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  • Went for 4.5 miles last. Soo sore and soo aching from four tempo runs back to back. 

    Next couple will be easy/slow.

    Got to go as virtual pub quiz and beers over Zoom with my mates later, and must source some good questions.  There will be at least one runnin question!
    Have a nice day all.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Linton, you need to do some easy runs - it's never a good idea to do two hard workouts in a row, let alone four! That way injury lies!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    MalMal: how about looping round and back?  You can still guide and maintain your pace.

    Distancing while out running seems to be becoming more of an issue: those who are town bound have more of a problem than those with thinly populated, often off road areas.

    Cal: that moment when the trip becomes a fall knots my stomach!  Good sesh in spite of that.  :-)

    Linton: just what Cal said! ^  And that from an addicted streaker!

    Friday night, I enjoyed a light breeze, a sprinkle of drizzle and acres of space to myself -trails past the leisure centre, over Burbo Bank and turning at the old coastguard station.  A good 1.5 miles along the tide line, a struggle over the dunes and back to my start.  Pace a little sharper but yet to see a 10:xx.  Breathing steadier.  Knee tired but pain free...and almost 100 miles for the year!!
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    Hazel - we do a static stretches warm up before going straight into the run. My partner's running pace is more like a jog, and she says if she went any slower she'd basically be walking.

    Cal - having a lazy day is good for you I find every once in a while! I find it helps me relax (albeit maybe a bit too much at times!). Shame to hear about the mouthful of spray paint, that's never nice. I find I get a few lungfuls of weed on my running routes and I hate how it messes up my breathing.

    Swittle: I've considered looping, but she doesn't feel comfortable running completely on her own and I find looping screws me up a fair bit at times from experience (then again, those times everyone else was running a lot quicker). I think she genuinely feels more comfortable by my side, and just having those words of encouragement, knowing that she's doing good - if I stick to her pace, she can't run to keep up with me and therefore doesn't blow up way too early. I'm also able to use it somewhat as a warm down, too.

    Yesterday: Ran a tempo 4.2 miles on a new extended route to the 5km that my partner and I do. A bit hilly, but rather enjoyable. Then came back and took my partner to do the 5km. She ran the first two miles at a consistent 11:30mm pace, so faster than Wednesday. Still walk/ran the last 0.75 miles up a massive hill but she did it almost a minute quicker. She was very happy.

    Today: Ran loops to make 4.2 miles total. Really hilly, but managed 8.37mm so pleased with that. Hammies, calves and knees have been aching the last few days with the Run Every Day challenge, but I'm just trying to do 3.1 miles a day as a minimum. Trying to ascertain whether I could do 125 miles this month but I reckon that may be a bit too far - 100 miles is appearing to be quite a challenge as it is!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    MalMal - yes, I understand completely.  Oh, you might mention to your partner that she's running faster than I am atm!  ;-)
    When I was streaking, it was 1 mile a day minimum, no slower than 15 min/mile.  One of those was a 'streaksaver', and it's far from uncommon to build one or more in as a quasi rest day.  I'd do a slow mile before a running event, for example.  Alternating easier & more demanding sessions was also part of my approach.  Streaking certainly stacks up the mileage: I made 243 miles one December to hit 2000 miles for the year!  :-o
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    You almost sound like Yoda there Cal but certainly agree on 4 x tempo in a row is too much. I would be careful doing 2 back to back and normally would leave at least 2 days of easier running between two hard sessions. Great solo run. Yuck to the paint.

    Try us on your questions LTT..

    Good news on the knee swittle. 243 isn't a number I have managed so far.

    Good progress for both of you MalMal. Run/walk up the hill is a good idea. Much better than run-stop.

    Just short of 12 miles yesterday evening on surprisingly tired legs. Maybe too much hillage the last few days. Remembered to look around and spotted some lovely violets in the woods. This morning 5.5 with some strides on better legs. Out before the masses and enjoyed the crisp air, will try to repeat tomorrow.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Malteser - hills are always going to make you ache more!
    Nice running, Hazelnut - similar experience for me today with the tired legs.

