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  • Good pace and distance JT.  Did the pheasant scare you too?  They do tend to whiz off noisily.

    Did my postponed long run today over midday.  Yesterday's storm blew itself out overnight and I did 20km in little wind in 1:53 enjoying the sight of short bursts of sunlight on the varicoloured carpet of leaves in the wood and on the snow on the hills.
  • 10-mile darkrun for me last night but no lunar help this time.  :(  Coastal Park, round the lakes, some beach & prom, turn at the old coastguard station, some lumpy trail and home.  Shin splints are not my friend.

    3-mile recovery, mostly parkland.  Nodding off late afternoon.... :o
  • So I didn't get my PB.  I got 1.54, my 3rd best time.  I am disappointed cos I did a faster pace in training. Not quite sure what went wrong yet but on reflection: although the Grand Union is pancake flat, it was along rutted, very wet, muddy and slippy at times towpaths. The first mile especially, and at some later points, were single file only and I just could not get in place in the first mile. Although they set runners off in waves, obvioulsy some (many) people had been optimistic in their predicted finish time. So the first mile was 9 mm, so I tried to play catch up. Then I just found  it tough I gueess. I did my best, but it wasn't good enough.  
    I'll try again in spring.
  • Hey, Nessie, that's a great effort. Sounds like a tough course, with a bit too much traffic. As you say, even flat trails are not easy. Chin up, eh!

    Good efforts, Hazelnut, Andrea, Swittle and JT. No crows, deceased or not for me yesterday as the frankly rude weather here in the east meant I swapped my LSR for a family viewing of ET, followed by a huge Chinese takeaway. Feeling guilty and having too much school work to do to stay in and do it, I headed out for a treacly plod tonight. Tried a new route and enjoyed crossing the floodlit River Yare, before almost losing my footing banana skin style several times along some unlit paths. Managed to grind out 8 miles before collapsing back through the front door. I think this may be 'end of season weariness'.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Never mind Ness. Lack of traction on mud takes plenty of energy to not go forward much. No doubt there's a knack to it.
    Tonight 9.9miles in under 1hr17. Felt like a quickish run, but apparently no. Lots of dark lonely paths so torched up. Have my winter gear out of storage. Got caught behind a big group of runners and had an off piste dash to get past. More disco dogs and a disco truck towing a broken bus.
    What's the name for the noise a pheasant makes?
  • Nice moves, JT. Unsure of the name of a pheasant call, but the collective noun is a bouquet -  rather nice I think :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • 4 miles at 6.30 am with legs like lead.
    Nice running all
  • Bad luck on your PB Nessie.  I guess we have to sometimes accept the conditions as they are.  If you trained hard and did your best on race day then there is nothing more you personally could have done.

    Ouch to the shin splints swittle..

    Did my Tuesday trot yesterday evening, needed gloves and hat for -2 degrees.  However our group leader had new shoes on so I worked up a sweat trying to keep up!   
  • Always being one who is happy to plod, I made myself do a bit of what could loosely be termed 'speedwork' tonight. Three laps of 1.6 miles with a couple of decent inclines in, increasing the pace each time by about 15 secs a mile. Enjoyed the push and it was a good exercise in pace control. 2 weeks till my Festive Half and feeling not too bad at all.

    Happy running, MLRers!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I led our improvers group at the club last night which was just the ticket with my achy legs.  Then today it was a slightly quicker 4 miles in my lunch break. Legs still not great but getting there
  • So my first post on here. After tweaking my groin nearly 3 months ago now only just getting going again. Still feeling sore but a very satisfactory 29m 5k, legs aching but so excited about getti g back out there. 

    Lovely evening run as well, nothing but me and my thoughts. Bliss
  • Nessie, creditable effort, a time on which to build.

    Will, that sounds like a darkrun I'd enjoy.  :)   Where's your festive HM?

     JT, can't answer the pheasant query but Tweet of the Day on Radio 4 with Dermot O'Leary has been enjoyable this week.

    Thanks, Hazel.  Chilly running!  I've had various left leg issues for over 24 years after a rugby injury - borrowed time!  

    Greetings to lilly61 - good to hear you're logging kms again.   :)

    Me: rather too many aches & pains when I got up today, so I went for a cautious 3 miles off road, only to be ambused by the dog who detests me.  Owner & I tried choccy doggy tears but with no success.  :(
  • Well, I'm on a 3 day streak, although I'll probably rest tomorrow. Last night I did some hill efforts round the terraces in Norwich. Jogged down and then pushed as hard as I could back up and onto the next street. 10 of these 200m slopes and found it quite good fun, except having to sprint past the best chip shop in Norfolk.

