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  • Hazel,  no need to apologise for being down. Sounds like a tough time and the running isn’t its usual outlet. Hope you’ve turned a corner. Most of my runs I make up as I go along, but generally in an area I know. Occasionally I end up somewhere surprising.

    Cal, best to get any illness out now. Great mileage and hopefully you’ll be bang on form for the race. Your cross training is harder than my intervals!

    JT I like the sound of the shitty 60s pub. Maybe you can get a pint of double diamond or Mackeson. Nice treadmilling. I guess one advantage of that is you can’t get lost on one. 

    Linton, best of luck for the race, but do heed Hazel’s advice, you could put yourself out for months if you seriously aggravate your injury and we’d miss you. Sounds like you’ve got some fun planned for next year. 

    JD good hills. Can I borrow your legs for the 8 mile point in Bournemouth please? There is a nasty hill there I’m told. 

    A few treadmill runs, including one tempo run in the Bournemouth taper for me and some cross training on a pedalo and a little open water swimming at Oludeniz. No ark needed here. I really want to stick to my program which would mean three more runs before we leave on Sunday, including a 5am start tomorrow before a trip to Pamukkale. 

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    Pamukkal was giving me a mental itch so had to google it. Spars. I was wondering why I was thinking of Bath. Enjoy your trip there. You can't lose your bearings on a treadmill. If the treadmill loses its bearings though you go flying off the back.
    Hope you're all doing a bit better Cal, Hazel and Linton. Good luck with the upcoming races and don't tear yourselves apart.
    I don't do any planned training JD1 so tend to run however feels right. That in practice means I stay in a quite narrow bracket of pace that sits somewhere btwn 7-8min/miles. If I'm living in the low 7s and maybe under I'm happy. If I'm regularly running up to and over the 8 I'm not happy. As for quick my niece was telling me she's started doing her local Parkrun with her boyfriend. He's a triathlete. Runs it in 17min something. Haven't met him. Never want to.
    Anyway, 7.9miles today in 59mins. Familiar roads and paths following the river out and back. The geese were really angry at some rowers. Work coming out time so lots of traffic and cars beeping each other. I got beeped crossing a road. Then a goose honked at me. Maybe not me. I reckon everyone within 5 yards of a car horn sounding has the same immediate reflexive thought, like a big psychic thunder roll of "go fuck yourself" that cracks through the air. What's the point of a car horn beyond being a big truculent misery button?
  • Your posts do make me smile JT.  Geese can be pretty aggressive sometimes.  As can car drivers. 

    Good run for me yesterday evening.  Set off with the intention of doing around 20k.  Trundled off at long run pace but without it turned into a decent progressive run with the last but one k @HM pace.  Head worked ok, lungs worked ok, legs worked ok.   That's more like it.  I won't rush back into the structured training of my HM plan though.  
  • I hate car horns too, JT...I also hate it when an ambulance or other emergency vehicle decides to start its siren as it pulls alongside me. I know the sirens are necessary but, Christ, you're just going to end up dealing with a second heart attack patient if you do that.
    Oh and your slow pace is my flat out parkrun pace. Count yourself lucky, there.
    Hazelnut, glad you're feeling a bit more chipper. I think all the lactate and VO2 workouts in P&D/P&L would be enough to put anyone off running, honestly. I could cope with the mileage, but not the paces.
    8 miles today. Not 100%, still, and legs felt a bit heavy by the end. Still a better pace than yesterday.

  • I chose Oak Hill parkrun today - a fully paved one that is mostly flat (a few inclines/declines...despite the name of the parkrun, it isn't actually hilly although the surrounding area certainly is). I was going to do Bexley but some regular posters on the Facebook parkrun tourists group were at Oak Hill so I decided to go and meet them.
    It's a three lap route and while laps aren't my favourite, it's a pleasant enough park. I got into an epic battle with a man in blue shorts (well, he thought he was in a battle - I was just trying to stick to sub-25 pace) - every time I pulled alongside him he put a little spurt on. I fantasised about producing a Farah-type sprint finish to destroy him, but as always, I didn't have much left come the end.
    I ran around 24:50 which I'm happy with. The official time came back at 24:22 which seemed wildly wrong to me (nice as that would be!) and so I checked on Oak Hill's FB page and there was a post about gremlins in the timer. Looks like I won't get an official time until tomorrow as the results guy had some other business to attend to for the rest of the day. Anyway, hopefully it'll confirm another sub-25.
    Had coffee with the people I met up with so didn't get home until 1pm.
    Last long run tomorrow. Looks like rain again.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    I know what you mean with the car horns.Hate it when twats deliberately beep their horns when they come up from behind you,always make me jump.

    JT,running to how you feel is a good way,stops you forcing it when you can't be bothered.

