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  • I rested yesterday (well, not exactly - I did two yoga classes - but no running) and got out at lunchtime today. I managed 3 miles, which I'm happy with. Niggles are there so I'm not going to push myself but if I can build up consistency without making things worse, I'll be content.
    Hazelnut - best cure for post-marathon blues is entering another race. :)
  • After a few sore days, including the most painful Junior parkrun possible, I eased back in last night with a slow 5 miles. It took 4 to loosen up and then I felt good for the final mile.

    Having completed 3 (my first) Halfs this year and with that dark nights vibe going on, I had a bit of a retrospective whilst ambling along yesterday.

    1. Norwich - my virgin Half and, despite being in pretty good shape, was frustrated that I needed to walk a couple of times. I wasn't up to the two big hills, but worse was the fact it was 25C - a real sapper - at the beginning of April. Proud to finish respectably and a lot learnt.

    2. King's Forest Trail - better prepared this time and ran the whole course (0.6 miles long). Another heat situation - 19C at end of September -  made it gruelling. Started too fast but pleased with last few miles and finish time.

    3. Norfolk Coastal - a bit of an injury and a chest full of gunk + heading into a brutal headwind made this the toughest test. 14.17 mile course added to the pain. Despite all that, it was a stunning course and will defo enter next year. Power walked a couple of times and stumbled over the finish line for a very slow time. 

    What strikes me is that it seems the factors that were out of my control were key. Heat and wind knocked my preparations out of the window. The weather really transformed the races. The other thing I learnt was to Swallow pride and not race unless feeling close to 100 percent. Running last weekend when I was probably only 70 percent was not an amazingly good idea - something I won't repeat. All in all a very steep, but intriguing and satisfying learning curve.

    So, on to the next Half, on Dec 2nd, back in the forest. I've added some speed and hill work to my training plan and, body willing, I'm hoping to pull together a good performance and time. A cooler and flatter experience should help, so fingers and shoelaces and knee supports crossed!

    Happy running, all! :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    8.75miles in some time or other. There was a man on like a Harley Davidson push bike.
  • October's mileage was my highest for two-and-a-half years.  

    Well dones to Hazel, racers, trainers and tourists alike.
  • Will, a lot of racing for you this year and lessons well learnt. Cal, getting back to it slowly. Hazel, nice recovery and am still in awe of your time. JT, my husband has a Harley. Swit, excellent work.
    Me- Wednesday night was around 7 miles fairly easy but a frustrating run cos I arrived at the club a couple of minutes late due to duties with my olds, so ended up running in my own.
    This morning was the last of my pre-race fast runs- 5 miles at 8.22 pace.  Now for a week and a bit taper before the HM next Sunday (Grand Union)
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    A longer run of 16.27miles in just under 2hrs08. Tiring but consistent pace. Want to get my distance stamina back - more 2hr+ outings at an easy pace.
  • Plenty of good mileage going on there, Nessie, JT + Swittle.
    I did the same 5.5 mile course tonight as on Wednesday but 5 mins quicker. A bit of form back and enjoyed a bit more of a push. All the fireworks had me almost doing Bolt-like sprint starts.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • 4 miles easy this morning listening to Women's Hour. Was a pleasure.
  • Sadly no sub 24 parkrun today for me. I completely forgot that our local one was cancelled due to bonfire night. This meant that we had to go to the one at the country park. Not good after torrential rain this morning, the puddles were almost at my knees! Ended up with 24:29
  • Hills always end but the wind can be relentless - worth 10 seconds off min/mile?  Great effort, Will.

    Very tidy brace of events, Andrea.  

    Hazel, that's a belting Mara time - reward for consistent prep.

    Liking the double-figure sessions, JT, cows & calves notwithstanding!

    Pompey Matt - difficult to reconcile desire to race with the after effects of injury, so your Mara time's creditable.

    Great variety of training, Nessie - going to reap dividends!

