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  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    That sounds more positive Cal.  Had forgotten you might still have Valencia this year.  Hopefully things will be clearer in 3 weeks and the niggles quieter.  Gentle hill work might be a good thing actually as you will use different stride patterns and muscles compared to the constant 1-2 of the flats.  Be careful with the downhills.

    Biker days swittle?  Love the idea of a fur covered lorry.  Take good care of your aches and niggles please you have been doing so well post lay-off.

    Despite having done a reasonably swift run yesterday I decided to give myself a bit of a test today.  I won't be able to do my customary Sunday long run this week so out for longer miles today instead.  Plan was to do a shortish warm up trot and then 10 miles at around my marathon PB pace (around 8m/m) on a nice flat route and finish off with a couple of cool-down miles.  Told myself on going out that 8 miles would be a decent enough target as well if things weren't going well.  Things went very well though and I ran the full 10 at a faster pace even having to back off a bit when I noticed my stride pattern was breaking down to a hasty scrabble - usually not far off HM pace when I do that.  Cool-down was a bit of a drag but home for 15.5 miles in 2:06:26 (with watch paused for short drink stops).  Thunderstorms yesterday evening and rain overnight so a bit muggy.  A brief shower provided refreshment though.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Owned several BSAs, Triumphs and AJSs from the age of 16; wildest days were at uni - not that wild, really, but bikes saved on public transport & taxis if out late!  Still have some 'basket case' bikes, including the Triumph Tiger 100 I bought while studying in 1973.  :-o

    Hasty scrabble?  A pace still unknown to me!  Plenty miles, plenty variety - but muggy can take its toll.

    Resting up today has eased off my ills - using the grill at dinnertime has been my most strenuous activity!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Great running, Hazel, sounds productive.

    Enjoy your grill, swittle!

    Decided I would risk a longer run today so went back to my favourite, the Wandle Trail, as it's mostly flat. I ran the section between Earlsfield and Mitcham Common and saw two herons - the second was on the handrail of a bridge I needed to cross but he flew down to the water before I got to him. After the Wandle, I decided to run on a bit of Mitcham Common I'd not done before (Mitcham Common is quite big, and a lot wilder than my locals, Tooting, Clapham and Wandsworth - it actually feels like being in the country. However, it is criss-crossed with roads so it's basically divided into chunks and I still have trouble orientating myself as one chunk looks very much like another). I ended up "enjoying" that section twice, as I got disorientated and turned the wrong way when I got back to a road, which happened to be the same road I'd just crossed, and therefore found myself back at the start. I'll figure this common out eventually.

    Pushed a little harder during the last couple of miles (not too hard, but 11 and 12 were under 10 minute pace) but when I got to the last mile I was done. Most of the niggles started to remind me of their presence again, and I felt rather tired, so I was quite glad when it was over. Still, a half marathon-length run logged. Lovely morning too, and the body does seem to be improving somewhat.
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    Thanks for the bike infos swittle, still toying with the idea of doing a full licence and sometimes prowl around some nice looking machines at the Triumph dealer in my village. Could get expensive though.

    Hasty scrabble is cadence around 200 strides a minute and I end up running in annoying little bursts.

    What did you put on your grill?

    Nice outing Cal, despite the frustrating navigation.

    Hike today meaning an early start.  Around 8 miles and 1100m of up and down. Not a spectacular mountain compared with some around and no real technical dificulties but a nice route, much in woodland and pastures with some impressively old trees. This evening a short local leg loosener around the fields of around 3.5 miles.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Nice speed session GD,always feels easier when doing them with clubmates.

    Hope you're getting on top of your niggles Cal.Will be interesting to see if Valencia goes ahead.

    Well done on your 100 day streak Hazelnut,that's a fantastic achievement.

    Hope you enjoyed your Sunday grill Swittle.

    8.3 miles yesterday afternoon,which included just over 1000ft climb over castle Dinas Bran.I haven't been on this route since pre lockdown,so it was a nice change.I thought I did ok on the climb,I just put my head  down and motored on.Lots of day trippers out,just hope they take there rubbish home.
    Did plan a long run today but was out most of the day with kids and Polly,girls on their bikes,myself and Polly walking on behind.Plus my quads are very tender from yesterday's decent,so I'll get out tomorrow hopefully.

