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  • JD - I was using a bottle belt, but the amount of water it holds doesn't cut it in summer for a 3 hour plus run. In marathons, I just drink at the water stations (though if more races start using cups, which I can't get on with, I may have to bring my own).
    Well done on the 20. I don't usually eat before training as I go out early - only before parkruns and races, and then it's purely carbs (oats and honey or syrup with hot water) because my digestion is glacially slow and protein and fats slow it down.
  • 9 miles monday night at 8:45-9 min miles. Weary legs.  That's it for proper runs now until Canterbury Half on Monday.  I find myself really restless taper week, anyone else get that?  Maybe I should go swimming or something.

    Huge run again JD!, are you in marathon training, guessing you must be.  I find it hard knowing what do food wise.  like Cal, I prefer to go early pre-breakfast, but race day it means eating 6:30 to start at 9 or 10.  Camel racing sounds good!  Are they ridden during the race? I went on a Camel trek in Gran Canaria once, it kept trying to bite my leg and it was bloody high up there! Would not repeat.

    Annoying chafing Cal, my bottle belt wrecks my vests, hope you find a solution.  On the trail half marathon most had a hydration vest.  looks much less jiggly than a belt.  I know what you mean about those little cups with an inch of water in them. More please!

    Great run envruk.  I've been caught a few times in torrential rain.  Useful to check if your shoes will rub in rain or during a wet trailrun I reckon also.  

    Awesome running as always Hazlenut, great recovery.   Nice long run too.  You seem to have hills sorted.  Annoying you had a dissappointing run.
    How much do you think  mental fatigue effects performance?  I've pondered this before.

    Have a good day all.

  • How tough will that be folks?, for me living and training on a pancake, probably bad, but how bad?  Any thoughts?
  • Well, I would suggest some hill training if you can find a hill. When is it?

    12 miles this morning which felt OK (it did seem to go on forever, although actually it was  2 hours 2 minutes or so) but my fecking watch managed to lose my run. I think I'm going to have to grit my teeth and get that new watch sooner rather than later.
  • Shame you missed out on the 5k JD.  If your mara has bottles then I wouldn't take an own one.  Nice 20 miles - better you enjoyed the second half rather than struggling through it.

    Restlessness during the taper is normal LTT.  Gentle exercise is good I would say.  Do you swim regularly? If not I wouldn't do it now as you might get tired from the unaccostomed movements. 

    Mental fatigue certainly does affect performance for me - I need a good dose of race adrenaline or an interesting session to distract me if that hits.

    I assume that is your race profile for Monday?  Very tasty!  Make a mental note of where those climbs are for the race.  Don't set off too fast on the first mile or you will likely blow up on the first hill.  Take the first downhill as an opportunity to recover a bit as you have a second climb straight after it.  I would run the downhill as of mile 6 hard and worry about the final hill when I met it, once you have that - blast it with all you can to the finish down that hill.  If you need to walk - do so.  I run hilly races by effort rather than pace - I regularly ask myself if I think I can keep up my current effort based on the distance left (and if I have an idea of it)  the amount of time it will likely take and if no I back off a bit.

    Annoying re. the watch Cal. 

    6 recovery miles yesterday - mostly run on a an approx 1k loop adding in one stride per loop.  Felt quite a bit better though still a bit breathy.  Picked a good time to go out - drizzle but as I got home the heavens opened properly and it poured for hours. Race this evening - likely to be windy - oh well - for everyone else there as well.
  • It's Monday.

    I'm screwed. :disappointed:

    I use Asics Runkeeper Cal.  Occasionally it malfunctions, agreed it's damn annoying. Nice run though!
  • Thanks Hazlenut, will take that on board, not sure there'll be much blasting though!  I was fine until I ran into the seasoned marathon guy at work, who works in a different department.  He said it was the hardest half he's done by some way and he's done a lot!  Thanks.
  • Well, Linton, I guess you  just need to take it easy and enjoy it rather than race it. Consider it practise.
    Just ordered a Forerunner 45. I've been putting off going to the dentist on the basis that I don't have the money, yet the money is magically there when I need a new running watch. Funny, that.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Hazel, amazed that hill runs don't take it out of your legs. Singing in the rain is my wife and Mum's fave movie, so I won't butcher that myself. Although I did propose with a re-write of one of the songs from the movie. Looks like the weather gods were kinder to you yesterday. I'm struggling with the weekend prediction and my run/drinking/cooking/eating planning!

    JD, I use a belt that can hold a bottle, it works very well for me. On longer runs I put the tablets in as well. The problem with a handheld bottle over a longer run, it does tend to get quite warm. A belt avoids that. Longest I've run is about 2h10m.