    Special mention for Cal: keep thriving on the signs of improvement.
  • Did a gentle 8 mile plod this morning. Very pleasant indeed.
  • A chilly Junior Parkrun with my boy this morning. He only needs 4 more to get his Marathon wristband :)

    Then, as they sat munching in the cafe, I headed out into the glorious November sun for 8 miles of half trail half road. Lovely along the river, with mud, leaves and young Moorhens fleeing my footfall. A couple of pike fisherman made me want to get back into a bit of angling. I used to catch some monsters back in the day. A good bit of muddy practice and then back up onto the road. Slightly faster than LSR as I really want to up my pace over distance and a few Norfolk hills thrown into the mix. Job done.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Back to training this morning and my first actual training run since September 22nd! A nice crisp and clear morning provided a lovely view across Farlington Marshes as I headed up the east side of Portsea Island in the pursuit of a steadily paced 10 miler which was a bit more difficult than I would have liked but never particularly tough. Nice even pacing, a negative split and a finish time of 1.28 something was quite enough for me to be satisfied with my effort. I'll do a couple of short runs during the week then another ten miles at least next weekend.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Nice running everyone (including Will Jr). Ease yourself back into it Matt.
    15.16miles in just over 1hr54. Pace quicker than intended but it felt comfortable and wasn't fatiguing. Good to see the miles rise. Virtually all road/path with a short spell of mud and puddles - runner coming the other way picked his way around them, I splashed through the middle, because I am an idiot. Short stop for a surreptitious pee and a couple of horses wandered over so patted them a bit. Saw a lorry pulling out of bridleway where it'd just fly tipped a load of old mattresses. "Harrisons of York" logo on the lorry if anyone fancies trolling the sh*t out of them on FB. That sped me up for the next few miles as I was really pissed off. Reported it to the council.
  • Puddles are fun JT.  Hope the flytipers get into some trouble.  B*stards.  Nice mileage btw.

    You're recovering fast Matt.  

    Nice analysis Will. You are right to be proud of your achievements.      

    That isn't a shabby time nontheless Andrea.  Better luck next time that you are on home turf and in good weather.  

    I've read on the Shades thread that you are still struggling Cal.  I really hope that things pick up soon.   My post-marathon blues are more or less gone, it is nice actually to just go out and run without the pressure of a training plan.  I have my eye on 2-3 races for the rest of 2017.

    Swittle - I admit to wandering over to look at your training log on Fetch every now and then if you are quiet on here and I get worried about the streak - all those boxes filled in are awesome.

    Enjoy the taper Nessie - looking forward to your HM.

    Me: 6.7km on Friday with OH - we trotted around the perimeter of a local wood in the hopes of being in the right place at the right time for the sunset - a bank of cloud got in the way unfortunately but it was nice to have company for once.  
    Today: 17.5km in 1:38:35.  Splashed and squelched slightly around the local fields and woods mid-afternoon as I couldn't be bothered to go out in the morning in the pouring rain.  I'm starting to put a bit of regular up and down back into my runs and a lot less tarmac.

    I've also signed up for the Berlin ballot.  Don't know what the chances are of getting a place.  Don't mind either way.
  • Thanks Hazelnut. I had a pretty wretched weekend from a running perspective (everything was hurting too much) but I got out today and managed 4 miles. Back ached the whole time but hip wasn't too bad. I guess this counts as a good day.
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  • 5.2 km at lunchtime - cold, cloudy and windy - needed gloves today.   OH has just sent me a nice pic of Hyde Park basking in the sunshine.   So much for the rumour that the UK only has fog or rain..

    Wildlife spot:  one fox and two crows attacking a buzzard. 
  • Yeah it was sunny here today, but it was 4 degrees when I popped out for my run. Brrr!
  • It was Hog Hill race 2 tonight with the club, 5k of hell around Redbridge cycling track. Garmin made it around 10 seconds slower than last month, around 25.45.  Only had 3 hours sleep last night and am still trying to stay focussed on a PB for Sunday
  • Good time Nessie.  That cycling center looks fun - I would rather run it than bike it though (don't like uphill biking much as I run out of gears!)  Try to get in some good sleep before Sunday.

    Standard Tuesday trot for 10.4km yesterday - 3 of us out.  Legs felt quite fresh. 
  • Andrea Dawson 2Andrea Dawson 2 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    I'm trying out a new formula to get my 5k back down again. It basically requires you to run 40 % of your current 5k time and then I had to calculate what my current mph was and increase it by 0.5 mph each day, repeat for 3 weeks.Very complicated (thanks to my Husband for helping me!) 