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Nice couple of runs, Cal. How did you get on when you did the Cabbage Patch 10K? If I'd known they had an even I would have been tempted to do it. 

    It's good to have another "passion", swittle, and it sounds like bikes have, and still do, provide you with a lot of joy. I never got any further than my Yamaha FS1E when I was 16. Unintentional wheelies meant I realised 4 wheels were better than 2.

    Nice runs and hike as well, Hazelnut. Especially after the 15.5 miler. I'd struggle with 8min/mile pace for 10K let alone a marathon.

    Hopefully people are a bit tidier where you are when out than they have been down here, JD. Well done on the climb, nice to just get your head down and that sense of achievement when you get to the top. And nice to have a day out with the family as well.

    Two runs over the weekend. Back to that Adur on Saturday for an 11K where it was a bit windier than we'd figured, but nice to see the sun out. Took the out lap in a steady pace and at the turn my partner requested a minute or two to rest (I think she was suffering from the previous evening's pizza!), before we set off again. Tried to run it as evenly as possible, although my partner decided to stretch her legs for the final 2K and with the thought of the need to do the age graded 5K the next day I felt it was better to maintain the steady pace so didn't keep up.

    Strangely the next day we both felt rather stiff legged. Perhaps a combination of the gardening we had done on Saturday, the 4 mile walk to and from the restaurant we visited in the evening (so nice to be able to get out) or the couple of pints and a G&T. It was back to the velodrome, although it was a touch busier with families taking advantage of the safe environment for bike lessons for their children. A lap warm-up after which my partner, suffering a headache, decided she was just going to jog round, which meant I set off without the benefit of her pacing me. Again tried to pace against perceived effort and maintain a steady rhythm, Built it up going into the last 1km and this time felt I had something to give for the last 200m. Managed a decent sprint and clocked 23:32, slower than the previous 2 weeks, but I was actually happier with it as a run. I felt it was more controlled and considering how my legs had felt at the start I was pleased with the time and being able to do a sprint finish.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good weekend's activities JD. Hope the quads have eased a bit by now.

    Nice running from you too GD. Can anyone access the velodrome then?

    Also suffering from sore quads today so a gentle 5 miles this evening. Those seemed to whizz past despite the lack of speed, wasn't just a tick the box run but one to enjoy.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Mundane use of grill: fish fingers, to go into a roll, with mayo, sweet chili sauce, mixed herbs & black pepper.  Never fails to produced an inward smile!

    Cal: I think Nietzsche had a much quoted saying about the restorative power of double-figure mileage!  Good for you. :-)

    Hazel: the modern Triumphs were very well received and the company has produced some revolutionary designs over the years, for touring, sports and racing.  A long way from the twins that powered Tigers & Bonnies when rockers rocked!  Your hike sounds to be a pleasant variation.

    JD1: reading up about Castell Dinas Bran, the Norman lords, De Lacy and De Warenne were also very active in Yorkshire.  There can be few more imposing or intimidating situations for a castle in the UK.

    Guarddog: after my teens rolled into my 20s, my interest in bikes waned as I became more aware of the potential for injuries.  In 2005, I got quite involved again - and may get one or more of them restored & running one of these days.  Yes, Saturday was quite breezy in Costa del Crosby - hope your partner's discomfort has lifted.  That's another creditable time for the 5k.  Good to hear you enjoyed eating out.

    A couple of miles' walking for me today, with some strengthening work.  Yesterday [Sun.] my hour session went far better than the previous two shorter runs.  Overcast, a hint of breeze, enough to make the waterbirds bob on the boating lake.  The undulating trails from the leisure centre give a mile-long challenge but I am running more within myself here than on the flat.  Turning down the beach, the sea can just about be bothered to turn the waves over, and the firm, even sand is a joy.  Sand of a softer and more 'banked' nature provided an impromptu calf 'n' quad workout - the council staff have other duties atm.  1:00:27 for just on 10k.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    GD - when I ran it, while it was chip timed, it was a gun-time event which I didn't realise, so while I recorded a sub-90 on my watch, I was given over 90 officially, which I was a bit salty about (at the time, sub-90 was my goal. I'm a bit quicker than that now). It's a nice race though. I believe it's fully chip timed now but I've not done it since as it's always clashed with autumn marathons. Reasonably fast and flat course, too. You do get a nice long sleeve top which is handy for winter training.

