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  • Nice to have a new route Cal, in particular one providing river entertainment. Stony dirt is hard on the feet for sure, especially after a long week. Agree on the short cool-down walk at the end of a run. With Dorney being flat very good idea to do some lon flat running to get used to it. Bet that bath felt good. Haven't had a bath for several years although I do have a tub - might be an idea!

    Love the idea of porcicross swittle - my overenthusiastic imagination instantly attached a wild boar in a bad mood to the front.  Fast things they are. Good progress with the hamstring. 

    Toyed briefly with the idea of a long run with some mara type paced miles today but ditched that in favour of a local route with some nice undulations. I will be having to move soon and want to tick off a couple of routes I have on my list still. This one is along part of a hilly ridge overlooking the flat valley I often do speedier running along. Reaching the top of the ridge meant around 200 metres of climbing but kept the effort low and ambled along quite happily. Along for a couple of miles, then pretty steep back down to the valley floor for the familiar 5 and a bit miles home with more climbing of around 70m. Pretty quiet for a Sunday afternoon, enjoyed crunching the first autumn beech leaves. OH came out to meet me on his Mtb, catching up after around 6 miles. Was nice to have the company, he didn't seem to mind trundling along slowly. Did have two mini breaks for communication as he took alternative trails and then didn't reappear for a while but my overall route was clear so I got going again as he would have greater speed to find me again. Good 56 mile week with some hillage and a few faster miles. Right achilles a bit grumbly, not helped by a swollen insect bite. 
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    Hazel: I may have had in mind the huge boar that the Dwarf Lord [Billy Connolly] roade in 'The Battle Of The Five Armies', last of 'The Hobbit' film sequence!  Are you moving house, or simply trying some alternative routes?  I like the sound of your local run yesterday, even the climbing.  Autumn's just starting to throw its variegated cape over the countryside.

    Ought to have taken the head torch last night: sunset at 7.48pm - and I chatted to a dog walking acquaintance with a wilful Welsh Terrier, so it was even later before I set off.  The slight uphill along the trails leading to the beach allow me to shake out the aches and settle my breathing,  Down the beach, a mile or more, the light fading into darker pastel shades, then parallel to the Freeport fence, eyes peeled for rabbit burrows.  Up the coastal park, I risked the first trail, then flagstones beneath the ornamental gardens and round the strangely sleeping funfair.  Had to run to the cycle path junction standard lamp before I could read the time.  4.1 miles @ 10 min/mile pace.
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    Hazel: I may have had in mind the huge boar that the Dwarf Lord [Billy Connolly] roade in 'The Battle Of The Five Armies', last of 'The Hobbit' film sequence!  Are you moving house, or simply trying some alternative routes?  I like the sound of your local run yesterday, even the climbing.  Autumn's just starting to throw its variegated cape over the countryside.

    Ought to have taken the head torch last night: sunset at 7.48pm - and I chatted to a dog walking acquaintance with a wilful Welsh Terrier, so it was even later before I set off.  The slight uphill along the trails leading to the beach allow me to shake out the aches and settle my breathing,  Down the beach, a mile or more, the light fading into darker pastel shades, then parallel to the Freeport fence, eyes peeled for rabbit burrows.  Up the coastal park, I risked the first trail, then flagstones beneath the ornamental gardens and round the strangely sleeping funfair.  Had to run to the cycle path junction standard lamp before I could read the time.  4.1 miles @ 10 min/mile pace.
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    Great 20 miles Cal,love your descriptions of London,sometimes I'm very envious of your London runs,so much to see,taking in the landmarks.Nice time as well.

    Nice few runs Hazelnut.I have a speedwork session with my running club on Wednesday,first one in a very long time.Fantastic weekly milage.

    Nice little run Swittle.I've noticed how dark it is now in the evenings.You definitely need your eyes peeled when running near rabbit burrows,they're great ankle breakers.

    8.25 miles yesterday morning.Polly tagged along for company.It was just an slow and easy run but struggled a bit,felt very uncomfortable.Noticed a few new runners on the canal,always nice to see.
    7.32 miles this afternoon,felt much better,so I upped the speed to 7.10 m/m for 3 miles.Finished with two 40 seconds hill sprints.

