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    Welcome to the thread, Racsoix, nice to see you here. Weather has indeed cooled down now.

    Well done on the 50 mile week, Hazelnut, quite an achievement. Hopefully the fall out of bed didn't leave you with too much of a bruise  ;)

    Glad the groin has improved, Cal. Nice bit of diagnosis and hopefully the run this morning hasn't had a detrimental affect.

    You never know what you're going to see when you go out for a run, swittle. Including Poles in swimming trunks. So to speak.

    Two runs over the weekend. Another virtual age graded club 5K on Saturday. Again round the velodrome at Preston Park. The conditions were a lot cooler this week than last, but even so I decided to build into the run rather than go all out as I did the week before. Followed my partner around for first mile to keep me honest. We also ran more on the track itself than on the grass, which I think helped a bit more, apart from one particular bend where the banking is more marked. I then took over for the rest of it, trying to maintain a steady rhythm and only looking at my watch for distance rather than the pace. I had a plan to hold it steady for the last lap and then go for a sprint 100m out from where I assumed the finish would be. Which would have been great if the finish hadn't been 80m earlier than I'd expected, hence a very truncated sprint finish. Managed 23:25, which is my quickest time this year and third fastest ever, so pleased with that. Although if I'd not messed up where I thought the finish might be I think that would have been a couple of seconds quicker. Also finished with the rain providing a bit of cooling edge.

    Yesterday was a 10K easy run along the coast from Shoreham, to Worthing. Very strong winds coming in from the west which meant we ran into it on the way out. I actually enjoyed the out run more than I did turning round and running with the wind behind.  My hip was also quite sure for the first mile or so, but eased off after a while.
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    Great dog wrangling, swittle! And you're not wrong about the core.

    I woke up very groggy today and it took me ages to get going (I even considered not running, but then told myself I'd feel better if I ran...which I do, in fact). I didn't make it out until almost 7, which is horrendously late for me. :D   I was also quite sore from the S&C session I did yesterday afternoon (lots of hip/glute stuff but also some push-ups and stuff) so my warm-up today was mostly foam rolling.

    Concentrated on form a lot more and it resulted in a little more pace than yesterday. Groin was quiet...achilles had a good old moan though but I'm not listening to any of its nonsense. Anyway, got 6 miles done, so I'm happy with that. I may well take a rest tomorrow and run Thursday and Friday (weather doesn't look great, either).
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    Good news about your groin, Cal,great bit of self diagnosis as well.I'm sure you'll be ok now.

    That's an impressive 16 miles run Hazelnut,as is the 50 mile week,I can't remember what they are.

    It's very unseasonal with these heavy winds,Swittle,well done on catching the runaway Pug.

    GD,well done on the third fastest 5k,maybe a PB in the future?I think every runner has messed up a sprint finish.

    Couple of runs over the weekend.First was a 5.85 miles trail run along the river.10 on  Sunday,8 with Polly,got back to the house,picked up my eldest daughter for 2 miles,with the youngest following on her scooter.My eldest has a love for running,which is great to see,not sure what'll happen when she hits her teenage years though, when other attractions will grab her attention.

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    Great news you are back out running Cal, guess all the body parts need to get used to the idea after a break of a few days.

    Windy swittle, hopefully not too full of sand. Can imagine a late swim being nice, less people around? Well done on grabbing the pug!

    Great 5k GD. Rewards for the speedwork you do. Hard to time the sprint finish if you don't have a line to aim for.

    Nice weekend miles JD, especially out with the for and two legged family members. Would be nice if your daughter kept the running up.

    Recovery run yesterday evening with a few strides at the end. Surprisingly OH came out with me again though he did leave out the strides. He trotted home whilst I got on with those -meant I didn't have to listen to criticism about my elbows sticking out.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Glad you and your eldest are enjoying the running, JD. As far as she is concerned, even if other things distract her as she gets older, running is one thing you can always come back to (I should know!)

    Hazelnut, I have quite a funny image of you know with your elbows. I see a lot of weird arm carriages when I'm out and about - there was one woman I passed today who carried her arms in front of her with her palms down, which put me in mind of Tommy Cooper.