    JD, that's a lot of climb for 8 miles - oof!
    Hazelnut, same for you (even if it was a hike).

    swittle, you make your runs sound so idyllic.

    Forgot to post yesterday - I had a rather uninspiring 6 mile run where my niggles all came out to play. I was in half a mind to rest today, but I didn't really want to so I went with the kill or cure option which ended up being 10 miles with some of Streatham's finest hills thrown in. I've run up the common numerous times, but several of the hills I ran today were new to me (I have walked up them - I often use my walks to recce new run routes). There were some real bastards in there too - up to 15% in places. I didn't push the pace - I just ran to the top. My breathing sounded like someone sawing through planks on a couple of them.

    Grumpy bits don't seem to be any grumpier than before and I actually enjoyed the run a lot more than yesterday's. So I guess that's good.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thank you, Cal.  Wherever one runs, the vista changes but, by the coast, water and weather regularly conspire to provide many contrasts to delight the runner - well, this one, anyway.  :-)

    Chip versus gun didn't come in as an issue except in the late stages of my racing career.  Time 'line to line' was what went into my memory - and my diary!  Besides, I was unlikely ever to encroach upon podium positions!

    Hill workouts are amongst the purest and uncompromising tests, Cal, so great effort there.  When I lived in Yorkshire, I trained 15 years or more, and hills were expected, even welcomed...some of the time.  ;)

    Drizzle marked the start of a 40:25 4.12 mile run.  Warm, a businesslike W breeze, and virtually deserted.  Small lake, beach and a meeting with a gym colleague whom I've not seen for many years - I used to see him often at the same place, walking his dog but he was bobbing along tonight!  Another trail has appeared parallel to the Marine Gardens: wider than the original but rather bobbly underfoot.  Never satisfied, am L?  :)
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Nice couple of runs GD.I'm looking forward to visiting restaurants again,but we're a couple of weeks or so behind England in the easing of the lockdown.

    It's nice when there's no pressure on a run Hazelnut,and you can really relax and enjoy it.Hope your quads are feeling better than mine.

    That's a nice 10k Swittle.Do you ever jump in the car to Formby Point for a run?It was always nice running through the pinewoods and spotting a red squirrel.

    Just over 8 miles yesterday afternoon.My quads were still tender from Saturday's run,so planned for an easy run,but I started my run at MP and carried on for 4 miles,and then I spotted two slow cyclists in the distance so decided to try and catch them up,which I did after ten minutes, and after catching them,I carried on  for another mile.So a planned easy run turned into a hard  run,and I'm paying the price for it today,so I'll be going for an easy run after work tonight.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    JD1: yes, Formby Point's been a regular area for getting pleasantly lost, exhausted, or both over the years.  Along the beach once, I was hailed by a soldier... with a gun :-o ... warning me not to run parallel to the rifle range at Altcar Camp.  I complied. 

    I was last there in May but considered it unwise to be seen running: sunny day, hundreds of folk around.  Here's a sculpture situated just before the long drop to the beach: I think it's called 'Breaking Waves' - local sculptor.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Were you intending to drop in a pic swittle? If yes then we can't see it..  Nice running and descriptions of it. Non-running chat enjoyable also.

    Today's run does sound as though it compensated for yesterday's Cal. 15% is tough, ignore the pace and go by effort. 

    Must be a good thing if you can run MP on tired legs JD. Chasing down cyclists can be fun too. Hope the easy run helped.

    Tuesday saw the usual group trot on our usual loop. (6.5 miles/58:51 moving time) Ran with one guy a bit ahead of the others chatting about marathons, he has done quite a few international ones.

