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  • Back down to Deal today for the weekend long run, due to life things I didn't get there until 12, so many people!

    My plan stipulated 12 miles today, and 10 next weekend. But I swapped them round (10 today and the trail half marathon next weekend).  9 degrees today, so went race shorts, bad mistake!, easterly wind meant it felt damn cold.  Wanted to plod, but I had to run a good bit quicker than planned to keep warm!

    10 miles 1:32, Including 2 unwanted "comfort" detours.  Why do elites never need a widdle?  Expertly practised hydration I guess! Forced to hurdle a Dachshund, but if you have to hurdle a dog, a Dachshund's got to be the premium choice.

    Well done for still getting a half marathon in Cal when you didn't feel great! 

    Well done on your long run Malteser, sounds like you're really enjoying your running! You should see some pretty good reductions in time.  I use Saucony freedom iso 2, which are supposedly a cushioned, yet responsive, marathon distance shoe, you can still tempo run in. I'm sure there are many good shoes out there.  I tried a pair of Nike Pegasus  turbo 2 on while shopping yesterday Cal, at a big DW sports, they felt unreal! so light and spongy/springy! Not cheap though £160. (I was hoping they'd have some 4/Next% to try, alas not. Not to buy, would be a Capristo exhaust on a Renault Megane Scenic scenario)

    Great Park run JD! wow 529 people! surely those at the back have to use a stop watch? I guess it doesn't matter too much. Isn't Bushy Park the biggest? Just googled; 1300 odd runners! wow!

    Good running Hazlenut!, looks like you have some serious distance training in the pipeline with a marathon AND a 56k ultra!  

    Laters folks.

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Hi All
    Been a while, was a quiet week in the build up to St Neots. Some great running going on.
    JD1, great age result for you last week and a nice Parkrun today. DIdn’t know about Birkenhead. My run in Central Park is still one of my faves. Enjoy Bushey! 
    Hazel, clothing is never a problem for me, I wear shorts and a t-shirt no matter what the weather. I  did wear my club vest over my t-shirt this time. Great miles for you as usual. You guys inspire me with your consistency. 
    Great parkrun time Linton, that’s nice and zippy.  When you up your distances you are going to nail some very quick HM and Marathons. Takes a lot of work though.
    Maltese, I agree with Cal, get yourself a cap, certainly helps with glasses. Nice running, glad your injuries have worn off. Nice distance too now, great to see someone enjoying it.
    Good park running Cal, I use LCY a lot for work, so it would be nice to do something fun there instead. I’ll leave it for dryer weather though. Well done on pushing through the niggles as usual. 
    Cele, welcome to the thread! I  agree with LTT, the stitch will clear up in time, but I find taking really deep breaths helps too. I wear aftershokz and also listen to podcasts, usually running ones!
    I had St Neots today. Started with my customary soft roll with peanut butter and a banana. So dry, it seems to pull all of the moisture out of the atmosphere. Not changing the habit now though. It was quite cold, but not too bad. There were quite a few from my club there and we won the team race for men and came second in the women’s. I find I run best if I keep my HR under 160 until the later sections and it seemed to work quite well today. It is a good PB course, with some undulation and no terrible hills and eventually a downish hill finish. Pleased to nail a PB, with a time of 1:52:06. That’s 2m 36s quicker than Bournemouth and 14m quicker than Lea Valley in March.
    Have a good week all.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Fantastic result enrvuk,that's a massive improvement from March.Is under 160 zone 3?HR training is obviously paying dividends.Well done.

    Luckily it wasn't a Great Dane Linton!I bought a pair of Asics a few weeks ago,just because of the price,I hate them with a passion,awful to run in,so they're my gym shoes now.Going to stick with my Saucony's,unless Santa drops a pair of Nike's down the chimney.

    Cal, that sounded like a tough one.I'm suffering exactly the same as you,both hams and my right calf,I had to shorten my stride yesterday just so it didn't hurt as much.