    I did say I was going to rest today, but I woke early and the conditions were be perfect so I couldn't resist. Not surprisingly my body was quite grumpy for the first mile but mostly settled after that...I say mostly because good old achilles grumbled the entire way. But I was enjoying the run so I told it I wasn't going to listen to its bullshit and carried on. For 10 miles...which might have been a bit far today as I was quite tired towards the end (I was also running at the faster end of my easy range rather than the recovery end, which would have been smarter, but I was thinking about my form a lot and I know my form gets worse the slower I go).
    I did focus a lot on trying to maintain a long spine and not collapsing into my pelvis as I am prone to do when I'm tired, so my hips and groin held up OK.
    I will definitely take a rest tomorrow, even though it looks nice again. I guess I will go for a walk.
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    Guarddog: the Pole seems to have started a trend: last night, gone 9 o'clock, a man's emerging from the sea near the leisure centre.  A few words established he'd been cooling off after a workout.  Cheaper than those ice baths!  I find the weather has a greater impact on my running in my 'senior' years.  Your progressive approach is working well.

    Cal: weather watch has always featured in my running, even when Streaking dictated I 'had' to get out!  Glad you're feeling easier.

    JD1: it was almost dead calm on the beach last night, 3mph ENE, according to my weather site, the wonderfully named 'willyweather'.  :-)  I enjoy seeing 'generations' enjoying running together - a common site at Crosby beach parkrun in those halcyon days.

    Hazel: sharp elbows help on crowded trains and sales in stores - but I'd let those elbows do their thing!

    1:00:24 last night, just over 6 miles.  Pleasantly warm, just some very faint drizzle.  Quiet by the lakes and along the beach.  Curiosity shown by a Shar Pei as I passed.  Not the first time this dog has checked me out.  A long-legged terrier approached me cautiously for a pat, went back to owner, and then galloped down to meet me again.  It's definitely a dog's life!

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    Don't use MapMyRun fletcol - sorry.

    Sharp elbows can be helpful in races too, don't usually dish out too many (gentle) hints though. Maybe for extreme corner cutters.

    Good work on the 10 miler Cal, sometimes you have to tell the grumbly bits to shut up. Good idea to keep a eye on your form especially when running tired. Hope you had a nice walk today.

    Hope the water wss warmer than an icebath for your Pole swittle.  Drizzle sounds refreshing. You meet quite a few different types of dog then. How is your knee holding up in the meantime?

    3 runs to post: group trot on Tuesday - the standard route plus I also jogged over and back home for just short of a HM. The men who had been complaining a few weeks ago about the ladies shooting off returned the complement (again) so was pretty tired when I got home.

    Yesterday a sluggish short trot in more heat with annoying toothache.

    Fortunately better today and a bit cooler / breezier. 6 and a bit miles on loops of a field and a wood. Had my own dog encounter a young black lab which was still learning to coordinate tail and paws. Decided to wait until the owners caught up (apologies) and after the initial excitement it was actually quite well behaved for its age.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Plenty elbow room for me tonight, Hazel!  I met some friends with their 14-year+ grey/silver lurcher tonight - we're friends from my Streak days - the man plays viola in L'pool Philharmonic Orchestra & he & his partner a great parkrun fans.

    It's pleasing when dogs sort out meetings on dog-agreed terms.  Cooler & woods sound a winning combo.

    4.6 miles in 43:xx - didn't stop watch when chatting with friends.  Warmer than I thought, tide advancing, and the half of the run after my meet felt much more comfortable.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    swittle, love the "willyweather" - I know there's a nudist beach in that area, too. :D

    What sort of dog do you have, Hazle?

    Yesterday was a rest day so I had a walk and then did a bit of rehab/strength in the afternoon. Groin was oddly more niggly. I don't know if it didn't like the 10 miler on Wedneseday but was slow to react, or if it didn't like the walk (pretty sure I have a lot more hip extension when I walk than when I run) or some of the exercises.
    I wasn't sure if I should even try running today, but decided to risk it and after a brief moan at the start of the run, it warmed up and was fine. Most of the discomfort came from left high hammy, which seems extra grumpy for no real reason (it was even grumpier than the achilles, which had the good sense to shut up after a small tantrum during the first mile).
    Getting my body to behave is like trying to manage a bunch of unruly kids on a school trip. "Quiet at the back of the bus!"