    Today a rare midday outing, it being a dull drizzly day I decided to take a long lunch break. With less than 24 hours between runs and feeling a bit tired I kept the pace/effort mostly sensible, just increasing the latter a bit for the undulations of the last couple of miles. I survived with no lunch until 2pm but I had eaten an oat bar at around 11am, an hour before I went out. 11.3 miles in 1:39.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice one, Hazel.
    Is that supposed to represent a wave, swittle?
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Nice runs, Hazelnut, excellent pacing for the 11.3 miles. I'd have been ecstatic with that as race pace for an HM. And yes it would appear anyone can use the velodrome, although we noticed that it's closed for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning now whilst the local cycle club use it. Which is fair, I guess.

    Are you a dab hand at restoring mechanical things, swittle? Good runs and superbly described. Thanks for the photo as well.

    You can't beat a long sleeve top as a freebie, Cal. Glad the grumpy bits weren't too grumpy, Cal. Good 10 miler and well done on the hills. They are tough.

    Planning on another restaurant visit this weekend, JD. The local pizza place wants to meet the person who keeps ordering a tuna, prawn and pineapple pizza as a takeaway!! Nice cyclist hunt down.

    Meant to post yesterday and just got caught up in work. Tuesday was 'bubble' run and again we were at Devil's Dyke, although this was a different route that took down into the valley and on a cross country run through various fields, crossing streams and avoiding cows as we ran through Edburton and past Fulking and Poynings in a big loop. The fact we had to negotiate a very steep downhill section (virtually a rope and tackle job) did not augur well for the end of the run, knowing there would be an equally steep uphill part. We weren't disappointed in that respect, the last 2K was uphill with a very steep section (or as Cal would put it "a bastard"). It was head down and just trundle on as I was in a runners sandwich, behind the run lead, but being pressed by someone breathing heavily behind. In the end we welcomed the site of the carp park where we had started and managed to complete 6 miles. It had taken us 90 mins, but that was due to the very frequent stopping to regroup and figure where we were due to go to next. It was certainly scenic and interesting.

    This evening it's another group speed session. I have the day off today and get the chance to see my Mum for the first time in 4 months, although I only get 30 minutes.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Cal: I think it's entitled 'Breaking Wave'.

    Guarddog: I used to turn my hand to keeping bikes & cars on the road; shopfitting & painting/decorating too in my time.  Money from freelance researching was unpredictable!  Now, lack of practice leaves me slightly less dangerous than 'incompetent'.  :-)  Thank you for your comments: I find the muse running unseen alongside me most times when I'm out by the coast.
    Roads rather lose their appeal when routes such as you describe are there for the taking.  South Downs Way country, isn't it?  I'm looking at Google Maps: the placenames are fascinating.  :-)
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Nice pic Swittle.I used to go to Altcar Camp myself when I was a kid,mid 80's.

    Good effort with the hilly 10 miles, Cal.I like your description of sawing through planks,I can definitely relate to that.

    Nice run Hazelenut.Still no running with my club,maybe it'll recommence next month.

    Interesting run GD,knowing that the last 2k was uphill would be playing on my mind.Yuk,with that pizza combination.Hope you enjoyed time with your Mum.

    Just a short 5.25 miles yesterday evening,along with Polly.My quads were painful,felt like they had been repeatedly punched until I had dead legs.

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    It is part of the South Downs Way, swittle. One of the guys I ran with last week had attempted to cycle it a couple of weeks before, when we had the really hot days, and had to give up. It's an ambition of mine to give it a go. There is a lot of history around here and, as you say, some interesting place names and routes.

    Good run, JD, and hopefully the quads appreciated the benefits of the run in the end. Pizza toppings are a running joke whenever I go and pick up the takeaway. Pineapple is wrong in any sense. Mum looked very well, thanks. Hadn't seen her for 4 months, but very grateful to the work the rest home have done in keeping her safe.