  • I have to move house swittle - we rent and we have been given notice as the landlady needs the flat herself.  There isn't anything on the market in my current village which would suit us so we will have to go elsewhere though not too far away due to social and work restraints.  I am actually already looking forward to running something new. A criterium (for me at least) for the selection of the new location is having decent running routes nearby.    Nice run - also found your related blog on Fetch - even nicer.. :)

    Enjoy the speed session tomorrow JD - might be more fun in company.  Nice mileage yourself. 

    5 mile recovery yesterday evening.  Dull grey sort of day but felt much better post-run having been tired all day after a bad night's sleep.  Didn't meet anyone at all, likely I was before / after the main dog-/pig walking period. 
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    The restorative power of an enjoyable run is more efficacious than a cabinet full of pills!  Not sure if house finding sites such as Zoopla [that's a UK thing!] include range, difficulty, terrain of the local environs - if not, they should.  :)  Thanks for reading my latest blog: absorbing sights, sounds, even smells gives me almost constant inspiration.

    JD1: I'm sure you'll be a match for those drills, intervals & sprints - I'm having to take a break from typing that: quite worn out thinking about speed. ;)  The contrasts between adjacent runs sometimes defy explanation.

    Warmish today on Costa del Crosby, so I'll run about 6pm tonight.  Whisper it softly, but the hamstring is improving, and I felt good after last night's gym sesh - slightly heavier loads on most exercises.
  • I've had a couple of days off - I was feeling pretty exhausted after last week and a couple of nights of rubbish sleep didn't help.

    Got out for a run today. Conditions were pleasant - the run, less so. There was a lot of traffic out (I went out at 6.15) and it seems rush hour has got earlier than it was before lockdown, so air quality was not great along the roads. And for some reason, my right back/side (probably the QL) got really uncomfortable and is quite painful now. I'm going to see my clubmate Cathryn (the one who gave me a bit of coaching two weeks ago) as she's a masseur and said she'll have a prod but I'll have to walk three miles to Battersea for it so I hope it helps.
    This is not a new thing - I've had similar before but I could really do without this right before my 10K - it's not like I don't have other niggles I'm dealing with!

    In other news, I've entered a 50K ultra in November. :#
  • With races coming up you were wise to take a couple of days off Cal if you were feeling rough.  Hope the prodding will help your niggle.  Like the idea of the 50k - would be a good follow up for your mara and a good entry to ultras.  A flat 50k took place not far from here at the weekend (postponed from May).  Will probably look at that for next year as something to aim for.

    I can imagine the beach provides a good range of smells swittle.   Like the ideas for the additions to house-hunting sites. 

    Group run yesterday evening - a good turnout of 9.  With moving and the dark season rapidly approaching I worked out it would be my last opportunity to cycle to and from the meeting point - I take an off-road route through some woods which I don't do in winter as it is too rough ground without decent lighting.  As it was I had to brake all down the (short) hill on the way back as I could hardly see anything.  The reward was a lovely orange sunset.  The run itself was also very nice - a bit warm setting off (summer is trying to make a comeback currently) but once we were in the shade perfect.  Nice chatting on assorted topics - everyone did go quiet though up the hills so we must have been working fairly hard. 
  • 10.5 miles in 1:33 yesterday evening.  Definitely back to summer.  I didn't drink enough all day and was pretty dehydrated by the time I got back.  (looks at oneself sternly and picks up glass from desk to prepare for today's run...). 

    I set off on one of my standard routes but decided to add in a couple of tweaks.  No new trails or roads explored but just a new combination seemed to freshen things up.  A bad night's sleep meant it took a couple of miles to get going, by around 8 I was happily trundling along and could have done more at the end.  I kept effort levels sensible though as I will try some speedwork later today.  2 or 3 other runners out - must have been the nice weather.  Saw a marten in the woods (I think - might have been a dark brown squirrel as well but they run differently) and a pretty tricolour cat.
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    Nice to see a sunset, Hazlenut - I only usually see them from my window but I do catch a few sunrises on my runs. I suppose that's one good thing about the darker mornings - in summer the sun is up before I am.
    Good marten spotting too.

