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  • That's fantastic,  Cal! Congratulations. A huge PB :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • After getting into running 3 months ago, I ran my first half marathon over the weekend! (Tonbridge half marathon) Despite it being a bit of a hilly course I still managed to run a 1:30:38. Really chuffed with that and am looking into some flat/fast half maras for a solid PB (any suggestions?)

    Am signed up for Brighton in April and my ultimate (if unrealistic) goal is to run sub 3 hours. Reckon this is achievable if I keep up my training or will I plateau completely?
  • That's a great time, well done! When are you planning to run your next one? River Thames is at the end of the month and that's flat, although some of it is tow path so there's some potential for mud if it rains a lot. And next year there's Hampton Court (the Quicksilver one) and Wokingham in February, both of which are fast and flat.
    I can't comment on the marathon - a lot depends on things like weather (Brighton has been hot a couple of times) and if it's your first one, I would expect it would be more like 2 x HM pace plus 20 minutes.
  • That's a brilliant mara PB Cal well done.  I kept an eye on the tracker and when you had reached 30km I thought now dig in and do it!  And you did :-)  Lovely even pacing.  Hope you are recovering well.

    Nice parkrun tourism Matt.  I would have hated the conditions.

    Good to read your long run went well Will.  I still like conkers as well.  Do kids play with them at all these days? 
    Regarding the lsr pace.  Better a bit slow than too fast, initially as the long runs build up I would try for an even pace during the entire workout. Hard long run workouts are doing the second half quicker than the first.  (first half MP + 20 % and second half MP + 10 % - no faster) or adding in a number of MP miles.
    Could you remind me of your HM PB?  Do you have a mara goal time in mind? 

    Congratulations to boothgm also for an excellent HM debut on not too much running.  Would agree with Cal regarding the sub 3 goal for a first marathon.
  • Thanks Hazelnut - I have a very tight left calf so I've not done much bar a little walk today (the sore achilles is on the right, so possibly I was compensating, or it was down to camber, not sure. Nothing serious though. The achilles isn't bad). I was super-happy with my pacing - this is the first marathon I've felt strong towards the end and haven't faded. I guess I better start thinking a bit more seriously about how I'm going to tackle that sub-4 (gulp).

  • Blimey, Boothgm, you're looking fast 3 months in to your running career! Ace HM time.

    Well done again, Cal. You must feel great, with it all coming together as it did. Brilliant running.

    My sore knee seems to have all but cleared up (touch wood) so I went out for 4 miles in 38 mins tonight. I felt like getting a sweat on so varied my pace, including a good 800m at what I presume they call threshold (I couldn't go much faster!) Really enjoyed that run so focusing on a few more good ones before my trail Half on 20th. Wood smoke was nice to smell again, in the cool air, and I even showed a cat to safety as it looked to be heading into the path of a car. We are getting a kitten on Saturday,  which my kids have innocently named Titsy. Can't wait to call her in at night! 

    As for my marathon pacing, Hazelnut,  my Half PB is 1:58:20 (whoop). I've done a few at just over 2:00 hrs. Generally , my LSR pace is 10:00 min/mi and, not being a speedy type, I enjoy plodding along. I'm just wondering if I should slow that down a bit for my marathon longies? My aim for Manchester (marathon debut) is to finish, preferably without walking and in under 4:30 hrs. Ideally somewhere around 4:20 would be good. I've designed a 20 week training plan, but really don't know what I'm on about half the time! All advice gratefully received :)