    Speed session last night, a drive to Shoreham and meet up in a park. There were only 4 of us for this 'bubble' run and we started with a circuit of the park as a warm-up, then ran on a road to the side of it for an effort piece up an ever increasing incline. At the top it was back into the park for a pyramid session with distance ranging from 100m to 600m, unfortunately having to go back up the hill again. Really tough and have to admit my competitive side came out as I made sure I didn't push too hard on the second to last one so that I could 'win' the last.  Ultimately it meant nothing, but meant everything as I managed to beat the guy who had pipped me on the line at one of the league races last year when he'd put in a tremendous sprint at the point where I felt I'd beaten him for the first time. I think that finished me so the cool down lap wasn't one one I particularly enjoyed, feeling as if I wanted to flake out.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    GD...not sure I'd put that on a pizza. I did try a tuna and banana pizza once. Back in the 90s there was an advert for something (can't remember what) featuring a pregnant lady wanting tuna and banana, and a local restaurant decided they'd make one as people kept asking for it. It was OK, as far as I remember.
    Hands on thighs for that uphill then? (I'd have been more scared of the downhill, personally). Well done on the grudge match.

    JD, I think you need an Epsom Salts bath.

    swittle, there's a place between Mitcham and Streatham called Lonesome - I often wonder how it got its name. (Perhaps there was a single tree there or something).

    Rest day yesterday - spent an hour on rehab and did a bit of walking. Groin gave me a bit of a stabby pain when I was crossing the road and sped up to get out of the way of a doesn't seem to like it when I open up my stride.

    Anyway, 6 miles easy this morning (didn't feel all that easy though as it was very humid). Usually body grumbles but nothing I couldn't deal with.
    The good news is I was able to get an appointment with my physio who spent most of it digging his elbow into my sore bits. He said he wouldn't give me any more exercises as I am doing everything I need to already.
    Feel a bit better now.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the pic swittle, I googled it but didn't find anything. Like the way they have used wood for it. Bet you can wield a scewdriver and co. better than I can. My OH tends to sigh and take them off of me.. Its fun looking at maps to see where people are running based on their descriptions.

    Interesting pizza combination GD.  Some nice place names on your run. Can't decide if down and then up is worse than up and then down, especially if steep bits are involved. Glad your mum is fine, 4 mths is a long time if you were used to seeing her regularly. Nice session yesterday too.

    Autsch those quads do sound irritated JD. Gentle stretching and massage?

    Humidity isn't nice Cal. Good you got to see your physio even if was painful. 

    7 miles yesterday evening on somewhat unmotivated legs. Was running at an in-between pace which I find hard to hit (usually a bit too fast) and strangely uncomfortable to run formwise.  Slower I can trundle along and faster whizz but that one?

    Had planned to do some speedwork this evening but wasn't feeling up to it after a hard afternoon at work. Recovery 4 instead with a few strides.  Met the lady out with her two mini pigs again and after a dull grey day the sun was starting to break through.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    What's the purpose of the in-between pace, Hazel? Yay for mini-pigs.