    Cathryn gave me a good prod and pull around yesterday which seemed to help a bit - I was right about it being tight QLs, she said they were rock hard.  She was also quite interested in my left piriformis, so gave that a bit of attention too. She didn't want paying but I took her a bottle of wine as a thankyou.

    I was still pretty stiff this morning and had a bit of a roll before I went out. It felt better than yesterday but it still felt like running with a stitch in my back ribs. However, I opted for a fartlek and after a couple of faster efforts, it got better. Maybe the heavier breathing helped, I don't know.
    Traffic is still bad even though I went out at 6. I opted for a route that crossed a couple of busy roads and had to stop a couple of times. As I was doing a fairly informal fartlek-type run I tried not to let that bother me.
    When I started running at 16 I always, always ran all the way and any stopping would be seen as a failure (by me). It's really taken me until now to get out of that mindset.
    Anyway, I ran down to Tooting to do that little footpath I found last week. The path leads off a road loop - it's a long oval, a bit longer than a track (about a third of a mile, I measured it today). Last week I just ran up once side to the footpath entrance but I decided to do a couple of laps today to see if there was a Strava segment there. And yes there was, and I now have the female course record. :D Can't beat an unexpected Strava crown, can you?
    I pushed a bit on the footpath (a little under 10 min/mi), then after dealing with a couple of busy road crossings, ran through Wandle Park and then north on the trail. I did the section between the park and Plough Lane around 9:40ish, then once I got over Plough Lane I did the section to Earlsfied at around 10K pace.
    Moderate push up the Magdalen Road hill (10ish) and over to Wandsworth Common. I was going to do a little sprint on one of the paths but immediately put my foot in a pothole. I was very lucky not to hurt myself. I thought better of the sprint but did another path at a moderate pace before heading home.

    Tomorrow is a rest/gym day (I think I will stick with upper body as I don't want to tire my legs out) and then I'll do a shortish run and maybe some strides on the Saturday.
  • Hi folks!  Haven't posted for many months but just thought I'd drop in and say hi.  I used to post a few times a week until i got injured, nice to see all the main contributors are here; Cal, Hazlenut, JD, Swittle, Guardog... Did JT or Will ever appear again?  You all seem for the most part happy and well which is good to hear.  Some awesome running!

    Well, as expected, my injury was unpleasant and long standing.  It appeared about early in the year and got progressively worse,  very painful left ankle and lower left tibia.  I was stubborn and as it worsened still did at least one long run on it a week and several shorter quicker ones.  Then I did 2 half marathons close together, it got much worse. Corona arrived, I was stressed and worried, like most, and I started doing well over-the-top speed sessions back to back, and was buggered.  Finally I did a 5 miler and had to have an entire week off work (first one) as I couldn't walk.

    My life then became lots of physio sessions, as soon as they opened, and endless hours of strengthening exercises!  Every immovable object in the house has a different coloured resistance band tied to it!

    the verdict was: weakness> strength imbalance> bad over-pronation in left ankle> compression of peroneal tendon>bad tendonitis.

    The painful lower tibia was a head-scratcher, they couldn't figure out but it hurt SO MUCH.

    Anyway lots physio, LOTS of strenghtening exercises and I'm getting there!

    Mid April-May. No running at all.
    May-June. 2 miles a week. Painful.
    June-July. 3 miles a week. Okay, just, but often painful.
    July-August. 2 x 3 miles a week, easy pace. slight improvement.
    August-now: 3 x runs week. 4 or 5 miles during the week, weekend runs going 6,6,7,9,9,10.5

    It was completely rubbish not being able to run barely at all for 3 months, hated it, but I'm sort of getting there now! and it feels great to be running again. 20 miles a week for the last 3 weeks!!
     I put on half a stone but have gone from 11.8 to 10.13 now I'm running again.
     I've bought some Nike epic react infinity run which feel so different, but I like them.  I'm a bit of a nervous wreck now thinking every twinge is going to lay me up for 3 months.

    I'm doing a 10k race this weekend, mainly to help our local race promotors, but have sensibly stuck myself in a wave 7 minutes slower than I run previously, so I am under no pressure, and can only press on if I feel good.  That said, I did 3 x 7.5 min miles the other day and feel OK since.

