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  • A recovery-paced 8 miles today. Body a bit grumbly, unsurprisingly, but I got it done. No interesting sightings to report.
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    Dad was fine as it happens. When he gets back from staying in Turkey he’s planning another Parkrun! 

    Cal impressed by your cooking you’ve stopped cooking fried food in the nude, but it’s fine for other cuisine?

    On your watch there will probably be a setting for how long the pace is based on. On my Apple Watch depending on the app it can be anything from 30 seconds through to the whole run. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a setting you can change. 

    I ran 16k this morning with a fast Finish at around 6:05 km pace overall. A sleeping Swan in the middle of a path in the Park was the most noticeable sight. Really enjoy the sculptures in the bottom half of the park too. 

    I’m off to Noordwijk on the coast of Netherlands tomorrow for work. One rest day followed by a nice tempo and interval run will be much nicer than three days of meetings. 
  • Actually I've just stopped cooking when it's hot. Using the oven (or hob) when it's hot further raises the temperatures in my very small, west-facing flat which is the last thing I need. Probably why I've lost a few pounds recently - I've been eating salads all summer. Enjoy your trip.
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    I like to fry fully clothed, except on Friday nights...

    4 steady miles this evening, at a slightly better pace. Form and legs felt better and so progress seems to be happening. Kids back to school tomorrow, so have been turning up Nye's new trousers and stitching in a new hem for him. Rock to the roll.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • LOL to the semi-naked cooking.  Hope those scalds heal quickly enrvuk.  Well done to your dad for his parkrun and a nice one from you too.  Enjoy Holland (even if it is for work)

    Good news if your Dad can get back to running soon Will.  Glad your knees recovered that fast from the longie.  Hope your kids are looking forward to going back to school.

    Good mileage JD. 

    I would see how your HM goes Cal and then whack the time for that into a marathon race predictor and see what it spits out. Pain with the watch pacing wise.  Perhaps you will notice a pattern if you run the same route regularly and it is a poor GPS signal in places so you can compensate for that?

    Just short of HM distance yesterday evening for me.  Trotted to the meeting point for my group run, did that and trotted back again.  In total about 2 hours with around 400m of upping and downing.  Beautiful evening - warm initially but cooled rapidly and was treated to a lovely deep orange sunset (no camera unfortunately).  It was already quite dark in the wooded stretch on the return so I had to shuffle carefully.  I did have my headtorch but couldn't be arsed to fumble it out of its pocket.   I do know the roots and stones quite well though.  Saw a big marten ambling across the road.  Quite a few people out enjoying the evening air and all friendly.
  • Sounds nice, Hazelnut.

    It was raining hard when I woke up so I put my run off until mid-morning when the sun came out (at the cost of my pilates class, but never mind).
    Did 9 miles total - two to warm up, 2 LT, a recovery at (my old) MP, 2 more LT, then two to cool down. I was going to do a longer block of LT but couldn't quite face it, which is why I split it into two chunks. I don't know how you manage with it in P&D (or P&whoever it is for the HM).
    I still don't know how I can run that fast for much longer in a race and it doesn't feel anything like as hard. I swear it's Voodoo.
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    Shame about the parkrun mix up enrvuk,well done to your dad though.Nice 16k,enjoy your work trip.

    Great 13 miles Hazelnut,you're putting some mileage in lately.What race do you have planned next.

    That's a good session Cal,sounds like a tough one.Love your cooking story,could have been worse you might have been ironing.

    20 miles this morning,8 - 16 miles @ MP.Last couple of miles started feeling sick not sure why though.Body is starting to feel tired,really looking forward to the taper.Just wondering if it would be beneficial doing one more long run or start cutting back.

  • Great LT run Cal.  Tough one that. Unlike P&D, P&L (the up to HM distance) has most of the LT runs in time rather than distance intervals.  I've come to appreciate the time aspect - stops me setting off to quickly as unlike distance the interval isn't over quicker for it.  MP is quick for the recovery part I generally jog that slowly (4 mins), anything up to 2 mins slower per k (sorry..) than the LT bits.  Agree on the how do I do it faster in a race bit.  10k pace (faster than LT) is a struggle in training.

    I initially read you did 16 miles @ MP JD - but rereading you mean you did from mile 8 to mile 16?  I would start the taper with a last long run. 

    Lunch recovery yesterday - always feel sluggish doing those.  Start off feeling ok and then the legs go to sleep and I have to wake them up by speeding up my cadence for short stretches.  Not necessarily the pace as such, I just shorten my stride.   Was warm but that really does look like the last day of it for a while.  Met one walker with a nice looking Jack Russel. 

  • An 8 mile jaunt this morning. Enjoyable. Only reason I stopped when I did was because I was thirsty (I only take water on my long run, as a rule).
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    Yes,Hazelnut that should be miles 8 to 16 @ MP.Going to fit in one more long run next week,then taper.

