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  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Will, good luck on Sunday with your LSR.Your'e putting in some good miles.

    Enjoy your skiing,Hazelnut.I find this time of year a bit of a struggle with motivation.Glad that I have an early HM to concentrate on.

    Good luck,Cal,enjoy your HM.

    Came down with a cold after my last run,so I've had a couple old days off.
    10.16 slow run today,don't we all love running into the wind!!

  • Nice but windy Southsea Parkrun this morning preceded by three and a half slow miles to wake me up and a couple of slow ones to get me home. Nothing special although a negative split and progressive miles were nice to see!
  • A completely unexpected and substantial PB today, despite the windy conditions and winding course. My first sub-1:55 and I hadn't even set out to do that today - I'd have been happy with a sub-2! Official time was 1:54:14 so that's nearly two and a half minutes off my previous PB.
    I also ran into Nessy who used to post here quite a bit, so that was really nice.
  • Conditions certainly haven't been too nice this week, JD1, good perseverance.

    Nice Parkrun, Matt.

    Wow, Cal! You must be well chuffed. It's not a surprise to me, actually, as you've been putting in loads of miles this year. Looks like they paid off! Great stuff.

    I did Junior Parkrun with my boy this morning - his 42nd - and then left the warmth of the park cafe to knock out 20 miles in the rain. At least the wind had dropped but it was still rather cold and tested me mentally, so was pleased to get it done. I didn't push the pace and finished it in 3hrs 26mins. With all the rain we've had I kept off the usual LSR trail and stuck to the tarmac, running from Norwich out to the village I grew up in and then back and round the houses. Miles 14-17 were tough again, so I think I'll keep an eye on that section at Manchester and just pull through it without doing myself in. I nearly slipped on a whole banana at one point and then narrowly avoided a condom a few metres later. Lots of birds out and about, looking for mates and some signs that winter is coming to an end. Knackered now, but smugly so.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Well done on the 20, Will - decent time for that distance.  You'll be going through Timperley around that point so keep an eye out for Frank Sidebottom.
    Also good job on avoiding a comedy banana skin pratfall.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Cal,don't you have another HM this weekend,another PB on the cards ?

    Well done,Will,fantastic running.What made you pick it up again after milee17 ?I have all this to come when I step up training for my autumn marathon.

    I was in York this weekend,so I managed an early  sneaky 6.3 mile run round the city center and out towards the racecourse.Felt strange running past the Minster and through the Shambles without the hordes,but it was very enjoyable.

  • Hampton Court - not sure I can manage to better that time, though. I guess we'll see!

    Yorkshire marathon for me this October, so I'll get to see all that with the hordes. Looking forward to it (although I don't want to wish the year away - I have a lot of races before then!)
  • Hope you are getting over your cold well in the meantime JD. 

    Nice parkrun Matt.

    Congratulations on your HM PB Cal.  You have been putting in some good training in the last weeks so well deserved.  I hope Nessy is doing well.

    Good news on your long run Will.  watch where you are putting your feet..

    Two decent days of XC skiing for me at the weekend - around HM distance on Saturday and a bit less on Sunday.  Tired after that as I'm not that accustomed to the type of exercise.  Back to some (gentle) running later.
  • Thank you Hazelnut and Will, as nice it was I'm still a few minutes off pb times! I was back on the sea front this morning for a nice slow and steady six miles but it did feel nice to be able to feel a little warmth from the sun at last, hopefully an early hint of spring!
  • Jealous of your sea front Matt.  Must have been lovely.

    Seeing first hints of spring here also and the sun is definitely starting to get stronger.