    I'm not really sure what to try and do running wise now ( assuming I'm OK), I did manage my 10 half marathons, so maybe should try and do 5k and 10k for a while?  it'd be nice to try and drop my PB's, and it's the long runs that always seem to knock me about a bit.

    A bit of a self-indulgent post really! but just glad to be able to run again, (and post here!)

    Take care all and can hopefully post and get back to being a runner, albeit a cautious one.

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    That'll be a nice first ultra Cal.Good of your friend to give your niggles a prod,I could do with a sports massage myself.Well done on your new crown.

    Fairly cool in north Wales,Hazelnut,so good running weather.I always have a glass of water on the go,but sometimes I just can't be bothered with it,and pay the price later.

    Good news on the hamstrings Swittle.

    Good to hear from you Linton.You have been through the injury mill for sure,you seemed to have numerous injuries rolled into one.Fingers crossed you can keep the injuries at bay.Good luck for Saturday,hope you really enjoy it.

    9.32 miles Tuesday afternoon,felt a twinge in my left glute but thought I could run it off,by mile 7 I  was really struggling,in the end my pace was  slightly faster than a brisk walk.Really happy to get home.
    Went to my first yoga class,Wednesday,going to make it a regular thing and ditch the circuit training,as that gives me my niggles.
    Just over 4.5 miles this morning,but really struggled again,so going to rest for a few days.Found Polly's hard ball in the garden,so started to work it on my glute.

  • Welcome back, Linton! I'm glad you're overcoming your injury. Which 10K are you doing?

    I hope that ball does the trick, JD.
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    Hi Cal, thankyou. The 10k is Wingham, a mere 5 miles from my house, which is handy.

    It is pretty route but undulating, and starts with a 3/4 mile uphill, which will be unpleasant!

    I could run a 47min 10k before injury, but have put myself in the 54 min wave. If I run quicker I want it to be due to feeling Ok, rather than being towed round!

    No water at events down here, assuming its the same for you guys? It's going to be 19c so will be a thirsty one!

    It's going to be a bit strange, the new format  but glad events are back on.  Have you guys done any of the new format of races? 

    Oh, and I hope you're Ok JD. It never ends does it!
  • Nice one on the crown Cal.  Be careful with those potholes.  Fartlek sounds like a good idea for stop-start routes.  Stopping for road crossings is a pain - especially when working at a specific pace.  My pet hate is the level crossing I cross on one of my longer routes.  I can avoid it but there is a convenient watering spot which saves me carrying my own.  Good plan prior to your 10k.

    Lovely to see you again LTT.  I saw a couple of posts from you on other threads (shoes?) in the last few months and wondered how you are doing.  Sounds like your comeback is progressing well.    After those few months being able to pin on a number again is an achievement in itself.  Good luck with the 10k - sensible plan - starting in a slower wave might help you not to set off too fast and you can enjoy picking off some people in the latter stages if you are feeling good.    

    Sorry to hear about the glute niggle JD.  Cal is the yoga expert on here but I can imagine getting into some of those poses can be tough as well so good luck with that.  I initially read that circuit training gives you the giggles!  Hope Polly doesn't mind you borrowing the ball - she might bury it in the garden to hide it from you!

    Another attempt at speedwork yesterday - plan was 5k @ LT pace plus warm up and cool down around 7 miles.
    The 5k started ok, as usual a bit fast but I had to take 3(!) stop in the shade breaks in km 3-4 before at least finishing the last bit without a break.  My own fault really - I had to run at midday yesterday due to work and looking at another flat in the evening and didn't get out in the morning when it was cooler.  I also have no real idea of the paces I should be thinking about training at at the moment due to a lack of races.  I have a good mileage base from the last months but seem to have lost my speed.  Plan for the next few weeks is to slow every thing down a bit so that I can successfully complete some speedwork again and see how things progress.

    This morning I had to take my moped to get a check through done so took the opportunity to jog home as a recovery run of 3 and a bit miles. Actually a few too many undulations for a real recovery run and high humidity left me struggling to breath a bit so I ignored what my watch was telling me about splits / paces etc.. for a nice slow outing.
  • Good luck, Linton. I think some of the shorter races don't have water (until the end) but the marathon I'm doing will - it's help yourself, though.