    My own run was half really nice and half not so nice. I was going to do a longer run today (not long long, but 14 miles or so) and decided on going back to the Wandle Trail as it would be dry now (which it was). One of my long run routes is up the Wandle Trail to Morden Hall Park, then I divert down to South Wimbledon and on to Wimbledon Common. This time I came out of the park, crossed the road and found another park where the trail continued. I carried on down the trail for much longer, really enjoying it, although I wasn't quite sure where it came out. Ultimately it ends up in Croydon, but I didn't want to go quite that far so when it came to a bit where I'd have to cross a road, I took the road instead. I found myself by Mitcham Common and was quite tempted to do a bit of that, but I wasn't quite sure which bit of Mitcham Common it was (it's rather big and I only really know one bit of it) and I was also getting a bit thirsty. I take water for longer runs but I've run up to 15 miles without, but it was starting to get rather warm.
    At this point I didn't really know where I was going - I had a rough idea of where I was but I don't know Mitcham well so I was literally using the sun to navigate. I was also starting to get low abdominal pains, which I've had before (notably towards the end of Kingston half) so I decided I wouldn't run further than I had to.
    Eventually I found my way back to a road I knew and made my way home from there. 12 miles total, though it seemed longer. It's funny how I can run 12 miles around local roads and it doesn't seem that far, but when you run somewhere new it seems a lot further.
    I did feel tired towards the end, though I expect that I was probably a bit dehydrated. I will take water next time.
    Nice to explore a bit, though - saw two herons, a coot with her chicks and some bluebells.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    Mitcham Common could be an option for another day then Cal. Must have a look on Google Maps to see where you were out and about, I'm not that familiar with London.  Might have a good old-fashioned A-Z somewhere.  Good navigation and know the feeling about distances in unknown territory.

    16 mile long run today pre breakfast. Unlikely to go further than that at the moment but one of that length every few weeks won't hurt. Included a couple of quicker miles for fun. Nice to be out early again as quite warm here now.  A few people more than usual but I think most were enjoying a lie-in long or long breakfast. Reports of busy mountains are a bit worrying though. Some popular spots have been closed to the public. If people are not careful then everything will be. Would like to go on a jaunt out of my local area myself but I won't.
  • Cal - I think it's nice to be exploring new areas and roads, albeit when you have an idea of where you are going. May not have been as long as you'd have liked but at least you have another route you can use at some point in future. Bet it was lovely seeing the wildlife too.

    Hazel - good going on the long run. I could never run without food in my stomach, especially that far! 

    Cal, I read your post before going out to do my 4 miles thinking 'do I take water with me?' I decided against it, as I can run 6-8 miles without water. As it happened, I almost came a cropper after running up a steepish hill at the 2 mile mark and exerting too much energy getting there (my first mile was 7:15mm and the second was 8:17mm!). Heat got to me after the hill though, and I struggled up the next two hills and along the flats, my third mile coming in at 9:31mm and the fourth eight seconds even slower. I wonder what improvements (if any) there would have been if I had taken water.

    Did run past a police car with its lights and siren blazing. Flashed its headlights at me as it turned into a road that I was about to cross up the steep hill. Gave me a heart attack - thought they were going to stop me for using up my daily exercise token! 
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    In UK, exercising outdoors may be the next step in ramping up the lockdown.  Mr Hancock has spelt it out.  Meanwhile, Scotland's chief medical officer has apologised for travelling to a 2nd home with her family, in contravention of instructions issued by herself.  Some Scottish politicians say her position is now untenable.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I ran around Mitcham last summer, Hazelnut, but it's one of those commons which seems to be in sections due to roads so I think there's definitely more to see.
    swittle - I really hope not, my flat is tiny. People in flats are going to suffer as we have no way to get out unlike people with gardens. My exercise space is the size of a small yoga mat.
  • 4 miles, still sore! few days off needed. Managed to only see 3 dogwalkers.  Agreed, thrashing runs out isn't a great idea, but it is helping me unwind slightly. Also I wanted to try and get a 5:xx mile at some point.  There was a Golden Mile event in Kent I wanted to do, but that's obviously cancelled now.

    I'm worried about outdoor exercise being banned, that would suck, I'd have to do laps at work of something, which would be weird.  The pictures of Brighton were not great , people still being selfish.

    Nice run Malteser, yes it was bloody hot today, also hungover.

    What is Streaking swittle? I saw my whole Uni rugby team streak at last orders once..

    Great long runs Hazlenut and Cal,  I saw a Dabchick.  I have until the end of April to do a virtual half marathon. I hope my GPS app doesnt play up, as I need it for evidence I've done it.

    Last night's virtual pub quiz and beers was a great laugh and nice to see my mates.  Zoom worked well for all but my mate whose moved to Skipton with archaic internet.

    Questions? I prepared a lot here's a sample, much abbreviated.