    Weather looks crap for tomorrow so decided I'd do my long run today (well, MLR, but it felt long). And I decided to do hills again, because I am obviously not right in the head. There were a couple up towards Crystal Palace I wanted to do, but I started by going up to Streatham, up Wellfield Walk (a steep little footpath I did for the first time on Wednesday) then across the top of Streatham Common, down through Norwood Grove (the park adjacent to it), along to Biggin Wood (the small steep wood down the road) and then along to another bit of green space that is called The Lawns, though there is more woodland than grass. I'd run down it last time, so going up was a new experience and it was quite testing. But not quite as testing as Grange Hill, which was one of the hills I'd wanted to hit. I'd come down it last time and it was steep. I think it averages out at 12.something % but it goes to 15 in the middle. Fortunately it wasn't too long.
    I had a brief bit of respite before the next hill I'd set my sighs on. However, the route I chose went down a road that turned out to be quite a steep downhill and I found this quite unpleasant (I could feel my toes hitting the end of my toebox) so I was a bit gingerish about that.
    On a bit from there was the next challenge, Fox Hill. This one has a nice 20% sign at the bottom. It starts off fairly gently but gets steep fast. Again, the steep part isn't very long but...oof.
    I turned right at the top and made my way to Crystal Palace Park and did a circuit there - downhill first, but then a short uphill after the dinosaur lake. From there I made my way back past the bottom of Fox Hill to the next bit, Stambourne Woodland Walk, which is more or less parallel although a lot windier. I'd done this last time I ran around CP and somehow managed to bag a Strava top 10 trophy, so wanted to see if I could beat my time. It starts off uphill before there's a bit of respite in the middle, but then the next bit of uphill hits 18-19%. This was the only hill I pushed on, rather than just trying to survive, and I did beat my time (although I'm still 10th).
    I then went through a park that I'd not done before, which had one steepish downhill bit, but I'd wanted to avoid having to go down Grange Hill again so it was an improvement.
    I wasn't quite sure of the route from there - I did stop briefly to ask a couple which direction Streatham was and they obliged (which meant running up another hill, not to steep but I was tired by that point so it felt like hard work).
    I came out along a main road and realised I was - it runs across the top of Streatham Common so I carried on until I reached a road called Biggin Hill. Ran down that and back through the little wood  then along to the bottom of Norwood Grove. I decided, against my better judgement, to run up Gibson's Hill at the side of it, and then realised I didn't have anything left, so I just did the steep bit at the bottom, cut back through Norwood Grove, down Streatham Common and home from there.
    14 miles in all. Garmin made it 290m of elevation, which is probably more sensible than the 1,207 feet Strava estimated (Strava always overestimates) - still a lot for 14 miles.
    Hip survived OK and hammy was less grumpy than it could have been, though both hams were pretty much jelly by the end. Achilles was the grumpiest today but can't say I'm surprised with the hills, so I'll take it a little easier for a while.
    And now I'm tired.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    JD1: there was a Waterloo 15k multi-terrain event that included part of the Altcar camp.  Always Easter Mondays, cadets marshalling & providing water.  Lost its sponsor a few years ago.  Lazarus effect needed on those legs!

    Guarddog: I haven't had pizza for years!  Not because I don't like it  - it's the price, round here, anyway :-o   It's fair to seek that incentive to perform better - never an aspect of my running that's caused me to lose sleep!

    Cal: mixing savoury & sweet can be quite daring: here's the inimitable John Shuttleworth reflecting on his dinner table dilemma:

    A piece I found about Lonesome:

    20% is 1 in 5 in old money - a seriously steep stretch.  It sounds a testing run and I enjoy your route descriptions; however, you taking it easy seems a contradiction in terms!

    Hazel: sometimes, you go out to run, only to find that you've forgotten to pack the correct pace with you!  More factors affect, of course.  Pigs I've yet to spot!

    Some piriformis pain after last Thursday's run.  I can pinpoint when it started - along the beach - but I got home and found sitting uncomfortable.  It's the R leg [not the shonky knee one] and I suffered with it years ago - put it down to a tired car seat and much car travel.  I've found some stretching vids on the Tube of You and will re=assess early next week.  No runnage 'til then...

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Like the hills Cal. If your feet slide in your shoes down the hill you might want to tighten the lacing a bit - fore- and midfoot.

    Shame about the 15k swittle. How about making your own pizzas? Think you can buy bases and then pop on sauce and goodies to taste. Or make your own dough. Hope the priformis niggle is just a minor setback.

    Yesterday's planned intervals didn't go as planned. (2×12mins, 1x10 mins). Warm up trot of about 2 miles already felt a bit breathy and the legs half asleep. Couple of strides sorted out the latter. First 12 mins went fine though I ran too fast (having tucked almost 10k rather than HM pace in my pocket it seems). Started the first recovery with a sneaky walk. 12 mins no. 2 was rudely interrupted by stitch and stomach cramps. Almost certainly running too fast then. Tried walking to get rid of it but restart was back to ouchy ouchy within seconds. Decided to drop the session, its not like I'm training for anything specific so I can just have another go another day. Animal sighting of the day - a hedgehog trundling across the road, they always look like they have wheels rather than legs.