    Hazelnut - I have to cross tram tracks on a few routes, including the Wandle Trail. I've only ever had to stop for a tram once, fortunately.
    Good plan on the speedwork. The one thing I seem to have lost is a bit of stride length, which makes a lot of difference to times.

    I've had a bit of a stressful time with this race tomorrow. There are no trains running (rail works...very slow rail replacement but thanks) and the tubes don't get there early enough (well, not really). To cap it all, my race pack never arrived so I'm having to collect a spare which means getting there earlier. The only way I can do that is to run there, which is 8 miles (by the most direct route along the South Circular, which I followed on the way home on my long run last Sunday. And it's very dull). The scenic route along the river is a lot further. So I could turn it into a long run but not have a particularly good 10K, or I could get a taxi at great expense, which I am loathe to do because I currently have no income.
    On top of that, my Garmin has been playing silly buggers. It's recording and uploading runs OK now but it's not recording any heart rate or sleep after the day's activity. No idea why. And today it recorded my run but the satnav was completely out.

    I've used the Strava screen as it's a bit clearer. (This was a 5 mile run, mostly easy, but with some strides).

    The red line is where the watch said I ran and the blue line is where I actually ran (apart from the first bit which is a little wiggly but mostly right).
    Distance was about right, but Garmin also said I had over 1000m of elevation (Strava was actually correct, more or less) so it must have thought I was on a rollercoaster.

    This is not what I need the day before a race, and a run to the race on a route I don't know well.

  • Not the sort of stress you need before a race Cal. Neither way of getting to the race is good in that case. Garmin issues on top as well.  If the race has mile/km markers you could keep an eye on pace by a stopwatch / manual lap function but doing maths at 10k pace might be hard. Good luck that you make it to the start line ok and of course for the race itself.

    Around 7 miles this morning pre-breakfast. Mini early autumn heatwave currently so better early than late. Air quality is pretty bad at the moment: dust and humidity together.  Day 1 of slow it down went well, a routine sort of run was quite pleasing as I did what I set out to do. Reward for good pacing was a set of strides. Rather than jogging the recoveries slowly I ran these fairly hard, but just so that I could do the next stride with good acceleration and form. Quite fun.

    Walk later on in the woods revealed lots of funghi despite the dry weather and a single autumn leaf illuminated by the evening sun hanging on a spider thread over the path. Would have made a good piccie but no camera unfortunately. 
  • Good luck Cal, that sounds a pain. Hope it goes well.  
    That sounds a good run Hazlenut, and a nice walk too. It is warm here in th UK.

    Just having a small porridge then off, feels a bit strange! I get my medal before the race so maybe should just collect it, come home and have a day on the sofa!

    My Runkeeper packed up earlier in the year Cal and I've just run off a stopwatch since, so its possible, although only because I've measured mile markers in every direction from my house. Hope it works well on the day.
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    Good luck Cal and Linton,hope all goes well.
  • Hope your race went well, Linton.

    Whew, well that was a morning...I'm absolutely knackered.
    I woke up at 3am and figured I might as well get up seeing as I had to be out at 5:30 - a bit of extra time would mean I could do some foam rolling and stuff. Which I did as my back/side/QL/whatever it is is still giving me some trouble.
    It was dark when I went out - not used to that after months of running in daylight - so I was a bit tentative (read: very slow) for the first couple of miles. Managed to catch my toe on a paving stone at one point, too, and almost stacked it. How I stayed upright I have no idea as I was pitched well forward. I distinctly remember thinking "NO! Not on race day!" :D
    Anyway, it was a bit lighter by the third mile so the rest of the journey was a straightforward, if not terribly exciting run along the good old South Circular.
    Made it to Kew Green by 7am and they had a spare number for me, so that was no trouble.
    The one problem I faced, running there, was that I couldn't eat beforehand. I do my training fasted but I usually like to have a small bowl of oats before a parkrun or race, given that they generally start a lot later than I go out to run. But I always need at least three hours between eating and running if I want to avoid puking in my mouth, so I just had to make do with a couple of gels.
    Race organisation was very good under the circumstances - everything went very smoothly (no massive queues at bag drop or loos) and the staggered start worked well.
    I realised that I wasn't going to be running a PB today - the early start and 8 mile run there were one thing (or two things) but I'm also race rusty. I was slower than I expected to be, though.
    First mile, which passed through some lovely flower gardens, was 8:22 which is too slow if'd been after a PB, but not too bad otherwise. Then next mile was better at 8:13 and I started to feel more hopeful. But then I went back to 8:25 and it went downhill from there... 8:46, 8:31 (rallied slightly) then a pretty slow 9:03. Legs felt tired but I also didn't have the right mindset to push hard - my breathing never got into audible range, although it still felt like hard work.
    Garmin satnav behaved today, thankfully, but the twisty, tree-lined course did cause some inaccuraces so the last bit took three minutes as it made it 6.35.
    Final and official time was 54:16 which is my slowest 10K for a couple of years. I'd opted to wear the Peg Turbos on account of the run there, rather than the 4%, but I don't think Vaporflys would have helped that much.
    I'd already decided that there was no way in hell that I was going to attempt to run home so I braved the tube (which was running by this time).
    Dorney's only three weeks away now so hoping I will be in better shape for that. I'm also wondering if I should do another 5 or 10K before then - any opinions? (I'd normally want to do a half, but that's not an option unfortunately).
  • Well done Cal.  I must say that is an epic bit of running!,  There is few who would get up at 3am to run 8 miles to then do a 10k! Fair play.  I'm glad you had a good day.  I'm not surprised your time suffered a bit after that. Well done.

