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  • Dog interludes help me understand them better.  There are even a few which are quite chummy in a canine sort of way.  Projecting, a sub-3:30 Mara is indeed respectable.

    Extrinsic factors are anathema to the Streak, Will.  Milder here by the Mersey - still soggy but so's the sea.  ;)

  • I'm on another enforced rest. :( Very frustrating. Physio told me not to even think of running until next Wednesday. My calf is pretty stiff and sore, though it's better in some positions than others. It tightens up quickly when I sit for a while.
    Rather worried about my races now - I started my marathon training late as it was.
  • Hope you are feeling better by now Andrea.  If you can't run yet - do you have somewhere nice to go for a brisk walk instead?

    Well put JT.  Great pacey long run.  Nice that a collie wants to play rather than chase you off.  I am wary of them.

    Also nicely put by swittle regarding the elements.  Hope you don't catch anything nasty from the kid Will.

    Sorry to hear about your calf troubles Cal.  Have you tried doing simple regular exercices whilst sitting like rotating and pointing / flexing your foot?  Just not to the point that it hurts and only a few reps at a time.  

    I'm getting back into speed work again with a 10 miler on Thursday with 5 at around HM pace in the middle.  I had intended to do these at mara pace but was chased by two tractors for a good half-mile along the minor road I was using just after I started the speedwork and I just kept going at that pace.  The tractors didn't overtake as they were pulling some large branches - couldn't see that from in front. It was only after I turned off that I worked it out.

    Today 6.5 miles with 8x100m strides with 200m recoveries.  First run in a while with decent legs and nothing hurt at all which was much appreciated.   Must have been the new shoes.  The predominant colour is white but there are now some nice blotches of brown so they don't look quite so straight out of the box.  Saw a record 6 other runners.

    18 miler planned for tomorrow - trying to work out the logistics of a one-way with public transport involved and temperatures around freezing.
  • Wednesday was a medium long quality run of a bit over 9 miles and I was really pleased with my pace of 8.45 which felt easy ish
    Friday's long run was 16 miles, felt OK but the last 3 miles were into a fierce icy headwind so it was harder going than last week's long run
    Good running MlRers
  • Nice running Nessie

    18 miles LSR for me yesterday in 2:50:08.  Was tired by around halfway already but I think that was the idea behind doing the p.m. run the day before.    

    Ran along the river Aare which wasn't the best choice as the path was a lot rougher than I remembered - I had to mince my way over a million tree roots.  Half of the local population was out taking the air as well causing lots of weaving - I wasn't running at any sort of fast pace so not really a problem though.  

    Testing some gels again - Powergel lemon-lime and strawberry-banana went down ok and stayed there but I'm not sure about the flavours yet.  They are what are handed out in my next marathon though and if I don't want to carry my own then I will have to get used to them.

    Cool but not freezing cold - was glad of my extra layers for pre- und post-run though even if it did mean having to carry a rucksack.
  • Sorry to hear of further troubles Cal, hopefully the calf will heal fairly quickly so you can get back on the road soon.

    I had my first race of the year yesterday which I only booked on Monday having had a dns at my last race I wanted to wait as late as possible so I had a better chance of not getting another injury and pulling out. I lined up for the Portsmouth Coastal Half for the fourth consecutive year hoping to get a decent time as this race has always caused me problems in the past, the first three miles were fast and flat before a slow beach stretch then into the chilly headwind as we headed north before turning around and getting back on a flat surface for a quick mile eight. Then there was some slow boggy ground to deal with before a final two miles along the promenade dodging the Sunday walkers! All done in 2.02.46 which is a five minute course pb for me so I'm really pleased with that, I could be disappointed not to get under two hours but I know the extra 15 seconds per mile wasn't in me yesterday. All in all a great race personally and I'm sure I'll be back again next year!
  • That's a great run, Pompey Matt. I know from experience that those coastal races aren't easy!

    Looks like your training is going well, Hazelnut. Always rather jealous when I imagine the backdrops you must run with. I'm making sure (mostly unintentionally ) that I keep some slow miles in my regime!

    Hope your calf clears up soon, Cal. Yet more patience required :(

    At my end, 4.5 steady miles on Saturday avo and then a lovely 21st Junior Parkrun with my boy yesterday. Never fail to be warmed by the great atmosphere that Parkrun brings - and the bacon sarnies in the cafe afterwards are 11/10. One more and Nye gets his Marathon wristband :)

    This morning I headed out in the snow showers for a full distance Half practice. Armed with my trusty and hardly sloshing at all camelbak I hit a new out and back route out of the city and past the hospital. With no gels in the cupboard I experimented with chunks of choc covered flapjack. Probably pure psychology, but I enjoyed the boost they gave me and managed not to choke. Plenty of hillage involved and made it home at 13.15 miles in 2:11. I held back a bit and still had some good push in me at the end, so happy with that.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Nice job, Matt - I know someone else who did that and said it was cold. Course PB is excellent!

