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  • JT, you're likely right about that!

    Having retired the shoes I ran Hampton Court in (over 700 miles on them, so it was time) I got another, identical pair out of the cupboard for my run today. Not sure if it was the fresh shoes but my legs felt unexpectedly fresh and bouncy, despite the half on Sunday, and in spite of the weather, which was grey and drizzly and no in the least bit inviting. I ended up running further and faster than I'd intended: 10 miles at an average of 10:18 (slightly slower than last year's MP).
    I've been spotting croci and snowdrops too, so I shan't be long before daffodils and blossom. And of course, when those show up, it's marathon time for many of us.
  • Lovely day but just a very slow 4 mile recovery run. That's what I'd planned (due to the half on Sunday and 10 miles yesterday) but I'd also been kept awake by a mouse. (The full version of this mouse story is on the Shades thread in the training section, if anyone is interested. It's quite the tale).
  • ;)  to IronMan No.101.  He might need to take off that long coat though if he really wants to join the gang.

    Nice boost from your new shoes Cal.  You seem to be recovering well from your HM.  Croci is a nice word..  Some of those and some snowdrops here too but if I was them I would disappear back underground with the current cold.

    Standard outing yesterday evening with my group (4 of us - not bad) but with about a mile and a half beforehand to check the legs and enjoy a bit on the flat.  Cold and windy but I was well dressed for it.  Got a useful bit of information from the other lady out - there is a local track which I can use for free - will probably try it out tomorrow for my intervals.  It will be very windy here the next couple fo days and I'm hoping that the track will help as I don't have to run longer distances against the wind.  Hardly ever used one though so I will have to ease into it. 

    Hope Nessie is otherwise okay and just ridiculously busy.   Haven't seen her on here for a bit again. 
  • Hello MLRers
    Sorry I've been AWOL again.  Partly due to nice reasons- I went away for two nights last week with the old man for our anniversary- which was lovely.
    But also I am just super busy with mum and stepdad, kids, work and life. Mum's not been so great and her care needs seem to escalate every 3-4 weeks or so.. Am ashamed to say I'm at work now, which is quiet, and doing this, instead of what I should be doing. Don't tell ;-)

    Sounds like some great running going on. JT still racking up the miles just because he can. Excellent marathon training from Cal and Hazel. Tasty HM times from Cal (I saw it on FB as you know) and Will, who is also quite the ornithologist. Andrea on the sick bench again. How frustrating!  Great Robert Smith / Iron man spots from swittle.. and a few newbies to catch up on.

    My running's been OK. I'm up to 17 miles on my long runs, which I've done twice. The first one was excellent, I felt really strong. The second I did last week on Valentines evening, in the most vile of weather conditions, driving rain and wind, and freezing. It was a horrid run but I'm stubborn, so I finished it.  Since that horrid 17 miler I've not been running so great, and I guess I'm in that period of marathon training where I'm racking up the miles and feeling it.  So this week is an easier week. I did my usual 6 am intervals, then I had a sports massage yesterday, which wasn't quite so excruciating as last time.  I've got a few shorter runs planned, then Sunday I'm doing Roding Valley Half Marathon to see where I'm at with my training. I'm really hoping for a PB or at least close to, to give me confidence for London. It's a local, nice race but it is not at all flat, so I know this is ambitious.

    Hope to be back on here again soon. Run strong all :-)
  • Good luck with the half, Nessie. You deserve a good result after all the crap you've been through.
    Good you've got a track to train on, Hazel - not so good about the wind. Apparently we will have another cold snap, which I'm really not looking forward to. It's been almost spring-like recently.
  • Best of luck Nessie! What I really enjoy about running is the quiet time and space it gives you. Much needed in today's world. Think of the couple of hours of your Half as a treat :)
     Well, my first proper outing since my Half was a real toughie. I took to the cemetery and had planned 4 progressive miles. The snowdrops were rampant and the croci are poking through in violets and mauves too. I, however, struggled from the off. Mile 1 felt like Mile 10, my breathing was laboured, my posture was rubbish and it felt much harder than the actual race on Sunday. Mile 2 was a bit better but by 3 I was knackered again and had a sore upper left foot, stiff back and probably looked a bit like Les Dawson after a rough night. I didn't do the 4th mile, but instead headed for a Dr Salts bath and time to reflect on what I should do between now and my next Half on March 4th.

