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  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Nessie, Will: I wish you well with your running resolutions.  Simply to set them out is a small victory.
    Will - have a grand 10k Sunday - and Nessie, I used to find sticking to any plan difficult as the new year turned.  The only formal items were usually 3 x 20-mile races in March!  Oh, if you're running HM now, I'd say you were well ahead  :)

    Tonight, I knew I'd need to take on a southerly wind that had been building all day.  Allowing it to drive me northwards towards Burbo Bank, I knew I had to turn and face my dual adversaries: almost horizontal squally rain, droplets reflecting off my head torch like mini-shooting starts and the relentless force of 50mph blasts almost driving me to a standstill.  Needless to say, I saw no other runners, although Crosby Leisure Centre looked busy.  A four-mile pummelling!
  • Hats are nice running accessories JT.  I recently saw a nice pink number bobbing across the fields - the runner was otherwise wearing dark stuff on a gloomy day but the hat really stood out.  Don't overdo it if your're not 100% at the moment.

    Nice parkrun Cal.

    Hi Matt - good to see you back.  

    Swittle I've tucked that little box of bad runs back into the shelf where it belongs - it can gather dust for a while..  I like getting out the other one and leafing through the good ones!  I ended the year on 5 miles less than you..  :p   I wasn't competing with you for it though - it just turned out that way.  Training for and doing 2 marathons again in 2017 certainly boosted my mileage.
    The weather you had yesterday sounds similar to what I am facing today if I do go out on my recovery 6km.  Might postpone my next couple of runs by a day as I have a long run due on Thursday and it will be very wet for that.

    Nice run on Jan 1st will.  

    Good to hear you have sorted your mara plan Nessie - those rest / cross training days are important as well as the running days.   I'm doing an 18 week P&D plan (up to 55 miles - the smallest one there is and enough for me) this time around just to do something different to the Asics plans which I have almost always used.  I was happy with the results run off of those though.  Plenty of time to loose that stone.  And yes - 13 miles at mara pace is impressive - I can't do that yet.

    Just short of 17km for me yesterday in 1:35:35.  Picked a route out of the worst of the wind and had excellent taxi service from OH as it was a one-way one.  Mostly off-road on tracks along the river Aare (a side arm).  Had to ford an ankle deep stream about 5km from the end which I wasn't expecting.  The water was icy cold to get into but my feet were warm again pretty quickly if somewhat soggy .  Need to think of a good method to warn people that I am approaching from behind - polite coughing doesn't always work - maybe hang a cow bell around my neck?
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  • I made it out for a four miler today but it took me several hours to pluck up the courage. It wasn't as bad as it sounded when I was indoors, and at least I didn't have to deal with squally rain like you, swittle. It was quite mild, really. But also tiring. I was hoping to go longer today but decided to do that on Friday instead when storm Elenor had buggered off.
    Nessie - how do you tackle dieting when you are also trying to train? I'm currently lighter than I was this time last year but I could do with dropping a few pounds still. I always used to diet by going low carb but left me without the energy to pick my own nose let alone run.
  • Encouraging progress, Cal :)

    Best of luck with the mara training, Nessie. You sound very determined. 

    Getting some good kilometreage in already for 2018, Hazelnut!

    I'm looking to drop half a stone over the next couple of months too. It used to drop off a lot quicker than it does now I'm 43 years young, but I find having some key 'fillers' for snacks helps, to avoid biccies n chocolate. Nuts, bananas and carrots do it for me, plus I drink a lot of fizzy water. I also have a terrarium full of stick insects, who are great motivators.

    Well, I got out for some more of this speed training lark tonight. Four lots of 4 mins hard, 2 mins jog plus 10 mins warm up and cool down saw me clock just over 5 miles in 46 mins - pleasing pace for me! My 4th rep was fastest and I noticed I was unconsciously quicker than usual for my 10 min cool down. Every day is a school day, eh.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Same for me yesterday Cal.  It was still a bit windy when I went out but running at recovery pace was no problem.  Rain all day today and more wind this afternoon so I have already decided to postpone my 23km to tomorrow.  Good opportunity to do some core work later though I never enjoy doing that. 

