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  • Well I felt like crap yesterday, so I did pretty much nothing, and that seems to have helped as I ran an easy 6 at a much more acceptable easy pace (10-10:20 miles)
    Didn't have to dodge any nordic walkers (we actually do get a few on Tooting Common, believe it or not) but I did have to dodge the usual dogs and such.
    Windy again, which is my least favourite weather to run in.
  • Good that your day off helped. Are you parkrunning before your 10k on Sunday? Good luck with the latter.

    Not keen on wind either.

    Had some of that today myself to deal with though not as bad as forecasted.  Less pleasant was the varied layer of slush, water, leaves, mud and soft snow I had underfoot. Had to wring out my socks when I got home after 11 miles. Glad I did the speedwork yesterday as it wouldn't have been doable today.
  • 10 miles today alternating between 8-10 min miles. Wintery and horrible, although it sounds worse where you are Hazlenut!

    Ran past a big plaque with Bojo on it, over which someone had written "Eton Mess" and saw a cat nearly get run over, but it narrowly escaped death.

    Great running Cal and Hazlenut, you are both relentless! How many days a week do you run on average? What's the most days in a row you'll run? Great mileage Cal and good structured training Hazlenut.

    It would be nice to hear from JT and Will.  I hope Will is doing well. I remember Will saying he was struggling to have time to post here now. It can be time consuming, but I grant myself it as I don't do any other social media, apart from a Facebook I haven't posted on for 4 years as it was becoming a time abyss.

    In a moment of absolute madness I've signed up for a Saxons, Vikings, and Normans event next saturday! They have a devoted following down this way as 5 of their popular venues are close by.

    The event is 5.25 mile loops and is twofold; Saxon shore Marathon and Challenge. 5 laps for a full marathon and marathon medal.(about 80% of runners). 10.5, 15.75, or 21 miles for a challenge medal. I'd love to be able to get to 15.75!  Some of these guys run marathons every week/10 in 10 days and allsorts! I' m going to be the biggest rookie there but nevermind! Nervous though.

    Have a nice weekend. Going to eat and drink lots in Bruges, awesome training.

  • I run 5 days a week, Linton - it's usually Tuesday, Wednesday, either Thursday or Friday, then Saturday (parkrun) and Sunday (long run).
    Have fun in Bruges!
  • Did Nonsuch today - a lovely park on the outskirts of London but also really, really muddy (worse than Wimbledon Common, which is saying something). Had to walk one section to avoid a comedy pratfall. Second slowest time of the year by 1 second - 28:09.
  • Yep, have fun in Bruges LTT.  That sounds like a good event you  have signed up for. What will the course be like? Pleased the cat survived, I have two of my own and although there is little traffic where I live I do worry about it.   I currently run 6 days a week with Mondays off but I might drop back down to 5 once I get stuck into mara training in January. Will likely do a couple of extra days off over the Christmas period too. Nice 10 miler btw.

    Was that one of your missing Londone parkruns Cal? I can imagine the times vary a lot over the different courses.

    9k for me this morning with my Saturday training group, a bit more than I would originally have planned. (4 mile recovery). A bit more strenuous too, we did a few warmup exercices, then trotted up a steep local hill followed by hill fartleks. 3 x running each repeat split up into 3 different paces, easy, medium and hard.  Each of us ran as we wanted to, with no competing.  Down bits were a gentle walk/jog. Then jog back to the meeting point and stretching.  Pretty windy and mild today, most of the snow has gone. Nobody was hit from above by falling cones or twigs at least in the woods, plenty lying around though.
  • No...although it's in London, the park itself is just over the border so counts as SE England, I think. But it was my nearest event not done yet. And yeah, they do vary hugely. Not too worried about the time as I have a 10K tomorrow.
  • Well, the 10K did not go according to plan - legs just didn't seem to want to turn over. Ran 53:29 which is my slowest for quite some time. I ran a 10K in the same park in summer, directly after a parkrun and in extremely windy conditions, and it was a minute faster than today so lord knows - can only think that my legs are tired (despite having an easier week this week).
    Did meet some friends, though, so it wasn't all bad (and Runthrough races have great flapjacks afterwards).
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    That sounds interesting Linton,is it a trail loop?Glad the cat is ok,my heart is always in my mouth when I see a cat cross the road.Seen plenty of dead cats over the years,plus badgers and foxes,and even a horse.Hope you enjoyed Bruges.