    Hazelnut - I switched from Torq to SiS gels to take advantage of the free gels at Manchester. I really don't care for Lemon Lime (apple is quite nice though!) But I guess you can't always control which flavour you're given or manage to grab during a race.

    Nessie and Will - well done for getting out there in the wintry conditions. Don't think I could manage a flapjack, Will. I think the biggest challenge for me doing an ultra (which is not going to be yet, but seems inevitable) won't be the aching legs but my inability to eat on the move. My ability to vomit is almost a superpower.

    I did a little stress test today - just around the block. My calf isn't right (it's sore if I prod it and is uncomfortable in certain positions) but the good news is that it does seem that I can run on it. I will try a little run tomorrow if it doesn't react badly to the stress test.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Well done PMatt on the race. I hope Cal that the calf holds up. Have you tried compression sleeves?
    Just under 16.4miles in gentle floating snowfall. Not enough to settle. Wrapped up snug in the cold. Past under some serious pylons and the cables were making a pleasant frizzle. Bit over 2hrs7. The splits don't make much sense but chugging along okay. A slightly contrived route adding on a few miles at the end. Yesterday was a fat lazy day. Need to keep the weight off as I'm running much happier.
  • Yeah I already wear them (have done since I tore my calf in 2014).
    Well done on the chilly 16 (and a bit). Glad you're running well!
  • Nice course PB matt.  

    I live in the swiss Midlands Will - my immediate surroundings are a bit like rural England but I do get to see the Alps and the Jura hills which I enjoy.  Unless they are hiding under a blanket of low cloud like today.   Well done to your son on his parkrunning.  Your practice half sounds promising.  I also sometimes take real food with me rather than gels on long runs as I much prefer it.  Trail mix, bits of biscuit, things like that.  I generally have a quick walking break to eat to prevent choking.    

    I am working my way through the gel flavours Cal to make sure that there aren't any I don't like at all.   Careful with that calf.

    Nice description of your long run JT.

    I did a solo 6.5 miles recovery run yesterday evening.  I intially thought grr when no-one else turned up at the meeting point but actually it was a good thing as I could do a flat run rather than our standard hilly route which isn't really a recovery run.  Cold at -2 but once I got going I was fine.  
  • My calf continues to improve. It seemed to enjoy the stress test because when I woke up I was able to do some calf raises on that leg without any discomfort. There are certain positions it doesn't like (such as driving my heel into the ground when my leg is bent, even though the sore spot seems to be in the gastroc and not the soleus) but I was able to get out and run three miles with no trouble at all. I will see how it reacts and if it's good I'll do a longer run tomorrow.
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    Good sign Cal. Any muscle soreness and I go at them with a roller and increasing sizes of spikey balls.
    Anyway, just under 10miles in 1hr13:30 in my vivobarefoots. Took a short while for my running gait to adjust. Cold but not icey. My path was shut off for tree felling. Ended up doing a couple of stretches of road I've never run before. Went past the university and the army barracks.
  • Lacklustre 11.8 miles (that's 19km to me..) yesterday afternoon with 6x100m+200m strides at the end.  Less than 24 hours since the previous run and Sunday's 18 miler probably still in my legs.  Splits were all over the place, some differences can be explained by the inclines for others I'm not sure if the GPS or I was misfiring somewhere.  Light snowfall but not settling. 

    Postitive aspect to the run: I completed the full session although I could quite happily have stopped earlier or left out the strides.
  • Hi all! Just read through. Some great running going on. Cal I'm glad your calf is improving.

    Well I am feeling better but I still have a sore chest. I've been running but taking it slow. I started off with two miles on Saturday & Sunday then I progressed to three miles on Tuesday & Wednesday. 

  • That's encouraging progress, Andrea. Hope it continues :)

    Glad the calf is behaving, Cal, and good mileage as usual, JT. I may have to give the spikey balls a go.

    Swiss Midlands still sounds very nice, Hazelnut. My sister went to Wolverhampton Poly, which was much nicer than I expected, but still not exactly cuckoo clocks and Toblerones. Great effort getting your run done, despite it being tough. That's the spirit!

    Well, I was due to go in search of an elusive Rough Legged Buzzard today, but my birding mate's oven blew up and so, after getting over that disappointment, I headed to the cemetery for some speed stuff. Still icy and sub-zero, even though it's in the heart of the fine city, I had to tread carefully and watch my torque as I sped round the tight corners. 1 mile warm-up, followed by 5 X 1 min hard/ 2 min jog + 1.5 mile cooldown knackered a rewarding way. Muscles were a bit tight, especially after the effort sections, so a good hot lavender oil bath on my return did the trick. Dropped a couple of pounds lately, and can feel it. As the tracks were precarious I had to settle for a spot of aural birding and keep my eyes on the path. Nuthatch, Goldcrest, Coal Tit and Jay were all identified by their calls. Tidy.

    I run, therefore I am.
  • You know your birds, Will! We have Jays around here and bloody noisy they are! They give the parakeets a run for their money.

    Glad you're improving, Andrea. Setbacks suck, eh?