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Can understand the benefits of a cool off, swittle. One of the 'bubble' runs next week is a run/swim affair. Unfortunately it's using the route we would normally do, so we will have the delights of the hills next week. 

    Nice couple of runs, JD, and also that you're sharing the running experience with your daughter. Hopefully she'll continue to love it.

    Nice to see you're running OK, Cal, without too many issues. Hopefully there was no adverse reaction.

    Good set of runs this week, Hazelnut. How's the tooth?

    Sorry Fletcol, likewise I don't use MapMyRun. This is my only social interaction to discuss what I've done.

    Two runs this week, 'bubble' run on Tuesday with 5 other clubmates. It's been interesting that each week we've done it we've had different people running with us. Nice to see people, although worrying that they don't choose to run with us again. I'm checking my deodorant. Normal 11K along the Adur route with a few stops to regroup. At least we weren't out for as long as we were last week.

    Then yesterday we did a group speed session at the velodrome. Started with a warm up lap (550m) then half lap sprint with half lap recovery. Repeated that for a total of 5 times and then did hill sprints. From hill sprints we did a 'train' session - person at the back sprints to the front. A total of 4.6 miles in a 45 minute session with some walks in between the activities.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Yeah I don't use mapmyrun either - I use Garmin Connect primarily and then Strava for the social side.
  • FletcolFletcol ✭✭
    No worries thank you! If anyone knows anyone who does use MapMyRun and could pass my email along ([email protected]) that would be so helpful thanks :)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I was pretty niggly this morning, so almost didn't run but I spent half an hour doing foam rolling, stretching and mobility work (rather than the usual 10-15 minutes) and when I got outside I was actually less niggly than yesterday. There's a moral in there somewhere.
    6 miles again. I want to go longer tomorrow but will see how I feel. I won't push it too much at this point.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Today’s mission was to find Wimbledon’s Dairy Walk footpath, which a clubmate had found and recommended on Strava. It proved a bit harder than expected. I got myself to Church Road, where I knew there was an entrance, but it wasn’t where I expected it to be (turns out I was looking on the wrong side of the junction). After failing twice, I ran up and alongside the common to see if I could locate from the other end, but as I’d planned to hit it from Church Road, I couldn’t remember exactly where the other end was.
    As it turns out I blundered onto Marryat Road which cuts through the footpath, so I decided to try the left section of path first before circling back to Marryat and doing the right part.
    It turned out to be barely a path, but a narrow, dirt track which sandwiched me between a wooden fence and a lot of brambles and nettles. There was also a lovely big puddle before the path veered steeply upward and back onto Burghley Road. I was not impressed. (In fact, I was thinking “WTF, Dez?” - Dez being the club member in question) but I decided I would at least check out the other half, which is accessed from a cul-de-sac on Marryat Road.
    This half was actually delightful (aside from the fact it was a pretty steep hill) – paved and bordered on either side by all sorts of colourful flowers.  So I’m happy I found that part.
    I wasn’t supposed to be doing any hills just yet but seem to have managed to run up and down a few today. Groin was fine but left high hammy and right achilles were having a contest to see who could scream the loudest. Hammy won.  You’d never guess they’d just had a nice holiday, ungrateful buggers.
    12 miles also seemed a long way today. It feels like I’ve lost all my endurance during the 10 day break, which I know is nonsense, so not quite sure what happened there (I probably shouldn’t have pushed over the railway bridge on the way back in search of a segment PR, but some things are hard to resist).
    Anyway, TL;DR – found it. Eventually.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Haven't got a dog myself Cal and swittle, phrased my post a bit poorly above.  Lurchers are nice too and 14 a good age. 

    Maybe the chat caused you to reset your pace to a more comfy level swittle.

    Didn't you used to be a teacher Cal? PE I think? Nice explorer report above, can imagine up bits of that without having been there which is nice. 12 is a decent distance already, the rest will come back quickly.

    Tooth is fine again GD, thanks. Should get it looked at though. Maybe your club group will settle down soon. Nice speed 'n'hill session, like the idea of the hill train.

