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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I am wary of dogs myself but more because I'm worried about tripping over the buggers. I could hurt myself, but I'd probably kill a small dog if I fell on it. No one wants that.

    I had my second stab at Gunpowder today (the one that was cancelled due to ice three weeks ago). So tube (with a change), then train, then a 2 mile run to the park, although as I was there early I did an additional mile around the park for three.
    It's hard path there - not the smoothest stuff as it has a gravelly texture, but it's quick enough. Two laps with a slight incline at the start of each lap - it amazed me how many people I overtook on that, it wasn't even a hill. There was a bit of congestion at the start so my first mile was around 8:15, but there was a lot of space after that and miles two and three were both exactly 7:56.6. Consistent eh? I was breathing quite loudly during the last half mile and I did push myself, but still found a little something for the finish, which doesn't often happen. My official time was 25:20, which is somewhat outside my best but still respectable (especially given this has been a 51 mile week since I did my long run on Monday). Good enough for 5th lady and 1st VW50. Rather glad I pushed it towards the end because there were two VW50s three seconds behind me!
    After adopting the bent-over-with-hands-on-knees recovery posture, I got some water and ran the two miles back to the station for a total of 8 miles. Home by 11, which isn't bad considering it's not the most straightforward journey.
    I doubt I will run tomorrow - I don't like 20mph winds let alone 60. Damned storm may keep me indoors for two days. Just hoping my Sky dish will be OK.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Nice run Hazelnut,you really enjoyed that session.Polly is a good running buddy,she keeps up and most importantly she keeps out of the way of other walkers and runners.Think I would have had a word with the dog owner with the nipping,wouldn't tolerate that behaviour from Polly.

    Great parkrun Cal and well done on the placings.Nothing wrong with the recovery posture,I adopt it regulary.

    6.25 miles yesterday,really had to force myself out but once out I was fine.

    3.26 miles today,with my eldest daughter and Polly.Lots of runners out today,most probably thinking it'll be their last run before the storms arrive.

  • With what has been a couple of hectic weeks, I have had little time to run. Did a 4.3 mile run last week for the only run of the week, which was quite disappointing considering the Reading half is in under two months and I'm yet to run further than 8 miles.

    So this week, I switched it up a heck of a lot. 6 mile sessions on the treadmill on Monday and Wednesday, and a weights session on Thursday. Today, the goal was to run 10 miles and just see how I do.

    With the fiancée following on the bike and shouting out the mileage and the time, leaving me to work out minutes per mile, we set off up the canal path. The first 5.3 miles were pretty good, sun was out, a bit undulating going up and over canal bridges but was relatively okay. Hit 5.3 miles, and turned back on ourselves to finish off the 10 miles. 

    Running back, the wind was in my face. Had managed to do 3.1 miles and 6 miles in times that were a lot quicker than I have run before. Around mile 7 though, I started to get a severe case of chaffing. Fiancée also decided to add on some mileage uphill to help me train, though with the distance I was doing, I was knackered! Ahh well!

    Managed to do 11 miles in 1hr 46, averaging 9:42min/mile. Pretty happy with it, given it's a mileage PB. 

    Rewarded myself for it with a Domino's...ooops!
  • Good parkrun sarnie Cal. Hope you can get out soon.

    Nice family running JD.

    Great to see you Malteser. Well done on the distance PB. If you can do 11 now you will be fine for Reading. A reward for a good run however unhealthy won't hurt if it's not after every one. :)

    Group training yesterday, mix of drills, coordination exercices, strength training, a short jog and training.

    Today 18.7 miles long run. Haven't run that far since Berlin mara in 2018. Decent run at the lower end of my long run pace.  Legs a bit tired, in particular not so impressed by the long dragging hill over the last 6 miles. Energy levels are okay though. Took on one gel and one bar but didn't drink as much as I should have done. Something to practice.  No storm here yet but wind is picking up and fortunate tomorrow is a rest day.

  • Weren't you tempted to do that extra .3 to make it a round number, Hazelnut? Well done, though.

    Welcome back, Malteser. Good job on your run - I'd say the pizza was well earned.

    I actually saw quite a few people running yesterday, but I wasn't tempted (I'd already done 51 miles for the week, so no need, really) but I got out for an enjoyable 10 this morning. A strong breeze at times but nothing enough to be troubling. It will get worse again later - I did plan my run to coincide with the least windy part of the day.
  • And 6 before dawn today - wanted to get out before it got too windy again. I think this is the last day of the strong winds, at least I hope so.
  • Hi Hazel and Cal - the pizza certainly tasted good, did feel like it was earned. Good to see you both clocking up the miles despite the weather trying to stop everyone.

