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  • Busy MLRERS -  so I'll just say 'nice one' to you all. There are people running all over the place!

    I continue my attempts to speed up a bit, while I'm still in the M40-44 category. Last night I mixed up 5 miles, which included a 'Shiit!' Section of 6 x 1 min turbos, each followed by 2 mins easy jog. I think it's doing something.
    Being on a bit of a work hiatus, I got out for a very wet n windy 5 lunchtime miles in the local cemetery. Very peaceful in there and the first snowdrops were in bloom. Busy Jays and scrapping squirrels kept it interesting too. I was aiming for consistency of pace at 9:30 mile and ended up doing 9:29 over the course. Boom. I'd like to be able to do this for 13.1, but not sure if I could hold out for that long. Will keep working on it.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Which half are you doing, Will? I got my Hampton Court number today. The distance won't be a problem but I've done no speedwork so I will probably just try to run it at MP. I'll see how I feel on the day.
    No running today - decided my legs needed more rest. Did some yoga and will head out tomorrow when the weather is less beastly. (It's rainy and windy here, Hazel - you were lucky with your sunshine!)
  • On Feb 18th I've got the Marriot's Way Half, in Norfolk on an old disused railway line. Then I'm doing a Thames Path Half, near Richmond with my brother-in-law. Both are pretty flat and, now I have done a few, I'm going to try for decent times. We'll see! My brother-in-law does Parkrun in 21 mins, but can't train much as anything over 5K crocks him. The that one should be interesting. He'll either cane me or fall to pieces at mile 4 :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Is it the Thames Meander, Will? I've done that 4 times (Autumn twice plus Spring and Summer). A lot of the London races use that stretch, though. One thing I'll say is, if it is Thames Meander, take some trail shoes. It's been a mud bath two of the four times I've run it and you don't want to be caught out.

    Anyway, gorgeous weather today - weather like this makes running a pleasure (though I can't deny that 16 miles in sleet is more character building.) I decided to make it a progression run and pushed quite hard for the last mile. I am very much slower than I was a year ago, but that's to be expected given my injury time out. It felt good to move out of an easy pace, though (even if the grumpy bits grumbled a bit).
  • Looks like your training is going well, Cal. It's the Thames Running Club half on March 4th. Looking forward to it :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Cal, Hazel, Andrea - not a big fan of treadmills myself, but gets in extra miles after a gym session. I used to feel a bit wobbly at pace but better now. There is some difference in running dynamics and you don't get the natural ebb and flow. But prolonged incline running is handy
    Anyway, 17.5miles today in under 2hrs17. Had to readjust my route when faced with a flooded road. Stopped for a surreptitious pee. Can't remember much. I saw a lot of postmen.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Glad you're feeling better, Hazel.  

    Springlike conditions on Merseyside for my a.m. meander.  The coastal park is squelching in many places and the danger of losing a shoe or two to suction is clear & present.  4 miles XC in the Inov8s.

    Kick on there, chums!   :)
  • Thanks Hazel, another relatively decent run today, just the five miles after work but too much time on city streets rather than the seafront so I kept having to stop for traffic!
  • Hmm - race talk!  My next is only mid-March.  There aren't too many to chose from here at the moment.

    Nice long run JT.  I like the 2018 in 2018 thread - will be interesting to see what trivia you can find.   

    Best to loose both shoes than one swittle - might make running a bit uneven.

    11.8 miles for me this afternoon.  Took the out and back along the brook in the nearby valley which has the advantage of being flat (if you ignore the climb back up to home on the last mile and a half).  It gets a bit boring though running in a straight line for 4 miles and then turning round and running them back again.  The brook was fortunately almost back to its normal depth - it had left nice silty muck on the track in some places - great for collecting loads of tiny stones on my soles producing instant heavy shoes.  Crossed the odd bit of tarmac to scrap it off though. 

    Vegetables viewed on route:  a small field of various types of cabbage and some leeks - soup anyone?  Also saw about 15 egrets surrounding a large puddle.  Were a bit far off on the other side of a ploughed field (bog rating too high for my shoes) or I would have got you a pic Wil.