    Great parkrun Cal,sprint finish is never my strong point.Hopefully doing Bushy parkrun end of November.

    Hazelnut/Cal - do you take your own gels or use the gels from the water stations when racing mara's.I'm thinking of using the ones provided,just worried that they're  a different brand though.

    4.44 hilly miles yesterday evening,I'll get out for a longer run tomorrow.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Good luck for tomorrow Linton.

  • Hope you have had a good remaining holiday enrvuk. Travel well tomorrow.

    JD forgot to mention as on last page, that is crap regarding your shifts, no chance of changing? I take my own gels to races. I don't have to wory about picking them up and am familiar with the brand. I also take them before the aid station and chuck in some water there to dilute. At race pace it takes a while to get a gel in, can't chuck in the whole lot in one go.

    Like the battle with Mr Blue Horts Cal. Nice socializing. Have a good longie tomorrow.

    Good luck Linton. Please be careful!

    Latish recovery 6 miler yesterday evening on tired legs. Must have done it right though as they felt much better afterwards. Masses of flies around (gnats?). The swallows (or similar) were feasting. Big flock, impressive how they managed not to collide or go after the same fly!

    Have a good Sunday.
  • Thanks guys. Just a quick one, 3 hours until the start and theyre still deliberating whether it's safe or not to go ahead. It sounds like the end of the word out there, stuff like water station s are going to be impossible surely? The race is at the same time as some of the biggest tides of the year too and a flood warning is issued. Praying its rescheduled, but don' t think it will be :(

  • PS awesome running everyone.
  • I hope you had your race, Linton... I know a couple of events got cancelled elsewhere.

    I got 18 miles done (last long run before Yorkshire) but got piss-wet through for my trouble. There was some light drizzle initially but when I got to around 11 miles in Brockwell Park, it turned into proper rain. I didn't mind it that much aside from it going in my eyes, which wasn't pleasant. Fortunately it eased off before the return leg.
    I was a bit concerned as post.tib had a niggle at parkrun yesterday (still waiting on a corrected time for that) and then was quite sore in the evening. It felt a bit better this morning so stuck some tape on it and went out. It had a grumble at first but quietened down during the first mile and has been fine ever since.

    Achilles also had a bit of a tantrum from mile 7 to 10 or 11, but I decided to treat it like a toddler and ignore it until it cried itself out and went to sleep. (In actual fact, it quietened down once I increased my pace - it does seem to prefer going fast).

    I did the run as a sort of progression, going from easy through to steady then old MP then a few miles at  sub-4 pace (actually slightly faster) before a final cool-down mile. Not actually that easy given it's an undulating route...however, Brockwell's hills don't seem as steep as they used to so I must be fitter!

    An easier week ahead now, though I have my 100th parkrun on Saturday and then Kingston half on Sunday. But no more huge weeks, at least.
  • Hi Cal and everyone else, great running and hope you are Ok, injury wise.

    Well, it went ahead, (I personally don't think it should have). The weather was pretty much ridiculous solid sideways, constant rain and the sea so big an alternative route had to be put in.  I got round, it hurt lots, I'm indisputably and idiot.  I'll post in a few days to see how much of an idiot. Fingers crossed.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Well done Linton - can't have been easy in that weather.
  • Thanks Cal, the weather was farcical, but it was the fact that I was hobbling in severe pain from mile 7, and for what? A garbage time, a load of pain, and God forbid, a long-term injury.

    I 've sailed bloody close to the wind injury wise for a while now, and guess I'm one of those people who it has to hit the fan before they have that pivotal "yep, I'm not doing that again!" moment.  Possibly a bit slow on the uptake..  Life lesson learned!

    I'll be having a break for a while, that's for sure, but hopefully it'll be OK.  One thing's for sure though I won't run injured again.  Still, you make your bed and lie in it, at least I didn't drown!

    Have a good week, agree with you on horns JT, instant exacerbation of any situation, but in no way helpful.  Hope the long run went well JD, and good luck in your marathon mate! Nice runs enrvuk and Hazlenut.

  • Ouch LTT.. :/ Pretty awful conditions by the sound of it.  Break certainly a good idea now. Please drop in to let us know how you are.

    Great progressive run Cal, should give you plenty of confidence for York.

    MIL's birthday today with 3 hours of driving and slotting in lunch and afternoon cake and coffee meant I had to get up earlyish to run or not at all. Fed the cats, tea, half a banana and an espresso then out for 14k. Lovely morning for it, crisp and cool. Well worth getting up for. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    That was a tough one Linton,well done in getting round anyway.Give yourself a break now and come back stronger.

    Nice run Cal,sets you up nicely for Kingston and York.Wish I had raced a HM before Chester.

