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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I bet all that hill running has made you strong, Hazelnut.
    enrvuk - I have 15 more parkruns until I'm Lon-done, but that's if they don't add new ones. There's been rumours of a Battersea parkrun for a while now. Council has okayed it but no news about if/when it'll start.

    Went out today despite feeling quite sore from yesterday's yoga class. I did a lot of drills before going out so was well warmed-up but legs felt tired as I got to the third mile so decided to end it at 3 rather than do 4 as planned. Don't want to be too knackered when I have a parkrun and a longer Sunday run coming.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Cal,that's good news on the bruises.Do you get a t shirt or something for completing all the London parkruns.

    That's a good run,envruk,upping the pace in a run is very beneficial.Are your races HM?Enjoy your night out.

    That's a tough run,Hazelnut.Nothing better in taking in a view for a few minutes.

    Just over 6 miles yesterday,all very easy miles.Didn't have time for a run today,off to a dog festival tomorrow so no running.So I've planned a long run for Sunday and that will be the start of my marra training.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Hope you had a good parkrun Cal.

    Exciting to be starting your mara training JD.  Which one is it again?

    4 miles recovery yesterday.  Should have taken it slower than normal as it was warm and humid so less of a recovery really. Saw two big blue-green dragonflies having a fight.  Elderflower shrubs were very pungent.

    Rest day today, something medium long planned for tomorrow.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    JD, nah, but if you have the parkrun challenges browser extention, you get a Regionnaire badge. (The extension, for Chrome or Firefox, is here if anyone wants it: It's more for personal challenge.
    Enjoy the doggos.
    Nice nature spot, Hazelnut.
    Crappy parkrun today. It was a new one (on event 4) at Bethlem Royal Hospital - that's the mental health hospital, aka Bedlam. Lovely grounds with a rural feel so all on grass which was rather moist after this week's deluge. Figure-8 course which had to be done twice, and the pinch point was a big muddy puddle I had to walk over four times since I was in road shoes. Some gradients so rather similar to Orpington which I did last week. Nice setting but not the kind of course I run well on, and especially not today as it was warm and very humid.
    OK first mile but then I just felt really knackered and got slower and slower. Worst thing, though, was my achilles started screaming once I'd finished and really wasn't happy, so I may be looking at more time off (not ideal - I have a club relay next week and then a 10 miler on the Sunday, neither of which I want to miss).
    Slightly better time than Orpington at 26:53, but still poor by my standards. I really should have taken more time after Liverpool instead of thrashing myself with more races. Idiotic mistake.

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Cal, that's good progress on Lon-done! You seem fatigued. That Parkrun doesn't sound like a lot of fun in the wet and considering you were tired the day before, doesn't seem so bad a time. Do you have a pair of trail shoes? Wondering if I need them to run more tourist parkruns. Hope the achilles isn't too serious, perhaps a couple of days of full rest are needed.

    Hi JD1, yes Bournemouth and St. Neots are both HM, I do have a couple of 10Ks booked too. One at the Olympic Velopark and the other in Hyde Park which I'm using to encourage my team at work to be more active. Having said that, I'll  probably be last of those that run the 10k! Proper HM training starts two weeks today for 15 weeks.
    Very exciting to be starting your marathon training, look forward to seeing the progress. 

    Hazel, 15 races sounds like a nice number, if you don't count Parkruns. With the HM in March, two more halves (October and November) and a few 10ks, I think I should have done 7-8 this year, but it is my first year. It is great to have something to aim for and test yourself on. Impressive work on the 2x10Ks, especially with that tough ending!

