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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Good session, Malteser - glad the calf sleeves are working for you. Now stretch those puppies.

    Speaking of which, did my 5K today. Wasn't sure how it would go after being ill last week and then doing a 10 mile progression yesterday (yes yes I know you shouldn't do two relatively hard sessions in a row) but that was how it landed.
    Two miles to warm-up and threw a few sets of strides into the second mile to get the legs turning over. Seems to have done the trick.
    Hit my first mile in 7:56 which I was happy with, then 7:53 for the second and 7:52 for the third. I'm getting better at the pacing stuff, evidently. Pushed hard for the last bit and averaged 6:47 pace which, for me, is bloody fast (given my mile time stands at 7:20). Breathing transitioned from dog with a squeaky toy to full on porn star, but at least I didn't vomit. Final time was 24:29 which is my third fastest 5K to date, and fastest on my own. Looking promising for the vet relays next month.
    Had a quick breather then 3 more miles to cool down.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    jes, you're right about nooo shoooes.  That flat, clumping feeling and lack of response from shoes ready to be recycled is easily dispelled!  Despite best efforts, my nearly new daps are getting a sandy mud tan.  :(

    Hazel, your training continues to impress: I too am finding kit selection an issue - not last night, as the WNW wind was intent on making itself felt.

    Cal: I've not seen an urban fox round the local park for years; it's coincided with a drop in the no. of rabbits close to the Marina - their burrows still catch me out at times!  Enjoyed your report of your swift 5k.  Excellent stuff  :)

    GD: the cognitive benefits of exercise at even a moderate rate are one of the reasons I'm still getting out there.  Not working now presents a fresh challenge: keeping the grey matter fresh.

    Cooler last night, clouded sky and a brisk WNW wind dictating course selection.  A circuit of the small lake and trails alongside the marine gardens took me past the less scenic Freeport area but even these have decent sized lakes where wildlife gathers untroubled by humans.  Leant into the wind on the beach stretch, then, close to the Marina, saw a tiny English Bulldog that would have fitted into cupped hands!  :-)  Getting closer to sub-10:  41:16 for 3.98 miles.

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hills are our friend, Cal. Enjoy a good hill as there's no expectation other than getting up it. Having said that tomorrow I've requested that we miss out the short hill at the end of our planned run as it always catches me out. Well done on the 5k time,  especially after a 10 miler yesterday. 

    Good work on your hill sprints,  MM, and that you got your fiancee out as well.  Glad the calf sleeves worked too.  Just keep an eye on them. 

    To be honest,  swittle, I would have retired myself by now, but for circumstances.  Or at least scaled back.  Hey ho. Keep aiming for the sub 10, it's within reach. 

    400m intervals this morning.  We used the service road alongside Shoreham airport as it's flat and, we thought,  relatively quiet.  Busier than we realised,  but never an issue.  First interval we probably set off too quickly so I slowed so I was in the zone.  My partner decided to keep the pace.  After 3 intervals she'd opened up a gap with me thinking she would blow up at some point. By the end the gap was 300m!! I was at a loss as I was convinced looking at her fast pace to mine that I was going quicker. Afterwards she did say she reckoned she was short of the 400m on each interval. Still 5.5 miles done and the intervals were quicker than last week. And nice to see one of our clubmates out as well. 
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Great two days of running Cal. Especially the solo 5k, really don't think I could do such an effort without a number on. Two days hard in a row won't likely do any damage if you do a couple of light days now.

    Regarding shoes GD -one also to be careful of is buying a new model of the same shoe and thinking it will be as good. Don't know why companies sometimes feel they have to redesign a good shoe as its ofrten not an improvement. Well done on the intervals, sensible to slow down, a too fast start can wreck things.

    Good hill session MalMal, can imagine your calfs are a bit grumpy. No shame in walking down the hill if it meant she could keep going up again.

    That bulldog must have been so cute swittle.  Do you like watching the ships as well? Wondering where they are off to? Keep applying the grey matter to your writing. Always like to see the blog notification on Fetch, with the anticipation of what you might have written about as it is quite varied.