    Kenya and Ethiopia have produced great runners, but which has most Olympic gold medals?
    In which sport would it be unfortunate to catch a crab?
    The 3 peaks challenge..England, Scotland, Wales... .what are they?
    Year of Battle of Trafalger?
    To nearest 100, species of sharks.
    4th most populated country in the world.
    Capital City round.
    Identify the country by shape.
    Observation round with Youtube clips

    A good time was had but the answer quality diminished as the beer flowed.


  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Linton, streaking is a term for running every day.  The late Ron Hill, Commonwealth Marathon medallist, 2nd man ever to go under 2:10 for the distance and founder of a v successful clothing firm, said that he ran every day for well over 52 years.

    Y'day evening, 55 minutes of trail & beach, tussling with a 20mph S wind, which was more help behind!  Just tipped over the 100 miles for the year. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Linton, I think it won't come to that - I hope not anyway. I'd be reduced to crawling through the bathroom window to do shuttle runs on the roof outside. Not ideal, and it would probably annoy the downstairs neighbours.
    Nice one, swittle.

    Easy 10 for me this morning and it was really lovely out. It'll be time for shorts soon (although I guess a lot of you are already in them).
    Went well until I was coming back down the road to my house, whereupon I tripped on a kerb and stacked it. Not much damage aside from to my dignity, but the toe I caught on the kerb is a bit sore, and it's the same bloody toe I hurt going over on the stairs last year. The black line has only just grown out of that toe nail, too!
    After nearly falling on Saturday and catching my feet a few times on Sunday I think I need to sort myself out!

  • Cal, I tend to run every day in shorts now - too warm for leggings. I may wear leggings if I have no shorts, or if I'm going for a longer run.

    Tempo 3.1 miles for me yesterday followed by a warm down 3.1 miles with my partner for her tempo run. I'm now at 109 miles for the year! Streaking has taken its toll on my body though - my ankles and legs are feeling really rather sore, so I may go out and do a long run tonight then only do a pacer 5km with my partner tomorrow as somewhat of a slow run.

    First two miles of yesterday's tempo run were sub 8 minutes...yikes! No wonder I suffered on the hill at the last mile! That's about a minute per mile quicker than where I should be!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Definitely shorts weather here.  Almost could have done with the lightweight race ones yesterday evening.  Hope it isn't the start of yet another boiling hot summer - could do without it. 

    Ouch to the toe Cal.  Glad no more bruises than that. 

    You are doing well MalMal. 

    Rare Monday outing for me yesterday evening.  Just a slow 5km.  I'd spent half an hour on the turbo beforehand to test something out on that and discovered that the combination wasn't popular with my legs.  Don't know how the triathletes do it.  I did have a good half an hour between the two as well.        
  • Hi guys, I’m sorry if my post is irrelevant to context but I cannot for the life of me find a new post option, 
    I was hoping you could help from or give advice on my running I’ve just started and hit a problem. <div>
    </div><div>I used to run every week 2-5 years ago, not massive distances, 3-5 miles mostly.
    over past couple years I’ve lost touch of my fitness for a few reasons and become very unfit, I have an office job so any high intensity training has been null. </div><div>
    </div><div>During these tough times, I have managed to get myself back to running, I’ve only done 5 runs, each between 1-2 miles (very unfit now) but I’ve been enjoying it so much and that feeling after the run is certainly something that ive missed and needed for sure. </div><div>
    </div><div>I have woken up this morning with my coccyx in complete agony, a constant sore pain with no position possible to alleviate the pain, to the point I’ve gotten quite unusually emotional and it’s severely stressing with just hours into the day. </div><div>Running is now out the question as I’m battling to stand and sit, but,

    have I just overdone the running from such a long absence? I’m guilty of not warming up or down also, have you any experience or this injury and when can I get back running? </div><div>I’m desperately frustrated and angry about this. </div>
  • Hey GonnaRunna, welcome to the forum! You can't make a new thread until you have commented 10 times. Whilst I have absolutely no experience with your injury, I would think that the cause of it is from your running posture more than anything if it's in your coccyx.

    Day 7 of my Run Every Day challenge and I decided to run a half marathon (what is wrong with me?!). First 7.5 miles were strong, and the first 8 miles were all under 9mm pace but then the last 4 miles were a nightmare, and I was seriously flagging in the last mile and a half (all uphill - about 10:45mm pace). Somehow managed to make it all the way back without stopping and finishing in under two hours!! Pretty pleased with that, especially as I never stopped (sure, okay, it was along a towpath so it was fairly flat).