    Six days a week is dedication Hazelnut,and you rarely get injured.

    Sorry your 10k didn't go to plan,Cal.You have races like that,when your legs just don't respond.

    Haven't been running for a while,extremely busy in work,and then taking my girls to athletics or attending their Christmas concerts.I'm off tomorrow so I'll definitely be getting out,and seeing how my calf is.Taking my girls to Lapland Tuesday for a couple of days,but don't think I'll be taking my running kit!My body is crying out for a good run,always feel lethargic and fat when I haven't been doing any exercise.Signed up for the Wirral HM today,and have less than three weeks to prepare for,think I'll be struggling to get sub 96.
  • Shame that the 10k wasn't as good as you were hoping for Cal.  Maybe it is the accumulated mileage over the last weeks.  Are you racing again at all this year?

    Hope the break from running will have helped your calf JD.  Trip to Lapland? 

    Good long run yesterday afternoon - nice weather, just a bit breezy.  Did just short of 15 miles (24k) with a middle section of 6 miles at around my old MP which felt pretty good other than the stretches into the gusty wind on a slight uphill.  Could have run longer but need to keep increasing the long runs gradually.  Not long after setting off I was greeted with a hearty Good Morning!  It was quarter past one in the afternoon.  The lady instantly realized her error and we both laughed which put me in a good mood for the rest of the run.  Also met my Tuesday group chief out on his bike whilst I was jogging the last couple of miles home and spent a couple of minutes chatting to him.
  • No, that's it for me until January, apart from parkrun.
    I don't usually run Mondays but as I'm seeing a friend tomorrow, I decided to go out today (especially as I only ran 33 miles last week and just the 10K yesterday). Did 8 at an easy/recovery pace. Mostly OK but have a bit of a pain on the outside of my left foot, which I also noticed yesterday morning. Might have strained something sliding around in mud on Saturday. I have had discomfort there before so not too worried, but would rather like it to bugger off.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Hi all, few days no posting.

    Cal, really sorry about your disappointing 10k, at least it leaves an easier target for a 2020 PB. You've been grinding out the miles for a long time without any real break, perhaps you just need to take a few days off properly. You've had a pretty amazing running year and have some great stuff to look forward to.

    Good work as ever Hazel, you just keep on ticking off the runs and it sounds like you're in great shape. When you get to 15 miles and still have more in the tank, that's impressive!

    JD, I hope the calf is okay when you do get out there. Totally with you on feeling fat and lethargic when I don't run. What's the Wirral course like?

    Linton, your run sounds fun. Storms aside you've been running well, so 15.75 sound achievable for you.

    Not much to report here, some interval training, one 8 mile run. I seem to be running a little quicker for the same HR right now, which suggests fitness is improving. I'm up to 990 miles for the year, so pretty confident I'll break the 1,000 mile mark. I might even post in the other thread :-)

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Cal,I've taken your advice,and have a sports massage booked for Saturday, hopefully they can sort my legs out.

    Great 15 miler,Hazelnut,making it look easy! Yes,off to Lapland tomorrow, in fact I'll be waking the kids up at 1,they don't know anything about it,fingers crossed they'll enjoy it.

    Nearly at 1k,enrvuk.The Wirral HM is a point to point along the Wirral Way,they say it's a trail but I wouldn't really say it was,not a proper one anyway.

    Just over 8 miles today,Polly joined me and that's her longest run to date.Started off fine,after 2 miles,I did 2 @ HMP,around 6 miles I started finding it hard,legs really tight and sore,even though it was a really easy pace,but the good news is my calf felt good! After today I'd just be thankful to finish the HM.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Great news on the calf JD! I'm sure it will get easier day by day. 
  • Glad the calf is OK, JD. Have fun at Lapland!
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019
    10.6k here, normal slow pace until the last 15 mins which was quicker. Little bit of hip pain which is  not surprising when I haven’t started the exercises yet. Made a note to go to Argos and buy some weights! 
  • JD hope you and the girls are having fun at Lapland and they liked the surprise.  Good news on the calf. 

    Good mileage enrvuk. 

    Hope that you had a nice meet up with your friend yesterday Cal and your foot is feeling better by now.