    Unenthusiastic recovery yesterday evening, 4 miles and for once not too fast. Don't know where my legs were, I think I left them at home on the sofa. 

    To compensate 7ish miles this afternoon. Pretty windy again so cycled down the hill to take in a route involving assorted loops with only short stretches into the wind and hill-free.  Don't know why but the scent of freshly turned grass and ploughed earth make me hungry! Added in 8 x strides at the end to remind the legs how to run fast.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    GD, I think the healthy competition during many of your sessions can only work to the benefit of you both.  Thanks for the nudge: it's just getting the confidence to believe I'm not going to blow up.

    Hazel, she looked nothing like the fully grown Bulldogs I'd seen a few days earlier.  It must have been one of her earliest trips out!  There's nothing like the sea traffic in/out of Liverpool - previously, I could tell from the little pilot ships heading out into the bay to escort the floating container parks through the hazardous sand banks.  Even the gas platforms seem quiet.  One day, the vast floating hotels, oil tankers, cargo vessels and ferries will be back in force.

    I'm glad you enjoy the blogs - there are couple of pieces about medieval timber framed halls in my home town, Wakefield, in the pipeline - just need to marshall my research.  :-)
  • My last run, 10 March, full of uncertainty and troubled by the impact of ongoing health issues. I hope I can get back to it and feeling good about it.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Good work, Hazlenut.
    swittle - must have been adorable! I saw a corgi pup a few months ago and it was incredibly cute.

    Another Wandle Trail discovery run today. I tried to follow the early section but went wrong again, only I went wrong in a different way. I will try to find the path through that bit on a shorter run some time this week.
    I still managed to pick it back up at the Tooting end and then stayed on it until Hackbridge, which was a little further along than I've run previously. I decided to turn for home at that point as I was already going to exceed my plan for 14 miles, but looking at the map, the next bit takes me to Beddington Park which is where the new parkrun will be, once that starts up again.
    Enjoyed the Wandle bit - heard a yaffle in Morden Hall Park and looked up to see a green woodpecker in flight. What I didn't much like, though, were the endless clouds of midges. I guess that's what you get for running by water in the summer.
    I wasn't even in Tooting when I hit 14 miles and I was flagging by that point (while I did wear vest and shorts today, I didn't take water) and then had to run up a big hill. Strangely, that was my second fastest mile (after mile 2 which was net downhill).
    Arrived at my house at 16 miles so two more than planned, but I'll take that as a positive. That takes me to 52 miles for this week.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Hi TheHappyRunner, good luck with getting back to running.

    Cal - can you check out the bit you are going wrong on on a walk or is that too inconvenient to get to/from?  That's another great run to finish the week.  Agree on the midges, buff or teeth filter?

    16 for me as well including 8 @ my potential mara pace, bracketed by 5 warm-up and 3 cool down.  Had to take a brief break during the 8 to deal with a gel I had tried to squirt up my nose - nice. Pace felt pretty tough, especially as I overheated a bit on the return leg due to running in the sun all the time and not having the refreshing breeze of the outward leg. Was out early enough to meet few people initially, later the standard dog-walkers, cyclists, nordic walkers etc.  Walked another 5-6 miles in the afternoon so feet pretty tired now and legs likely also tomorrow.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut, it's three miles from me to the part where I joined the trail today, so it'd be quite a lengthy walk. I think I've figured it out on the map, though. Well done on the 16 (even if it was interrupted by an unintended nasal enema!)
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Welcome TheHappyRunner and hopefully you'll be back to running soon. I've always found there's plenty of support on this forum, especially for those trying to get back into running after an injury or illness.

    Well done on the 16 miles, Hazelnut. Although I suspect taking a gel nasally is not going to have the same affect  ;). Shoe decisions used to cause me no end of stress which is why when I got into the Asics I just stuck with them. I quite agree with changing what is a perfectly good design, although I don't think I'm aware enough or good enough for it to make too much of a difference. Although the Nike's seem to be working well.