    I can't feel my legs now though, my left shin is killing me and my calves are screaming. Does anyone have any tips? Plan for tomorrow is to just run a 5km with my partner. It'll be around 11:30mm pace so super slow, and I'm going to try and use that as a recovery run.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Lots of great running going on.First run today since Thursday,still not 100%,but managed to get out first thing this morning and did 8.27 miles.Felt hard even though I wasn't pushing the pace.Going to give it a miss tomorrow and just go for a walk with girls instead.Hope whatever I've picked up will disappear soon.

    Really hope they don't tell us not to exercise outside because of a tiny minority of idiots,like Cal said it would be really hard on people who live in flats without a garden.

    Hope your back injury clears up soon Gonnaruna

    Well done on your challenge Malteser.Do you have a foam roller?Like you said just take it easy tomorrow.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Good mileage, Cal, but look after your tootsies!

    Shorts?  Year-round plumage for me - when I'm running.  Tonight, managed to log an hour's running for the first time in 11 months.  Calm conditions for trails to the old coastguard station, then down the beach to the Marina with little company.  Super moon was warming up over the boating lake as I finished.

    GonnaRun: warm baths and a few videos on strengthening [rather than stretching].

    MalMal - watch out for shiun splints: no fun at all.

    JD1 - sensible approach.  Monitoring outdoor activity would present such a draw on police [or armed forces, or even volunteers] as to be impracticable imho.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    GonnaRunna - I agree with swittle - have a good soak and a gentle stretch and then do some core and glute strength work.

    Malteser - that sounds like you started too fast. If I do that, I always seem to start to suffer at 8 miles. I'd prescribe a gentle walk to get some blood into those areas but I'm guessing that's not an option at the moment so, as above, warm bath and gentle stretching.

    I'm not following a plan at the moment but running mostly by how I feel. I banged out another 10 today - varied the route slightly so I didn't finish back via the common and didn't have any problems with other people. Didn't fall over either, so that was a plus! It was rather enjoyable - running early morning, all the flowers and plants in people's gardens smell rather fragrant.
    Oddly, I was within 5 seconds of the time I ran yesterday - I guess I'm pretty consistent.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Imagines swittle running on his beach wearing feathers... Up to an hour already - that's great.

    Hi GonnaRunna.  Well done for getting back to running.  How about your shoes?  If you are wearing old worn-out ones it could be jarring your back.  Might be an option to invest in new ones though at the moment it might be hard to get suitable ones.  Are you running all of your 1-2 miles?  It could seem like a step back and you could do more but how about breaking back in gently with a run-walk program to give your back a chance to adapt to the unusal activity?    

    MalMal if you don't want to have a rest day then gentle recovery only for certain if your legs hurt that much.  That might prevent the calves from stiffening up altogether.   Nice half.

    Enjoy your walk today JD.   

    Nice 10 Cal.  Certainly a nice time of year for garden watching.  Not following any sort of plan at the moment either.  I am putting in a couple of runs with some sort of effort each week again but going by feel and mixing up some minor speedwork with hills.  Enough to feel as though I have done something but not too much to leave me coming home feeling exhausted.

    7.7 miles yesterday evening doing some hillwork.  Convenient little loop with around 30m of ascent / descent per km not too far away so ran that 6 times at varying efforts - 3 x clockwise and 3 x anti-clockwise so that I had the off-road bit (roughish farm track) both downhill and uphill.  Good thing the shooting range wasn't in use or I would have lost my head.  My activities were noticed by 3 boys playing football in their garden - "she's going past AGAIN"..  Warm again. 
  • Thanks for replies guys, 

    strangely I’ve woken up to and it’s feeling lot better already (was reading 4-8 weeks of pain on google, although this referred to a damaged tailbone from impact, I hadn’t had any direct impact on mine) 
    just going to do a 2-3 mile walk today to check all is ok and hopefully be back running in no more, I think my posture could have not been helping after looking into this, as mentioned by an above poster. <div>Thanks. Stay safe :) </div>
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    It sounds like something tight was pulling on it. I've had twinges there from time to time but not to the extent that you did. Strength work will help.

    Well done Hazelnut! Did some hills myself today.

    Out early today - ten to six - so decided to head to Streatham Common for some hill repeats. I stuck to the main part of the common for this so it was a simple circuit - pushed the pace on the uphill (a hill that increases in steepness then evens out again and is quarter of a mile long), recover at the top, go a bit faster downhill to practise that though not flat out as it's grass that was muddy and is now rather lumpy, then recover at again at the bottom.
    I did two miles warm-up pace on the way there, then hit the first hill towards the end of my third mile. Did four circuits then back home for a total of 8 miles. Happy to average 9:56 on the last two laps, considering I've been over 11s on occassion.
    Nice morning and not to many people to worry about at that time!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Nice hills yourself Cal.  Good idea to practice downs as well as ups.  I definitely lose time in races on the downs.  Some people just fly...