    LTT, good luck with your run. I am no major hill runner, but Hazel's advice sounds great. With your taper you should have plenty in the legs and have a mn

    Cal, what a bummer about the watch. That's particularly annoying to lose such a long run!! Glad you got your priorities right, if it's not recorded a run didn't happen.

     I am considering getting a Garmin for one particular app, it's called Race Screen ( If you're in a race you hit lap when you pass a mile/km marker, it then recalculates your pace on the 'official distance'. Handy for not getting to 13.1k on your watch and then seeing the 13k marker 200m up the road!! 

    Anyone heard from Will? He's either lost in Snowdonia or overwhelmed by the amount of running we are all doing.

    Thanks all on the run encouragement, last nights cruise intervals, basically 4x5m in HR Zone 3 was a bit tougher, but I enjoy the mixed up runs. Currently trying to plan my LSRs around a busy social life.
  • Agree with Hazel JD, 13 miles @ MP is a tough run. Very well done on the 20 miles yesterday.

    Hazel, I know what mean about crap runs, there's so many variables that influence how we perform, and only a very few that we can control, to some extent. State of mind certainly adds/detracts.

    LTT, very sorry to hear about your experience, very distressing all round.

    5 miles for me today, 1 mile warm up/[email protected]/2 cool down, interspersed with stops to eat blackberries!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Linton,your HM looks great!Nice downhill after mile 6,just let the brakes off.Like Hazelnut said run the hills by effort.Get yourself out for some gentle runs that'll help with restlessness.I always find it hard sleeping the night before a race,it just plays on my mind.

    I presume the camels were ridden.I heard the beer tent was drunk dry by the young farmers, so a good time by all.

    enrvuk,you need to plan your busy social life around your LSR! Nice interval session as well.

    Nice run,Cal.Always exciting getting new running kit,better than the dentist!

    Speedy run Mollie.My dogs help themselves to the blackberries this time of year as well.

    Just a 5 miles recovery run yesterday afternoon,nice and easy.

  • LTT: do the best you can on the day and don't let the course get you down too much beforehand.  I find hills can actually provide a welcome break to the sometimes monotony of turn on the engine and left foot, right foot, keep up the pace of flat races.    

    Cal: enjoy the new watch when it arrives.  I hope it is more reliable than the old one.

    Enjoy your busy social life enrvuk.  GPS and km/mile markers can be off quite a bit.  Sometimes its the markers sometimes the GPS.

    Good point regarding Will - give us a wave if you are around?  Hope everything is ok.

    Nice couple of swift miles mollie.  Like the cool down nutrition.  The blackberries aren't too great here this year yet.  Small and not very ripe.  I test every now and then.

    Agree JD - sleeping well before a race can be hard.

    10.5k race for me yesterday evening.  Great result as I managed another podium in my age group - 3rd / 46 and 10th lady out of 140.  45:19 chip time.  Was around 13 seconds off of my 10k PB it seems for the fastest 10k I did within the 10.5, without the congestion on the first k I might have got closer to it.  Won a box of fruit and a voucher for a local restaurant.  Also my first ever "trophy" a round pebble from the river next to which the race is run with the year and has my rank and year on a badge glued to it.   Nice to have a small momento when the other prizes have been eaten (OH always appreciates the edible rare prizes and finisher goodies).
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Fantastic result Hazelnut,well done.Was it a trail race?You'll definitely break your 10k PB soon.
  • Fantastic, Hazelnut, well done!
    New watch has arrived. I was tempted to go out and test it but this is a rest day and my groin's a bit niggly so decided to err on the side of caution.
  • Thanks JD and Cal.

    Good restraint to stick to your rest day and not be tempted to go out with the new watch Cal.  Hope the groin is feeling better for it.

    4 mile recovery yesterday evening - legs tired as was to be expected but not painful as such.  Should have done a short cool down jog post race on Wednesday - that can really help.  My lower back did hurt but eased during running.  Might have strained that last week preventing my moped falling over, seems to be improving though.
  • It felt better after a nap yesterday! That groin has always been a bit niggly (it was the one I injured pretty badly a few years ago) but why it has decided to act up all of a sudden I'm not sure. I suspect it was a fair increase in mileage last week plus the mad Saturday with the parkrun and 10K.
    It was OK on the run today although it did niggle once I stopped. I think I'm due for a massage although I will have to wait a week or so as my masseur is normally there on Mondays and it's a bank hol.
    Anyway, got to test the Forerunner 45. It works well although it will take a bit of getting used to as there's a lot more to it than the 25 and the data fields are a little different. But it recorded my run no problem. Did 9 miles which were enjoyable, though I can feel that it is starting to warm up again (Sunday will be a hot one!)
    The 45 also records heart rate and while I know wrist monitors are not as accurate as chest, it gives me something else to obsess over. :D

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Mollie, are the blackberries an official part of your refuelling strategy?