    I think the competition is doing us both good, swittle, we seem to be pushing each other. I had that kind of running relationship with a friend at work, but since he left back at the end of February this has become a bit more meanignful. I need someone to push me otherwise I just fall into a bit of a rut. Medieval timber framed buildings sounds very specialised. What got you interested in those?

    Fantastic weekly mileage, Cal, and well done on finding a new route. Glad that you're feeling a whole lot better.

    We had planned a longer run yesterday, I'd suggested 10 miles going along the seafront and starting at Saltdean. However we were a bit late getting out and I had a meeting at 11am, so we had to truncate it down to 10K. Probably just as well as my partner was feeling the affect of the 400m intervals the day before. Noticed it was a lot busier in terms of traffic, cars in the car park and sheer number of people out using the under cliff path. Not sure whether that worries me or not, although I have to admit I find it frustrating when people show no awareness and take up the entire width of the path. But then I guess that's now up to us to find less crowded places again.

    Had thought about doing an early run this morning, but the extra hour in bed seemed to be more appealing. So it's a rest day.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Midges, Cal?  None yet so far in Crosby - the almost continual breeze/wind seems to keep them on the move.  Meaningful mileage and a 50+ week bode very well.

    @TheHappyRunner: the healing properties of running - just running - are set on in these pages, and I hope you soon benefit and feel better.

    Hazel: I'll not be trying that novel means of ingesting a gel!  They're incredibly sticky, aren't they?  Not surprised you're feeling tired!

    GD: I did a couple of years' voluntary surveying and archive analysis with the West Yorkshire Archaeology Service.  The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments officer used to take me out to measure & photograph post medieval rural buildings; office based involved linking documents to houses we'd seen and looking for patterns of room usage, industry and wealth.  There, I met the owner of a 15th century timber framed house near Wakefield [Horbury Hall].  We took a section from a wooden wallplate for dendrochronological analysis: that tree was cut ca 1462.  Later, some friends & I made a short film about the house.  The fascination has never waned!

    The unlocking is certainly increasing the numbers of people - I'm happy sticking to the coastal park & beach - and feel for those who have little choice but to brave the interactions.

    I can't map last night's run on Fetch, because I can't recall all of it in detail.  A 'pit stop' required me to head back home early in my session.... when I set off again, my inner GPS went haywire!!  :-)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I find Mondays to be a good rest day, GD. Hope you enjoyed yours.
    swittle, it'll be a couple of degrees warmer down here, and without the benefit of sea breezes.
    I haven't noticed that many extra people around, but then I guess people want to escape London for the country rather than vice versa. It's not as if any of our tourist attractions are open.

    8 miles recovery for me - I really slowed it down as much as I could (any slower and my form would have broken down) so I used a lot of the lumpier paths and wooded sections of the common as I'm naturally slower when I'm avoiding tree roots and the like. Averaged around 11:30 pace which is practically glacial. Oddly, I did quite enjoy it.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Hope you had a good rest day GD. Also that you can find routes which on the one hand aren't too overcrowded but also provide a bit of pleasure.

    Building research sounds interesting swittle. Lol regarding the GPS.

    Better slow and you enjoyed it than fast and hating it Cal.

    4 recovery yesterday evening. Nearly had a slow speed head-on collision with another runner. Had just set off and wasn't paying attention on a narrow path / blind corner and ooops. No passing room really let alone space for distancing. He kindly turned about to return to a suitable spot and we had a good giggle. Warm here too but slowly acclimatizing.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Well done your 5k Cal and your 52 mile week,that's good going.I haven't noticed a big increase in visitors to the area yet,apparently north Wales is hitting its peak now.

    GD,nice intervals with your partner,it's good that you improved on the previous week.I like the thought of doing 10 miles along the seafront,especially in this weather.

    Fantastic 16 Hazlenut,that seemed a very tough run.I'm happy that I'm not the only one who struggles with gels!