    Recovery 5 for me yesterday evening, bit sluggish.  Warm again.  Noticing an increase of traffic.  We don't have rules on driving for a purpose here and it seems that aimlessly driving around for pleasure is increasing.  Must admit I did take a rather long-winded route to go shopping on my moped yesterday but I won't go out on it just for the hell of it.  
  • Hazelnut, I have also noticed an increase of people driving. I usually run in the evenings so I am hoping it is people returning from key work.

    Cheers for all of your advice, everybody regarding recovery.

    Yesterday, I took it really slowly as you all suggested running with my partner. It was a painful first mile, but at an average pace of 11:36mm (first two miles half a minute quicker than before), I actually felt kind of alright. 

    Today, felt like doing a gentle 6 miles, trying to pay attention to pace. First mile was still too quick, but it was about a minute slower than usual so I'm happy with that. Started to suffer by mile 3 though and the last 3 miles up hill were horrendous. 

    If anything, I've been able to troubleshoot my muscle issues and figure out where the pain really is. Weirdly enough, it's all in my quads. My quads are tight, one of my muscles behind my left knee is tight, my hamstring is a bit tight, as are my glutes, and I have a bit of hip pain. Even weirder is that it's mostly in my left leg, but not so much my right leg...admittedly, I don't think having to climb up a long steep hill, every run, is doing my quads any favours.

    Definitely restricting myself to shorter runs, but if Tuesday's 13.2 miles showed me anything, it's that I need to run further, more regularly, so that my legs can get used to the distance more frequently.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done on passing the hour mark Swittle.Is there a coastal path from Crosby to Southport?That would be a good run if there is.

    Nice hill repeats Cal.It's been great weather for early morning runs.

    Hazelnut,there's been reports over here of people visiting supermarkets and walking round aimlessly,just to get out of house.I enjoy the downs,especially when your heart is in your mouth.

    Up early for an 8.25 miles with Polly,along the canal.Heard a few woodpeckers and plenty of lambs bleating,it was lovely and quiet.Started the dreaded decorating,girls rooms finished,going to have a nice rest when I start my night shifts tomorrow.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    How're you feeling today, Gonna Run?

    That's a testing session, Cal.  Early running was my thing when I was teaching.  No, I'm a 'round sunset slob'!  Nature seems untroubled by the pandemic, JD1  :smiley:

    Yes, Hazel, the warmth of today, even at sunset, caught me out as I paused to remove my thin rain jacket.  50 minutes, trails out, beach & lakes home, and 10:15 pace.  Need to check that route again.  [I don't 'do' GPS btw.]

    MalMal: you're the only one who can diagnose your leg issues - it sounds like you're using some sensible approaches.

    Thanks, JD1.  The S Sefton Coastal Path is now well made and maintained - however, I would often pathfind through the dunes and heath beyond Hightown; and Formby Point is a treasure trove for the multi-terrain fan, with sand dunes as far as Ainsdale and paths onwards to Southport.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    At some point your quads will hopefully hut up and get on with that hill MalMal.  Do you do some stretching?  Agree on running long reguarly to run long comfortably.

    Nice canal running JD.

    I do like my GPS swittle though do spend too much time looking at it out running. A good outing is actually one on which I acknowledge the km beep, maybe look at a split but otherwise ignore it.  I remember looking at a multitude of interesting trails up off the beach but didn't test any. I think we wandered to the stepped on turtle baths and back.

    More hills for me yesterday, 13.5 miles with a couple steep ones reducing me to a shuffle. Walking could well have been faster.  One farmyard trough drinking opportunity and I was pretty thirsty by the time I got home. The waiting cold AF beer went down in less than 5 minutes.
  • Hazel - hills pay the bills! It sucks when you think you're shuffling, I feel like that along the flats sometimes, but cracking effort and a beer well deserved.

    JD - Do you prefer canal running to road/trail running? Or is it just more convenient?

    Swittle - how do you find it running on the sand dunes, if you do? Not sure I'd like running with sand in my shoes

    Usual recovery 3 miles for me today with my partner. We took the first two miles quicker than usual, so a new PB for her. Right leg now okay, left quad now the only remaining issue. Will continue to recover for a few more days methinks
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