    Nice speedwork Will. 

    On the diet front I try to have something reasonably healthy and something I like to eat instantly available for when I get back from a (longer or harder) run so that I don't head straight to the biscuit tin.   Bananas, carrots are on my list too.  Otherwise I wouldn't cut out any foods that I like entirely, just try to be disciplined about how much I eat. 
  • Will, I agree about carrots. Many years ago, before I started running, and when I was very overweight, I did WeightWatchers, and it really does work if you stick to it.  Munching on apples and carrots staved off hunger and in fact I ate so many carrots that the palms of my hands went orange- which was a sign I was overdoing it I think ;-)
    Cal-To manage my weight, I've used MyFitnessPal on and off for several years. Similar concept to Weight Watchers I guess- you work out a target and then track all food and exercise.  I like carbs so I just track them and cut down on other stuff. It works, with discipline.  *disclaimer- I know I'm not overweight, but my ideal racing weight is definitely the skinny side of normal BMI  :#)
    Last night's run was a hilly 7 miles club run, which I led at a fairly decent pace considering the hills.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    In dieting news I've dropped about 6lbs so can more or less maintain where I am. I wish I could say there's a trick, but it's just limiting calorie intake and making peace with feeling hungry.
    About 8.2miles today in 1hr1:30. Wet and a brief battering of hail. Got blustery. Splits again all over the shop from 7:14mile to 7:54mile. Need to refind a nice consistent rhythm.
    Does flagging spam make any difference? I can't recall when last a "fake passport" posting was removed from these forums.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Picking the best time to run is an art, Cal and Hazel.  And Will, I felt healthier just reading your new diet!  Jam butties for me after my a.m. run, doubling up as brekkie.

    Nessie, your carrot story reminds me of the SunnyD affair some years ago.

    JT, a couple of years ago, RW fora were awash with spam, tickets or pay per view for sporting events IIRC.  Replies from RW Central implied it would go of its own accord.

  • Yes, JT, Hazelnut and Nessie, unfortunately simply eating less and having a rumbling belly is the most reliable method. I do like Swittle's jam butty approach though - I've heard that is the new thing in Hollywood.

    Not as windy as the sound effects suggested last evening in Norwich. I put in a solid 10K in 58 mins to polish off my race prep for Sunday. My mum got me a delightful fluoro pink/peach headband/ear muff number for Christmas, which I've enjoyed wearing lately. Keeps you cosy but let's the heat out of the top. Nice.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Haha!  Will, I've never knowingly been 'ahead of the curve' in anything, except perhaps my tum!  Loving your sartorial & practical approach to winter!  All set for Sunday, Will.  Best of fortune!
  • I had a chuckle at your stick insect comment, Will. Pink and peach, though...sounds masculine! :lol:

    Nessie - I am a Fatty McFatterson by running standards. I'm 5'7 and I've done most of my racing north of 10 st 7 (I actually got my HM PB at close to 11 stone). I'm currently below 10 st 7 (I got down to around 10-3 but then Christmas happened) but I'm curious to know if getting down to, say, 9-7 would make me much faster. I just haven't weighed that little since my late 20s, so I'm not sure my body would give up its fat bounty so easily.
    Not that it'd make much difference right now since I'm still rebuilding after the hip problem, and I'm a long way off where I was a year ago.

    Anyway, the good news is I got into double figures for the first time since September - 10 miles. Averaged 10:32 pace. Bits and pieces felt OK but it was pretty tiring. 10 miles seems a long way right now. I think I'll need a nap this afternoon!
  • Hardly a teletubbie Cal but I know what you mean about a lot of fast runners- like Will's stick insects :-) Great running from you!
    Am also liking swittle's approach to fuelling.
    Will, hope the race goes well!
    JT, my pace is considerably slower than yours but I also had the same problem with pacing today on my long run. Did 14 miles with splits that varied from 8.3 to 9.5mm  :#  Nice run, mind, taking in the River Lee and Walthamstow Wetlands.
  • Yep - i grinned at the colours too Cal..   Can we have a piccie Will?  And I also like the idea of the stick insects.  Must be fun finding them all. 