    I run, therefore I am.
  • Yeah that's quite fast, Will. For a sub-4:30 your MP is around 10:15 so you'd want to do your long runs slower than that. When I did mine, my long runs were typically 10:45-10:30 pace (faster miles towards the end of the run). As I've got faster, my training paces have come down a little so my long runs for Chester were 10:30 - 10:00. The slower you are, the closer to MP you can run, but don't try to do your long runs at MP or you'll wear yourself out. You can do faster paces on your shorter runs.
  • Congrats on the PB Cal, that's a great improvement!  I didn't get a PB in Bournemouth but very happy with my time which was 3:46:10, that was the hardest marathon I have done (having only done 3!) Killer hills at mile 13 and 17, last 4 miles was soul destroying Lol  Manchester seemed much easier although it was very flat and I had put more training in.  Looking to fit in a half marathon this year if anyone has any suggestions?
  • Hazelnut - My name was under Robert Frost but thought you would only need the surname?  Didn't think you can track progress?  Good to know though if you can!
  • That's a decent result under the circumstances, Rob. How did you find the organisation? I've heard mixed reports.
    Still resting at the moment. Interestingly, I got a commiserations magazine in the post today. First time I've had one of those - normally it's just an email (I got an email too).
  • Cal -  Found the organisation fine, no problems whatsoever although I was staying at my sisters so she dropped me off at the start, no bag drop needed, plenty of water stations and gels were given out the second half of the race, great atmosphere too, perfect weather conditions, the day before was windy and raining most of the day so very lucky! What do you mean by the commiserations magazine?  London?  I got an email last year, will keep trying every year though, not too bothered about London as there are plenty of other marathons to do, would love to do Manchester again in April.

  • Have two 10k's lined up this year (trying very hard to get sub 40) but would love to fit in another half, think I can push myself harder for the half as I did Bournemouth in 1 hour 42 half way point, and my half marathon PB is 1 hour 39???!
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    Hello. It's been an interesting time. Some brilliant marathon runs from Hazel, Cal and Rob. 12.4miles today. Went through a swarm of Harlequin Ladybirds on the wing. They've all got STDs apparently. I got a few in my mouth. I'm getting my excuses in early.
  • Rob - yeah - they send mags out to some people. Congratulations if you got in, Commiserations if you didn't. Haven't looked at it yet. I guess it's random whether you get one or not as this is the first year I've had one.
    JT, hope you brushed your teeth!
  • Cal - Sounds like you may have got in?
  • No, Commiserations are for us unlucky ones. Doesn't matter as I'm down to do Vienna anyway so I'd have had to defer.
    Got out for a 2 mile recovery run today. I can feel my tight left calf but it's not nearly as awful as it was early in the week, when I couldn't walk without limping. Very warm out there for October, but also windy. One of the last chances I'll have to wear a vest and shorts this year, I reckon.
  • Sound advice from Cal for you Will.  Your goals seem realistic for a first mara and based on your HM time.  Enjoy your kitten. 

    Well done on your Bournemouth result Rob.  I simply looked up Rob + Frost and didn't get a match so I assumed you are actually called something else in real life..   Many marathons do have trackers these days, though not all.  I think the best solution is where the runner can decide if they want to be tracked or not.

    I didn't try the (overseas) London ballot this year.  I would get in on GFA but that is only open to UK residents.  Not sure I would enjoy the noise levels and sheer number of runners anyway - Berlin was enough for me.

    Hope you are ok JT. 

    How are the legs Cal?

    My last runs:  standard 6 mile group outing on Tuesday - swifter than normal so I felt my legs on yesterday's 4 and a bit recovery.  I saw a beautifully coloured kingfisher along the brook.  Only the third time I have ever seen one I think.

    I've got a new watch in the meantime - had intended to check out various makes and models but have abandoned thoughts of that and gone for a TomTom runner again as I am familiar with how to set them up and using them on a run.  I also had a voucher to spend at the shop and they were only selling Garmin or TomTom.  Seems to work fine.  This one has a built in HRM so I have more data to look at now.
  • Oh I missed the bit about the kitten...Will you absolutely must post a photo. BTW are you sure it's innocent? I knew what tits were when I was very, very young!
    How lovely to see a kingfisher, Hazel. And congrats on the new watch. I've just ordered myself some new flyknit Zoom Flys. Expensive but after that PB, I deserve a treat! Legs are OK - it's really only the calves that are tight, mostly the left one. I was shuffling around like a geriatric on Monday and Tuesday but I can walk normally now. I feel it when I run but I'm sure it'll pass soon enough, provided I don't do anything stupid like running fast. (I'm volunteering at parkrun on Saturday to remove that temptation!)
  • Good to see you JT. I rescued a harlequin from some 'orrible Year 9s today.