    Slightly overenthusiastic 7 miles yesterday with some strides.  Some sore bits from XC skiing but running not really affected.
  • I think so too, Matt and Hazel - a hint of sun and a few patches of croci on the common - yellow in one area and purple in another. Also snowdrops.
    It's just as well it was nice out because I'd have hated the run otherwise - I felt like I had lead boots on. I told myself it was good practise for the last six miles of a marathon and got on with it (but honestly, the last six miles of Chester felt easier than this!)
    I hope I'm going to be able to recover in time for the weekend. Well, it's not like I've not done it before, several times.
  • A lot warmer today in Norwich, despite an early frost and I laced up some new shoes to get on a v slow recovery run. Rather stiff and sore following Sunday's LSR. I've gone for some Asics 2000 GTs this time as they were on offer and had good reviews. I'll use them as an alternating pair in the run up to Manchester. 3 gentle laps of the cemetery were enough today and I think by lap 2 I'd eased some of the muscles back into functioning. A Sparrowhawk and a couple of Nuthatches were good company and loads of Snowdrops now in full bloom. The Asics warmed up too and felt quite comfy by the end of the run. Different to my usual Sauconys , but nice.

    My tactic when I hit a tough patch at 17 miles, JD1 , was to give my arms and upper body a good shake out, reset my posture and try to get my feet going nice and lightly again. I also gave myself a bit of a talking to, to try and dig something out of myself. Must have looked a right tw*t! 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    PompeyMatt and Hazelnut,spring is definitely in the air,evenings are getting lighter.

    Will, I've been wearing Sauconys for the last few years,they seem to give my feet good support and they always have fantastic reviews.I try to give myself a good talking to but it falls upon deaf ears.

    5.07 miles yesterday evening.Personally I'm not keen on evening runs,my legs always seem to feel heavier.

  • Mornings too, JD - I woke up very early today and was out about 5:40am and it started getting light about five miles in. Granted, I was moving at a slower than normal pace (legs feel better but aren't quite recovered yet - stride is woefully short).
    I did 11 miles, though, as the sunrise was very pretty and I wanted to enjoy it.
    Well done on the long run, Will. I shake my arms too, but mostly to loosten my elbows after having them in one position for so long.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing some flowers here, we are a bit behind the UK, but it can't take too much longer as the temperatures are quite decent during the day if the sun is out.  The ice and snow is as good as gone (for) now thank goodness. 

    I've had mixed experiences with Saucony shoes - with one pair (Hurricanes I think) chewing them up but I loved my Breakthrus (no longer being produced grrrr).  Currently in Brooks (Launch) for general stuff and maras, New Balance (1500) for speedwork and racing up to HM and La Sportiva (Bushido) for trails. 

    I like your keep going tactics Will.  My reset button in training is to have a very short walk, maybe a minute or so.  I've given myself a good talking to in races before - probably should save my breath for getting from A to B in that context.

    6 and a half miles yesterday evening with 3 others from my Tuesday group.  Lovely evening for it again - crispy and clear.  Legs a bit tired up the hills but feel ok today.
  • Another spring like morning here again with even some daffodils in bloom in one of the parks as I passed by! A very nice 17 miles this morning completing almost an entire circuit of Portsea Island in about 2h40 leaving me just about twenty miles still to go to hit the century for the month so I can ease off now for the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow may well involve a visit to my local sport shop for some new trainers which will probably debut at parkrun on Saturday!
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  • In hindsight, prawn curry and a big bowl of ice cream was not the best ever run prep. I chugged out 4 bloated miles, the last 2 involving several buttock clenching GI moments. You win some, you loos some.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Great stuff Matt.  That is good mileage for this time of the month.  And daffs even... 

    Sorry Will, just had to giggle at that.  I hope you didn't literally "lose some..."

    An 8 miler for me yesterday on a flat route adding in some easyish progression.  Overcooked the last couple of miles a bit but was otherwise fairly disciplined.  Birds of the day:  a kestrel, a grey heron and 2 snow-white egrets in the middle of a green field.  Lovely afternoon for it - warm in the sun though as soon as that was gone it cooled quickly.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Good mileage,Matt.Daffs are just coming through up here.

    Glad you held tight,Will.

    Nice run,Hazlenut.Lovely and sunny here too and for Sunday's HM.

    Just another 5.03 miles last night,legs feeling heavy still.