    Just over 4 miles recovery this evening,joined by Polly,who carried a plastic bottle all the way and Rhiannon,my eldest daughter,so my peace and tranquility was shattered but enjoyable all the same.Feeling better so hoping for a quality session tomorrow .
  • How nice that your girls run with you, JD.
    5 miles recovery today. Wore long tights for the first time in ages. This was because all my shorts were in the wash, but it was chilly enough that I didn't regret it.
    Saw a little wren and a nice thrush.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Rhiannon's running is really coming on,Cal.She really likes going to athletics club,so fingers crossed she'll stick with it when she becomes a teenager.

    12 miles this morning,6 x 1 miles @ 10kp,0.5 mile recovery in between.A good run,hit all my times,so I'm happy with that.Spotted two herons,one which stood its ground with me as I approached it,I was only 5 feet away from it when I passed him.
    Going to York tomorrow but not until lunch time so I'm going for a sneaky parkrun before I go.Going to try a fairly new venue,Henley Wood,Oswestry,speaking to club mates it's a tough course,so I'm not expecting much.
    Have a nice weekend.
  • Might need a bit more than the summer shorts here soon too Cal. 

    Is Polly your dog JD?  I think you have one?

    Intervals for me yesterday afternoon.  Haven't done any in a while so a bit of a shock to the system as always.

    3 x1200 with 3 minute recoveries and 3 x 1000 with 2:30 recoveries yesterday afternoon.  The 3 longer ones were consistent as were the 3 shorter, just a bit slower.  Legs were feeling it by the end and the lungs were protesting in all 6.  Distances were all measured by GPS.  At a bit faster than 10k race pace I didn't look around me much - I did notice a lot of trains going up and down the track next to me and that of all of the cyclists passing me only one was travelling by pure pedal power.    
  • Hi everyone! just thought I'd check in and say hi.

    Went to the doctors after the Canterbury race, he had a good look and wasn't sure if my knee is an overuse injury or tear.  I've been told I can't run for two weeks.  it doesn't seem to be healing and I haven't ran for well over a week.  Knee still hurts at the back and sides and feels loose.  Work is crap and I need a run! Going to the gym at the weekend but I hate the gym.  The doctor was very condemning of distance running for osteoarthritis, which surprised me.  

    Staying positive it's going to get better, I'm becoming an irritable prick at work and drinking too much.  I really miss it!

    Awesome running all! too many posts to go through but have a great weekend.   
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Polly is my young black Labrador, Hazelnut ,a big slobbering mutt but she's great at finding discarded plastic bottles and running for miles with them.
    That's a tough interval session,great running.I need to do more interval sessions,enjoyed the one today.

    Sorry to hear about your knee,Linton,what's next after two weeks rest?You need to find a punchbag at the gym take your frustrations out!Have to totally disagree with your doctor about running causing osteoarthritis,the science doesn't back his claim.
  • Hi JD, yes I did some reading on return from my appointment and as you say, there no hard evidence running causes premature joint wear.  I was quite surprised.

    If there's no improvement I will have an X-ray, and go from there,  I' m hoping it is going to be OK though.  
  • Not good, Linton, though agreed on the arthritis - your doc is basing that on outdated thinking. I reckon you should get yourself to a proper running physio who knows what they're talking about (if you want a scan, though, you still need the NHS).
    Well done on your intervals, folks.
    JD, if you have the parkrun challenges brower extention (I recommend it!), that one counts as a West for your compass.
    As for me, off to Lloyd tomorrow - supposedly the hardest run in London though I expect that's based on winter when it's muddy. I'll have to see how it stacks up against Sunny Hill.
  • Sounds awesome, where do I send my bank account number and sort code?

    Serious question guys, wonder if you can help.  I've worked so hard to get my fitness up to a good level how long will it stay before it starts deteriorating with no weekly mileage? Any ideas? thanks
  • Your V02 max will drop quite sharply but your overall stamina won't hurt too much, especially if you can do something else like cycling. You can get it back quite quickly, too.
    And folks, if you flag spam posts as spam, they will get automatically deleted once 5 people have flagged them. So do your duty.

    Lloyd parkrun today - arguably London's toughest, and in winter I have no doubt that it is. It's all trail/grass and  I can see sections that would be awful when the mud kicks in. They have cross country races there.
    It's a two lapper with a gentle uphill on a narrow trail through the trees, before turn back on itself, and then there's a much steeper hill before you come back down. The steeper hill wasn't so bad on the first lap but felt tough on the second. I ran it in 26:14 which I'm quite happy with - a low 26 is a good time for me on a hilly, off-road course (I did 27:28 at East Grinstead, which has a similar amount of climb). Age group 2nd, of 14, so that's OK too.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Nice parkrun Cal,you'll have to go back in winter for a slip and slide fest,great AG finish as well.

