calf) but just overall fatigue.  Will make sure that I keep it gentle until I feel fine again and take a rest day between runs.  Lovely day - around 2 degrees had to get out the gloves.
    I'm suffering from post-marathon blues a bit - I feel like someone has taken away my favorite fluffy toy.  I should think about what I need to work on for future races, hang up my medal and start looking forward.  On the other hand it is good to be able to run again without pressure - no pace constraints or having to get out there and juggle runs with other stuff.

  • I rested yesterday (well, not exactly - I did two yoga classes - but no running) and got out at lunchtime today. I managed 3 miles, which I'm happy with. Niggles are there so I'm not going to push myself but if I can build up consistency without making things worse, I'll be content.
    Hazelnut - best cure for post-marathon blues is entering another race. :)
  • After a few sore days, including the most painful Junior parkrun possible, I eased back in last night with a slow 5 miles. It took 4 to loosen up and then I felt good for the final mile.

    Having completed 3 (my first) Halfs this year and with that dark nights vibe going on, I had a bit of a retrospective whilst ambling along yesterday.

    1. Norwich - my virgin Half and, despite being in pretty good shape, was frustrated that I needed to walk a couple of times. I wasn't up to the two big hills, but worse was the fact it was 25C - a real sapper - at the beginning of April. Proud to finish respectably and a lot learnt.

    2. King's Forest Trail - better prepared this time and ran the whole course (0.6 miles long). Another heat situation - 19C at end of September -  made it gruelling. Started too fast but pleased with last few miles and finish time.

    3. Norfolk Coastal - a bit of an injury and a chest full of gunk + heading into a brutal headwind made this the toughest test. 14.17 mile course added to the pain. Despite all that, it was a stunning course and will defo enter next year. Power walked a couple of times and stumbled over the finish line for a very slow time. 

    What strikes me is that it seems the factors that were out of my control were key. Heat and wind knocked my preparations out of the window. The weather really transformed the races. The other thing I learnt was to Swallow pride and not race unless feeling close to 100 percent. Running last weekend when I was probably only 70 percent was not an amazingly good idea - something I won't repeat. All in all a very steep, but intriguing and satisfying learning curve.

    So, on to the next Half, on Dec 2nd, back in the forest. I've added some speed and hill work to my training plan and, body willing, I'm hoping to pull together a good performance and time. A cooler and flatter experience should help, so fingers and shoelaces and knee supports crossed!

    Happy running, all! :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    8.75miles in some time or other. There was a man on like a Harley Davidson push bike.
  • October's mileage was my highest for two-and-a-half years.  

    Well dones to Hazel, racers, trainers and tourists alike.
  • Will, a lot of racing for you this year and lessons well learnt. Cal, getting back to it slowly. Hazel, nice recovery and am still in awe of your time. JT, my husband has a Harley. Swit, excellent work.
    Me- Wednesday night was around 7 miles fairly easy but a frustrating run cos I arrived at the club a couple of minutes late due to duties with my olds, so ended up running in my own.
    This morning was the last of my pre-race fast runs- 5 miles at 8.22 pace.  Now for a week and a bit taper before the HM next Sunday (Grand Union)
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    A longer run of 16.27miles in just under 2hrs08. Tiring but consistent pace. Want to get my distance stamina back - more 2hr+ outings at an easy pace.
  • Plenty of good mileage going on there, Nessie, JT + Swittle.
    I did the same 5.5 mile course tonight as on Wednesday but 5 mins quicker. A bit of form back and enjoyed a bit more of a push. All the fireworks had me almost doing Bolt-like sprint starts.
    I run, therefore I am.
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