    Nice run Malteser,that's a big chunk off your PB,well done.

    8.1 miles along the canal,very muddy so wore my trails.Painful run,going to roll my legs tonight.

  • Linton - I've been in marathons where the pacers have had to disappear into a bush, so it's not just you! (I've only had the one al fresco pee myself, 6 miles into a 20 miler despite having peed four times in the hour before I left the house, bah!)

    JD, I think the rule of thumb is, if you have to change your stride, you should probably rest. :/
    Hope Santa is kind this Christmas. :)

    Tonight I went to my club's annual party and awards and, totally unexpectedly, I got Vet of the Year! There are some very talented vets so I didn't think I was in the running, honestly, but apparently it's not just about the talent and my improvements along with doing the results round-ups got me a few votes.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Congratulations on your Vet of the Year award Cal,nice to be recognised .I'm giving myself a couple of days rest,plus no gym classes this week.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Congratulations Cal, definitely reflects the work you've put in and the contribution to the community.

    JD, I think Zone 3 is up to about 157, so there or thereabouts. Yep, I wholeheartedly recommend HR based training. Without it I was completely incapable of doing anything but run flat out! 

    Rest day today, aside from bopping to Steve Mason tonight. Also considering Yorkshire as my first full marathon next year.
  • I definitely recommend Yorkshire - it's a great marathon. Superb support and pretty scenic - not too hilly either, although there is that little hill right before the finish (it's not *that* bad though - once you're over it you almost home). Well organised too.
  • Excellent work, Cal! An award well deserved!

    6 miler for me tonight. Legs were a bit stiff from the weekend but still managed to keep pace. Rest day tomorrow methinks.

    Been juggling over doing the Birmingham Half next year in October, though it'd only leave me a month and a half after coming back from a two week holiday. Toying with doing marathons in 2021
  • LintonTravelTavernLintonTravelTavern ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Well in Cal! A great result and well earned! Even more so than anything in life, with running, consistency seems everything, and you have it in spades.

    Brilliant half marathon result envruk! some big reductions in time. I must look into HR zones, my times have dropped since I started learning more about training strategies. Great result! I am getting there, slowly.

    Good run JD, what canal, many anglers?

    Malteser, good run.  That half marathon will be fine post holiday, I did some of my best training runs last year on holiday. It's amazing how much less fatigued you are without the 9-5, you feel twice the runner!

  • Malteser - it won't be an issue. I've had holidays during my marathon taper including 5 days in Dubai when I didn't run at all! Before I did any marathons, I ran a half the week after coming back from a 2 week rollercoaster holiday in Italy - I ran three times during that (once at a seaside resort and twice down the river in Rome) but did a lot of walking. Knocked 4 minutes off my (then) PB.

    Cheers, Linton. :)

    Cold and yucky today so really didn't want to go out, but enjoyed it once I got out there. Ended up doing 10 miles! Only smelled weed once - I guess people smoke more on a Sunday.
  • Woke up feeling quite alert so was able to get out at just after 6 and as legs seemed to have some snap I made it another progression run, starting at 10:24 and working up to MP. It was a little bit of a fail as mile 6 was a few seconds slower than mile 5, although it felt harder (I was breathing harder anyway) - it was slightly more uphill but that shouldn't have made a difference really. When I looked at my Garmin data, I saw my stride was slightly shorter but my cadence for that mile was 190. Cripes, no wonder it felt hard!
    I then compared it to my similar paced miles during Yorkshire. My stride was around a metre for most miles (got a little shorter towards the end due to fatigue) and cadence was around 180 for most of it. I deffo wasn't breathing as hard. I guess those Vaporflys really are worth the money!
    Did two cool-down miles (just over 10 min/mi pace, which felt easy after the earlier miles).
  • Going to give a part-trail half marathon I' ve done before a go this weekend!