    Anyway on Monday I ran 1 slow warm up mile and then I did just shy of 10 mins at 7:56 pace

    Today I ran 2 slow miles followed by the same distance as Monday in 7:45 pace.

    Goodness knows if it will work, but my mind feels like it's doing something different  :D :D

  • Blimey, Andrea, that sounds complicated, but stats are not my strong point. I hope it works for you.

    I tried kind of the opposite tonight - an 'eyes off the watch' run. I think I only glanced at Tom twice (to check it was on) and just felt my way along the run. Have been feeling rather lethargic all week and ended up doing 5.5 miles in 54 mins. An enjoyable trot and my new calf sleeves seem to be holding my aging muscles in place. The clocks changing does have a strange effect on me, so I need to keep cracking on with the training plan, which will hopefully keep any physical and, more importantly, mental slump at bay.

    Glad to hear you're managing to get out again, Cal. Great Hog effort, Nessie and nice fox/crow/buzzard action, as well as your inimitable consistency, Hazel :smile:
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    8+miles in under an hour. Was quite wheezy for some reason - pace was okay but had to really control my breathing.
  • Milder today at 7am but breezier too.  4-mile tour of coastal park & Crosby promenade and a chat with an unreconstructed docker!  I'd try 'something new' but I'm too set in my running ways!  ;)

    Well done for getting the miles in!
  • Don't know when you will be around Nessie so an early good luck for Sunday!  Don't fall in the canal.. ;)  Looks like a nice route, I had a peek at the website. 

    16.2km in 1:27 this lunchtime.  Set off with the idea of doing a few km a bit quicker and at least 12 km.

    So 4.6km warm up, 5km at around HM -10secs/km pace and the rest at relaxed pace.  Could have done more but I am suppose to be recovering from my mara still.  

    Cool day - out in lightweight long sleeves and tights and even gloves but by the time I had done the fast 5km I would have been happier in shorts and T-shirt.  No wildlife to report - just some farmlife - a nice herd of cows with their calves.

    My next "something new" might be P&D for my next marathon campaign (which I haven't actually planned yet).  Got my hands on the book at last.   It might also be a 56km ultra.  We will see.  I want to continue to take a relaxed attitude to running for a few more weeks yet and not get stressed by goals and training plans too much.
  • Thanks Hazelnut, it may seem like a fast recovery but 10 miles was my shortest run since the middle of September! I followed it with a steady 10k on Tuesday then a fairly slow 5k today, both of which seemed to be a bit of a struggle but maybe my legs are a little tired after six weeks of minimal running.
  • Thanks for the wishes Hazel. I've done a couple of easy ones yesterday and today, plus swimming. Now I need to keep my head together for a PB on Sunday  :# and *not* keep telling myself I can just enjoy the scenery and take it easy / that I can't do it without a running buddy to pace me....
  • Now, Nessie, I'm confident that, once you configure head, lungs & legs, you'll realise that scenery is transitory, while PBs are for ever - until the next one!  ;)
  • All the best, Nessie. Hope it goes well for you. Nice, cool conditions forecast.

    I got out on the muddy trails around the university this morn. Dewy, misty and the crisp air was a delight. I tried another new thing today - kerazy, I know! The lake lap is dead on a mile, so I upped my HM pace by the best part of a minute for a lap and then relaxed on the next lap. I had intended to then do another fast lap but the first one walloped me and so I just carried on at a plod. Working on the 'what doesn't kill you, just slowly grinds you down to an inevitable, slow demise' principle, I think that lap must have been good for something.

    Nature wise, it was a festival of colour. Around a dozen lovely Jay's were busy hiding acorns along the way. Their peaches, pinks and amazing turquoise wing bars make them one of the most splendid forbids around. Even better than the Jay's were the 2 Kingfishers which whizzed past me along the river at about 5 times my 10K pace. Wonderful.

    The mud took its toll on my legs and I only just managed to overtake the convoy of mobility scooters that were cruising along my home straight, paying no attention to the highway code!

    7.5 miles in 1h 13mins. Another decent run banked. 
    I run, therefore I am.
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