    Swittle,you're keeping yourself busy when not running.Very close to 10mm now.

    Interval training Saturday,6.24 miles,including 6 x 0.5m @5kp

    Sunday 10 miles at easy pace.I disturbed a buzzard,so had a good view when it took to flight.

    Decided to do a 5k flat out yesterday.So started with 3 miles warm up and trying to get the motivation up to do it.Got into the pace straight away, half way through I had a wobble,I just wanted to stop and that was reflecting in my pace.But I cracked on and finished with a time 20:56,I can't say I enjoyed it at the time,but glad I did it in the end.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I usually enjoy the faster runs a bit more, Hazelnut, but I'm attempting to go to 6 days a week (an experiment of sorts) so I need to do at least two of those at a much slower pace.
    Well done on your 5K, JD - it is quite a brutal distance. Nice buzzard spotting too.

    I didn't sleep well and ended up getting up around 4:20am, so I was out running at 5:30. I decided to go find the bit of the Wandle I'd missed before, and I succeeded, so hooray for that. (It's certainly nicer than running past the industrial state which is what happened on Sunday when I went the wrong way).
    I decided to continue up the Wandle and did much of Sunday's route, minus the extra bit on the end, so it was 12 miles all told.
    It was a very pleasant run until I got to the road that cuts through Mitcham Common - it was a bit after 7am by that point and there was quite a lot of traffic. I did manage to cross the roads I needed to without having to stop but I think I'll avoid it on weekedays in future.
    Legs felt pretty good aside from a bit of grumbling from the high ham tendon (not sure if this is down to last week's mileage or the fact I've been doing yoga every day) but it's not to serious.
    I did a sub-10 coming up the big hill (Church Lane) from Tooting - there was a woman in a blue shirt running just ahead so I tried to catch her. Didn't manage it but at least I didn't fall any further behind.
    Lost a couple of pounds on this run so will be hydrating a lot today - it's going to be a hot one.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Recovery needs to be tailored to the runner's needs - and aches/pains - at the time, and pace I've always considered secondary to this.  8 miles = good work, Cal, and followed up with some more enterprising pioneering & discovery work.  Sun's been up for a while at 5.30am.  

    Hazel - few runners about on the beach & coast; plenty of space to take a quarter-mile diversion if required! ;)

    JD1 - I'm impressed, and maybe a little scared ;) by your recent sessions!  Sub-20 for your next 5k; maybe sub-10m/m for me!

    Last night: warmer than I'd expected, even at 8.30pm, and virtually no cooling breeze.  Lakes, trails & beach just about covers it, a few dogs & walkers, even fewer runners.  Managed to skirt the sea wall without mud encounters but struggled on fine, soft sand when leaving the beach.  1:00:23 for 5.9 miles.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Nice set of runs JD, especially the 5k, don't know if I could do such on my own.  Good you could push through the wobble and not give up.

    Another early run Cal. Great you found the missing bit of your route.  Always tempting to try to catch another runner ahead.

    Wise words swittle. Can imagine the running on sand bit - one step forward, half a step back. Tricky stuff. Definitely close to the 10m/m.

    Another group run for me yesterday evening - 7 of us turned up so we had to be careful to be seen running in a group of no more than 5 at one time. With a couple of people sometimes pulling ahead and others falling off the back and one guy taking a short cut it generally worked.  Struggled a bit on the long hills, could still feel my legs from Sunday. We were lucky not to get wet, could see a heavy shower approaching but it seems we got both route and timing right as the roads were wet on returning to the start but we stayed dry. Couple of rainbows to look at. Cycled to and from the run for a bit of extra exercice.

    This evening I had planned a steady 11-12 miles but decided instead to do some hilly trail loops. 4 were the idea but 3 were enough. 7 miles, more than 300m of ascent and ascent and a pace of 10:42 m/m. Achieved my goal of shuffling all the ascents though I did step rather than jump over a log and a stream. Fairly quiet in the woods, 4 people met, otherwise wind and birdsong for company. Nice.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Hazel: two substantial sessions there ^  Looping back was always a reassuring feature of running in a group, so I think you'll have satisfied any 'local observers'.