    A bit nervous as it's bloody tough,  lot's of elevation, wet, mud, no trail shoes.  It really knocked the confidence out of me, the Folkstone Half injury fail, so hoping it'll go OK.
    Managed 10, 10 and 11.2 previous weekend's, but on the flat. It certainly isnt flat! but there's a marathon (2 laps of the same course) which is absolutely mind blowing to me, so must just get on with it!  That said, I loved it when I did it before, but it knocked me for six!

    Just an easy 4 miles last night, 9 and a bit min miles.

    Good Running Cal. I don't fully understand cadence ideals, is it 180?

    Have a nice day.

  • Hmm - seem to have lost a post somewhere..

    Well done on your award Cal - with your improvements definitely deserved. 

    Well done to you too enrvuk for your HM PB.  Big improvement for you too over the year.  Great team results too.

    Holiday pre HM should be fine Malteser.  You could start training for it a couple of weeks early to compensate for the break

    Nice progression run Cal. 

    HM will need some careful pacing with its hills then LTT.  If necessary walk the worst. 

    Ultra is in Biel JD: (its neither 100k nor the mara distance despite the link..)

    Group run yesterday evening with a couple of miles stuck on beforehand.  Good turnout for the time of year - 5.  OH had nicked the car for the evening so I went to and from the meeting point by moped - took forever to put on and take off the necessary layers of clothing so as not to freeze whilst riding and not to sweat too much when running.
  • Linton - yes, but I think that's something of an abritary figure based off track racers. I typically run 170s during easy to moderate paced running but it increases at race pace. It's not uncommon for me to hit high 180s during a parkrun. I have a short, low stride so I'll have a higher cadence than someone who bounds along like a gazelle (tall people will also have a lower cadence on average).
    If you want to see something interesting, have a look at the Gliders vs Gazelles video on YouTube. It's looking a triathletes but it applies to pure runners as well. I am absolutely a glider.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Thanks all for the HM congrats.

    Malteser, you could also take your running gear on holiday. Depending on where you're heading, you may find some great runs. This year I've run along the waterfront in San Diego, Central Park, waterside in Aalborg Denmark, in Brussels and Amsterdam. Mostly work related trips. My longest run of the year was on the prom on holiday in Turkey! You might find some great running. Six weeks is a long time after the holiday in any case.

    Cal, interesting to see your take on the vaporflys. I'm a bit nervous about getting into it and feeling I have to wear them for every race. Of course they don't put the miles in for you.

    Hazel, impressive commitment to the cause. Full leathers probably aren't quite right for running!

    First run since the half and it was some long intervals. 4x5m at HR Zone 4. Not too bad. I'm doing the 10k race in Regent's Park on Sunday week, it's free as I marshalled on the last one.
  • Will have a look the video Cal.  In my four miles at midday yesterday with nice constant pacing I apparently had an average cadence of 174.  Probably could work out my stride length based on that but should be working right now.  My watch doesn't have such bells and whistles  :)

    Nice you got a free place in the 10k for your marshalling work enrvuk.
  • I, too, may have to watch that video regarding cadence, Cal.

    Good luck for the half this weekend, LTT!

    Cheers all for the motivational messages regarding the training - plan would be to train before holiday anyway, and can still use the treadmills and gym in the hotel too. Roads aren't too safe for running on (Turkish roads I find are a bit like playing a game of Mario Kart), but still something to keep training with.

    Hilly 6 miles with the club last night. Was absolutely knackering, and I was suffering in the last couple of miles - don't think the weather being windy and cold helped either.

    May try my first Parkrun this weekend. Not my local, but it's some form of running whilst I am away from my house and visiting others. Supposedly a bit of a hilly one, too. Shall see how it all goes and how I feel on the day - both my legs are knackered and carrying some sort of niggle, so going to rest the next two days and then attempt the parkrun if the legs have recovered a little bit.
  • What watch are you using, Hazelnut? Even my basic Forerunner 25 had cadence and stride length. The 45 does heartrate too but I pretty much ignore that.
    Enjoy your parkrun, Malteser. Which one are you going to?