    My day was pleasant, nice to be in an event again.  I got there in plenty of time due to the proximity to my house.  I even had time for two coffees on arrival!

    There were 8 waves. <40,<45<50<55 etc.  I was in wave 4, so sub 55.

    My plan was my normal 10k plan. 5 minutes per 1km marker, then if possible, kick on at 6km with all I could.

    We were off!, but immediately it became clear that it certainly was going to be really quite hilly, and hot, 22c!  Where I live used to be under the ocean so is pancake flat, hills are not my forte, so this run was going to be relatively hard for me.

    First km was 5.30, and after that it seemed to get even hillier! Managed to inhale, not one, but two, sizeable bugs, ran through a swarm of bees, a huge cloud of ploughing dust and smoke from a farmers fire, but beautiful scenery!

    At km 6km I was well over the desired 30min, but really tried to kick on with all I had!

    Alas the 50min mark passed me by 18 seconds, my first ever 10k over 50min.  Disappointing, but I missed 3 months of running.  The race normally attracts 350 I think, but I was 42 of 185 odd today.

    The recreation ground was gridlocked with people leaving so threw in another 2 gentle miles while the traffic eased, to make 8ish.

    A nice run in good scenery, very slight blisters on the Epic reacts for the first time ever, but I put that down to the hard declines.

    Great to be running again, and a handmade clay medal from a local potters with a winged pig on it! 
  • That's a great run, Linton, particularly with the insect hazards, heat and terrain.
    I'll agree the Epics aren't awesome on downhills - only time I've had blisters off them was when I went for a walk in them and had anklet socks rather than my running socks on, but on a couple of steep downhills on runs I find my toes hit the end of the toe box. A lower drop shoe would probably be better.
    I saw pics of the medal on Facebook from a few people who had run - nice. As I mentioned before, the Kew medals didn't arrive in time so I'll have to wait until it turns up in the post.
  • Well done to both of you!

    Cal, I wouldn't look at the result as a slower 10k but with that long warm up as an MLR with a hard component.  A good thing for mara training.  A hard 10k two weeks out would do no harm but I wouldn't any closer.  Well done for getting to the race at all.   Shame about the medal not yet being available. 

    Great result from you too LTT - without the hills and the heat you would have got that sub 50.  Love the idea of the pigs-do-fly medal.  Good idea to do a cool-down.

    13.8 miles in 1:57 for me yesterday morning.  Humid / dusty again so out in vest and lightweight shorts although it was intially pretty cool in the shade.  Glad I didn't wear warmer as soon as I was running against the sun.  Started off with a steady 10k to the farmyard with the trough where I can grab a drink, then added in some more effort for the rest whilst trying not to overdo things in particular over the undulations. It has been taking me a bit too long to recover from Sunday's medium to long runs in the last few weeks.   Followed it up with an mtb tour with OH, cycling from our current area to where we are probably going to move to soon and around a loop back for another 20 miles with quite a bit of climbing.  Gentle trundle pace though.
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    Great effort Cal.Just getting up at 3 and then running 8 miles just to make the starting line is a feat in itself.You must have been happy the tubes were running.