    Even this Iron Man is taking the pandemic seriously.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Ha ha, classic! Yes it as very warm yesterday, swittle, and will be today too. It's playing havoc with my sleep. Good for getting out - at that point I was in front of the telly with some frozen grapes (a refreshing alternative to ice cream, although I also have ice cream - went out specially yesterday to stock up!)

    Solid work, Hazelnut. You definitely have more serious hills in your area than I do.

    Did a hilly run of my own this morning. Rubbish sleep again so out once more at 5:30am. Two miles warm-up (11 min/mi) pace to Streatham Common, then five one mile laps of the main part of the common. Pushed hard up the hill, recovered across the top, relaxed down the hill and then steady pace along the bottom. Those miles were 9:59/9:56/9:44/9:44/9:29 which I'm pleased with, although I got some concerned looks off a few people I passed on the uphill due to the fact my breathing sounded like someone in the midst of a severe asthma attack. Quite enjoyed it though and found my breathing recovered quickly on the top section, which isn't very wide (that part of the common is almost a triangle - or a thin pear).
    Two miles home again, just over 10 pace this time. Legs felt quite snappy and energetic on the way back.
    Tomorrow would normally be a rest day but I'm experimenting with bumping my runs up to six this week so it'll be a recovery run instead.
  • Great running everyone!

    Really not had much motivation the last week or so - unsure what's causing it. Personal life is hectic for me right now so it feels like I have little energy for anything else.

    Was supposed to run over the weekend but my body just said 'no', so I took the time to enjoy the sunshine. Went for an 8 miler on Monday though for a run that felt slow, but was actually about right. Came back, collected the partner and MIL and went out for a further 3 miles at a slower pace for 11 miles total. Was enjoyable but tiring. Can certainly feel the benefit of calf sleeves so they will probably feature from now on.

    Went running last night in the 27 degree heat and...well...that was a mistake. I wasn't hydrated, I'd had maybe an hour sleep the night before, and so I wanted to do the same 8+3 miles as I did on Monday, but played it safe and did 5 miles instead. The calf sleeves were tight (compression gear probably not ideal for the heat, even if my legs love the recovery) and my legs were heavy, lethargic and slow. The heat was a heavy burden, and I was fairly slow compared to usual, especially coming up Cardiac Hill. Only just managed to finish in under 9mm pace I felt that wrecked. Needless to say, I had to abandon the plan with the fiancée to take her out for a further 3 miles which she didn't mind.

    Probably will be a dud week for running, but hoping it will get better 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Heat is tough to run in, Malteser, especially in spring given we've been running in the cold for months. Don't worry too much. Try to get out early morning if you can.
    Motivation is difficult for most of us at the moment, too, given there are no races on the horizon. I'm amusing myself with some virtual events - the 1000KM across Tennesee race organised by Laz (of Barkley Marathons fame) is the one that keeps me going out to tot up the miles.
  • Hi guys, just thought I'd check in and say hi.  Some superb running! and I'm glad you're all currently well in this strange new world. Hi Cal, Hazlenut, Malteser, JD, Guardog, Swittle and anyone else.

    I'm currently well but my running has well and truely gone to mierda. 

    I started to get very sore ankles, mainly the left one, but was hitting the training, for me, too hard.  No miles over 8 minutes (except a warm up mile) and generally thrashing myself too hard repeatedly.

    I think I was using my running as a bit of a mental crutch in these weird times and work isn't great at the moment.
    It progressively got worse until I would be barely able to walk at work monday to wednesday and then would train hard the rest of the week.
    Finally I did a long sunday run with intervals and the next day just couldn't walk.  I had to have four days off work ( the only other time I did that I cracked three ribs).  I have done online phsio appointment and they seem to think I have a severe peroneal tendonitis, but I have to go in soon.