    I did 8 miles again (easier pace this time) - cold and grey out there so I had to talk myself into going again. It's an uphill battle this time of year!
  • Cal - Wyre Forest parkrun. It's about a 5 minute drive from my OH's so fairly easy to get to, just have to pay for parking.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Good luck with your trail HM,Linton,sounds exciting.I run on the Llangollen canal,you get a few anglers but the River Dee is more popular.

    You'll be fine going on holiday and training for HM,Malteser,personally I love running on holiday,I find it gives me an extra spring in my step.Enjoy your first parkrun.

    Cal,I'm the same at this time of year,need to motivate myself to get out of the house,but once out I'm fine.Going to have a look at that video tonight.

    enrvuk,that's a nice freebie, you should do ok after your HM PB.

    5 slow miles yesterday with Polly,left glute sore,so rested today I'll see how it is tomorrow.

  • Had a look at the video Cal - interesting stuff.  Not sure if I'm a glider or a gazelle, will look at a few pics. I have a TomTom, it records cadence but not stride length.  Know what you mean about getting out of the door..

    Good luck if you go to the parkrun Malteser.  If you are likely to be doing that one again you could just trot around this time to look at the course and get familiar with the setup.  Then you could try improving your times on other occasions.

    Good luck for your HM LTT.

    Hope the glute is feeling better JD.

    10 miles yesterday afternoon taking in a local undulating route.  Legs felt tired on the uphill stretches so I took it easy trying to run at long run pace or effort.
  • Did the Wyre Forest Parkrun today just to keep me ticking over for the weekend - had to prise myself out of bed for it though! 

    Set off wayyyyy too quickly...did the first km in 3:48mins!!! My usual time is around 5:30min/km!! Needless to say, I paid for it in the remaining 4km.

    The course is very muddy and hilly through the Wyre Forest, a lot say 'undulating' but there are some nasty hills in there - including a steep hill in the last 500m known as 'Cardiac Hill'!! Had just enough fuel in the tank to plod up that bad boy of a hill and cross the line in 26:05 (according to Strava - official time to be awaited) but that is a new PB for me over 5km! 
  • Official time of 25:30! Came 53rd out of 217 runners, 48th male overall, and 2nd in my age category (M25-29). Age grading of 50.59% - no idea what that means so time to find out I guess!
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Brilliant run Malteser, a cracking pb and a good placing. I wouldn’t take too much notice of the age grading. It’s essentially a comparison to the worlds fastest time for someone in your age group. It would be done on the flat, not a hilly muddy parkrun course. 

    This bodes well for an even quicker time on the flat and dry!

    Good luck with the glute JD. hopefully a day of rest did the trick. 

    Linton hope the half goes well. 

    Sharing the grey weather struggle with you Cal. Hope today’s parkrun went well. 

    Just a couple of shortish runs here. 

  • There's a few parkruns with a Cardiac Hill - I know Heaton in Manchester has one and they even have a sign for it! Age grading means percentage for the distance PB for your age. I usually score high 60s (I've had a 70+ once) but then I'm 52 so it's a little kinder for older women. And yeah, for a muddy hilly one, you'd expect a lower score.
    Drizzly parkrun at Greenwich today (it's actually not in Greenwich, although it's in the Borough of Greenwich - it's really Eltham). Tunde (the friend I made at South Norwood) came along and I was also surprised by two clubmates, Ed and Cathryn. Ed's a speedy sod (he came 2nd) but Cathryn kept me company on the way around which was nice. The park is really nice but it's a tarmac/grass course and the grass was muddy, so glad I had trails on for this. Nipped in under 26 (25:50) which I was happy with as it's also not flat - it's not hilly as such but there's an incline and it's a three lapper so it feels a little bit worse each time you go up it.
    We had coffee after so it was quite sociable, which was nice.