    I had planned to do Parkrun on Saturday to keep a bit of speedwork going, then a 10 mile LSR on Sunday/ Monday. My last run would be 4-5 miles easy midweek. Too much? Advice appreciated.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I'm  running Warwick half on March 4th. I'm completely sidelined at the moment due to a sinus infection. I started antibiotics today so I'm hoping they kick in.

    I did 10 miles on Sunday. My plan next week is to do 7 miles on Sunday ([email protected] easy pace and two fast) then 3 miles slow on Tuesday &Thursday with some speedwork on the end. I will then do parkrun on the Saturday before the race because I'm stubborn and I love parkrun :-)
  • thanks as ever for kind words MLRers
    Will, just listen to your body and let it lead you... any difference you make between now and March 4th will be incremental. Have the plan in your mind, but be ready to change it and have a swim / walk / cycle instead.
    Andrea, you've really been through the mill. Well done for running through it and take care.
    I did 7 miles today at a little quicker than target MP.  Still feeling a bit sluggish so I'll do a leg stretcher easy few miles and swim tomorrow, then hope for the best on Sunday's HM.
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    Hello Ness. Andrea, stop being ill.
    A quicker 11miles in 1hr19, last couple down to 7m/m. Had some lighter, springier shoes on rather than usual winter wet weather numbers. Been thinking I hadn't run at a sharper pace for a bit, so nice when some pace turns up.
    Everything was going by so quickly I didn't notice much... However, there was a man in colourful tights and a car ran the red light at a pelican crossing.
  • Nice to see you Nessie. Pleased to hear that your marathon training is going on despite everything and well done on getting that long run done in crap conditions.  Have a good Half at the weekend.   A PB might be tough as well due to racing a half out of marathon training if you are feeling the mileage but if you do a mini-taper you never know.

    The 10 miler sounds ok to me Will if it is gentle, I would go by feel if you do the parkrun this weekend.  If you still feel tired then back off on the pace - don't push yourself too hard.  If you have tried them in the past maybe a few strides at the end of your easy run midweek.  I like them to give the legs and lungs a brief workout but they don't leave me tired like a tempo run or intervalls would.

    Hope that sinus infection improves fast Andrea.

    Hope that wasn't you who nearly got flattened at the pelican crossing JT.

    For me a 5 miler at recovery pace on Wednesday well wrapped up due to -2 and wind.

    Yesterday - intervalls for the first time .  I didn't go to the track as planned as the location looked quite exposed to the wind and having browsed around on the internet I wasn't so sure about the free access.  I didn't want to drive there and have nowhere decent to run.  I will check it out though.  Instead I jogged over to a local wood with three marked running routes including one of 1.2km.  Perfect for 800 reps with 400 recoveries.  I had forgotten that the loop is not exactly flat so it was pretty hard work and I couldn't keep a constant pace due to the ups and downs but went by the huff-puff scale.  Got all 5 reps done with only one poorer effort on nr. 3.  Pleased with that.  Managed to get a bit lost on the way back - woods and orientation are not my strongest skill.  :o.   Had to laugh looking at the GPS track just now - I don't know where I thought I was going but it certainly wasn't the right direction!  Got it sorted though as it was getting dark fortunately and it was only about 2 miles more than I had planned.
  • Careful with the antibiotics, Andrea. Some (the ones that end in -floxacin) are really bad for the tendons and runners shouldn't use them. Hopefully you aren't on one of those.

    Will, you seem to be on the same HM schedule as I am! Your training plan seems fine - I am actually planning on doing a lot more running than that, but then I am training for marathons. I'm doing parkrun tomorrow and a long run Sunday (length dependant on how I feel, but as long as possible really). I'll take it easier during the week.