    Well done for getting through a tough session, Hazel - P&D right? I have the book and may use it for the Autumn but I need to make sure my body is in one healthy piece first. Which marathon are you doing?

    Speaking of bodies and healthy, I got out in the lovely sunshine for a 6 miler. I'd have liked to have gone a bit further but I could feel my calf starting to get a bit tight so I decided not to push my luck.

    I think I may do a short run in my new shoes tomorrow.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
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    4 treadmill miles yesterday at 7m/m. 10miles today of road and muddy trails in bit over 1hr17. Cold. Absolutely no recollection of what happened. Had Talking Heads' "I Zimbra" playing in my head which morphed into "Mrs Robinson". Think I started to transpose the bass lines. Not sure why.
  • Healing vibes to those fighting injury - the day seems longer, more of a drag without a run.

    Big cheers to the double-figure mileage - and kilometric crew.  Conquer the cold, laugh at the wind and rejoice with the rain.   :)

    Here, still soggy boggy by the Marina, so the beach is my salvation.  Lusty winds to enjoy this a.m.

    Listening to A Guy Called Gerald on the Tube that's You.
  • You're not wrong there, swittle - I'm glad to be back. I took a rest yesterday but did parkrun today. Garmin said 28 minutes although I expect it'll be a little slower than that officially. I'm a ways off where I was a year ago but I'm happy with the run given my recent injuries. I'll be OK for Hampton Court, even though I'll be in no danger of getting close to my PB.
  • Great stuff, Cal!   :)  Better 'times' on the way!
  • And better than I thought - official is 27:56 (first sub-28 for a while) and 1st in age group. :grin: OK, 2 minutes slower than PB but hey, getting there.
  • Nice birding Will.  

    Cal: Nice parkrunning with an age category win included.  I'm currently following the P&D up to 55 miles plan.  It is hard work but now halfway in I think I can cope with the mileage.  I'm doing Zurich again end of April.  

    JT, swittle - had a listen to Talking Heads and A Guy Called Gerald just now ;)

    For me a good 10 miler yesterday with 6 at 10 mile race pace i.e. tough but I was feeling very positive and kept the effort up the whole way.  A run to tuck into the box of good runs to be brought out when I'm struggling.

    Today just short of 5.5 miles recovery with OH.  First 20 miler of the current marathon campaign tomorrow.
  • Hope that 20 is going well. I'd wanted to do 15-18 today but only managed 13 (well 13.1) as I just wasn't feeling it. I felt tired, grumpy and several bits of me were grumbling. Decided not to push it.
  • A Parkrun kind of a weekend for me. My son, Nye, just earnt his Marathon wristband with his 22nd Junior Parkrun this morning. Celebrated with bacon sarnies all round.

    I ventured out in the ice for my Parkrun yesterday. Slippery corners but managed to whack out a PB of 24:36 (beating my old pb by 46 secs). Chuffed with that. My speed work seems to be paying off.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Great improvement on your parkrun PB Will well done.  Good work by your son also - bacon sarnie sounds nice!

    Probably better to back off of your planned long run Cal but a half is not to be sneezed at either.

    My 20 miler went well - wet snow and sleet the whole way round left me a bit soggy by the time I got back (especially the feet) though I had also dressed a bit warmly as well.   Pace pretty constant the whole way round excepting the inclinces.  Good end to a 54 mile week.  Didn't see many people out - just a couple of dog walkers or horse riders and no danger from flying golf balls whilst crossing the course this time.   One other runner - wearing a down jacket - she must have been roasting...

    I listened to an audio book the whole way round which was a nice treat.  Much better than music as it took my mind off of the tired bits and meant I could still hear enough of what was going on around me.
  • Cal: discretion/valour.  Will & Son of Will braving the slip=slidy stuff!  And a boldly executed 20 by Hazel.
  • Nice Parkrun, Cal and great distance work, Hazel. Cheers, Swittle. 

    No music, ice or birds this eve. Just 4 quite achey miles at a steady plod. Parkrun always makes me ache. Tapering now for Sunday's half.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Well done on that 20, Hazel. Must be a relief to get that out of the way.
    Which is your local parkrun, Will?

    Perfect blue sky today, a sprinking of frost but, crucially, no icy wind. So while Monday is normally a rest day, I decided to take my new shoes out for a spin. A conservative 4 miles, and I felt pretty good, aside from some tightness in the dreaded right calf (although, oddly, in a different part of it). The shoes were nice and bouncy, and I ran at a quicker pace than I normally would the day after a long run (even if it wasn't a long run according to P&D...but since I was out for nearly 2 hrs 20 it was long enough for me to class it as such).
    Off to yoga in a while.
  • Havent posted for a while, training for my 3rd VLM, hoping for sub 4 after 4.50 and then 4.12

    Did Southsea Parkrun on Saturday, was lovely route, windy and then did a nice 11.6 miles yesterday, 1.29. Feeling good, doing sprint stuff in the week is certainly helping me this time round
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