    Cal - good news on the 10 miles.  Sounds promising but don't push too hard too soon. 

    I'll join you on the pacing troubles Nessie and JT - I also did 14 earlier with a similar range of paces.  Had to hold myself back on the initial flatter part of the route and then struggled a bit on the later inclines.  Hmm - maybe I should do it the other way round..  Weather much better - almost dry, just a bit of wind and a balmy 10 degrees.   I hope its similar in the UK - must have been tough for our streakmaster the last few days.  Stuck to a mostly tarmac route as everything else is a swamp at the moment.  Had to tiptoe around a number of fallen trees - large ones - and hurdle a few branches.  

    Wolfed down a post-run carrot (amongst other things - most of them not too unhealthy) but have now got out the chocolate....  :p

    Good luck for Sunday Will
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    In sartorial news I nearly bought a yellow running tee today. It's good to be comfortable with your masculinity...
    Anyway 14.35miles on/offroad today. I took a protracted route home because it popped into my head that Ness had run 14miles so I wanted to match it. Very muddy in places. Had to wade a short stretch of path flooded by a beck. Didn't realise it was going to reach my knees. There were ducks looking at me thinking, "daft bastard". Did a few little sprints for no discernible reason. Just over 1hr51.
  • Yellow is a nice happy colour JT.  Nice miles and speed. 

    8km recovery for me today.  Saw 2 deer but not much else as it was getting dark.  Have replaced the headband on my headtorch - much better as it doesn't jump up and down any more whilst I run.  New headband cost about a tenth of the torch itself.  Hope that the latter doesn't go pfft next week then. 
  • Yellow's a good colour, JT - I wear it a lot! Also nicely unisex, I reckon.
    I have to go to Richmond Park if I want to see deer, Hazelnut. But at least we do have some in London.
    No run today, but I did tailwalk at parkrun. Crazy amount of people there today - over 800! Unfortunatley Tooting's just not cut out for those kind of numbers - the paths are too narrow - so there was quite the jam at the start. Not so bad if you're walking, as I was, but frustrating for the mid-pack runners.
  • 7 miles today - turned into a bit of a progression run as I sped up to get out of the icy wind! Lots of runners out today - some resolutions, some clearly training for marathons. More than a few were in shorts, the lunatics!
  • Andrea Dawson 2Andrea Dawson 2 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    Happy New a year to you all!

    I've been awol due to a manic Christmas- did lots of running though, and even a few in the snow and two parkruns on New Years Day.

    I managed my quickest parkrun since July - 23:36.

    My main aim this year is to run 1000 miles. It's been my goal for the last two years but I ended both around the 780 mark.

    7 miles easy pace this morning.

    Oh and on the subject of weight, I'm on the curvy side too. 5 ft 4 and 10 stone, give or take a few pounds. I started running regularly in 2013 and I although I haven't lost weight I've dropped a dress size from 12- 10 and can even get in a few size 8's.

    i just love my food too much and hate feeling hungry.

  • Nice parkrun time, Andrea and good running all. Yellow is a good Norwich colour, JT and is poignant as Colman's have very few days left in the fine city before the factory gets closed down after 160+ years.