    Sounds like a nice run Hazelnut,I love it when it's cool and crisp.I can't change my shift unfortunately,I still can't believe it that I messed it up,I won't do that again.Should make it interesting one way or the other though.

    12 miles this afternoon,8.5 @ MP,awful weather but not on Linton's scale.

  • JD, nice miles. It's grey here but thankfully not raining after the warmth of Turkey. 

    Cal, illness aside, good prep for the biggie! With the Parkrun results etc, you are coming on in leaps and bounds. The training is really paying off. It gives me hope for the future. 

    Hazel, how do you fit so much into a morning! Good to see you back on form. We took my MIL to stay with my parents in Turkey. Much happier than one might think.

    JT thumb up the for the miles, the patience and the use of truculent! Well done. Yes, Pamukkale is a Spa place. Quite dramatic, with another impressive amphitheatre. 

    Linton, congrats on winning the forum bloody mindedness award :-) That is some level of persistence. Glad you got to finish, but you have to question the organisers desire to put something on at all costs. I hope the recovery is a lot quicker than you anticipate. Looking forward to you clocking up the miles soon.

    Not much to report, a nice 8 mile with some speed on Fethiye sea front, lots of fisherman and one pulling out what looked like a tasty sized sea bass. Only 5 more runs before Bournemouth. 
  • Like the idea of the bloody mindedness award enrvuk.  Is it a half you are doing in Bournemouth?

    Good running JD. Shame about your shifts. 

    Bit more than 10 miles this evening. Trotted off to the marked loop in the nearby woods - warmup of a bit over 3 miles.  Then 5 x 800m hard efforts on the 1200m loop with 400m recoveries. Due to the undulating nature and stony surface pace is pretty irrelevant but the effort felt quite consistent. Nice little session, more interesting than blasting up and down the same bit of tarmac. Trotted home again as a cool down at a sedate pace as it was all uphill. At least I did what I set out to do this time.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Congratulations Linton. As much a feat of will as anything. Hope you're not damaged. Good long miles everybody.
    It is wet. Things are a bit floody. 7.8miles in bit over 59mins. Pretty wheezey to start and had a headache. More or less shook it off. Another trip down unfamiliar streets, but have been scouting google maps so roughly knew where I was going. More pace the last 2 miles as had a quick runner to chase after. I caught him. And I ate him. Well, no. Everyone looked a bit haunted in expectation it was going to mercilessly piss down any minute.
    A terrible thing has happened. I have posted on twitter for the first time. And worse, a reply I tweeted has picked up several retweets and hundreds of likes. It's alarmingly self-engrossing. This isn't going to end well. It's like winning on your first ever bet and then destroying yourself seeking the same win time and again.

  • Wish it was cool and crisp here, Hazlenut - instead it's warm and wet. Sounds like you have your mojo back.
    I have yet to get involved with Twitter, JT...probably best that it stays that way.
    Good luck with Bournemouth, enrvuk.

    8 miles today - found a gap in the rain. A little fatigue in the legs but not bad other than that. Achilles was quiet. I am suspicious.

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Lovely session Hazel, I also enjoy the non-standard sessions as well. It’s great to change things up. Yes, it’s the half in Bournemouth. 

    JT congrats on the mid-run snack. Definitely better than a gel. Twitter is a time sync I’ve largely managed to avoid! Sounds like you could be hooked. 

    Great consistent mileage Cal and well done on the rain dodge. You’re a model of how to train effectively. 

    Two short taper runs here 5-6.5k, unlike Cal both in the pouring rain, one with a faster finish. I had a sore knee after the first one, not so much after the second. But I am concerned pre-Bournemouth. 
  • No twitter here either - I do have an account but didn't use it.  No FB or Insta or such either - bit old-fashioned maybe.

    Always tempting to chase someone down JT but how frustrating does it get when you get passed yourself?  But at the speeds you do I guess I doesn't happen very often.

    Good timing for your run Cal. 

    Hope the knee niggle is only a taper tantrum enrvuk. 

    Group trot yesterday evening - first time I've had to wear a headtorch this season.  Also the first time we have been rained in in weeks, pretty gusty as well as the rain moved in.  Wasn't cold though.  A guy in the group is working on doing a coaching licence and has offered to set up a Saturday morning group for a mixed activity - coordination, athletics, strengthening exercicies - that sort of thing.  Sounds quite interesting and good of him to make the effort.  We are just a group of people who run together rather than an official club so something along these lines would be a valuable addition. 
  • It was certainly chilly this morning - had to bust out the gloves and long sleeves for the first time since early spring. I was going to do 10 today but decided after 6 miles I really didn't feel like it (nothing wrong with energy levels, just wasn't in the mood) so I did 8 again. With a half this weekend I can afford to cut myself some slack this week. Two minutes slower than yesterday although the effort felt the same. I've realised that going out at 9am (vs 6am, which I did today) results in a faster run, probably because I'm less stiff and have a longer stride.
  • And 6 miles done this morning. Still chilly. Nice sunrise, though.
  • Good to cut down before your half Cal, are you not starting to taper soon anyway? Which half are you doing?