    JD on the run before social Mrs. RV might not agree with you :-) I do curb my drinking around my LSR though.

    Hazel, agree on the markers v GPS, but because we never run the perfect line in races your GPS will rightly say you're closer to running the race distance than you actually are. The app allows you to correct for that, subject as you say, to the accuracy of the markers of course.

    Great race by the way, that's a real achievement. The hard work is paying off.

    Cal, congrats on your new toy. Interested to hear you get on with it over time. As you know I am a big advocate of HR Zone based running. It's been a game changer for my training. Will you be trying any of the Connect IQ apps?

    7k Foundation run on Wednesday and I felt quite leggy, although the times weren't too bad. I decided to rest yesterday. Today was a 16.2k long slow run with a fast finish. Still a little leggy to start with, but managed to up the pace for the finish (1.6k at Heart Zone 3). It was getting warmer by the end, but the Park was looking beautiful all the way round, I had no set path to follow. The resulting map on Strava looks like a walk of a drunk who has lost his keys!

  • No, I don't use a smartphone. I'm old fashioned like that.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    I think you can download them straight from a computer.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Cal/Hazelnut,Ive been reading up about the benefits of the longer or shorter taper.I'm inclined to go for the longer one for obvious reasons.Just wondered how long your taper is for a mara.

    Nice run enrvuk,you have to be disciplined doing HR training,staying in  your zone.

    11.8 miles yesterday evening.3.5 miles @HMP and 5.5 miles @ MP,hard run and very warm but I felt good.Next couple of weeks going to do a few more runs @ MP just to build up some confidence.

  • Three weeks, usually, although I tend to do my longest run four weeks out.
  • This week's parkrun adventure saw me take the train down to Sussex for East Grinstead. I do the parkrun challenges (a brower extension for Chrome and Firefox) so I needed an E for my alphabet and an East for my compass challenge, so this one ticked both of those (there are no Es in London - this is the closest). I figured I'd best get it done before winter as this one is legendary for mud. Even though it's currently dry, I was advised I'd be best in trail shoes and I'm glad I wore them as there's a lot of lumpy, wet grass and uneven paths, not to mention a big steep hill you have to go up twice. One of the twistiest courses I've done, too.
    I knew I'd be hard pushed to get under 28 minutes on a course like this so was happy with 27:25, which got me 5th lady. No age group win though - the entire top 5 were over 50, and two of them were VW55s. You had to go as low as 9th place to find a 30-something, and 10th for a 20-something, so it's clear this one is ruled by the vets, at least as far as women are concerned.
    I did enjoy it, though - I love running as fast as I can on a flat tarmac course, but the cross country courses are just plain fun. At least when you're not huffing and puffing up the hills.I definitely exceeded what my watch thinks should be my max HR, but my watch doesn't know squat. :D
  • Good news the first test of your new watch went well Cal. TomTom watches are no longer being made so I should keep my eyes open for alternatives.

    Good running envruk.

    3 week taper for me last mara JD. (12 week P&D up to 55 miles, can elaborate if you don't have that available).  Practicing your MP is a good thing so you can dial into it on race day.

    Those parkrun challenges seem to get you travelling around a bit Cal. Nice! Those older ladies can be fast. I was well beaten on Wednesday by a 60 year old.

    Bit short of 10 miles yesterday at a gentle pace. Legs felt ok but my back hurt quite a lot on the last couple of miles. Will see how it is for tomorrow's hill race. Worse case I will DNS/DNF. Uphill (plenty of that) won't stress it too much but there are also some descents too and the jolting will probably hurt! Rest day and gentle stretching today.

    In addition to Will hope JT is ok. Not seen him around lately either.
  • Awesome running all.

      Literally feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall today.  After that trail half marathon I was well sore everywhere, it definitely knocked me about more than I was used to, but didn't think much of it.

    Trained hard straight after. 6 days out of 9, which was a bad mistake, knee pain got worse and worse.

    Tapered and expected it all to cease like it normally does, and hips ankles and right knee all feel great, but my left knee is in a bad way. Audible grinding and clicking and hurts at the back, sides and outer top.

    Any idea what I've done? I'm getting SO frustrated now.  After 6 months I finally feel I've got my ankles good and strong, now this.  Can I take pain killers and still do The half marathon monday.  Can I go to minor injuries and get it checked?  X rayed maybe. i just don't get it.  Ive got no more weight to lose.

    Read that it can be caused by quad tightness and could be runners knee or god forbid, a torn meniscus.  If I just rest and ice it maybe it will be OK?

    Great running Hazlenut, brilliant race and result.

    Great Parkrun Cal, I'm with you that rolling trail is infinitely better than running along roads, although it's possibly not done me any favours.

    Great running enrvuk and JD, glad the training is going well.

  • Evening all, tucking in to meat balls and wine as I type, so apologies for any typos.