    An easy 5k and a faster 7k from me over the last couple of days. Managed to get wet on both of the runs, which I don't mind at all. It keeps it a little cooler and with the HR based training I'm doing it allows me to go a little faster, which always feels nice. 
    Just realised that with my increasing run-load I need two pairs of trainers on the go. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    enrvuk (wish you'd picked an easier name to type!) - I do have some trail shoes but they have a 4mm drop and I was trying not to annoy the achilles even more. My Epics and Zoom flys have a 10mm drop which is generally better. But achilles decided it hated me anyway. Ah...
    Deffo get more trainers. Currently I have: Nike Frees (used to wear them all the time but they don't come out much now due to the low drop), Nike Epic React (cushioned by light - use for most things and ran Liverpool in them). I have an old, old pair with over 700 miles on them which I've used when it's mucky out, and a newer pair which is now up to 550m (Epics are, according to Nike, good for 600 miles but I've found I can get more out of them). I just took delivery of a brand new pair so old old pair will be retired and 550 mile pair will become the dirty weather shoes. Then I have old Zoom Flys (over 400m) which I just use for parkrun now and Zoom Fly flyknits which I used for Vienna Marathon but found they battered my feet a bit. They'll take over from the old pair as the parkrun and short race shoe as I also have a pair of Vaporflys which have one parkrun and one half marathon on them but haven't done anything more to date. Oh and the trail shoes. Used these a lot in 2015 so no idea on the mileage as I mostly use road shoes now, but I've dug them out for the odd muddy parkrun. I also have a box fresh pair of those sat in the cupboard.
    Um...I have a lot of shoes.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Cal the warmth and humidity won't have helped you at your parkrun if you are generally fatigued.  Do you have a break from racing planned in the next few weeks? 

    Several pairs of shoes are definitely a good thing.  Hmm - I have 3 pairs of trail shoes - 1 old but much loved for rocky conditions (La Sportiva Bushido), one fairly old pair of Scott Kinabalu which I am not keen on and don't use very often and an almost new pair of Saucony Peregrines.  Road shoes: an older pair of Brooks Launch 5 (recovery runs),  a pair of Brooks Launch 6 (everyday but getting towards 450 miles), Brooks Ravenna 10 (everyday, fairly new) and New Balance 1500 V4 (road races up to HM).

    Your race plans sound sensible enrvuk.  I like to have a couple of goal races a year, a few tune-ups for those, and maybe try out a new race or two.  I also have my regional hill race series - up to 10 this year but I won't run all of them. 

    10 miles yesterday afternoon.  Pretty warm and sunny again (slight sunburn on one shoulder) and I came home covered in salt.  The middle 5 miles were run at around MP or slightly faster - felt very much like hard work.    
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I have no races for the last week in June... :D
    I emailed my physio and he suggested I might want to skip the two races I have this week but gave me some isometric exercises (just standing on tiptoes, leg straight and then leg bent, for 40-60 seconds). I did this last night and then again today. It may be helping already as my achilles wasn't as sore this morning, but I'll not risk running just yet. I'll see how it feels tomorrow.
    I was hoping to do a run today as it's my birthday but it's not worth stressing my injury for that so I'm just doing my rehab.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Oh - Happy Birthday Cal!  Hope you have a nice day despite not being able to run.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday,Cal,hope you had a lovely day and your achilles is behaving itself.

    envruk,you always need a few trainers on the go,.I usually stick with Saucony.When I retire them from running they become my gym trainers until they fall off my feet.

    Nice running,Hazelnut,no chance of getting sunburnt over here.I'm doing the Chester marathon in October.

    16.5 miles on Sunday.The last few miles were uncomfortable but got my first marathon training run ticked off.Have to admit I was thinking I couldn't do another 10 miles on top,but I'm sure it'll get better over the next few weeks.
    Woke up Monday morning and my legs felt slightly sore,so it was a gentle 4.35 this afternoon.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Sorry,17.5 on Sunday.
  • Woohoo! I did it!!

    Last time I posted I was fed up due to being injured and generally exhausted.  Some people said I should have a break and they were definitely right.

    I think when I started running in February I hit it way too hard too quickly, predictably injured myself, and after that I never really gave myself the chance to recover properly just tried to push on. As soon as spring came I upped my mileage a bit and started doing some events which probably didn't help.

    It was taking me longer and longer to recover from any runs around the 10 mile mark and my shins and left ankle always hurt and only from doing 15-20 miles a week.

    As recommend, I took a full week off then went back to 3 and 4 mile runs before my first half marathon on sunday (Saxon shore) and completed it! I was quite nervous as the furthest I've ran is 11.75 miles but I did get round in a very underwhelming 2:17 and 430 out of 630 odd,  That said, I was well pleased as my only goal was to get round with no walking and there was a reasonable headwind. My plan was to go out super cautiously and then at mile 10 have loads left and finish strong, in reality I was properly knackered and a bit wobbly when I crossed the line, clearly a long way to go training wise.