    17.5 miles today, run of two parts. 6.x miles up the hill to a lookout tower with some nastily steep bits, up the 250 steps for a short break to check the view (bit hazy, bit of M.Blanc visible though) and swap to a dry vest. Then back down the hill taking a longer route without too many nastily steep bits. Warm by the time I was back (after 11) but a slight cooling breeze so bearable. Took my rucksack with me and made sure I drank little and often, 1 gel and one energy bar also consumed. Got stung / bitten by something on the leg, only now stopped grumbling.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    swittle, sorry about that niggle, that's a pain in the bum (literally!) I sympathise as I'm dealing with something similar.
    Hazelnut, wise to postpone that speed session. Good long run though. Have you any ambitions to do UTMB?

    Took a rare Sunday rest day yesterday as legs were pretty shot after the hilly run - managed a walk and some rehab but that was it. Unfortunately I had a poor night's sleep. Yesterday some people had a party with very loud music (sounded like a PA rather than a stereo) in a garden behind my house. It went on most of the afternoon and early evening. Fortunately it didn't go on late, but it really stressed me out. I was trying to watch a movie and even with the volume up to max and the fan on I could here the thump thump of the music. I guess the increase in cortisol from the stress made for a restless night (it's little wonder that loud music is used in "enhanced interrogations"). I was awake at 3:40 (this was after waking a few times during the night) so gave up on sleeping, pumped myself full of coffee and was out for a run a bit after 5am.

    I was going to do an easy run around Tooting Common but it was so quiet I felt the urge to do something else. I ran down to Tooting and hit the bottom bit of the Wandle in the direction opposite to which I normally run, after which I ran through Earlsfield, up to Wandsworth Common and around there before heading home.

    I actually felt quite good in terms of energy but I could feel my niggles so I resisted the temptation to run further, even though the weather was perfect and it was still quiet. It was only 6:30ish when I finished so I decided to walk an extra mile, going around the big pond on Tooting Common, as a cool-down. Back for breakfast at 7.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    That sounds like a really tough and hilly run, Cal, well done on finding all the relevant parts of it. I hadn't realised Biggin Hill was near you. I'd always thought of it as being in Kent. I'm assuming it's where the RAF base was? Not too sure about banana on pizza, although I did do chicken with sweetcorn and banana last year, which turned out quite well. 

    Some challenging runs there, Hazelnut. Must be fantastic to be able to get a glimpse of Mont Blanc. I think I prefer steep ups to steep downs. Less chance of falling badly.

    As Hazelnut says, swittle, you could make your own pizzas. Pizza dough is quite simple to do and it's good fun. And you can go mad with the toppings. Hopefully the stretches and exercises are helping the piriformis and you're able to get back running sooner rather than later.

    Two runs over the weekend, 11K on Saturday running along the seafront from Shoreham through to Worthing. The forecast was for a gentle breeze, however they obviously forgot to inform the weather of this as it was quite a strong headwind we ran in to. Legs felt very heavy, but figured that things would ease once we'd turned and were heading back. It didn't and as my partner opened up a 10m gap I found I really started to struggle. I decided to keep it easy, but at no point did it feel anything like easy and she continued to increase the gap to the point where she was probably a good 300m ahead of me. Not a great run, although happy to have got it under my belt.

    Sunday was age graded 5K run. Woke up with a pain from my shoulder blade that seemed to increase and did consider whether running was wise, but decided even if it was just a gentle jog it might ease things. We went to the velodrome again where a junior cricket match was in progress. I would guess the ages were under 11, but one of the batsmen was quite a lot bigger than anyone else on the field and when he connected with the ball he was sending it through mid on at quite a pace. The sign saying beware cricket balls coming through had me thinking the run might be interrupted. An easy warm up lap to judge how the back felt, I have to admit for the first 200m or so I wasn't confident and nearly decided to call it a day. However it eased sufficiently for me to decide to do a 5K, albeit I figured on an easy run. My partner set off at great pace and by the end of the second lap had opened up a 50m gap, which increased to a point where she was the length of the straights ahead going into the last mile. I'd decided to just keep the running steady and not get drawn in to trying to keep up, however as we got to the last third I noticed her pace was dropping and I started to close, but not quickly enough to be able to catch her. Managed a sprint at the end to finish in 23:27. Considering the circumstances I was very pleased with the time. Although I paid for it when we got back as the pain in my shoulder blade increased during the day. I think it must have been a trapped nerve as today it seems fine.