  • Ha Will, I've been there... now I'm a bit more careful about what I eat the night before a run!
    Heavy legs for me too (that 11 yesterday may not have been the smartest move...) so I just did my minimum 4 and called it quits. Rest day tomorrow.
  • Enjoy the rest of your rest day Cal.

    LT intervalls for me yesterday: Warm-up, 15 and 12 mins @ 10k pace + 10-15 seconds seperated by 4 mins jog recovery, cool down.

    Starting to get my head around the LT intervalls and got through the session in good style.  I like doing the fixed time rather than the fix distance - good for pace discipline as going too fast won't make the minutes go past faster, just more painful.  Lovely weather - dug out the capris rather than full tights for the first time this year.

    Short recovery a bit later. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Excellent intervals,Hazelnut,I enjoy fixed time intervals as well.Lovely weather here as well,you can feel the the warmth of the sun on your face,felt great.
    Day off for me tomorrow as well,rest up for Sunday's HM .

    8.03 miles along the canal,2 miles @ HM pace,felt OK .
  • Well done folks.
    Cassiobury parkrun today - a long tube journey but the park's by the station so it wasn't bad. Quite foggy but I actually got away with a T-shirt for today, so I'm considering vest and shorts tomorrow! (Long shorts, mind, with calf sleeves, so only my knees will be out). Ran around 25:20 although I was given a time of 25:24. Age group 1st though, which is something.

  • Nice intervals, canal running and parkrunning, folks. Keep up the good work.

    I decided on a 3 day rest, following really heavy legs after my 20 miler. I think I underestimated just how much that would take out of me. Seems obvious now, as it's a hell of a long way!

    Anyway, it's feeling like a good decision and I think I'll be okay for my Half tomorrow. Trail should have dried out and weather is looking good. Also, had a lovely day back in my new (old) job at Holkham making bird boxes with kids and dissecting owl pellets on the nature reserve. Happy days.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    Good luck for your races tomorrow!  Hope you all have good conditions, good legs and lots of fun.
    11 hilly miles this afternoon for me.  Went out a bit too late and only just got back before dark having mtbed to the start of my run and back.  In the sun it was T-shirt warm but on the northern slope of the hill I was on it was very icy in places and my hands nearly fell off on the way home once the sun was down.  Good reminder that it is only mid February. 
    Legs not so amused by the hillage, they are pretty fit on the flat but could do with some work on the ups.
  • I was actually happy to be in vest and shorts today. It was chilly at the start but I soon warmed up.
    I decided I would have a good stab at beating last week's time and am super happy that I did, because I knocked another (almost) half minute off. 1:53:45! I actually kept my pace to the end (last weekend I slowed a little bit) so it was a better run all round. Perfect weather too.

    How did you get on, Will?
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    I've already congratulated you on the other thread,Cal,but I'll do it again for a great PB,fantastic running,Cal.

    I finished in 1.33.49 for my HM,struggled from mile 10,running into the wind,but it'll do for the the first one of year.Legs are starting to stiffen now.Can't wait for my roast dinner!

  • I'm glad I didn't have to contend with wind, JD - there was a little breeze off the Thames but last week was a lot windier at the Olympic Park. Well done, though - hope you enjoyed your roast.

  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    That's a superb PB, Cal - you just keep on getting faster! Whoop!

    Very rapid Half from you JD1 -  you must be pleased with that. Great stuff!

    It was a race of two halves for me. Lovely conditions,  although the trail was softer than expected and still quite muddy in lots of places. The first 6 miles went to plan and I was on for a possible just sub-2, but then I really lost pace and completed the rest of the race at pretty much marathon pace. My legs were very heavy and I just couldn't go any faster. I finished in 2:05, 5 minutes slower than last year! A bit disappointing then, but also a learning experience. I think the 2 main factors were: 1) a rather heavy mileage leading up to race day 2) lots of slow training miles, which seem to have programmed me at about 10:10 mi/mi. I think I need to mix things up a bit and force myself into more speedwork   Also, I need to keep an eye on over-training and make sure I rest when needed.

    Still, a lovely day for it and a nice train-shaped medal.
    I run, therefore I am.
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