    The best runners there were incredible, coming back past me so early. I think the winner was about 1:13.

    I loved the event, and although I'm a much better 10k runner it felt like a decent achievement to me when I crossed the line.

    I'm going to try and stick to 2 x 5/6 milers, and 1 x 10 miler a week, and do a half every month or thereabouts until October. Then (if they've gone well and I'm fit) start thinking about maybe a spring marathon!?! That said, the thought of running that distance again back to back?
    Just. No!

    I haven't posted for a while so lots of posts but glad everyone is for the most part happy and well.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good long run JD. Over time those 17.5 will feel a lot easier.

    Great news regarding your half LTT.  Well done!  Your first half and your longest ever run in combination is a great achievement.  Recover well - just some gentle running for a few days is a good idea.

    Regarding doing a half every month: that is quite a bit if you plan to race them - I would personally treat some at least as training runs over the distance but not full out efforts. 

    8 miles for me late yesterday afternoon - very warm and sunny so I got the bike out and headed for a localish river to take advantage of the shade provided by the tree lined banks and the flat nature of the route.  Nice running through the green tunnels - had to keep an eye open for errant twigs sticking into my path from the side and roots trying to trip me up from below. 
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hello. It's been a while. Not much running this year so figured if I post it might encourage me. And in spite of more regular gym work I feel kinda fat. 10 miles a few days ago after a spell of illness. Slow and I tweaked my knee. Had a go on one of those curved manual treadmills yesterday. Felt very weird at first. Saw a fox cub in the street recently, I have an infection in both ears, and the neighbour's cat has had all his teeth taken out.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday Cal, I hope you had a great time, even without running and took the opportunity to treat yourself to some shoes! Sorry about my name, but you can blame my parents. EN RV is my name in four letters, say each letter individually. Easier when you know it. UK is where I live.

    You are the Imelda Marcos of running, I am impressed! Do your non-running shoes match up?

    I'm definitely going to get another pair of my Brooks shoes (thanks all for the comments) so that I can cycle them. My current pair are about 570km in, so life in them yet. I may invest in some trail shoes later in the year. I'm clearly ill equipped. 

    Nice running JD1, you are doing the kind of runs I'd love to be able to do. I can't imagine 26.2 miles ever feels that doable! October is a long way off thankfully and you sound in a very good space for now.

    Hazel, good form as ever. Nice route, but I'd end up blind, tripped up and probably swimming! Also impressed with your shoe collection. 

    JT141, sorry about the cat, how does a cat with no teeth eat?

    Well done Linton, congrats on the HM finish. If you listen to your body and rest when needed, it sounds like you are going to really enjoy your running. 

    I am getting into my 80/20 training plan for October's HM. Since my last post I've run a 7k 'foundation' run which is mainly in HR Zone 2 and today was a 'long interval' which included 5x3m in HR Zone 4. I am really getting on with the HR Zone based training. I can finally run at the slower pace when needed, just by keeping my HR in zone. 
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hello En. The cat gums his dinner into submission. I tickled his belly today which he really loves for several seconds before trying to rip my fingers to the bone. Got myself out for 8 miles tonight. Soft pace again. Mild and quiet evening. Lots of runners around the banks of the river. When I'm not running great I like being where other people are. I've got antibiotic drops for my ears, competing for space with the crap that's leaking out of them.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Ah, so it's Ian! No, my non-running shoes are retired running shoes. I do have a couple of pairs of sandals for if I ever have to wear anything ladylike, but that hasn't happened in a good while. And also some old cowboy boots from the 1990s back when I used to squeeze myself into leather trousers.  Now it's all about tracky bottoms and comfort.
    JT, sorry you and the cat are in the wars. Belly tickles are risky business.
    Linton, well done on Saxon Shore! I saw pics of the medal on Facebook - looks cool. I think overdoing it is what's got me in trouble. My brain still thinks I'm 25, not 52. (For the record, I did my first half in 2:18 - I'm well under 2 now so there's plenty of hope for you!)
    Haven't run for three days. I don't like this.