    Long story short, no running for a couple of months, they reckon.

    I haven't run for three weeks and can walk without pain mostly, although my left ankle still hurts when I remove my support.

    Rather than get too wound up I've tried to tell myself I will be better for the first wave of events in kent (september, if they happen) and am doing lots of my other favourite hobby, fishing!   I've caught some cracking carp! but have also gained a stone.

    I really hope it improves and I can run again in the future, I really do miss it, but realise it's a serious one this time and I really must treat it as such to have any hope of returning.  If I am fortunate enough to run again I will invest in some hefty, cusioned shoes in favour of the fairly spartan ones I currently use.  Also, on research, if you are prone to peroneal tendonitis low drop shoes (I always use 4mm ones) are not the best idea, and high drop 10/12mm ones can be favourable.

    Hopefully post at some point in the future.  Stay safe all.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Good to hear from you, Linton - glad you're OK although it sucks about your ankles. It's good you have fishing to occupy you.

    You might like the new Nike Infinity React shoes - they're designed to reduce injury. I use the Epic Reacts (The Infinity seems to have replaced these) and they are super comfortable, with a decent drop. I used to do all my running in 4mm Nike Frees but they just didn't have enough cushion for marathons and the balls of my feet got hammered.

    Hope you can recover and get back to running at some point...obviously you now know the reason for doing the bulk of your miles at a very easy pace.

    Speaking of which, super slow 6 mile recovery run for me today - 11:30 miles on average. Felt like a snail trudging around, but as this is instead of a rest day, I was going to take it as slow as I could. It's faster than walking, at least.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Good that you listened to your body MM.The heat makes it much tougher for running,so I wouldn't worry about your pace.

    Fantastic photo Swittle.

    Nice to hear from you Linton.Sorry to hear about your ankle problems,hopefully you can get over it.I used to thrash every run years ago and never suffered a single injury,but there's no way I could do that now.Enjoy your fishing.

    Good hilly run Cal.Have you watched the doc about the Dragons Back race on Amazon,it's a good watch.

    Two 5 mile runs after work,with the heat and feeling lethargic,I kept them at easy pace.

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hi all, good running from everyone, although commiserations to LTT. That sounds like a serious one and hopefully the rest will see you back running as soon as possible. 

    I can empathise with the crutch part. I think I've been using running for that as well, a release from the stress of work. I'm doing an awful lot of hours and not really getting any chance for a decent wind down.

    Tuesday I had a short gap in the morning so decided to do some hill repeats outside the house. Didn't think it was too onerous, but the next day I woke up feeling rather listless and generally achy. We did go out for a 5 miler along the seafront, but I was well off the pace. My back had, worryingly, started to complain again and my stomach wasn't feeling too good. I decided that I was going to spend the next couple of days resting, if doing 12 hour working days is resting. At least it's a Bank Holiday this weekend.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    JD, no, I have Sky so I'm not paying for any streaming services on top of that - it's already over £70 a month.
    GD, hope you're able to bounce back. Last week's heat won't have helped.

    Today was virtual 5K day and, between a week of rubbish sleep, the hills on Thursday and the extra running day yesterday, I knew I wasn't going to be on top form so I took the opportunity to try a new route. It's not actually a new running route, just a new 5K route, which is a lap and a bit of Wandsworth Common.
    Did my 2 mile warm-up including some strides, then set off. Felt quite fast to start with but I hit the first mile in 8:19 which isn't great. Decided not to look at my watch again until I finished. I thought I was maintaining an OK pace and I would run 25:xx so I was quite horrified to come in at 26:41. I've done better than that on some hilly parkruns, and the common is flat. It definitely didn't feel as slow as that but I guess there's some cumulative fatigue there.
    Oh well, we can't be awesome every week!