    Henley Woods parkrun yesterday.A two loop course,which was very compact and tight,not hilly but very tight bends,more like a cross country course. The fisrt part was mostly on grass trails before entering the woods,just as you could build up some speed you had to slow down for a sharp bend.Overall a very enjoyable course.Finished with a time of 22:14 and a 5th placing - obviously all the fast runners had a day off,but I'll take that anyway.

  • Seems your doc doesn't have too much of an idea about your knee LTT. I would stick to the break however, certainly if it is still uncomfy.  I supposedly have a higher risk of OA in my right knee due to a bad injury quite a few years ago. If I don't run/exercise for a few days then the joint starts to grumble, it is happier to have regular movement.  Agree with Cal regarding losing fitness, when you do restart, do it gently and no catching up on lost training.

    Well done Cal and JD for the parkruns.

    I've been out running all days since Monday, nothing special, just getting the miles done.  Exception maybe was a set of "hill" sprints: 6 x 12 x seconds approx. Feel I am lacking a bit in leg strength for those.

    Long run later, around 15 miles.
  • JD, avoiding the mud was why I wanted to do it before winter!

    A 16 miler for me today - quite chilly - hands were cold for the first two miles. As this was meant to be a bit of an easier effort (no MP miles) I decided to go and explore Mitcham Common. I've been to the fun fair there, but never actually explored the common itself. I got myself there OK (3 miles or so) but had a little trouble finding the bit of the common I wanted to run around. At first I found myself running around a field which was full of Canada Geese, but this didn't seem to lead onto the wilder bit of the common so I crossed the road as there was some more open space there, and found an ancient cinder track and more geese. I ran around the track just because, but this wasn't what I was looking for so I crossed back and carried on up the road, over a bridge and found the common proper.
    Mitcham feels a lot more wild than the other commons I run on - trails are narrow, often stony, and sometimes just stripes of dirt less than hip-width, or they're lumpy grass that is slightly shorter than the surrounding lumpy grass. There's also a whacking great mound/hill in the middle, and a large pond/small lake to which all paths seem to lead.
    I enjoyed running there but my achilles did not like the lumpy ground and the steep bit in the middle and I rolled both ankles (fortunately no damage done) at different points, so this is not a run I'd do in the run-up to an important race, and probably not one I'd do in winter. I can definitely see why they do cross country races here.
    I did take a wrong turn on the way back, too, but I didn't exceed my target mileage and I felt I had plenty left in the tank.
    While this was meant to be a cut-back week, I've still managed 50 miles because I ran 6 days instead of 5.  Next week will definitely be much lower as I have the half on Sunday.
  • Thanks everyone! I got up early and went for a gentle six mile walk through the fields today, very autumnal.
    Yesterday I did a kettle bell workout from youtube, although I had a choice of bronzed adonis or scantily dressed gym girl, both bringing unwelcome comments!
    I'm going to give it until thursday and go for a gentle few miles doing loops of the local cricket pitch on soft grass.
    Just watched the Great  North run, what a great event, I'd love to do that one day, 350 miles away though!

    That sounds a great run Cal, glad your ankles were Ok.  That is a huge weekly milage, awesome. Good luck with the half marathon.
    Great daily running Hazlenut, and nice Parkrun JD.  Have nice sunday.
  • JD, great perseverance still,  I am still 4 weeks away from my half and I get what you mean about welcoming the taper. Nice Parkrun, top 5! My only hope of that is to bribe a marshall to send everybody the wrong way.  I had to look up Oswestry, I'd heard of it, but wasn't sure where it was. Not likely to be in my next 5 Parkruns.

    Cal, I take water on most runs, just because I don’t want it to be a distraction and I get very hot :-(  You are smashing your Parkruns out of the erm, park right now. Another super time. All the hard work really paying off for you at the 5k distance and no doubt you’ll feel the benefit in next week’s half.  How’s the Garmin?
    Oh and Thanks for the info re: the spam post. 

    LTT, sorry to hear about your woes. We can all empathise with you. Work for me is always up and down and running has really helped bring a good distraction . I hope it starts to ease and you can get back into it. If you use Strava there is a chrome extension called elevate that gives you some insight into fitness. Perhaps you can find some form of cross training, maybe swimming, to help. With you on the Great North Run, worth the pilgrimage. I am considering a few overseas events next year (will probably only do one). 

    Nice fast runs Hazel, I really enjoy those kind of intervals. My wife has a similar risk with her knee having had an op and may need a knee replacement in the future. It's holding back her C25K.