    Up and out early this morning for 10 miles mainly on the lake and river trails. Beautiful morning, very sticky mud, and some good bird spots to spur me on. Kingfisher, Kestrel, GS Woodpecker and a lovely flock of Fieldfare on the rugby pitch. Back home in time to make breakfast and then been tending the allotment with my boy this avo.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    Hello Lilly.
    There's a hill in Norwich?
    15+miles in 1hr52:30. I busked the route a bit not going where I'd planned for no particular reason. Wore a hat - my hair's getting a bit thick and unruly. Ground to a halt behind a family who took up a path blocking me, cyclists, pedestrians, dogs, gease without the remotest guilt at their space filling prickishness. I get grumpy once the distance is into double figures.
  • Hi Lilly.

    Nice bird spotting and hill work Will.

    Maybe you need a mini fog horn in your pocket JT to startle them out of your way next time.   

    15km yesterday for me - exploring paths in the local woods.  Several times a nice broad track dwindled into nothing leaving me standing in the brambles.   Nice outing though - good not to think much about how far and how fast.  
  • Darkrun of 10 miles last night, taking in all of the beach.  Got spooked by the taller Iron Men  :o  One night, some wag will dress up as one and scare the bejayzus out of me!

    3 miles recovery at 7am this a.m.  Friendly lurcher reported missing by my college colleague - I explained that the dog often keeps his own pace - rather like me....
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    9.25miles in the damp. Lots of squats and stuff at gym yesterday so legs tired. All a bit laboured. Neighbours' cat is sat on me.
  • Nice to hear your furry friend is back JT.  Good excuse not to get up and do something...

    Hmm - would they not rather have to dress down and add a bit of brown paint swittle?  They aren't wearing very much... ;) 

    Just had a look at some pictures: Has this one fallen over yet ?

    Standard Tuesday outing yesterday evening for me i.e. 10.3 km in around 1 hour.  Topic of the day at the front of the group - baking bread.   Five of us out which is a good number at the moment.  Nice cool evening with plenty of stars to look at once we were away from the street lights.

    Another 8.25km this lunchtime.   
  • I'll often see people posing for pictures next to an Iron Man.  In the dark, it's a different proposition: when watching my feet, the 650kg statues can come up on me rather swiftly!  And it wouldn't matter what the imposter was wearing!  

    Yes, it was leaning at a crazy angle.  An engineering issue, I suspect.
  • No cats or Iron Men round here, but I continue to find escaped baby stick insects, no matter how secure I try to make their terrarium.

    An enforced 3 day break for me due to having too much work to do. Oh for a life of leisure...

    Got out tonight for a nice push at 6 miles, in 56 mins. A few of the San Francisco style hills which abound in Norwich and rather gusty winds to contend with, so happy with that. A couple more decent runs and then tapering for my Festive Half next week.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I've not been around much. Yet more family problems... will catch up soon
    Like the laid back Iron Man
    I've been running a little- mainly just easy / short runs. 4 miles progression today, 6 miles easy with the club last night
  • Hope things look up soon, Nessie.
    Just a little loosener tonight. 3 and a half miles round the block. Outpaced a spliff wielding young man, who seemed rather irate about something or other. Then beat a way too old skateboarder up the hill. Rock on.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Hey, Nessie, I hope the issues are soon resolved.  Use running as therapy - discuss.

    Will, you iconoclast, you!  The weed head may have been reflecting on past glories. ;)

    Quite soggy underfoot by the Marina during my 4-miler this morning.
  • Thanks both.  swittle- running (and swimming) are my only therapy, and they do work. Usually on my own, to clear my head of it all. Swimming is particularly powerful for this.  But also I am very fortunate to have a small but amazing group of women who I run with and who I run with once or twice a week, and we all agree that there is something magic about running that helps us to open up .  I think I have deeper conversations with these women than anyone else....
    Life is incredibly difficult ATM with enormous juggling of work, kids and care for my parents.  Way busier even than the days when I had newborns (because then I didn't have to go to work or do much else...) Something is going to have to give soon. My stepbrother also died quite suddenly last Saturday and, whilst I am not very close to him, he was (in theory) sharing the care of my mum and stepdad. And because my stepdad lives with us, of course he is absolutely devastated, especially as a pretty frail 80 year old..