    Some good training from everyone. Just 6 easy today - it was rather cold. Didn't see anything interesting. Just a standard run.
  • Hazel I'm crap in the forest too. I've been running in Epping Forest for 9 years and I still fairly regularly get lost too. Nice sounding interval session.
    Good running Cal, JT.
    I've had a great swim and easy 4 miles this morning so hopefully all good for Sunday's HM
  • Thanks Cal. It's doxycycline that I've been prescribed. The pressure behind my nose has eased today but my head is still aching, if I feel like this tomorrow I will be skipping parkrun. If the headache has eased then I will go and just jog round.

    Nessie, great swim! I used to swim a mile every week a few years ago. Must get get back into that habit!

    Hazel- love the sound of those intervals. Love me some speed work.

    Cal- it certainly is cold out there, I took the kids to play football in the park and we could only manage an hour.

  • I used to swim most mornings too, back when I had a job with a corporate gym membership as one of the perks. But when I resumed swimming in my local pool I couldn't deal with the chlorine - allergic rhinitis every time. I guess, because there are a lot more kids in it, they use more chlorine. :(
    Good luck tomorrow, Nessie!
    Andrea, I hope you were able to get out today. I had sinusitis a couple of years ago (I used to catch everything when I was teaching, bloody kids!) and it was miserable.

    I had a great parkrun today. I cheated on my local with Fulham Palace - this is my first bit of London-based tourism. My local (Tooting Common) is just too convenient as it's 5 minutes up the road, but it has become extremely crowded now so I am starting to venture out. I also wanted a fully paved parkrun to test my new Zoom Flys on.

    Fulham didn't disappoint. It's a long thin park along the river, so the views are nice, and while it's also a busy parkrun, it's not nearly as congested as Tooting. I was much quicker into my stride and the shoes propelled me along as though I was running on springs.

    Although my 5K PB is a shade under 26 minutes, it has been over a year since I managed that and my recent times have been more in the 28-29 minute zone. I went under 28 last week so I was hoping the faster course and fancy shoes could help me go even quicker, but I was very surprised to finish in 26:29. Age group 1st too! Most important thing was that I felt really strong and was able to push the whole way.

    Really looking forward to the Big Half now!
  • Great Parkrun result, Cal! All coming together for you now. Shoes sound nice too :)

    I tried a new Parkrun this morn too. It's the Colney Parkrun on the UEA sportsground, where, in my goalkeeping youth, I was compared to a kangaroo by the Watford youth coach (halcyon days!) The course is proper cross country, with a nice muddy trail along the river, then a big-for-Norfolk hill up through the woods for 200m. Two laps, so the 2nd climb is a bugger! I'm still feeling fatigued from last week so didn't push it and finished in 26:57, which I was content with. Avian highlights were: Green Woodpecker + Nuthatch (heard only), Redwings in flight and a nice wee Goldcrest which flashed across my path in the wooded section.

    2.5 miles easy jog to and from Colney each way was a bit further than I had expected but am feeling a bit looser overall now I'm back home waiting for the rugby.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Great parkrun Cal & Will.

    I managed to get out for parkrun. I felt so much better today! Although I planned to take it slower and stick to 8:30 pace. Me being me ran 7:25 for the first mile. I gave myself a talking to and slowed down. I finished in 24:34, which I was amazed with al things considered.

    i'm not going to do my long run tomorrow, I'm going to take an extra rest day and do it on Monday
  • Can relate to that - no motivation to get up and go, until you mentally push yourself to just get out there and the euphoria that hits you after completing a run! 

    The longer, the better. Longest distance I’ve managed has been 12 miles along the west coast of Scotland. Just short of a half marathon. Average pace (back when I was running consistently, 5 miles, 4-5 times a week), was around 7min/mile. 
  • Found out this week that I have a half in 3 weeks time. A local event that my wife entered a Facebook compo for to win me a place, and I did. Being only 4 months into my running life wasn’t planning on doing a half until next year. Should be OK though as I had already covered the distance in my last long run 2 weeks ago.