    Really feel for you LTT, the grinding and clicking sounds ominous. I can't offer any advice, sorry to say.

    Best of luck for your hill race tomorrow and hilly...I don't envy you at all.

    Nice East Grinstead run Cal, sounds like you had fun. Not that I know a lot about parkruns, but it must be quite unusual for the entire top 5 to be over 50. A good result for us not-so- youngers.

    Enrvuk, yes blackberries are the new beetroot, didnt you know? :D

    Ventured up onto the south coast cliffs early this morning for a steady 8 miles. Very calm and quiet, just the bunnies and lovely sea views. Great way to start the day.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about your knee,Linton,after all of your hard work.Your knee doesn't sound good,if it's like this tomorrow I'd be reluctant to race on it,as you don't want to do any serious damage to your knee in the long term.Get it iced and elevated today and see how it is tonight and then make a decision about tomorrow.Get your knee seen to next week as well.

    Hazelnut,good luck with your hill race.

    Great parkrun,Cal,sounds like a tough course.Good day for the vets.

    Mollie,your coastal run sounds idyllic,nice start to your day.

    5 miles recovery run yesterday evening.Spotted two air balloons,I think they were going home after a display over in Oswestry.

  • Linton, you need to get yourself to a decent sports physio. Mine is great for sorting me out - he's also a marathon runner so he understands runners.
    Mollie, that does sound lovely!
    Well done JD. Don't often see balloons.
    A bit of an unscheduled adventure for me this morning! I had 20 miles planned for today and wanted to get out early before it got too warm. Woke up at 3.30am so had to decide whether to a) stay awake or b) go back to sleep and then risk sleeping in until 5.30 which would mean I'd be unlikely to get out before 7. So I went with a).
    Set out at 5.15am and headed straight down to Tooting and Colliers would and hit the Wandle Trail just as it was starting to get light. (This is a path that runs alongside a small river - very pleasant, but I was concerned about light levels here so didn't want to go out too early). As it happened, the sky turned an amazing red at this point and I hit Morden Hall Park at sunrise. It was really stunning - lots of low mist and pink and red.  I told myself, this is why you run, not the medals. (But to be fair, it is also the medals. :D)
    From there I headed along various roads towards Wimbledon Common, including The Downs which is a pretty nasty, steep hill (much bigger and steeper than anything I do on the Brockwell route). The common is on top of a hill, more or less, so if you're coming from my direction, you can't avoid a few climbs.
    I spent a few miles running around the common, which is always pleasant, though I'm never quite sure where I'm going after the first couple of miles as the common is big and has a lot of paths - I just kind of wing it.
    I left the common at around 13 miles figuring that would give me 7 miles to get home (it's about 4.5 - 5 miles using the most direct route) and I could add a little detour to Wimbledon Park, a Capability Brown-designed park that is also pleasant.
    I decided on the spur of the moment to try and find the big hill I ran up during the Wimbledon 5K Dash last year - go up that and then head back down towards the station and then home. But I went very, very wrong. Turned the wrong way coming out of the park and found myself heading towards Putney. I made a few corrections and found myself back at the common, but I was at the far end of the common. I realised at this point that I was going to be doing a bit more than 20 miles.
    From here I ran the most direct route home rather than the more interesting routes I usually choose, and hit 22 miles not too far from home. I decided I would stop here and walk the remaining half mile or so to cool down.
    Interestingly, I felt a lot stronger towards the end. I was running high 10s to start with, and even a couple of 11s going up hills on the common itself (I'm always slower on trail) but I got faster and faster as the run progressed and the last five miles were all 9:40s and 50s. I felt I could easily have run further, but didn't see any benefit in doing so (especially since I have a race on Wednesday).
  • Not good news on your knee LTT.  Sound advice from JD and Cal. A HM is a long way and you don't want to hobble that.

    Jealous of your sea views Mollie, must have been lovely.

    Great 22 miles Cal, you are in good shape for your mara.

    Hill race went okay, 4th in my age goup (small and no very fast runners this year). 14 and a bit km with more than 1000m ascent in 1:41:34, my second fastest time in four attempts. My back immediately started to complain during a gentle warm up and I was considering a DNS but decided to start off gently and DNF if necessary. Thanks to the conservative start I was able to run/march fairly strongly on the long hilly bits (up to 20%) where my back was okay - no jolting. I was careful down the hill from the highest point of the course and was overtaken by a couple of ladies but not one from my age group fortunately. Nice sit/sprawl on the grass in the sun for a while then cable car and bus down to the valley for the usual post race chat, awards etc.
  • Well done, Hazelnut - I hope your back is OK. I remember doing a half after wrenching my back in yoga. I was in a lot of pain the day before and wasn't sure I could run at all but lots of painkillers and a TENS device and I managed a PB!
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