    Few runs from me. A couple along the seafront at Noordwijk, which is just set up for running. A lovely trail with nice dunes and glimpses of the sea. I had 5 mins bursts in HR Zone 4 which was fun. Sadly the last one was mainly uphill and back into the wind I’d enjoyed at my back going out! Friday I did a gentler 5k on the same route and yesterday a recovery run. There are some benefits to the management team offsites I go to. Next week I am in Luton Hoo!

    Today was my long run, 19.1k, with a quarter of every mile at a higher HR with no real route in mind. I went through Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, Fitzrovia. Pall Mall, a small loop in Green Park and a full loop of St. James Park with a little of the Mall thrown in. Then back home. The route looks like a dodgy pub crawl.  Good fun crossing Oxford Street, I’ve rarely seen runners there!  No major wildlife aside from the RP geese and a lot of tourists. 
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    Hi All. Loads of top running going on. Great stuff. I hope your knee holds up, Linton. Don't push it too soon, although that's easier said than done

    A couple of easy midweek runs for me and then yesterday my mate and I attempted the first leg of our Norfolk Coastal Path adventure. The brown North Sea whipping up into white horses at 7am on Hunstanton prom wasn't very appealing but we zipped up and got on with it. Knowing some stretches of the path quite well, I didn't bother getting hold of an OS map. Let's just say it's already on order for the next leg!

    A grand mix of beach, saltmarsh, dunes, shingle, sinking mud and the odd patch of firm ground made it a real strength builder. We leapt creeks, waded up to our arses across boat channels and jumped over a wall and legged it through a private garden to get back on track. My trainer that got removed in a filthy quag, was fortunately saved by my mate, Martin, but it will never be the same again. All in all the predicted 18 miles turned into 22, but we made it to the pick up point and agreed it was an absolute blast.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Nice exploration and good mileage Cal. Hope the ankles are ok.

    Caught the tail end of the GNR coverage whilst ironing LTT. Weather looked nice. Your plan to start out sounds ok, doing loops you can bail out if necessary.

    Nice running enrvuk. Luton does sound less exotic.

    Quite an adventure Will! Built many a sandcastle on Hunstanton beach as a kid.

    Just short of 15 miles in 2:08 today. Quite a bit cooler than of late so hydration points less of an issue. Glad I took some armsleeves with me as with two minor soakings from showers I got a bit cold despite upping the pace a bit in the second half. Don't care if they look a bit errm odd, useful bit of equipment!  Pretty quiet out just a few people out for an afternoon amble and some chickens freely ranging in the farmyard I ran through. Level crossing there didn't reopen for ages, was tempted to nip across the line but didn't.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    So behind on this thread, sorry. Hope everything is going okay for everyone.
    Seem to have been doing more gym work than running this year. Running feels arduous, though takes up less time. I'm about 9lbs heavier than this time last year which explains the sluggishness.
    Anyway 9.5miles today. Sunny. Lots of families with little kids on bikes - one I came close to barrelling into. Also nearly taken by a car door opening. People painting fences and windows here and there.
  • Hey JT! Those little kids wobbling around on bikes and scooters are the bane of my life. (along with little dogs). I try to avoid running during the school run.

    Great running, Will - I don't think I'd have liked the getting wet part. I'm basically a cat - I avoid water as much as possible.

    Hazelnut - I'm quite interested in sleeves myself. In colder weather, I've put my club vest over a long sleeve top but given the vest is white, green and blue and the top is neon yellow, I'd rather have something that looks a bit better, really. What kind of sleeves do you use?

    enrvuk - I'm not keen on Central London runs, honestly. One of my club's Sunday long run routes goes from Battersea to Hyde Park, and I hated having to stop to cross roads and breathing in all the traffic fumes. I can't imagine what Oxford Street would have been like.

    8 miles today. Groin is niggling quite a bit, though it's more after I've stopped than when I'm running. I guess it hasn't much appreciated me doing four 50-55 mile weeks in a row. This week will be less as I have the first of my Autumn halves on Sunday.
  • Nice to see you JT.  Maybe the gym work has contributed to your extra weight - more muscles?  Little kids on bikes are almost as bad as dogs! (at least they don't bite - normally at least)

    That is good mileage Cal.  Cut back week before your half will do you good.  Will think about sleeve details - I have about 5 pairs in the meantime (some of them freebies/presents).  Some fleecy lined ones for colder weather and some thiner ones just to cover the skin. 

    Group run yesterday evening with a couple of warm up miles on my own for about 8.5 miles in total.  Good turnout of around 8 but it was nice weather again.
  • 10 miles today, fairly easy pace. Had to dodge a lot of kids as I didn't manage to get out until nearly 7 and so the last few miles were during the school run. Joy. Mostly teens today - only one little kid wobbling on a bike, whom I gave a wide berth.
    Got a massage booked later - hoping it'll help with the niggles.
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