    Also very happy that Leeds not only secured promotion, but won the Championship title as well. Ever since football restarted I've been dreading us messing up again.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Great running Cal.You don't think of London and hills,but obviously you know where they are.Nothing worse than loud and inconsiderate music,why people think you want to listen to their music is beyond me.

    Swittle,hope your niggle clears up.I have been looking through my diary of races I had hoped to run this year,and I've missed the Southport HM,I've been waiting for an opportunity to run this race for a few years.

    Nothing wrong with dropping a session if not feeling right Hazelnut.Fantastic 17 miler,not a bad view of Mount Blanc as well.

    GD,nice couple of runs.An unexpected cricket ball heading your way would certainly put you off your stride.Hope your shoulder is ok.

    8 miles yesterday along the canal.Canal was incredibly busy with walkers and cyclists,so there were lots of weaving and slowing down.Left my watch at home,so ran to feel and it felt a bit quicker than HMP,so not a bad run overall.

    An easy 5 miles before my night shift.My left achilles is feeling sore again,need to start stretching and putting an ice pack on it after a run.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Early outing again Cal the relative quiet must have been lovely.  I would have killed that neighbour.  No ambitions to do UTMB, that would be a bit too big for me.  I've done a couple of races in the past with qualifying points for it but that was enough of an eye opener.  Some more alpine races - yes and maybe an odd ultra but unlikely the combination of the two... 

    Nasty when the wind is stronger than expected GD.  Hope your shoulder has remained quiet in the meantime.  Maybe a nice massage from your partner?  Well done on the 5k but be careful of flying cricket balls!  Good news for you regarding football then.  Lots of speculation here about the league being aborted as certain teams have had many players in quarantine leading to them fielding U20 teams.  Talk of unfair circumstances etc. etc.

    Trying not to look at the list of races I haven't done yet JD.  Nice canal run considering the traffic.  Careful with the achilles.

    Recoveryish 3.7 miles yesterday evening.  Legs felt ok after Sunday's long run, are more likely to complain later today.  Trotted down and back up a hill on tracks / minor roads.  Ran by effort (easy) but got distracted by watching the combine harvester munching through a field of wheat and ran a bit quick down the hill.  Said combine produced rather large clouds of dust making it quite hard to breath for short stretches.  Warm but not too muggy - I seem to be acclimatized to doing easy runs in such conditions. 
  • AmandaTAmandaT ✭✭
    This morning I made myself run (jog) for the first time in a week. I'm a newbie. I can't yet do a 5K without walking in the middle and I'm slow - but I'm moving! This morning I hit 5K in my best time yet and minimal walks.
    Next time I plan to do it!
    I AM going to be a runner.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Welcome Amanda.  You are doing great and you ARE a runner already despite the walking breaks.  Keep your speed down and you will be able to cut them out easier.  Might not always be easy (weather, other commitments, illness, whatever) but getting out of the door on a regular basis will also help.  Have you been following a c25k plan?  Good luck!

    Group run yesterday evening was a pair run - I guess the thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail in the hour before the meet-up put some people off and others are currently on vacation.   The weather put me off of cycling over to the meeting point as I couldn't be bothered to put back on the mudguards on my bike so I drvoe and then trotted just short of 2 miles on my own first to check out the legs and conditions.  The former were happy to play, the latter were sauna-like as the sun came back out again.  Subsequently we ran the usual 6.x miles at a steadier pace than in the last couple of weeks.  My running partner provided light conversation about places to visit on the first undulating section but wanted to send me ahead on the hillier bits.  I didn't feel like pushing the effort either after Sunday's long hilly run so didn't have to wait long for him at the regathering points.  Still forgot to take money to grab an icecream at the farm (made from milk from our own cows according to the sign) but I'm not sure that such would go down well with another hill to run immediately afterwards. 
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