    Anyway, this was not intended as a sob story.. My point was that the running helps, it is time out from everything. Talking of which, it was 6 miles this morning

  • Yes, you don't have to talk when running with others - and that's fine - but to have like-minded people around you focused on getting fit[ter] is most reassuring.

    Far from being a sob story, many people find the jigsaw of modern life has too many pieces, each clamouring for your attention.

    I'm never so calm and settled as when I'm running.  I hope that works for you too, Nessie.
  • Very well put swittle. 

    Sorry to hear that Nessie.  It great that running works so well as a stress reliever for some.  I have to be careful that it doesn't add to it as I sometimes take it too seriously.  I have other escape routes though.

    Hope Cal's silence means she is taking a good rest and not that things are worse. 

    Fourteen km this evening with 6km tempo in the middle.  Left it a bit late and didn't take my headtorch with me.  I know the route well though so no chance of getting lost.  My senses of smell, hearing and touch went into overdrive to compensate not seeing much,  I always like the mini changes in temperatue depending on what you are running next to.
  • Running certainly is good for the soul and the chaos of modern day life. 

    A bit of a family gathering at a cottage right on the beach in North Norfolk, so I took advantage and had a lovely 8 miles of clifftop trail in the crisp sunshine. Not much wind either so was  able to relax and watch the odd Turnstone and distant Gannet. Then flew a kite and helped my boy make a sand toilet - much more fun than a castle :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Wishing you well Nessie. I hope things improve soon x

    I also haven't been around much either. November was always going to be pretty manic. Husband us manic at work and has had some overnight trips. And due to a mis-communication with friends we ended up getting two sets of tickets to see The Killers on their UK tour . On top of that I also won tickets to see them film a tv show in London! 

    I have, however, squeezed a little bit of running in inbetween my rendezvous with Mr Brandon Flowers. Last week I joined the 100 parkrun club!

    This week I will do better.

  • Sounds like a nice outing Will.

    Well done on your 100th parkrun Andrea.  100 more than I have done.. ;)

    Undulating 21 and a bit km for me in 1:58 this afternoon.  Tried to stick to a constant pace so had to work hard up the hills and slow down down them again and on the flat bits.  Played around with the watch beforehand for it to beep at me to slow down or speed up appropriately so I didn't have to check too often.

    Coldish at around 2 degrees with snow showers and the odd burst of sunshine, the homemade soup afterwards was perfect.  :p

    Bird watch: 3 storks - was wondering if they are still around but it looks like they will stay for the winter then, a jay, a buzzard and several of those corbids. 

    Peoplewatch: very few for Sunday afternoon. 
  • London Marathon training according to the magazine is supposed to start in January, however feeling super motivated I started training at the start of October for next years London Marathon so am at the halfway mark for training this week.

    My last run was yesterday, ran 10.2 miles which consisted of 30 minute run/5 min walk x3 so 1hr 45 total.

    To date it was my longest ever run, very cold morning too, few steep inclines but overall body felt super efficient, even at the end I did an extra 2 mins just to get me to the 10 mile mark, I could of carried on but chose to obey the training schedule.

    Yesterday surprised me ...I feel generally that I seem to run a lot better after about an hour ...yesterday for the first time I used SIS Gels (after 1st 30mins and after 2nd 30mins), felt very hydrated and the brain was in a great place obviously sending good signals to the legs. I had previously used some gels from Sports Direct which didn't seem to do anything, these SIS seemed to work great ...does anyone else have any opinion on SIS gels ?

    Because I had such a good experience yesterday I was quick to note that I had eaten Spaghetti and Meatballs the night before, woke up went straight out with no breakfast except a small cup of black coffee. Think I've worked out the battle is in the head, if the brain is fuelled correctly then the legs are happy and anything is possible. Yesterday I was in such a good place I feel I could of run considerably further, I didn't feel tired and out of breath at all.

    When I think 4 months ago I gave up smoking 30 a day, even I sometimes have to pinch myself how far I have come.

    Yesterday gave me so much confidence that I can really do this ...I targeted a finish time of 4 hours but think now it may be possible in 3.5 hrs and with nearly 6 months training time to go maybe better. I've even entered the Edinburgh Marathon at the end of May 2018 as I don't want running to fade away after London

    I know I need running in my life, the routine and discipline that comes with it has given my own sense of wellbeing and confidence a major boost ...the sense of achievement from exercise is the best drug on the planet, absolutely buzzin' with running right now !
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