    Leg is holding up well though both are suprisingly tired considering I had a week off.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    8miles in the dark in 1hr01. Running and some wading through standing water. The river is down but so many flooded fields and ditches. When did all this water turn up? New headtorch worked well - nice diffuse pool of light to run in to. Lit up a few bunnies. Saw the reflected light of fox eyes staring me out. No veg or racing to talk about. I think this deep into my running life racing is never gonna happen.
  • Having a bad week of it with mum, so not been online much and have had to be creative with my running plans (ie run instead of sleep). I managed to fit in a pacey 6 miles on Wednesday very late in the evening as I couldn't make it to running club. 15.2 miles long run yesterday was very good, I felt comfortable throughout and could have done more without any trouble. This makes me happy :-)
    This morning was an easy 4
  • Great running everyone.

    i've been struck down with a horrible virus. My chest is burning and my throat and ear are so sore. Head is also pounding... ugh could do with out this. No running since a Wednesday.
  • Mm Hazelnut - I hope the cabbage field didn't smell like they usually do. I wonder what was in the puddle?
    Nessie, you're doing brilliantly considering you are taking care of your mum. That has to be tough. Well done on the 15 miler!
    Andrea, sorry to hear you're sick. Lots of fluids, rest and I'd definitely recommend a hot bath or a sauna.

    I had a bit of a scare myself. When I was at hot Pilates on Thursday I noticed a patch of rash on my waist. I wasn't sure what it was until I remembered I'd had shingles in my late 20s. I woke up feeling quite run down so I went straight to the docs and he said it may or may not be shingles but he'd give me a prescription for aciclovir and I should take it if the rash got worse.
    But it hasn't got worse, fortunately, and I felt well enough to attend a running form workshop yesterday organised by my club. (Lots of drills and trying to persuade my body to use the proper form, which it doesn't want to do - trying to change the way I've been running for 50 years isn't something that will happen overnight). As the company doing it sponsors my club, I'm entitled to a free running form analysis so I may well go do that at some point.

    Anyway, despite having a lot of tight bits and pieces I did persuade myself out for a 17 mile jaunt. It felt so much harder than the 16 I did last weekend - I could quite happily have stopped at 15 but I pushed through. I suspect the warmer temperatures (it was 11 degrees versus 2 degrees last weekend) meant I sweated more and was more dehydrated as a result.

    I didn't see my blackbird friend today, but I did see a fat fox right at the end of my run. 
  • Sorry to hear that Nessie.  You are inspiration for getting the running in despite other life factors.   Please do get some sleep though..

    Get well soon Andrea.

    Good long run Cal.  Hope your shingles scare stays a scare - nasty thing to have I've heard. 

    I ran both days at the weekend - a 5 mile recovery run on Saturday and a mostly steady 8 miler yesterday.  Was supposed to have been doing some strides but I didn't want to risk my calf by doing some mad sprinting.  Did try out one km at a bit slower than my 10 mile race pace.  No problems with that.  Will start getting back into speed work this week - but gently.  It was a lovely springlike afternoon yesterday.  Must remember though that it is only the end of January - forecast is for some snow possible towards the end of the week....
  • That's great progress,  Hazelnut. Glad it seems to have been just a minor injury blip.

    Smart mileage Cal and Nessie, too. Starting to think about when to move my trying up to beyond HM. I like the idea of it...

    Get well soon, Andrea. Both my little uns have been poorly this week, so lots of Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter viewing for me.

    Well, I've built up a 3 day streak, despite having to squeeze runs in. Saturday was a steady 6 miles. I had a couple of lethargic spells at 2 and 4 miles, but felt my inner Mo burst through for the final mile. Sunday, we went to see the Grey Seal colony at Horsey, with their pups. Very nice to watch, except when the wind caught their fishy guff and blew it our way! The sea air made us all hungry for chips, followed by a big crumble with custard. I don't learn. Despite leaving it 2 hours to digest, I went out and waddled and buried for 2.5 miles before coming home via the shortcut.
    Today was better. 11 , with hills and wind, in 1 hr 50 and starting to feel some stamina. Last couple of miles I had another burst of what I consider to be power. My training plan peaks this week - at 30 miles - so hope I can stick to it.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Mixed fortunes here: a poorly Andrea; aching Cal; Nessie needing sleep; Jts improved illumination; and Hazel back into it.   :)

    Will - a Streaking rival!   ;)

    A Darkrun of 10.2 miles last night - not a soul to be seen, or a ship for that matter.  Used the Freeport fence to foil a potential fall.  Beach was firm & smooth.

    2 miles with the park to myself at 7am today.  
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hope you're getting better Andrea. Equally hope things will be manageable Ness. I'm having to take more responsibility for my mum and I twist and turn between frustration, worry, guilt etc. I hope you're alright. And I hope the fox didn't chew up Cal's blackbird.