    An all round shit day at school, so decided to have a wee trot and recce some possible new routes ahead of my big training plan. Found a much shorter than expected way to get onto the disused railway line/trail which will be ace for long long runs. Felt knackered mentally so just 3+ miles, which did the job. Will try for a slower LSR pace tomorrow as am having a day off. Sod this full time work nonsense!
    Cal, I'm looking forward to welcoming Titsy into our home on Saturday. My boy truly couldn't see why we tried to discourage the name. Afte a lot of tears and much debate Titsy it is. My mum's even crocheted a blanket for it, with the name embroidered on it!
    Happy running all!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Oh yes - kitten picture please Will .. :smile:   A disused railway line must be ideal for running (flat!). 

    Good idea to treat yourself after your PB Cal.  Out of interest how many pairs of shoes do you go through a year approx?  I've just paid out for my 3rd pair this year already..  (should be on about 3k km by the end of the year).  Good to hear you are walking properly again - and I would agree on keeping off the fast running for a few days yet.

    I did my first bit of speedwork post mara yesterday which gave my legs and in particular my lungs a bit of a shock.  2 miles WU with my standard 2 x a few drills and a stride, then 2 x 2 miles @LT pace with 3 mins jog recoveries followed by 2 miles CD.   In view of my recent improved 10k and mara PBs I've adjusted my LT pace by a few seconds and wanted to test that - felt very hard and I couldn't hit it on the second phase.  I normally get through LT runs without too much of a problem but splitting it into 2 intervalls almost felt harder than hanging on in one block.  Might fiddle with the pace a bit.  Gentle 10 miler planned later and maybe a race on Sunday.
  • I am varying my shoes a lot more now, Hazelnut, so it's more than last year. Started this year in Nike Free Motions - chucked that pair after Hampton Court half in February as they had over 700 miles on them (and were filthy).
    Around the same time I got the Zoom Flys which I started using for parkruns and shorter races (I wore them in the Big Half and they hurt the balls of my feet, but either my feet or the shoes weren't broken in as I wore them for Maidenhead half and then Chester with no issues). They only have around 220 miles on them so they can last a bit longer but I'm not sure they'll go to 500 miles. I'll be using the new pair for racing but this pair will be fine for parkruns and speed work for a while yet.
    The next pair of Free Motions got a lot of wear early in the year - two marathons and all the training I did after Hampton Court - but after Liverpool my achilles got grumpy so I switched to the Epic React which I bought for myself in June (the Frees have a 4mm drop and the Epics have a 10mm drop). They both have over 400 miles on them but the Epics have been my main workhorse over the summer. I still have three pairs of Frees in boxes in the cupboard (I stockpiled the 2017 version as I didn't like the redesign) so I'll probably go back to them eventually but for now, the Epics and Zoom Flys are the shoes I use the most. I guess I'll need to replace the Epics soon but they're supposed to last 600 miles so we'll see.

    Anyway, got a windy 4 miler done today. Calves are still grumpy but the rest of me is in reasonable shape and my cadence and stride length are back to normal.

    Will, don't envy you a full-time teaching job. Work is...hard work!
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    Hazelnut,  showing my inexperience again, but what is LT pace? All these terms confuse me :) 

    I'm going to be thinking more about shoes when I start my mara training. I'll probably stay with my trusty Sauconys but think I should have a couple of pairs on rotation? Good idea? I like my current ones. They're are a bit less bulky/cushioned than my previous ones and that seems to work. I feel them less, if that makes sense. Maybe with my extra mara miles I'll need to rethink shoes? So much confusion! 

    Cal, I'm back doing supply teaching, but am on a long term stint at the moment , which is a bit too much like a proper job for me. Extra stuff seems to head my way, whereas I like normal supply as I just get in, do it, and get out and home. Luckily,  childcare issues meant I had to have a day off today :)