  • Hi everyone! I would like some recommendations for my summer running outfit. Do you think that a pair of fitted shorts is better than a loose one? I am talking in terms of comfort and high temperatures. I am between those 2:
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Hi JT - nice to see you back and that you are out running.  Hope the ears improve quickly.  I saw an article on those treadmills a while ago - interesting things.  Not so good about the cat's teeth but I think they can cope without with soft food. 

    Cal are you taking an achilles break at the moment then?  Buying non-running shoes is a boring occupation I find.  In particular with size 8s.

    Enrvuk I also always want to write envruk.  JT got around the problem already by shortening it.  Good you are getting on with the HR training.

    Ch1stinaVlt I guess it is pesonal preference.  I have a range of shorts from mid thigh lycra cycling type to short and lightweight race ones and just choose on the day according to temperature.  Took a bit to pluck up the courage to show that much leg in the latter (I'm not 20 after all) but in the meantime I don't care.   I detest compression type shorts especially in hot weather.   Looking at those 2 pairs I would probably get both though the first are a bit too short for my liking - not sure that they wouldn't ride up and cause some chafing on the inside thigh.  I would think also about pockets if you might need them.

    Group outing yesterday evening of around 6 miles - pretty warm so nothing spectacularly fast.   Sat in one lady's garden post run for a chatter and a drink (no alcohol for me) and then discovered that my car key was missing.  Oops.  Some thinking provided the solution that it was happily trundling off to other places on someone else's back seat.  Got a lift home and phoned around to confirm that.  Good thing we have a spare and I will get it back next Sunday at a race to save faffing around beforehand.

    Collect the car recovery this morning - a bit short of 4 miles.  Will be a warm day again so good to get the running done already.  Car was still there and had no parking ticket.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hello Hazel. Glad you rediscovered your car after the lady garden panic.
    Gym session with a 5km treadmill run to finish. 23mins and hard work. My anti-burst fitness ball burst during the night. Made a hell of a bang.
  • First post here, but I've been lurking for a while, so Hi to everyone. Having a week off. I've got a pain inner side/ back of right knee-does lessen as I run, but I know I need to rest it. I do very much enjoy reading everyone's running exploits and hope that I can contribute regularly. Keep those legs going !
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Welcome mollie - sounds like a hamstring or calf tendon issue (tendons typically feel less achey when you warm up). Book yourself an appointment with a proper sports physio who will be able to diagnose it and give you some corrective exercises. In my experience, tendon issues don't always resolve with rest, so it's best to find out what's causing the issue and fix it.

    Hazelnut - had three days off. I emailed my physio for advice and he OK'd a short run today so I did a 2 mile stress test this evening - one mile easy, one a bit faster (between HM and 10K pace). It wasn't anywhere near as bad so I will risk the club relay tomorrow.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Welcome Christina,JT and Mollie.

    Well done on your first HM,Linton,that's a very respectable time and something to build on.

    Good luck with your club relay,Cal,always good fun.Your achilles has been a nuisance over the last couple of weeks,hope it behaves for you now.

    Hazelnut,good news with your car key.When I run with  my car fob I'm forever tapping my pocket just to make sure it's still there,drives me nuts.

    enrvuk,what distance are you up to now for your HM training?

    Had a plan to run 8 miles yesterday evening with 5 x 1k intervals but within two minutes of running I knew there would be no chance,legs felt leaden,so I ended up just doing 5 miles at a very easy pace.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Thanks JD. Did another 3 miles this morning - it wasn't too bad. I'm more concerned about the left foot which I hurt stumbling downstairs when my drunk neighbour buzzed my door in the small hours of the morning a couple of weeks ago. I think I sprained it mildly. It's not noticeable all the time but in certain positions it can ache a bit. The worst thing is where I cut my toe (I landed on top of my foot) as the toe is still quite sore and red - it should have healed by now. If it doesn't calm down I'll have to go to the docs for antibiotics or something - don't want to lose a toe now, do I?

    JD, good to listen to your body.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    What were you doing to the ball JT?  Lol to the lady garden, missed that twist when I wrote that.

    Welcome molliemasha, hope the knee improves quickly. Agree on the physio to get it checked out and some exercices.

    Good luck with the relays this evening Cal. Hope the achilles copes with them ok.  Any chance of socks/shoes rubbing that toe so it won't heal?

    Sometimes you have to dump a planned session JD.  5x1k is a toughie i find.