    Last Tuesday group outing of the year yesterday (won't meet up on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve).  Not too many of us out but that is often the case at this time of year.  Another clear crispy evening with plenty of stars to look at to distract me from the final hill.  Did a couple of miles beforehand also to make up the distance to 9.99 miles (oops - my watch measures in km so I didn't notice that - would have done the extra few metres to make the distance up to 10!).
  • Nice one, Hazelnut. I have my Garmin set to miles so I always make sure I hit the full mile though sometimes I go over a bit.

    No running yesterday (although I hit my steps target just walking around Windsor - he has two Scottie dogs and they need their exercise) but I made up for it today with 10 miles, some at pace. I found a nice triangle of roads which is flat and involves no road crossings (only drives) so, after six miles working up to it, I attempted three at MP. After last week's difficulties, I was pleased to hit MP (9 min/mi) on the first try, but I seemed to pick up speed with the next one being faster and the last one at 8:31 (which is LT pace). I actually felt as though I could have done another fast one but once I slowed down for my cool-down mile, I felt my legs dragging.
    I wore my Zoom Flys which are slightly more supportive than the Epics (they're still flyknit, but feel a little sturdier) and my foot felt alright, although it twinged once I got back to my flat. Calves are very tight at the moment - had a little twinge from right post-tib and a slight grump from the achilles, so I'll give them a good Theragunning later.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    What a nightmare Hazelnut,turned up at the check in desk and the lady said my girls passports had expired,so they wouldn't let us on.The girls disappointment on their faces will stay with me for the rest of my life,but they didn't cry or start moaning,really proud of them with how they dealt with the disappointment,it was also my eldest daughter's birthday.My wife was in tears as she deals with the passports.Most expensive return trip to Birmingham airport ever! So I've booked it again for next December.

    Hope the hip is ok enrvuk.

    Nice run Cal,good pace as well.Does the massage gun work well?

    5.1 miles this afternoon,very frosty and foggy,so wore my hat and gloves.I could still feel my hams but much better than my last run,kept up a decent pace.Thought about doing another couple of miles,but decided to end the run when feeling good.

  • Oh no JD.  My heart really sank when I read that.  You were so looking forward to surprising them.  Feel sorry for you.  ((JD's wife)) as well.

    Better for you to end a run feeling good.

    Can imagine it isn't always easy to find good routes trafficwise Cal.  Having to wait to cross roads is annoying but I rarely have to fortunately.  Do have a level crossing I regularly get stuck at though.  Nice progression run that.  Are the calves better for their blasting with the gun?

    5.6 miles general aerobic yesterday lunch time.  Legs are always a bit tired on Wednesday due to the Tuesday evening run.  I could do with more time between the two (or slow one of them down I guess) but I try to do at least one in daylight which was worth it yesterday as it was sunny. 
  • Oh JD, that's so disappointing! Glad you've managed to rebook but, ugh. Sending hugs to your daughters.
    The massage gun is pretty good. It's no substitute for an actual massage but it does help me feel looser.

    I went out early today as I wanted to do 12 and if I left it until later, that would be my morning gone. Got lots to do today - Christmas cards, laundry, shopping - so had to be done. Once again it was painfully slow - well over 11 minute miles for the first 8 miles. What's odd is that it feels like normal easy pace but Garmin is estimating my stride to be up to 10 cms shorter than normal. I know I'm generally stiffer in the morning and a bit more cautious with footing, but when I've run in the dark before it's been more like 20-30 seconds per mile slower, not over a minute. So really not sure what's behind this.
    Once it got a bit lighter I got under 11 minutes but still at what would normally be recovery pace. But never mind, I got it done.
  • Got it done run for me at lunch too.  11.5 miles in light fog.  Legs were uncooperative from the outset and I had to use up a lot of willpower to do the full planned distance right at the low end of my long run pace despite the mostly flat route on an out and back with a bloody dragging hill at the end.  Eating a (rare) portion of porridge about half an hour before going out maybe didn't help as that sat a bit uneasy in my stomach.  Will experiment with the timing a bit.  Better than getting hungry due to being out at a time I would normally eat I suppose.  Saw several herons and white egrets. 
  • If I do a later run (9 or after) then I'll eat some oats at 6. I don't make porridge as such, but I put some oats and either honey or syrup in a bowl and pour hot water on them. Milk slows down my digestion so I steer clear of it until afterwards. Even then it can be a bit uncomfortable - I felt it yesterday when I was doing my faster miles. Today's run was fasted, though, as it was early.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Thanks Hazelnut and Cal.Take it on the chin,it's only money!