    6 miles recovery yesterday at lunch though due to lack of discipline I ran that a bit fast.  Day off today so I decided to continue with my run the river project. 

    Pretty chilly this morning-needed gloves on the way to the station on my bike and didn't really warm up until I started running as it was quite cold in the train on my one and a half hour journey to the starting point.  Stripped down to T-shirt shorts and armsleeves bundling the rest into my rucksack. I had to retrace my steps after a mile or so as the army were doing some sort of manoeuvre which induced some swearing as I knew I had quite a long way to run. Unwisely ran the next couple of miles a bit fast and paid for that later. 

    Once I got settled in I enjoyed a variety of trails and tracks along a surprisingly quiet stretch of the river. Did roll my left foot quite hard on a wet pebble - more cursing - but no damage done. Up to HM distance was ok, the undulating approx 4.5 miles on top weren't much fun at the end and I wisely decided to take a strain station earlier than the one I had planned otherwise it would have been a 20miler and I'm not ready for that. Train back was late and I was glad of the extra layers I had been carrying. Nice outing though, good to see a different route.
  • Kingston, and yes I'm tapering. I looked at last year's calendar and I didn't run much at all in the four weeks before Chester - I think I was having achilles problems. But I had the best marathon of my life so I think a hard taper suits me.
    Glad you had a good run.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    JT,nice chase down,always a nice feeling.I'm with Hazelnut I keep away from social media,it seems to take over your life.

    Hope your knee is ok and good luck with Bournemouth, enrvuk.

    That's a great run Hazelnut, takes some organizing,how much further do you have to run?

    Good luck with Kingston Cal,hope you have a good one.

    Just a couple of runs for me, a 5.1 miles on Monday and 4 miles yesterday.I think that'll be my lot until Sunday.The start and finish have been moved because the heavy rain has left the racecourse saturated,so it's starting on a nearby road.

    I'm on my third night and I'm feeling good so fingers crossed I'll have a good run,starting to look forward to it now.

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    With you on running quicker at 9 than 6 Cal. 

    Sounding good JD. Hope the rain leaves you alone for the race. 

    Hazel nice new route. Sounds like you’re really getting your mojo back. 

    Some bad news here. Woke this morning with a sore hip, same leg as the sore knee. Went for my run anyway which wasn’t too bad, shame it was dark as the park in Sth amsterdam seemed nice. It felt fine whilst running. 

    Throughout the day it’s got worse and worse. I’ve realised it’s down to pulling a trolley bag around. It twists my body and I’ve had problems before because of shoulder bags. Etc.

    By the time I got off the plane this evening I could hardly stand. Barring a miracle tomorrow morning I’ll be a DNS. 

     On the plus side I gave a good presentation at a conference. Would swap that to run on Sunday :-(
  • I hope you're OK, enrvuk, that doesn't sound nice at all.

    I felt ropey/run down again yesterday - fortunately it was a rest day and I did nothing more stressful than go to the cinema.
    Bexley parkrun today for my 100th run (and on parkrun's birthday, no less - good timing). Mostly paved course, and mostly flat but had two inclines that seemed innocuous but took a toll on the second lap (2 lap course). Time was slower than I expected. I saw the 25 minute pacer come past and mentally shrugged but when the 26 came past and I couldn't stay with him I realised I was still not 100%. Time was 26:05 which is a bit poor for me (I don't mind doing over 26 on a tough course, but Bexley isn't that...and given I did under 26 at Westmill, I am now concerned about how I'll perform at Kingston tomorrow). Ah well, guess we'll see. Anyway, another parkrun ticked off.
  • Not good with the leg enrvuk.  Any news ?  

    Good luck for Kingston tomorrow Cal - looks a nice course.  Well done on your 100th parkrun - new T-shirt?  

    Good luck JD also!  At least you won't have to start / finish on the soggy racecourse.   I probably have about 150k to go on my river run - I have done bits here and there (some in races) and will try to fill in the gaps in the coming months on the lowland sections.  

    6 mile recovery yesterday afternoon - legs felt pretty wooden but not sore as I set off and soon loosened up.  Given how they felt at the end of my long run on Thursday I was quite surprised how good they felt yesterday.  First outing in a lightweight jacket and long trousers in I don't know how long.  One of the two would have been sufficient really.
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