    Bit behind again on posting: disadvantage of streaking.
    Decent speed session on Friday: 3 x 10 mins @LT pace with 4 min recoveries. Repeat of a session I did a couple of weeks ago. Felt easier, maybe because a bit slower, deliberately so as I tried to ease into the first minute of each 10 rather than setting off too fast.
    Short recovery yesterday evening.
    Out before 8am today for a long run, (16.x miles). Pace was a bit random sometimes but on the whole a bit of progression through the easier paces. Did drop back for the undulations of the last couple of miles as I was overwarm and getting thirsty. Not too many people out, one encounter with a guy in a tractor: we were both keen on giving way to the other, came to a full stop and had a laugh and wave before getting going again.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done Hazel...saw that on Strava. Good pace considering the tractor. Yes, I was a PE teacher from 2011 to 2015.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Cal: willyweather also offers tides, rainfall, sun & moon times/phases, UV, tides, and swell!  A run of two halves, then, Cal!  I've been avoiding enclosed paths or canal banks - but I'm spoilt by the coast, am I not? Must be a good reason why your niggles rarely take a break... ;)

    Guarddog: yes, tricky to meet every runner's individual needs.  Fascinated by session @ velodrome: were the corners/straights banked?

    Hazel: two contrasting, useful outings there.  The giving way thing is hilarious, even when on a pavement, but it's better that way!

    Last night, 8.30, and the wind strengthening all the time.  Round the lakes, with little company, then up to the leisure centre via a joyful meeting with a Pug pup, determined to show how fierce s/he was!  Better pace on rising trail, then foiled by a fresh WSW wind @ 20mph +.  A worthwhile effort, neverthe less.  5.1 miles, 50:01.  Even windier all of today so far, so a good shout.

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    I have visions of you now running in a "WTF Dez?" t-shirt, Cal. Could be a big winner. Well done on the two runs and the distance. Hopefully the hamstring and achilles are not causing you too many problems.

    Some good runs there, Hazelnut. I am constantly impressed by the mileage you put in and the current streak you're on. And nice to have a friendly encounter with the tractor.

    The wind has certainly been a factor this weekend, strettle. Good run out for you and a decent pace. The velodrome, I found out yesterday, is of Victorian construction. It's not quite an oval shape, more 4 straights linked by corners with only one of them you could say was truly banked. It's on that corner when running on the track itself one would cut inside onto the grass as it would throw you off balance otherwise. But it is more than suitable for speed work and there are a number of different groups training there.

    Just the one run over the weekend. Woke up on Saturday to rather wet and windy conditions and decided to see how the weather panned out. If it had cleared up in the afternoon we had planned to venture out, but it didn't.

    So Sunday we were interested to see what the morning would bring and when I got up to make coffee it didn't look great. It had obviously continued to rain overnight and the sky appeared to threaten more. And the wind was still gusting away. In the end we decided to brave things and as we left the house we could see the first chinks of blue sky peaking through the rolling cloud. As we need to do a 5K for the club's virtual age graded 5K series we decided to park at Brighton marina and head towards Saltdean. In a change of previous weeks the plan was to go straight into the 5K and then jog back. Again I was very aware of not putting too much into the initial pace and to 'grow' into the run. However my partner seemed to be on a mission as she opened up a 10m gap on me and it was really stretching me to try and keep it to that. She maintained that lead for the first 2.5K when I eventually managed to close up, draw level and then run past. Concentrating on form and stride I tried to stay as relaxed as possible, again only looking at my watch for distance rather than time or pace. There is a point where you pass a cage affair on the prom that holds a basketball court and football pitch and I know at that point it's about 1km, but I was desperately hanging in at that point and trying to convince myself it was less than 5 minutes of pain left. Tried to hold back going into the last 800m and judging it for the sprint at the end it was really all I could do to keep the legs turning over going into the last 200m and I feel as if there wasn't much of an increase in pace. But I was exceptionally glad to hear the beeps of my watch to indicate the 5K was done and my initial reaction was to find somewhere to just lie down. In the end I sat on the seawall and watched as my partner ran through, looking infinitely stronger than I felt. Considering she'd run a PB the week before (23:48) I asked her how she'd fared this time - 23:04. I'd not even looked at my watch until this point. 22:16*.