  • Well done on your parkrun Malteser, that was a very swift first km.  Certainly more PBs to come on a good course.

    Like the social side of your parkrunning Cal.

    4 recovery miles yesterday evening. Today a rare double. In the morning around 3 miles with some people from my Tuesday group as part of the new Saturday session (stength, coordination etc, a short run and some stretching). Then another 5 miles this afternoon in nice weather.  Altogether 3 runs in 24 hours - oops. Nothing fast though.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Brilliant run Malteser,that first km was definitely a lung buster,bodes well for the future though.

    I watched the video Cal,I'd say I'm more of a gazelle but on long runs it does change to more of a glider.

    Cal/envruk,I'm running Bushy next weekend,would you run in trails?

    Nice double Hazelnut.

    5 miles yesterday and 6.80 hilly miles today.Hopefully I can do 10 tomorrow,which will be the first time I've been in double figures since Chester.

  • JD, the start's on grass, then it switches to hard trail. I think I would after all the rain.
    Well done on your triple, Hazelnut!
  • Rather strange run for me today. I wanted to do 15 miles so got up early, went through my usual routine including mobility/glute warm-up and got outside. Everything felt a bit clunky and niggly and it took me 6 miles to get up to an acceptable pace - bar the second mile, which was normal easy pace, the others were all around or just under 11 minute miles. I figured my stride must have been very short because cadence was fine, and that indeed was the case when I looked at my data afterwards. A year ago I wouldn't have thought twice about it but now my normal easy pace is more like 10:15-10:30 and what I class as easy/steady is 9:55 - 10:15. I only ever run 11s now if I'm recovering from a marathon or running up a monster hill, neither of which was the case here.

    Anyway, I ran to Brockwell Park, which was very misty. Encountered a man riding a scooter while exercising his husky, and he nearly came a-cropper as the husky darted in front of him, wrapping its lead around the man's ankle and tipping the scooter over. How he managed to stay upright I don't know.

    After getting up the first hill inside the park, I had a weird moment on the downhill where I felt quite relaxed but my legs seemed to speed up on their own which took the rest of me by surprise and left me flailing my arms like the husky man. No idea what that was about, it was a bit strange.

    Then, at the bottom of the hill, two little dogs, one of which had three legs, decided to run and bark at me, so I had to stop and shout at them before continuing. I decided only to do the one lap of the park and make up the rest of the distance on the return leg as I didn't want to encounter them a second time.

    I did manage to get back to more normal pace after 7 miles but I had niggles everywhere - both knees, right groin twinged a couple of times, glute/ham was aching, even achilles had a small moan (after being quiet for weeks), lower back ached and my colon was giving me worrying sensations, despite having been serviced earlier. I made it through the 15 miles though and plopped myself into an Epsom Salt/mustard bath (I got the mustard bath powder from a quaint apothecary in Yorkshire - supposed to be good for aches).

    No idea why my body was so grumpy today but I daresay it'll benefit from a rest tomorrow.
  • Well done on the 15 Cal. Maybe you are going down with something? Take care and enjoy the rest day. Mustard bath sounds interesting. Haven't had a bath in years, could be an idea to indulge in one. I do have a tub.

    Did you do your double figures JD?

    Hope LTT did well in his HM.

    Busyish day here, out before proper breakfast for just short of 12.5 miles. Slightly foggy and coldish at 2-3 degrees but I had got the clothes right. Easy WU over 5 miles keeping my pace down to long run level. Then a km progressive to build to 5 miles at what should be my MP. That again felt tough work.  Remainder CD as much as you could call it that back up the hill.  Late brekkie and then a trip around the local lanes, tracks etc with OH on the MTB for another 14.5 miles at a rather pedestrian pace.  Good conditions, worth going out again.  Also looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.
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