    8.4mile darkrun last night which lightened my less than buoyant mood. Today 13.2miles in just under 1hr37. Pretty windy and cold but I was barreling along quite nicely. Saw two child seats in the verge of country roads (different locations). They were empty. Maybe a fox got them. Past a college at closing time so had to pick my way through students. They really do like a skinny jean.
  • Nice running, JT. No, the fox was up my road, not Brockwell Park where the black and white blackbird lives. I'm sure he's fine. :smile:
    Lovely sunshine today but my right calf has been sore and tight for several days now. Thought it was just DOMS initially but it's not easing so I decided rest would be best. I've booked in to see the physio tomorrow as a precaution. I know all too well that I can run with grumbling tendons, but muscle trouble brings me to a halt. My calf tear in 2014 knocked me out for six weeks. Don't want a repeat of that.
    To cheer myself up I've just ordered some new shoes. I usually run in Nike Free Motions (formerly 3.0s) which have a 4mm drop, and I love them, but I've ordered some Zoom Flys which have a 10mm drop and should take the strain off my calves a bit. A lot of folks say it's smart to alternate shoes - something I've never really done - so perhaps it's time.
  • Zooming along there, JT. Have you thought of running in jeggings? ;)

    Glad the fox is nowhere near the pied Blackbird, Cal. Leucistic birds normally getting nobbled pretty quickly due to their garish lack of camo. Hope you like your new shoes. I tested my new Saucony Hurricanes yesterday - very comf. They fit me nicely and I always seem to find a half price pair, essential as most of my salary goes on Lego. Hope the calf clears up.

    And on the Fourth day...the streak continueth! Four loosening miles, which ended up quicker than planned. With Hazelnut's 'Train fast, race fast' mantra reverberating in my ears, my pace is indeed creeping up. Everything is working well and I'm enjoying the physical and mental benefits of this running lark.

    Happy running all :)

    I run, therefore I am.
  • Thanks for the kind wishes MLRers.  Life has been fairly hard since my mum and stepdad moved in last summer, but running is quite literally the thing that keeps me sane. In particular, the target of my sub 4 marathon. Realistically, mum's going to continue to get worse, but there are good and bad weeks. This week's marginally better, although her care needs have increased. Work, kids etc makes it all a jigsaw puzzle and a juggle.. Anyway- running is why I'm here :-)
    Yesterday was a swim, and this morning's 6 am session was 5 x 1k, using blocks on some fairly hilly bits. I've done the same session for the 3rd week running, and I'm making very incremental progress on my pace.
    Nice running for the rest of the MLRers- will catch up properly soon

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Zooming along there, JT. Have you thought of running in jeggings?
    I think of little else.
    10.76miles in bit over 1hr23 tonight. Very unusual that the first mile was quicker than the succeeding. The splits for the first and concluding half of the run where mirror images. About halfway the concept of reflected images and deflection in politics was preoccupying me so it's a nice parallel. It's curious where your thought go running through pitch black into a circle of torchlight.
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  • ^^ anybody understand that rubbish?

    Careful with that calf Cal.  I like having alternative shoes.  Need to start looking around soon myself as my main road pair is getting a bit old mileage wise

    Make sure you have slow miles in your training too Will.  You might have your work cut out to catch up with swittle's streak - at more than 700 days if I remember right.  I think my longest was 12.

    11.5 miles yesterday evening, 5 flat on my own then 6.5 hilly with my group - five of us out which is a good number these days.  Good conditions - cool with very little wind.

    4 miles recovery at lunch.  Tried switching from kms to miles on the watch, takes some getting used to.  
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  • I'm still too ill to run .. boo hoo.. started off with a sore throat, sore ear and aches and pains. Now it's an awful chesty cough, full on head cold & generally feeling like I've been hit by a bus. Its not flu but it's worse than a common cold! I hate not being able to run as well. 

    I''ve been drinking shed loads of water and I still have a good appetite. I just want this gone!
  • Steady as you go, Cal.  Couple of fine sessions there. Hazel.

    Oh dear, Andrea - I hope there's an improvement soon.

    Streak stands at 764 after today's slowish 4-mile jaunt to the boating lake, up the prom & over the coastal park.  Still riddled with pools & puddles.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Combination of fine running and spammy bollocks. Well done to the former, go f*ck yourselves to the latter. I hope the virus passes quickly Andrea.
    3.7mile incline treadmill run yesterday. Today 19.25miles on country roads with some offroad bits. Cold but clear. 2hrs26 so (take or leave us only please believe us we are never gonna be) respectable pace. Stopped a few minutes to play with the Collie at an isolated farmhouse. Haven't seen the dog for ages. His eyes are different colours. It struck me he's looking greyer, but then it must be 6years since we first met. I don't want him to get old. All he wants in life is someone to throw a stick. It would be totally unacceptable not to.
  • Well the streak never got past 4 days. Knees and vomiting child number one saw it off.
    Tonight was a groundhog plod for 4 miles. Icy rain, wet shoes and a distinct lack of moonlight meant that was enough. I usually like the elements but enough with the winter already.
    I run, therefore I am.
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