    * It has to be said that this was set with a rather generous tail wind (32kmh) and so whilst it's my first time under 23 mins I feel it's a slightly hollow PB. As my partner said afterwards she was more proud of her time last week. 

    We got a coffee from the cafe on the promenade and decided to drink and walk back towards the marina. Heading back west you got a real sense of how strong the wind was. With the tide coming in even further in the time since we'd passed earlier it made for some spectacular waves breaking over the seawall at certain points, soaking the unwary on the under cliff path. At times it was impossible to avoid and so we were routinely sprayed and felt the salt on our lips before deciding to jog back the last mile.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done on the 5K, GD, though I understand your feelings about the wind-assisted element (I actually don't like having the wind behind me, I find it unnerving to be pushed along so my inclination is to brake myself when that happens).

    Did a 6 mile walk yesterday and not much else. Made the mistake of having an afternoon nap and woke up very groggy so had some coffee (mistake number 2) so had real trouble getting to sleep last night. Tried around 10:30 but after tossing and turning for ages I put the light on and read for a while. Then what I assume was a police helicopter was hovering overhead for ages, making a racket, so I don't think I slept until around 12:30. Of course, I was awake well before 5 as usual.
    Body was pretty grumpy - I spent 40 minutes trying to foam roll and mobilise all the tight spots. It wasn't as angry as it could have been for the run but still quite niggly - I did most of the run at recovery pace before busting out some strides in the last mile. The strides were a calculated risk given the sore high hammy but it was the best I felt all run - felt better after, too. My body definitely seems to prefer going fast. 6.25 miles total (the last quarter was a cool-down).
    It's the EA virtual relays this weekend so wondering if I can get myself straight for that. I can skip it but it'd be nice to give it a shot. I've not done a 5K since my masters relay PB on my birthday.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks, Guarddog.  Remnants of architecture from the past fascinate me, such as lidos, or ash running tracks, so your velodrome brought a smile to my face.  Quite a tussle with your running partner: following wind or not, you posted a great time.  :-)

    Cal: that woozy feeling after a nap gets me every time, although I feel the benefits a few hours later.  Well done for pushing on with those strides.

    More wind for me ;-)  Round the lakes and past the leisure centre before tackling the gently undulating trail to the start of Burbo Bank, all against a fresh WNW wind meeting me diagonally.  U-turn here, and payback time along the beach: felt as good as I have since the injury; mugged by 2 friendly Pugs, and past the roosting birds & swans before hitting the hour.  6.2 miles, so a sub-60 10k might be on *if* I could find a race!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Great running as usual everyone.

    GD,well done on your sub 23,wind assisted or not I'd still take it.

    A few runs for me over the last few days.Saturday was just over 8 miles,four of them between 5k - 10k pace,rest of the miles averaging 7:25mm pace.One of those runs were you feel really good and had lots in the tank to push the pace if needed.

    Sunday was a just over 10 miles a very slow and easy pace.Yesterday I tried a 5k but felt very sluggish and it just wasn't happening,I came in with a time of 21:58.I've woken up this morning with a sore knee so I'll rest it today

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hopefully you're feeling less sluggish now, Cal. Likewise with the wind I feel it unbalances me by pushing me along at a pace I'm not entirely comfortable with. But if I relax and don't try to fight it then it feels a bit better.

    I'll try and get a photo of the velodrome for you swittle. We've also got the lido at Saltdean, which is an art deco example built in the late 1930s. I used to drive past it regularly on my commute to work and it's been in varying degrees of use and disrepair, but happy to say it's been given designated status now so hopefully onwards and upwards. As regards a cinder track that used to be the case with The Oval in Eastbourne, which was my local athletics track when I was a school sprinter.