    I'm working nights,so I'm home by 6,I had some porridge and a banana as soon as I get home.Went out for a short,fast-ish run of about 4:45 miles just after midday.Total contrast in weather from yesterday,very mild today,so back in t shirt and shorts.Apart from my hams I felt ok,calf has settled down.Looking forward to my massage on Saturday.

  • Hi folks, really busy week, lots of running everyone!

    That's a bit of a nightmare JD, but like you said, it 's only money. Nice short fast run. Glad the calf is improving.

    Great running Cal, slow miles but still a long way. Nice other runs too! Nice 10k and flapjacks.

    Nice interval training and 10.6k enrvuk.  Hope you get the hip sorted. Running  on grass helped me but took a little while.

    Impressive various runs Hazlenut, nice wildlife spots too! Rivers or lakes you ran by?

    Bruges was nice but picked up a horrid cough and straight into a savage week's work. Really not looking forward to Saturday's distance event plus it's  going to be windy and probably rainy. Grim. Might bail early.
    That'll be 13 races in 9 months, too much for me I think, I will dial it back next year. Anyway, I'm doing it now!

    Just tickover runs to report. Fairly nondescript.

    Bit out of sorts with running at the moment, think its the weather.  I'm hoping Saturday isnt a complete disaster.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Oh JD that is so gutting. How awful for all of you, but especially your wife. Credit to your girls for taking it so well, a lot of kids wouldn't. Good news on the legs at least.

    Nice to see you back up to speed Cal.

    That does seem late to eat Hazel, but at least you put the miles in.

    Best of luck at your race LTT, you might surprise yourself. Also not at my running high point right now either.

    Good news I am off work now until 2020 and we are taking a trip to Southwold for the weekend, hoping to get a parkrun in there. Just a slow 5k for me this morning in the London rain, with a faster last km. Wanted to get out there to break through the 1,000 mile mark for the year, made it 1000.9 miles.

    Have a good weekend everybody.

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Did the Lowestoft parkrun this morning, about 20 mins from Southwold with only one partially flooded road to negotiate. It’s a friendly place, but we were very unlucky with the weather. It started raining just before the start and the wind was head on down the promenade, making the rain feel like little needles. It has a hairpin and a very narrow uphill section that you do twice. At least after that you’re rewarded with a nice downhill section before the flat finish. I came in 93rd out of 289 in a time of 25:28 which was ordinary for the course, but okay given the weather and the amount of food and booze I had yesterday. 
  • Well done enrvuk. Yes, I do think we have to factor in weather at the moment.
    Fulham Palace for me today - I've done that before (actually it was the first London parkrun I visited as a tourist, once I'd decided to venture away from my home run). One of my club mates was celebrating his 50th (parkrun not birthday) so there was a big club presence, drawn by solidatity, cake, and both Clapham and Tooting being cancelled due to wet/muddy conditions.
    I went out hard and from effort it felt like a sub-25 but I don't have my leg speed back yet so I was OK with 25:06, especially as it has a few tight turns and some big puddles (there was a water jump!)
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Nicely done. There was one big puddle at mine which a young lad managed to jump in and splash a few of us. To be fair he was trying to avoid it but failed! Shows just how much rain fell for some to be called off. 
  • Hope LTT had a good run today. 13 races in 9 months is quite a few if you have seldom raced before.  About average for me in the last couple of years and also enough, I tend to have just a couple as A races. Cal does more I believe? I was running along a brook. Do have some proper rivers and lakes in the region also.

    Hope you enjoyed your massage JD. Running on top of night shifts must be hard I imagine.

    Well done on the 1000 miles enrvuk! Enjoy the rest of your weekend away.

    Good parkrun Cal. I will trial the timing with the porridge and maybe reduce the milk (cuurently half-half with water)

    2 runs to report: a 4 and a bit recovery in the rain and wind yesterday evening and 8 with 10 x strides this morning. Was supposed to be the other way round but the swap was a good idea due to the weather.  14 planned for tomorrow with some MP miles, will see how windy it is. Also took a bad slip in the garden earlier on a slimy slab and pulled my left hip/glute hard enough to yelp in pain. Will be interesting to see how that is tomorrow. Walking ok but can feel it.
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