    Fast 6 on the treadmill last night - only way I can get my fiancée to come running with me is if we go to the gym, as she cannot keep up with my pace which is fair enough. Managed 10k in about 57:45 so my times are improving, though I do feel like I run faster on a treadmill and get a slower time than when I run outside.

    Will likely do another treadmill 6 tomorrow, then a 12 mile run on Saturday to try and keep the miles up. Total of 41 miles this year on Strava plus 18 on the treadmill. Still a long way to go to that magic 500 number I was aiming for
  • I had already rounded up to 30k Cal, sorry :D Good timing for your runs.

    Well done on the TM Malteser. I find it harder on the TM than outside but maybe because I've only run on one a couple of times and just a few miles. Your plan sounds good. Lots of time yet to collect miles for the year.

    Rest day for me yesterday, fortunately, as it was still very windy. Just a walk around the village for some fresh air. Group run this evening which I will book as a 6 recovery. Two trees to clamber over and plenty of twigs to crunch but no other storm damage spotted. By the light of the headtorch at least. Three of us out including our founder member for the first time in a while as he has had knee problems.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Great long run Hazelnut.It's easy not to take water on when it's cold.

    Cal,I'm sure I've heard there's another storm coming in next week,something to look forward to.51 miles is great weekly total.

    Welcome back,Malteser,nice treadmill run,I can just about manage 4miles on a TM,before boredom gets the better of me.I'm sure you'll reach 500 for the year.

    4 miles on the TM before circuit training yesterday.Quick 6miles this evening whilst my eldest daughter was at athletics .Snow,sleet and rain,just what you want.

  • JD, you heard right, although Dennis doesn't look to be quite as bad as Ciara. Still, don't fancy running in it.

    I didn't have the best run today. Opted to go out after 9 in order to avoid any potentially frosty bits, and it was nice and sunny but still an icy wind. I had toyed with the idea of making this my long run (which is only meant to be 16 this week) as Sunday looks bad, but when I got to 8 I realised I just did not want to do another 8. My legs didn't want to go any faster, either, so it was just a vanilla easy run, 10 miles (same as Monday, albeit one whole minute quicker, whoop). I think I'm tired.
  • Similar weather to look forward to here this evening JD. 

    No point in overdoing it now Cal.  Sometimes you can push through such but other times not. 

    8.5 miles yesterday late afternoon.  6 general aerobic (bit too quick though) followed by 6 x hill sprints and 8 x strides.  Quite like doing the hill sprints.  More or less perfect running conditions and a nice apricot pink sunset to look at.  Saw three other runners which is unusual - in paticular none familiar.  I guess they were catching up after the bad weather.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Not long till Tokyo Cal.When do you fly out? I see runners living in China have had their entries deferred until 2021.

    When's your next race Hazelnut? The apricot sunset sounds lovely.

    8.2 miles Wednesday,legs felt tired but managed to put two fast miles into the session.Waited all day yesterday for the gas engineer to service the boiler and fix a small repair on a radiator,when he phoned to say he'd be out today instead,so did 3.1 miles on the TM before a gym class in the evening instead.

  • I'm flying out on the Thursday (actually Wednesday, but I arrive Thursday. It's a long old flight and the time difference makes it more than a day long!)
    Getting the coronavirus after my marathon is actually a bit of a concern - marathons do a number on my immune system - I've had shingles two years on the trot and a cold the week after Yorkshire.
    Anyway, took a rest yesterday and it seemed to do me some good as I felt a lot more peppy today. Did 8 miles. Absolutely spectacular sunrise - streaks of bright orange across the cyan sky. Made me thankful I made myself go out early.
  • Next race is a 10k next Sunday JD.  Am currently planning to do that as a replacement for a threshold run as I am likely not in 10k PB form at the moment.  We will see.  Depends on the wind as well as it is an exposed course.  Boo to the repair man messing up your timing.

    Don't envy you the long flight Cal.  Must admit I've never done such but I get irritable after 2-3 hours already. 
    Have had half an eye on the Tokyo mara news, hope everything goes to plan.