    Hill work for me today (day off).  I'm running a race next Sunday that I always struggle with (12k/+800m) so I decided to run the course today as training.  Quite a bit slower than I've raced it but it was very humid and I was carrying a rucksack (water and spare clothes etc).  Quick coffee at the top and then return by a shorter route.  Had to walk most of it as steep and infested with rocks and roots and I didn't want a fall or knackered quads.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Cal, losing a toe would be quite bad news for a runner! So best avoid that. Quite red doesn't sound ideal. Mrs enrv is the opposite of you, but she is at least going to the gym now, but a few dozen trainers away from toppling her normal shoe stack. Never seen her in leather trousers and cowboy boots either :smile:

    Hazel, I bet you subconsciously left the keys to give you the recovery run. Nice miles as usual. If I stick to kms I'm sounds at least a little closer to you!

    I wear a wrist band for my keys, which gets quite sweaty (like everything I wear), but it does the job. If I had shorts I'd be tapping away like JD.

    JD, I've got a 10k Saturday week and will start an HM 14 week plan from there. At the moment I am doing around 30-36km a week. Quite looking forward to the longer distances I have in store. 

    Welcome Mollie, I'd follow Cal's advice, it's always good.

    JT your fitness ball sounds like those unbreakable rulers we used to have at school! 23 mins 5k with an ear infection is nothing to be sneezed at.

    After running 6 days on the bounce, a PR of sorts, like JD I could tell my body wasn't ready for another run, so I took yesterday off. Having got soaked on the way home from Secret Cinema last night I thought I'd be off key this morning, but it was another simple HR2 focused foundation run. The higher temp made the run a little slower, but I got it done.

    I'm off to Frimley Lodge Parkrun on Saturday en route to the Siren Brewery in Finchampstead, not quite at Cal's level of tourism, but building up.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    p.s. Anybody heard from Will, he hasn't posted in a while and has had some ups and downs. Hope he is okay.
  • Had a great first run back after my half marathon today.

    Bizarrely my house is being filmed for Location, Location, Location today, facilitating a day off work.  They made it clear they didn't want me there, so I drove out to a stunning river valley and went for a run there. 

    It felt incredible running top off in the warm sunshine through this quiet valley, and I (for once) felt fit and strong.  I felt I could run forever!  Surprising after Sunday's half.

    I cut the run to 9 miles for common sense sake, but had some decent mid 8 minutes mile splits.

    I feel that half was a bit of a mental hurdle for me, I just need to stay injury free.

    Good running enrvuk, 6 days on the bounce is pretty hardcore.  Enjoy your parkrun.  I haven't done a Parkrun in in 2 months, but have done 150 miles plus since my last one, so am going to try one on a perfect day soon. I could get a surprise?, be nice to better my 21:49.

    Good work on the hill training hazlenut! ALL of the upcoming local halves are either undulating or hilly so I must get hill training!! Hope quads are Ok.

    I do hope your foot gets better Cal, So annoying it was someone else's fault get well soon.

    Hi to new members! This place is a goldmine of running info and support, I have learned lots.

    Bass fishing tomorrow morning and a challenging clay shoot tomorrow afternoon, so a very outdoorsy couple days off.

  • Hello All! Pas de panique, I've been out for a run.

    I had an unplanned 10 day break from getting the trainers on. Just didn't fancy it and also heard that I've got a London Marathon place for next year, running for Pancreatic Cancer UK,  which is very cool. So, I figured that as, come July, I'll be on a 10 month double phase of marathon training, a few days off wouldn't hurt. I eased back in with just under 5 easy miles this evening, meandering the streets. To my relief, I hadn't forgotten how to run and I now feel that nice post-run after glow again. 

    Nice work from all of you. Hope the injury niggles are healing. Great to hear from JT again and thanks for your concern, enrvuk. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Ooh so your gaff is going to be on TV, Linton? Enjoy the fishing.
    Welcome back, Will - congrats on the marathon place.

    Bridges Relay went OK. A bit strange dodging pedestrians around the Thames but quite fun too. Achilles wasn't too bad - felt it a bit in the second mile but it calmed down quickly once I stretched it out. Left foot hurt before and after but not while I was running, which is interesting. Hazelnut, you might be right about the toe - I put a plaster back on it so hopefully that will help.
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