    Excellent 5K time, JD. Although slightly bewildering for me that a 21:58 5K is considered sluggish  ;)

    'Bubble' run last night. As our session at Adur had been designated a run/swim affair we did the Devil's Dyke session, which meant hilly. Very hilly. Starting at the car park we ran down into the valley with the wind howling in a very un-July way. Which meant the second part was going to be uphill, including a feature called 'Cabbage Patch Hill'. Discussion was had as to why it was called this as no one could recall cabbages ever being grown there. However it was a 500m trawl up an ever increasing gradient that had the quads screaming surrender by the time the hill crested. As it was the first time I'd experienced it I was determined to run the whole way. In the end we did a touch under 6 miles and perversely I rather enjoyed it.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Well done on the 5k GD. Legs must have had fun keeping up with the wind. Nice hilly outing too. Isn't it great when you get to the top.

    Seems you enjoyed the wind as well swittle, pleased to see you back routinely running strongly and happily again.

    21:58 isn't too sluggish JD. Hope the knee is just minor.

    Familiar with the being groggy post-nap Cal. How long do you nap for? Proper sleep? Also like to do some strides at the end of some recoveries to wake things up. If you are very niggly I'd skip the relays.

    Recoveryish on Monday, sort of run when you are glad to lace up the shoes and feel the day's tension just drop off.

    Yesterday evening standard group trot with a couple of people out with us for the first time in weeks which was nice. Assorted chats about racing as a few smaller events look like they are going to take place. General group opinion seems to be rather not take part due to personal illness risk or the risk of being put in quarantine due to contract tracing.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    There's a pleasing variety in your sessions, JD1 - distance, pace, no doubt inclines/declines too.  Sore knees - not so pleasant.  Wishing you well v soon.

    Guarddog: photos would be interesting.  BBC revived the 1996 'Modern Times' doco on 'The Lido some time ago.  It focused on the Brockwell Park Lido in S. London.  Cal will know where it is.
    Fine effort on your 'Cabbage' endurance session.  There's a Cabbage Patch 10 in Twickenham, or there used to be.

    Yes, Hazel, I'm relishing my running now, even though the frequency & intensity are over 50% less than before injury.  That apprehension about meeting in groups seems to be highly prevalent, whether it be shops, eating out, or running.  Races as they used to be seem very distant atm.

    Out in the rain last night for 4.1 miles in 40:07.  Actually felt a nip of cold on the walk to the coastal park.  The rain let up and I was fine taking off jkt & running in a rather clinging t-shirt....  Spoke to a 'twitcher' observing the lakes within the Freeport - very few others out.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    swittle, yes, I do. I swam in it once as a kid and it was freezing. I have the enormous Tooting Bec Lido just up the road - it's 100 yards long (94 m I think?) so one length takes a long time to swim for a poor swimmer like myself. I've only been in it twice, mind, as it's also unheated. I had a wetsuit on both times. I don't much like swimming, honestly, and I don't like being cold either.

    I've done the Cabbage Patch 10 - it's still going. It's named after a pub.

    I've not had a great week. My achilles was sore after my run on Tuesday so I took two days off and just walked. The high hammy and groin are not great either (high hammy is actually the most noticeable when running but I've had it before and it actually doesn't respond to rest).
    I slept better last night so chanced a run today and I could still feel all the niggles. It was very slow, too, though the effort level was higher than it should have been for such a slow pace. So, not great at the moment.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hills always feel good when you get to the top, Hazelnut  :) . I can understand the reticence about racing, even if they are small events. The feeling in our group is that such events here are going to be some way off.

    Do you know the Cabbage Patch pub in Twickenham, swittle? Spent many an evening there when staying at the Marriott that's part of the stadium. I would go there with a couple of mates for an evening out. They used to have a great deal on buying bottles of wine, which we'd use our expenses allowance to take advantage of. Glad you're relishing running again.

    Another club speed session yesterday evening. Five of us met at a park which had a 5 sided path running round it which, as an estimate, was about 650m in length. The idea was to jog one circuit as a warm up, then sprint 1 length, jog a length, sprint 2 lengths, jog one length, sprint 3.... up to a 4 length sprint then back down to 3, 2 and 1. Very tough as the wind was quite swirly. I am certainly enjoying the different types of training session, though.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    Would welcome a nip of cold in the air swittle - 21 degrees + at the end of my run at 8:30 this morning. 

    Don't like cold in water I want to swim in though.  Never used to bother me as a kid. 