    After doing the school run I headed out and successfully found the short cut to the 30+ mile trail that goes from the city centre here out into the bootiful countryside.  Can't believe I haven't found it before. It's likely to be my mainstay for any of my 8 mile plus mara training , which is great. After a couple of miles of city paving and the initial paved track, I got onto the lovely flat trail and headed along the river. Hawthorns dripping with red berries, as were the Wild roses with their hips. A flock of my first Redwings of the autumn trilled over head and a Green Woodpecker yaffle. Skylarks were playing around over the fields and a magic 'peep' showed me where to look for the high speed Kingfisher that zoomed along the river (nice aren't they, Hazelnut !) A few shrivelled up toads need dodging but I managed to stick to my aimed for new LSR pace, all my miles being between 10:10 and 10:30 a minute. 9 miles done and my knee still feeling fine. A week to go till my Forest Half. Oh, and here's Titsy!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Oh bless! <3
    LT is lieutenant training - Hazelnut is joining the army. No, seriously, it's lactate threshold training, so running around 15K - HM race pace for most people.
  • Very cute! Thanks Will!  Cal has summed it up nicely regarding LT.  Sorry should have written it out.  Certainly a hard work pace.  Regarding shoes one thing you could do is get a second pair of the same ones you like now. After a couple of hundred miles already the new ones are likely to feel much bouncier.  Also gives a soaked pair longer to dry out.  Nice wildife spotting btw!  And good work if you found your LSR pace.

    Apropos shoes - impressive list Cal. I like the idea of stockpiling a good shoe.  The popular brands update often and not always for the best.  I currently run in Brooks Launch 4 for standard stuff and maras, New Balance 1500 v4 for speedwork and races up to HM and La Sportiva Bushidos for tougher offroading.  Good to read you are back out again.

    I have postponed a longer run until Sunday, just a 4 mile recovery at sunset.  Lovely it was too.
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  • Why the feck would we want basketball shoes, you arse - we're runners. Offer us some discount Vaporflys and you might get a few takers. (Fecking spammers).

    Crap run today. It's not that I didn't enjoy it. I didn't mind the rain and I was totally up for doing 6 miles but my body just wasn't really up to it. Calves were niggly and I was slower than Friday though it felt like more effort, so I decided to stick with 4 miles. Not sure why I feel worse today than Friday, as I've had another two days to recover from the marathon, but I guess recovery isn't necessarily linear.
  • Good shout, Hazelnut -  think I will get another pair of my current Sauconys as I really like them. They're on about 250 miles so still quite a bit left in them but a rotation pair would be good. They got a soaking tonight!

    I was timekeeper down at Junior Parkrun this morning, which I really enjoyed (once my stopwatch finger had settled down and stopped nervously twitching!) I couldn't tempt any of the clan away from the kitten so jogged to and from the park for 3 miles. First finisher was in 6:24 - blimmin' fast kids!

    After a rainy day spent playing with Titsy I popped out in the drizzle this evening for 4 miles, 2 of which were at what I call LT :) Nice to be running in the rain and it cleared my head a bit from the slightly dark cloud that has been in attendance the last few days, even with a very cute new kitten to amuse me.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Take it easy regarding recovery Cal.  Good rant at the spammers...

    I love the kid's races Will.  Hope that cloud clears off soon.

    10 miles on Sunday for me: took it easyish on the flats and downs on an undulating route and worked harder on the ups (varying lengths and gradients).  Quite a tough workout.  Still ridiculously warm and sunny here but I mostly ran in the woods where it was cool.  The leaves are starting to fall now but are not yet deep enough to have a good shuffle.  Rest day yesterday and a chaotic work day.  Out later with the Tuesday group.  I've signed up for a local low key 6 and a half mile race on Sunday I haven't done in the past so I have something to look forward to.  Not sure how the legs are speedwise at the moment but I will do my best.
  • I always end up with a sore finger if I'm timekeeping, Will, though both my  local parkruns attract over 500 runners routinely. That's a lot of clicks.
    Kids can be depressingly fast. But they can't run a marathon, so there's that.
    Not too many leaves down here either, Hazel, but there are some nice colours. I think the long, hot summer and warmer than usual autumn has delayed the fall a bit.
    6 miles done today, a little quicker than easy pace which was mostly down to me wearing my Zoom Flys rather than my Epics (the Flys are a bit easier on my calves). This was the old (200 mile) pair not the new pair. A lot of Tooting Common is dirt path and I'm not ready to get my new shoes filthy just yet. I'll be saving them for racing, mostly.
    I'm still a bit niggly but nowhere as bad as on Sunday. I should probably get a massage but it's rather pricey and I've already spent my non-bill and food money this month on shoes. Oh well.
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