    Did another long run today as wanted to get it in early before the really cold weather hits. First time doing a long run where I haven’t had a rest day the day before. Don’t know if that was a factor, or just the cold wind, but was more of a struggle than I had hoped. Clocked 15 miles though at 9 minute miles so should stand me in good stead. I am sure it will stand as my longest run for rest of the year as mostly want to focus on improving my 5k time.

    Looks like we might have some snow this next week, even if not so the sub zero temperatures may limit time on my feet. Will try to do a short recovery run tomorrow but picked up a niggle following my run so may have to just rest.
  • That's a good result, Andrea - glad you are on the mend.
    juskel - welcome. That's pretty fast (at least compared to me - the only time I've gone under 8 was for a single mile as part of a relay race!)
    50000 tears - you'll be fine! If it's your first half then it's a guaranteed PB regardless, so just go and enjoy it.

    Cold down here today. I had a poor night's sleep but managed to get out for 18 (my longest run this year). Honestly, my nose ran as much as my legs. Ugh! That brings my total to 42 for the week which is my highest mileage this year too. Thank goodness I have a massage booked for tomorrow!
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Very fine parkrunning happening.
    Yesterday 15.15miles in 1hr56. Windy, cold and a bit tired. Wash of fatigue early on but it passed. Many people around. Heckled by some podgy kids on bikes. Big oversized doughy heads with piggy eyes and pinched mouths. As charming as they were handsome.
    Today surprisingly quick. Bit over 8.6miles in an hour. Cold and breezy but dry so back into more minimal shoes. Went out quick for some reason and stayed pretty consistent and comfortable with a sub 6:45mile thrown in. Not sure where that came from.
  • Well done Cal. It was arctic out this morning. And speedy running JT!
    I was pleased with Roding Valley Half this morning. I came in at 1.53, about ten seconds slower than my PB. Gotta be happy with that. I still long for a sub 1.50 but that's still a solid time and hopefully I'm on target for a PB at London.  Possibly a sub 4 is looking somewhat out of reach though...
    It's a super hilly half and it was freezing, but I like the race. It's on my doorstep and well supported by locals and friends from my running club.  I felt pretty strong throughout and felt I did my best.

  • That's a good time for a hilly half, Nessie - I wouldn't rule out a sub-4 just yet. You still have some weeks left to peak. :)
  • Super Half running, Nessie. Be happy with that :) I'm half wanting it to snow lots here - my little girl has never made a snowman and she's nearly four - and half hoping it doesn't so I can get out for a mid-range run. At the moment, I would call it flurries.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Nice and busy on here at the moment.

    Great HM result Nessie - just short of your PB on a not so easy course.  Looking good for London I would say.  

    Excellent parkrun Cal, well done on the age cat win.   And also for getting out for the 18 miler.  

    Nice parkruns from Will and Andrea too. 

    Welcome to justkel.  West coast of Scotland sounds lovely.  

    Nice long run 50000tears - take it easy with the niggle.

    Swift running JT.

    My Last run:  11.6 miles on Saturday - was supposed to have been doing 14 but due to -3 and strong winds I didn't fancy being out for 2 hours or more.  I'd also got lost and done a couple of extra miles on the run before so I felt ok with shortening it a bit.  Pacing was all over the place due to the wind and the undulations - slightly downhill with a tailwind I was trotting along quite happily at almost marathon pace (8 m/m) at almost no effort but slowed to more than 10 m/m up an incline against the wind.  Overall pace was however what I was aiming for at around marathon pace + 10 %.

    Enjoyed it despite the cold.  Bird watching:  5 storks, 2 egrets, several herons, some mallard ducks and a couple of kites (red ones I think).