    Cal - Difficult to say how to manage the niggles if they don't like rest either.  I saw on Strava you do a lot of mobility and rolling etc. 

    Handy route for some speedwork GD.  Nice pyramid session - I would have quickly lost count. 

    Fitting runs around the heat again here.  Wednesday's 100th streak day was ok - 7 miles on an out and back along a local brook.  Nice flat route and pleasingly managed almost exactly the same pacing on each mile.  Dog encounter - a huge Bernese sheepdog - curious rather than anything else but definitely too big to play with so brief stop. 
    Yesterday too hot in the evening for more than a few miles of shuffle around in the local woods with too many ups and downs to be considered a true recovery.  Noticed another youth camp out in fields - probably scouts or similar.  Also saw a former member of my running group looking fit and well - he must be mid 70s. 
    This morning out for 1:13 before the heat and then thunderstorms later. As often when work is looming I ran too fast but it felt surprisingly easy despite the lack of a decent breakfast and on one small coffee.   Finished the run with a few short hill efforts and strides.  Could do with a third breakfast or early lunch now.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    GD, the Cabbage Patch pub is the race HQ for the race. No bag check - just leave your stuff in the room upstairs. The winners actually get cabbages. (I'm not joking).
    Good speed sesh - variety is nice.

    It's quite cool here at the moment, Hazelnut - perfect conditions really. Low 20s at the moment but cooler in the mornings. It's going to get warmer next week - I'm seeing 27 for some days. Not looking forward to that - the current weather suits me a lot better.
    Nice to have a good run before work.

    Perfect weather this morning - sunny, 12 degrees and hardly any wind. It would have been ideal for the 5K but I'm not risking it at this point (I wouldn't be at my best anyway so it's not worth it).
    I wasn't going to pass up a run, though. After half an hour of foam rolling and rehab, I went out and did 7 miles. I didn't fancy Tooting Common today - just bored I guess - so I ran down to Wandsworth Common, along there, through the back streets to Clapham Common and then down to Theatre Street, the hill I recced on Monday. It's apparently 10% though I'm not sure about that...however it's quite nice in that it's fairly short and it's a constant gradient throughout. I was curious to see how the niggles responded to it so I went up at an easy pace. I was going to leave it at that but I had a hunger to do it again so I looped back twice more for two more passes. I pushed a little more the second time up, then the third time I decided to try it with much shorter strides and higher cadence. That actually seemed to work best. After that I ran back home. Now I wait to see if any body part have a massive sulk.
    Overall the run felt better and more enjoyable than yesterday's. I can still feel the niggles but they're manageable, and I'm still rather slow compared to before my lay-off, but speed will come back.
    If Valencia goes ahead then I'll need to start training at the beginning of August so I've three more weeks to try and get myself rehabbed and in better condition for that. Fingers crossed.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Altho' I lived close to Brockwell Park in the 70s [remember them? ;)], I never swam in the lido.  There's a lido in Ilkley - nearest I got to that was the H/Q for a trail race!  Sorry you're having a tough time with niggles, Cal.  Glad today's session was less problematic, fingers xed!

    Guarddog - I had some rather dodgy 'contacts' in Twickenham in my biker days - Jamie, who resembled Ian Anderson [Jethro Tull] mended the gearbox on my BSA but sold it on without telling me.  When I called on the new 'owner' in a squat, he & his g/f were very sheepish - and grateful when I didn't take it further.  I'm enjoying reading about the resourcefulness that's driving your sessions.

    Hazel: those Bernese are huge!  Rather like a fur covered lorry!  We've lost the heat and are enjoying changeable conditions: 18 hours' rain Wednesday, last 2 days windy, then settling to a fresh breeze.  Today, sunny, dry and a lovely 16 deg C.

    Last night, just before sunset, 5.1 miles, 50:01.  Fresh WNW breeze hampered such pace as I have but the beach was firm right to the abandoned radar tower at the entrance to the Mersey, and few people were around.  Dog wise, the psycho black scrappy-do type scored another victory as it 'dogged' my course for 50 yards or so!  More aches & niggles during & after than for a month or so - had to pop a paracetamol when I got home.  A tad fragile now.

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