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I had another virtual Phoenix event to do and settled on a half marathon as I didn't want to do much more this week due to the extra day of running (the half would take me to 55 miles for the week).
    Rather glad I joined Strava recently as I've found looking at other people's runs is a fantastic way to find new routes. One of my clubmates did a lovely looking run so I decided to try and follow some of it, combining it with a section of the Wandle Trail. I decided not to go down to the earlier part of the trail from Earlsfield as that would make it a longer run than I wanted, especially if I got a bit lost later on. Instead I started at my usual spot in Collier's Wood (a two mile run by the most direct route from my house), up the trail to Morden Hall Park, through there and on to Hackbridge. I went a bit further than I went last time but not quite as far as I planned on the trail as I got to a biggish road and went left instead of crossing it to get to another section of the trail. I did find a footpath that took me onto my clubmate's route, though I missed out Beddington Park entirely, which I had intended to explore (it'll be the site of the next London parkrun, whenever that starts back up again).
    I ran on a trail for a while which was rather pebbly before ending up on a section of Mitcham Common I hadn't run on before. There were some ponies there - not sure if they were traveller ponies but as my clubmate had photographed them I knew I'd gone the right way.
    From there I headed back through Mitcham. There's a pond there and I saw a swan family - mum, dad and a lot of fuzzy cygnets. Didn't manage to count them but it was definitely more than 6!
    Ran back up the big hill to Tooting Common - not Church Road this time but the one next to it, Rectory Lane - and home from there. A nice urban trail half.
    Easy pace for most of it but did a couple of sub-10s on the homeward stretch, including the hill. 2 hours 17:12 so pretty leisurely, though still a minute quicker than my first ever half from back in 2010!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Despite the blustery weather over the last 2 days, I can't say it's been cold.

    Cal - pleasing recovery in your hill sesh.  Sign of growing stamina.  Today's route sounds interesting and away from the hurly burly.

    Linton TT - that's a tough outcome for all your hard efforts.  You've caught the problem in time and I'm hoping the layoff and rehab will get you back into running soon.

    JD1 - thanks.  Re Iron Men: people regularly add items ranging from clothing to flags and hats.  Yesterday's high tides have seen most of them off!  Two fives are ten, a great return.

    GD - a wise move.  Rest rates just as high as activity.

    8.30 yesterday evening, wind W, 27mph, gusting to 40mph - two-edged sword: behind me to the Freeport, long arc to radar station and tacking along the beach with a sidewind.  Through the sandhills and looking for the prom - it was lying under extensive dunes up to 4 ft high.  Took an unexpected detour but found yet more sand.  Soon clear by the pump station but I could feel that sand had infiltrated in many, many places!  Also, 2 small nicks on my nose that bled for a while: no idea how that happened.  4.7 miles in 50:02.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Like the Iron Man pic swittle.  I guess he didn't dispose of his mask responsibly then if the tide got it. Windy run there.  Maybe some sort of flying debris attacked your nose. 

    Solid running as usual Cal.  Good thing about a 5k is if one isn't as good you can go out and do another soon.  Nice explorer HM.  I agree - Strava can be useful for finding new routes.  I must try out the frozen grapes as a snack.  Once I have finished guzzling strawberries by the punnet that is.

    Don't worry about a dud week if you have a lot on MalMal and are tired and struggling with the heat on top.  Good words from Cal.

    Sorry about your troubles LTT and hope you are back to running soon.  Enjoy the fishing and take care of yourself in the meantime.   

    Hope you are feeling better in the meantime GD and the back niggle has eased. 

    Have been running on each of the last few days to complete another 50 mile + week.  Also did a bit of cycling and a hike yesterday.  Weather has been fairly kind the last couple of days with a couple of muggy ones and now back to mild, sunny and breezy. 

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice running, Hazelnut. It's very warm here - making sleep rather difficult for me.

    Rest yesterday but did a 5.75 miles walk to scope out a new route. It's Norwood Grove which joins onto Streatham Common, but it is fenced around so not sure it'll be open when I run as I'm an early bird. It's just as hilly as the main common if not more so, so will be good for some hill work.
    9 miles this morning. Can feel my achilles again which isn't grand - better get on top of my strength work.
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