    Dropped yesterday's planned 7 miler for a hill walk with OH.  Will be a bit difficult to get in the planned runs in the next few days with maximum temperatures of around -6 and strong winds.  It should be getting better by the weekend though.  Will have to be a bit flexible I guess.
  • Hi everyone, 

    I'm new to forums so I hope I haven't commented on a completed unrelated topic. Basically I need advice....i ran my first half marathon at the weekend, it was pretty vile near the end but overall it was really enjoyable. I achieved  a time of 1hr 41, the question is whether or not that was a good time. I'm a 27yr old male. I did about 2 months of training but it was pretty limited as I play a lot of football so I did one run a week slowly increasing the distance. The second question is what time can I realistically aim for next time with better training?
  • That's a good time for a first half, Daniel - if you trained seriously you could get below 1 hr 30. Maybe not next time but certainly in the future.
  • Hi Daniel - oh to be 27 and that fast on one run a week :) I'm a relative beginner and the others on here know a lot more, but I reckon 3-4 runs a week with some speed work and hills thrown in and you could do some really good times. I'm not surprised 1hr 41 felt a bit vile!

    Excellent bird spots, Hazel. Black Kites are quite rare and mainly just grey/black so probs Red ones, especially if the were nicely coloured. I found a headless Woodpigeon on my run today, a sure sign of Stoat activity. They jus catch them and bite their heads off. Brutal little things. 

    I got out in a bid to beat the Siberian blizzards - and just about did. I decided on 4 sections of 20 mins on my Tom Tom and just ran the roads willy nilly. Legs still felt tired for first 20, but loosened up for second. Third section was slower but I finally flt 'recovered' by the last 20. It's taken a week. So, by the time I found my house again, the snow had really started giving it the big 'Un and I'd done a leisurely 8.3 miles in 83 minutes. Now for a crumpet or three.

    I run, therefore I am.
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    Had the neighbour's cat sitting on me for some time which imbued me with a feeling of can't be arsedness. Funny that cats consider falling asleep on another animal perfectly fine. He doesn't like it when I move. But then I wouldn't be impressed either if my bed unexpectedly wandered off to the kitchen. Anyway, I digress. Overcame cat languor for 11.1miles offroad in under 1hr24. The wind was cold but not so bad. A bit of snow and tiny hail fell. Had a staffie running at my thigh for a while. Saw pigeons and, erm, other birds. There were trees.
    Great HMs Ness and Daniel. DB that is a strong time first go. As has been said regular running will help endurance and maintaining pace so should naturally take you under 1hr40. Clearly there's good base fitness already. A testing but realistic goal would be sub 1hr35 by the end of the year. Sub 1hr30 is hard but if you've the aptitude and long term commitment it's doable.
    I've just had a bacon sandwich.
  • Cats will fall asleep on anything, JT. I think they view us as large, ambulatory objects. The fact they rub the tops of their heads on us certainly indicates that that is the case.

    I did not want to go out today, but eventually forced myself to and just did the minimum 4 miles. Calves were grumbly. Still a bit battered from the 18 I did on Sunday, no doubt. Didn't spot any interesting birds or animals - no doubt they were huddled up being more sensible than I was. Saw another runner with big furry earmuffs, though.
  • Good summary of standard cat behaviour there Cal and JT.  

    Welcome to the forum Daniel.  1:41 on one run a week (plus football) isn't a shabby time.  Cal, JT and Will's tips sound good to me.  There are lots of plans about on the internet you could have a look at for ideas as well to put something together which will fit around the rest of your life.      

    For me it was a bit of an eventful start to today's run as when I went out of the door I found my downstairs neighbour lying on the ground in a bit of a state.  Had to get an ambulance out and it was a good job I did as it was probably a stroke. :/

    Then did go out for 10km and had enough time to reflect on brushing up my first aid skills.  Bloody cold out at between -5 and -8 depending on the amount of sun with a strong breeze so I kept to a gentle recovery pace as the lungs were struggling a bit to cope.  The very lightweight shell layer (jacket / trousers) I got for my alpine marathon last year and didn't need (fortunately) has been very useful in the past few days.
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