    Fantastic racing Linton,after a long lay off you did really well.You would have been well under 50 without those pesky hills.Like your flying pig medal.

    Nice HM Hazelnut,extremely warm over here today.Good luck with your house hunting.

    Went out yesterday morning but soon as I started I knew I couldn't continue,top of my hamstring and glute very tight.Out this morning for an 8 miles walk with Polly,stopping off in town for a coffee,no twinges today.

  • Back form a couple of weeks off and a technology detox, so I'll assume you've all been out running your socks off and will congratulate you all.

    A nice break with some days out, including to Wakehurst Place and Camber Sands. Also some more work in the garden as well as enjoying the delights of eating out a couple of times and indulging in a cream tea. 

    Last week one of the cats was showing great interest around one of my plimsolls in the hallway. On inspection I saw a mouse hunkered down in it, so took it out of the front door and gave it a shake, watching it breathing very heavily before scurrying off. The next morning I went to put on my plimsolls and it didn't feel right. I checked inside and couldn't see anything, so assumed that when the mouse was in there it had rucked up the insole. No matter how much I tried to put it back down it still didn't feel set, so I pulled up the insole to see a set of eyes looking back at me!! Now I'm not sure if this was the same mouse that had been recaptured, if the cat had put two in there or if the little bugger had gone out and found another. Needless to say mouse was rather happy to be shaken free in the garden again.

    Did a few runs over the last 2 weeks, although yesterday was something of a discovery session. My partner is leading a run tomorrow, however I can't do it as I have a meeting. So Sunday saw us running round one of the little islands off Shoreham trying to scope out a potential route. Has to be one of the nicest runs we've done in a while, especially when we got onto the boardwalk running the length of the beach. Nice bounce from the wood and even nicer houses. A simple route found that amounts to a touch over 10k.
  • Sensible to can the run in that case JD.  At least you could get in a nice walk with Polly today.  Looks like we have a new place now - just need to sign the contract now. 

    Was wondering where you had gone to GD.  Glad you had a nice break.  LOL to the mouse-in-the-shoe incidents.  Must remember to check mine before I put them on in future.  Nice you have found a good new route - the boardwalk sounds very practical - beach feeling all around but without the potential hard work on the sand. 

    Sweaty recovery of a bit more than 3 miles yesterday evening.  I had to deliver a letter to a house close to one of my regular running areas so good combination of errand, jog and cycle there and back.  Humid again - could see the mist starting to rise over the fields and at over 25 degrees still it was tough breathing even at recovery pace.  Surprisingly saw 3 others out running.
  • GD, yikes! I've had my share of problems with mice, but never had one in my shoe. He's lucky you didn't squish him (and lucky you are more merciful than I am).
    That sounds like a super route.

    JD, sorry about your bum. I usually punish mine with a hockey ball - it helps a bit.

    Hazelnut, preemptive congratulations on the new place.

    Bit of a weird run for me today. I decided I didn't fancy going out in the dark so I waited for 9am (if I don't get out at 6, then I wait until 9 otherwise there's too much traffic). I realised it would be very warm, but that was the trade-off. My side/back is still hurting - first few strides were downright painful but then it eased into what felt more like a stitch, as it did on Sunday. I really hope this thing buggers off as, while it isn't stopping me from running, it is making it a lot less comfortable and pleasant.
    The weird thing was I felt really uncoordinated, as though I'd borrowed someone else's legs for a bit. I've had this before and I think it's linked to fatigue as I've not been sleeping very well for the past few nights. It did improve over the course of the run so I was able to inject some faster running into the last mile (three lots longer strides to wake the legs up).
    Achilles is ever present but not too bad, actually. Or maybe the discomfort in my side is distracting me from it.
    Anyway, 6 miles done - I am over 1500 for the year now.
  • Is the heat stopping you sleeping again Cal?  Your side/back sounds painful.  Well done on the mileage for the year so far.