    MLR yesterday evening 12.67 miles.  Yes I know, round it up! - but I couldn't be arsed to run up the hill to home.  The reward for being lazy was that after one minute into the walk up the hill I got a thorough drenching as a cold front moved swiftly through with a thunderstorm.  If I'd noticed that approaching (more or less dark) I would have run faster on the run or jogged up the hill.  Quite scary as I was in the woods with very strong gusts and all sorts of crashing and creaking.  No hits from above though.  Also got a tasty blood blister from shoes already damp on the run and stepped on a stone which pinced my foot in my shoe.
  • Ouch Hazelnut! Yes, I don't intend to be out in Storm Dennis on Sunday, although I will do parkrun tomorrow - meeting some clubmates at Gunnersbury (which I've done before but it wasn't a good time last time as I got a bit lost on the way and almost missed the start).
  • Hi all! haven't posted for a month or so, how are you all? happy and well I hope.

    Well after my marathon I was too injured to run and that was that.  However my house which had been under offer was all go meaning a few weeks of relentless work, boxing stuff, moving and general not stopping at night until 10pm. Then my car died and I had to get another, plus a multitude other life things; I wouldn't have time to run anyway, (but still tried once a week).  Yes I should have visited a physio!

    Anyway, 7 weeks have passed and life is back to normality, or thereabouts.

    Road back;
    Week 1-4 = screwed. Too much left knee pain to run at all. Walking after 2 miles max.
    Week 5 = A gentle 5 miler. OK!
    Week 6 = A gentle 9 miler, same.
    Week 7 = Hard effort 9 mile tempo run. OK.

    So I'm hoping I can carefully start again! It feels great to be running a few days a week again. God I missed it! Although I will be plodding rather than big mileage/ regular hard effort sessions.

    I'm on my lunch so can't read all that's happened, but will do when  I can.

    Have a great day and hopefully back in the thread.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Great to hear from you Linton and good that you're back out running. Like you said just take it carefully,and build it gradually.
  • Glad to see you back, Linton! Sounds like you've had a lot on your plate - wise to put running on the back-burner. I'm sure your knee is grateful for the distraction.

    Gunnersbury parkrun today - second time I've been there and I was determined to beat the rather poor time I ran in 2018 (my own fault - got a bit lost on the way and arrived late and flustered and was still hauling my coat off as the RD started them off). Not on my best form today but managed 25:36 which is OK, and certainly better than last time. It's not a flat run (not hilly, but there are gradients) and it was quite windy though Dennis hadn't kicked off properly at that point.
    PSH was there and I managed to miss him completely. Oh well!
  • LintonTravelTavernLintonTravelTavern ✭✭✭
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    Great Parkrun Cal! Glad you got it done before the weather came through! Hope it goes well in Tokyo! Really exciting!

    11 miles today!! A BIG hurdle since getting injured and my longest run since December 21st.

    Went early and took and absolute battering from the weather, 55-60mph wind and torrential rain. It was an out-and-back, and even though I was taking it easy, I ran 8 minute miles on the way out! Wind assisted! Predictably, coming back wasn't much fun, fortunately the wind had eased a little.

    6 weeks ago I honestly didn't think I'd run at  all this year, so fingers crossed I feel OK tomorrow...

    Thanks for the well wishes JD.

    That sound a challenging run Hazlenut.  At one point I run under a large bough that had snapped off, fallen and was dangling precariously from another lower bough, it facilitated a brief injection of pace!

    Feels great to have the interest to watch a Youtube race on a wet sunday afternoon with a big glass of red again! Today's is Cardiff Half marathon 2016, apt for this weekend 's weather! 
  • Welcome back LTT, great to see you. Busy times. Good news on your knee. Hope it is quiet tomorrow. Well done for getting that run done in those conditions, you deserved that wine I think.

    Good parkrun Cal, in particular if you bettered your last result despite the wind.

    Friday I did a 5 recovery on tired legs with the OH. Lovely evening but was a bit of a struggle to do the left foot right foot stuff.  To rest the legs a bit I didn't run yesterday but cycled about 14 miles instead. I think my first outing this year - oops.

    Back to running today - 17.2 miles. Around 5.5 miles warm up then half a mile progression to MP and 10 miles at MP (ish, i.e. a bit quick). 1 mile cooldown jog. Had planned to jog the other 2 or so home but decided to walk the rest.  No storm here and in the sun it was pretty warm.  Pleased with the run but I need to get my MP sorted, today's effort felt a bit too hard.
  • Good job on the run, Hazelnut.

    So Tokyo's been cancelled and I've been spending the last hour trying to cancel all my bookings. Joy.