    Lovely sunny morning for the King's Forest 10K today. Rather nippy but it I felt I ran a decent race. Thought I had gone quicker than 56:35 but the trails were icy in a lot of parts and very soft in the sunny bits, so I suppose that slowed it down. You had to be on the ball with foot placings. I finished 64/187 and had a nifty sprint finish in me to pass 3 runners on the final straight (all of whom were in the under 35 age cats!) Tripped on a huge pile of horse cack at one point and enjoyed a honking Egyptian Goose sitting comically in the top of a pine tree. All done looking extremely manly in my headband.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • 19 years ago. When I get to 10 posts, I’ll start a thread asking slipped disc advice  :D
  • Nice parkrun time, Andrea. Good to hear I'm not the only chunky monkey. I wouldn't call myself fat - not by a long shot - (and I daresay you aren't either) but at times I feel like a rhino amidst a pack of gazelles. :lol:
    Will - doesn't look bad. Interestingly the Victorians thought pink was a better colour for boys as it was bright, and blue for girls. Somewhere along the line this was swapped around. I maintain that we should wear the colours that make us happy.
    Well done on your 10K. That's a good time for the conditions (horse cack notwithstanding). I have a fondness for Egyptian Geese - there's a pair on Tooting Common but until last year they never managed to raise any young due to a pair of highly aggressive swans (aka murdering bastards) on the same pond. But last year they got two to adulthood from their first clutch and then managed to raise another solitary baby later in the year.
    No running today but I'm off for a massage (and then yoga).
  • :D thanks for the pic Will.  Had a much needed Monday morning giggle when I opened up the thread (should be working actually)..  Looks good to me.  Well done on your 10k, the changing conditions are what make trail running so much fun.  Nice sprinting at the finish.  Just missing the top third is a good result.

    Good way to start the year with a fast parkrun time Andrea. 

    13km yesterday for me with 10x100m strides with 200m recoveries between each effort  Did the strides towards the end of the session rather than in the middle - didn't seem to make a big difference.  I like doing them.  Fairly even effort and tired but not whacked afterwards.  Rest day today - might do some core work later though then 3 days running in a row including a 10 miler and a 14 miler.  Coping well so far with the higher mileage on P&D.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Great effort, Andrea.  

    Will, I was sorry to hear that Colman's was all but closing down in Norwich.  Your race could be for its demise.

    8pm yesterday: 9.3-mile darkrun in fresh, cold conditions.  Unsurprisingly, I had the whole 2.5 miles of Crosby & Waterloo beaches to myself, my head torch catching the occasional Iron Man unawares and vice versa.  Close to the old radar tower, another head torch beamed out - it may have belonged to a sea angler.

    7am today, 3 ,iles recovery, coastal park - real 'In the deep midwinter' stuff: 'earth hard as iron, water like a stone.'

  • First post :)

    Yesterday, 9.30 am. 9.7 miles around South Liverpool at 8:45 min/mile.

    Longest run to date (improved from 7 miles pre-Christmas).

    No running today (climbing later). Have joined a running club so next run will be Tuesday efforts (no!)
  • Evocative sounding run swit :-)
    And nice racing Will, good weight loss JT.. I too have lost a few pounds
    Hazel, getting pretty hardcore already
    Me- it was an absolutely vile hill reps club session on Saturday morning , made worse my a) my being the only woman, b) legs still heavy from the long run the previous morning, and b) the blokes there are all super duper fast greyhounds. I ended up doing the shorter route with the kids' group as I was so slow, even if set off a minute before the greyhounds, they lap me within seconds...  But hey, this is the stuff that makes me faster right?;-)
    It was cycle / swim, then this morning's 5.30 am was another speed session, 5 x 1k reps with one other sole nutter. Quite unpleasant but not as bad as Saturday's session and the warm down run was nice
  • Some tough sessions there Nessie!

    rest day today but yesterday was 3 miles. I mixed up the pace.
  • I have yet to attempt a club hill session. It's possible I may in the summer, when it's still light in the evenings.
    I ran another 10 miler today and was happy with it. My hip is still a little tender to the touch (though that could have been exacerbated by the massage I got yesterday) but I am not feeling it when I run. I started slower than Friday's run but finished faster and feeling less tired, so I seem to be getting back into it.
  • Perfect description, Swittle. A Grey and bleak day here in Norfolk today.

    Hello Xbradders :)

    Kudos, Nessie. Sounds like you're touching it out. I'm sure the rewards will come. Nice pace work Hazel and Andrea and great to hear that your recovery continues apace, Cal. Keep up the good work all.
    A 4 mile recovery trot yesterday and feeling a little sore today, so just a bit of a walk, looking for a 9cm rare Hume's Warbler - which hid too well for my skills.

    I run, therefore I am.
  • *touching it out!
    I run, therefore I am.
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