    Normal Tuesday outing yesterday evening (6.x miles in around 1 hour)  Drove this week rather than cycled which was almost a shame as it was a lovely evening but it is now too dark for the return trip through the woods on rough ground and the road alternative a bit dodgy due to blind humps / bends.  I was expecting the first mile of the run to be uncomfortably warm in the sun but that had fortunately already hidden itself behind a hill.  Pretty warm nonetheless and no-one seemed keen on pushing the pace so a slower round this week. 
  • It's not too bad, Hazel...because the preceeding days were cooler and the days are much shorter, it hasn't gone too much over 25 degrees in my flat.
    Probably a good idea not to cycle in the dark. It's a lot darker in the mornings now too - it isn't getting light here until well after 6.

    I woke up early today but really didn't feel like going out in the dark so told myself I could go out at 9, like yesterday - the only thing was that it is very warm here and I needed a double figure run, which is best done with an earlier start. I procrastinated for a while and strongly considered putting it off until tomorrow when it's cooler, but then realised that would mean a) I'd have to do four days in a row and b) I'd have one less day to recover between the MLR and my 10K. So I kicked myself out the door at 9:30 and ran up to Streatham for 10 miles of hills.
    There's a road called Valley Road which has four nasty hills leading off it: Wellfield Walk, a footpath which is nasty, brutish and short (average 10%/max 14.5%); Valleyfield Road which is long and winding (6%/10.6%); Hill Path, the long, twisty footpath I discovered the other week (6%/18% - a real treat, that one) and then Hill House Road which is not too long but has a bend and gets steepish around there (6%/10%).
    I ran them as a circuit - up Wellfield, along the top, down the road next to the common, along Valley Road then up the next one. Once I'd done all four I did it in reverse, starting with Hill House and ending with Wellfield. The idea was that I'd try to do them faster on the second pass, which I managed with Hill House and Hill Path, but then my legs were shot. I was 1 second slower and Valleyfield and then had nothing left on Wellfield. Still, a pretty good session, considering it was very warm by that point and I was pretty thirsty, despite having a hydration drink before I went out. Ran home from there and had an Epsom Salt bath. Don't usually have a bath midweek but I felt I needed it (and my legs needed a shave which is always a lot easier in the bath).

    My QL is still a problem but I did notice it felt better running uphill, for some reason - maybe the deeper breathing helps since it attaches to the ribs. Achilles got a bit cross, though, so I might have to can the hills as I get closer to Dorney.

    I'll either have a rest day tomorrow or Friday, depending on how I feel - hopefully I'll have recovered from the hills by Saturday.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    edited September 17
    Great hill session Cal, seems you have a nice loop figured out there. Anything above 10% gets tough in my experience.  Good idea to get that run done if you have another 10k coming up on Saturday.  Maybe the uphills are easier on the QL as they produce less jolting than on the flat and on downhills.  Hills can however annoy the Achilles so I would be careful for Dorney. 

    9 miles yesterday evening in 1:18, out a bit later than planned as I caught Cal's procrastinitis.  Warm, but not excessively so - or I am getting used to it again.  Kept the pace mostly nice and steady and trotted around the village and local fields, putting the route together as I felt like it. I did put in 5k at a brisker pace towards the end - up an incline taking care not to overdo the effort and then enjoyed rolling back down it again at similar effort but quite a bit faster.  Saw a piece in the news here - it is a regular feature on what happened in sport on that date telling me that Kipchoge broke the world marathon record 2 years ago.  Same day I ran my last marathon (and same place) - seems even longer ago now.  I ran past a loud speaker at around the HM point for me when they announced he had broken it.  Can remember that well.  

    Out again this morning before work (started late) for some speedwork.  Not ideal going out with just a 13 hour gap between runs but I had managed the evening run well so as not to get too tired and it will be at warm at least and certainly windy later - not my favourite conditions for speedwork for sure. 3 miles warm-up with a few drills, 5.1 miles based on 3 x 10 minutes tempo with 3 mins jog recoveries and 1 miles cool-down jog.  I was a bit apprehensive of doing the speed section having failed on two other speed sessions the last two weeks but it went very well with all three reps coming out around target pace at a comfy hard effort.  Ran loops around a field with something green growing in it - not sure what though I did remember to look this time.  More or less perfect conditions, cool and at the time no wind, maybe a bit humid.
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