    Went out for a stress-relieving 8 miles with strides.
  • Went out for a hilly 5 miles this morning. It was rough - windy, heavy legs, and I was generally tired with not much in the tank by the end of it.

    Managed to survive though, was actually quite a quick pace of about 9:27mm so perhaps that's why I felt dead on the way round...whoops! 

    Thinking I need to get a new running watch. I have a Amazfit Bip which I bought last year for about £60. GPS is poor, doesn't track properly and cannot seem to get it to track pace in min/mile - only km/mile (and even then, it seems wrong). Time to start saving up over the next couple of years for a Garmin methinks, one with a good GPS and the ability to run Strava too!
  • Also, sucks to hear about Tokyo, Cal. I'd heard rumours it was going to be cancelled but not that they actually would. Have they offered any reimbursement for it/deferred places for next year? 

    I'd love to go to Japan one day - may have to train for a marathon and use that as an excuse
  • Gutted for you Cal.  I hope you can salvage something from your costs as I remember you writing it would be an expensive trip.

    I guess you need to concentrate on getting the cancellations sorted first but is there an alternative mara you could do in the UK to save your training at least?  Although with all the weather related cancellations of the last couple of weeks...

    I can imagine you needed that run. 
  • I'm doing Manchester anyway, Hazelnut, so the training won't be wasted. However, I'll have to stop tapering and ramp up my training again, which doesn't exactly fill me with joy. At least I can now concentrate on trying to get that PB without worrying about whether I was sufficiently recovered or not.
    Unfortunately, Malteser, they will not refund the race fee. We can enter next year but will have to pay again. Scandalous.
  • A rather disturbed night's sleep resulted me going out later for 10 miles, which I did at easy to steady pace (what I class as steady is faster than easy but slower than MP). I won't do anything longer until next week as I have Hampton Court on Sunday (the good thing about not doing Tokyo is I can now give HC a proper punt - it's a PB course). Was happy with the run, apart from a bit of a groin niggle which started then stopped again. It's probably tight due to a lot of sitting around at the weekend.
  • Oh Cal!  That really is ****.  Really hoping any costs can be claimed on travel insurance.  What a pisser.  Still, it sounds like you're very much marathon fit and ready to PB upcoming races.

    Nice running Hazlenut and Malteser.  That's a hefty run Hazlenut! What is your target MP?

    Something new tonight, 6 miles but set my Run keeper to half mile stats and current split pace. Tried to run alternating 9 and 7 minute half miles. Managed to get down to around 7.17s

    I don't seem to have lost much fitness in the last 2 months, but it my knee is still an unknown quantity. 17 miles in the last 2 runs will let me know either way.

    Saw a kestrel and stroked a spaniel pup.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Really gutted for you Cal.I know your hard training won't go to waste but I know you were looking forward to Tokyo.

    Great long run Hazelnut,especially with the 10 at mp.

    You're doing really well Linton,hope your knee is ok.

    First run in a few days,8.35 miles,including 6 x 1k m at 10kp.Virtually everywhere is waterlogged so can across to the other side of the valley and did my interval run along the A5 and used the pavement, bit noisy with the traffic but got the job done.
    Looks like the Rhyl 10 on Saturday is going to be weather affected,up to 50 mph winds,was hoping to sub 70,very much doubt it now.

  • HC will give you something to focus on in the meantime Cal - that's good. 

    Nice running LTT.  Do you do a decent warm up before that? I would advise a couple of miles of gentle pace (9min miling sounds good) and some drills / strides.  And then a cool down as well.  And maybe a session like that just once a week if you are building back up.

    Nice intervals from you too JD.  Not another weather blighted race weekend in the UK.... About time you guys and girls got a break from it.

    6 and a bit mile group trot yesterday.  Struggled a bit to run slow enough for one member.  He hasn't run much at all in the last couple of months but does come out with us every now and then.  We both enjoy the run in company but if it is too slow for me and too fast for him it is a struggle for both.  We aren't enough people at the moment to make it feasible to split into groups.  I guess if I want to run faster I will have to go on my own which is a shame somehow.   I can hardly force him to run faster and saying he can't come out with us isn't on either obviously. 
  • 10 miles late yesterday afternoon.  The evenings are definitely getting lighter now.  Met Mr. Red Tracksuit and another guy out for a run. 

    LTT forgot: potential MP is around 7:38 (based on HM and 10k times).  I will be running a 10k on Sunday and will reassess after that.  My old mara PB pace is quite a bit slower @ 7:54 but I am trying to close the performance gap between 10k, HM and mara. 
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